Jinta's Sensual Summer

Hello, folks, welcome to my first ever Bleach fanfic and I'm sure you're all surprised by the summary you just read. This is about Jinta Hanakari, and you're wondering what's in store for him. While I have no idea what his actual age is, I'll have him appear as 13 ½ to 14 years old in this fic as this is the first experimental Bleach fanfic I came up with. As for pairing…I decided to split him and his "partners" into three arcs:

Jinta x Kukaku;

Jinta x Yourichi;

Jinta x Rangiku

That's right, Jinta will be paired with three "attractive" ladies from the Bleach universe, and here I'll have him involved with the three ladies in three separate arcs, and the first arc is where he'll be paired with Ukaku Shiba, and there you get to see how the lil' redhead could "sensually tame" Ganju's elder sister, and how he'll get to "bed" her…

This fic takes place after the "Bount Arc" (episodes 64-91, episodes 92-109), so it's pretty much of an aftermath of seasons 4 and 5. Hope you would like this story and the multiple pairings, so here goes nothing…

Bleach is owned by Noriaki "Tite" Kubo

At the Urahara Shop, which is owned by Kisuke Urahara, things are peaceful inside and outside, as Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends had just arrived home following their 2nd trip to the Soul Society after saving the place from the Bounts, and most of them are a bit weary and decided to hang out at Urahara Shop to unwind, but then things didn't go quite well as the scene shifts inside. Ururu Tsugumiya is starting to catch a fever due to Jinta Hanakiri tossing the chores to her and he slacks off to watch soccer games with other teens.

When Jinta arrives at the shop an hour later, he is surprised to see her on the futon with a washcloth over her forehead which is provided by Urahara Shop employee Tessai Tsukabishi. Ichigo was there glaring at Jinta for his "laziness" and "tardiness" which the claims are even supported by Noba, Ririn and Kurudo (in their Gigai forms), all blaming him for Ururu's situation.

Ichigo: "Jinta, you lazy brat! Look what you did! Ururu collapsed because of work overload stress because you tossed to her the chores that were meant for you to work! Lucky for her I was there to break her fall or she would've banged her head pretty hard!"

Ririn: "Yeah! We decided to use our Gigai to help her lessen the workload on her but her body is already being stressed out!"

Kurudo: "Now you really done it! All you do is run outside and slack off!"

Noba: "…"

Jinta: "But…but…"

Urahara: "I think it's high time that you be needed to be taught a lesson so you'll become more responsible…huh?"

Ganju: "Hey, everyone! How are you all doing? Huh? Did I came at the wrong time?"

Even Urahara himself is disappointed at the young boy's behavior and is considering some disciplinary actions, but then Ganju Shiba, who came to the shop to deliver some goods to Urahara, and was told of the situation, and there an idea formed on his head and whispered to the shop owner, who seemed to like the idea.

"I have an idea, Urahara…why not I bring him to my place at Rukongai…? My elder sister, Kukaku might intimidate him into becoming more responsible when it comes to chore-working…? That way it'll knock some sense in to him…pretty neat, no? at least it'll give him something to do and I'm very sure he'll never slack off or try to escape…"

"Hmm…you do have a point…but can she handle him…? Knowing her hot-tempered nature, it might traumatize Jinta here…"

"I promise you…it'll work…hey, Kurosaki…what do you think? My suggestion will work in no time, right?"

"Hmm…yeah…I think it might…your elder sister sure beat the heck out of me…it might make a man out of Jinta…so I say I agree to your proposal…you're not bad for a brainless oaf…"

"Shucks! Thanks…hey! Who are you calling "brainless oaf"?"

"Who else am I referring to…?"

"What was that, you blondie- scarecrow?"

"Who are you calling a "blondie-scarecrow"? Stop insulting my hair!"

"Gentlemen…please…let's agree to Ganju's suggestion…"

"Let's say I agree with Ganju's plan…so how long will Jinta stay at Soul Society…?"

"Hmm…I say…"

After some more whispering, Ichigo himself is wondering what Urahara's final decision would be until the shop owner spoke and told Jinta that he is to be sent to a place where he will be disciplined and to undergo training on doing chores responsibly, and there Jinta is surprised, if not shocked, that he is to be sent to Kukaku's house so he can work there all throughout summer, whether he likes it or not.


"That's my decision…and it's final."

"No way! I'm not going!"

