Jinta's Sensual Summer

Sorry for the late update…a lot of factors made me "lay low"…but now I'm going to try and continue this fic and see how well this would go…hope you readers are not upset with me…

With the Kukaku arc ended, I am now commencing the next arc with Yoruichi being the next focus, and this will certainly give Jinta something to remember, and why she would take interest in the younger boy even though she usually "flirt" with Ichigo...

By the way, this arc is separate from the first arc, so...this is still set within the summer vacation...

Now on to the story!

It was summer time and the wide area of Tokyo is stricken with summer heat, and this of course means that people flock to shops and grocery stores to buy