"Sorry…you have no say on this matter…"

"Ichigo…please…help me out here…"

"Nothing I can do…he's the boss and you'll have to follow him."

"Oh, man…this sucks!"

"Okay…here we go…"

"Put me down!"

"No I won't…"

"Hey! You brainless oaf! Why are you tying me up on that boar?"

"So that you won't escape when we get there at Soul Society…hey! Who are you calling "brainless oaf"?"


Despite the young boy's protests, Jinta is carried away by Ganju and even tied up on a boar as Urahara revealed that he has videotaped the entire conversation and asks Ganju to show it to Kukaku so she'll know of the situation. As things are all set, Ganju and Jinta leaves the Human world and are now en route to Rukongai via the Soul Society, but things didn't went well as they ended up in a forest that is quite far from the Shiba house.

"Oops…we got lost…"

"I can't believe you brought me here…"

"It's for your own good, kid…"

"I'm not a kid! I'm almost 14!"


As the pair embarks on their journey to reach the Shiba house, they encountered a few rowdy residents from Rukongai, mostly bandits who have nothing else to do except rob a few passerby and attack strangers traveling here. There are about 20 of them and some are ganging up on Ganju while Ganju's boar sat down and falls asleep with Jinta still tied up on to the boar.

"Hey…check it out…"

"Someone to rob…"

"Let's beat him up…"

"…and steal his boar…"

A few of the bandits, who are slightly drunk, began to molest Jinta while the others are keeping Ganju busy, yet he effortlessly took them down yet he still gets slowed down by a lot of distractions. Meanwhile Jinta is getting frustrated as the drunken bandits continued to molests Jinta and since he is tied up he couldn't resists as his legs are held by the other bandits but Ganju managed to reach Jinta on time and stops the rowdy robbers but then his friends showed up: Nehero Isino, Taichi Misemoto, Adatomo Saionzi and Sanji Sezushita. Ganju leaves Jinta as he greets his three friends as the foursome haven't seen each other much after the fall of the Bount.

"Been a long time…"


"Ever since we beat those Bount bullshit!"

"Good to see you guys…!"

Their revelries were cut short as the drunken bandits resumed their molesting of Jinta as the young boy screams out in frustration and the foursome then dealt with the rowdy robbers, which the goons were beaten up and forced to retreat, leaving behind their "prospects" behind as they are ashamed of losing faces. By then Ganju's three friends asked why he brought a human boy in the Soul society, particularly in Rukongai when a forgetful Ganju told them he forgotten why he brought him here which caused his three gang-mates to fall to the ground, anime-style.


After some few minutes of getting together, Ganju bids his friends farewell as he heads for the Shiba house as he remembered that he has to get home or else Kukaku will be pissed if he arrives late. As the friends went separate ways, Ganju got a bit lost and aarrived an hour before reaching the house, and when he entered, he was greeted with a clobbering whack on the head from Kukaku.


"Ow! Nee-san! Why do you always smack me on the head every time I came home…"

"You're always late when coming home…that's why"


"So…did you give to Urahara the package I sent?"

"What package?"


"Ow! Oh…the package…yeah…I did…"


"Er…what package…?"


"Ow! Will you knock it off?"

"I can't believe I have a younger brother who has Alzheimer's disease…!"

"Better than having brain tumor…"

"You moron!"

As the two siblings quarreled, she saw Jinta still tied to the boar and demanded from her younger brother why he brought a human with him here, and just as Ganju is about to answer her, he scratched his head.

"Er…why did I bring him here for…?"




"Here…I'll batter your brain until you remember!"

As the beating continues, she saw the videotape on the floor where Ganju dropped and after playing it she got the picture and glances at Jinta, and while the young boy tries to act tough, he soon caves in at her fearful aura and there he is told that he's going to work here all summer, and is threatened with severe disciplinary action if he tries to slack off or attempts to escape.

"Looks like you'll be having a field day at my house, little man…and you're going to realize why I don't tolerate slackers and those who try to escape my service…"


To Be Continued…

Hope you like the first chapter, and this is the first of the first arc where it will concentrate on Jinta x Kukaku. The love scenes will eventually come, but right now we focus on the good plot first, as Kukaku will discipline Junta on how to be responsible in doing chores assigned to him, but will our redhead teen be able to "soften" the tough lady of the Shiba house?


Jinta's "lessons" is about to commence and it's going to be tough, which will make him wish he were dead…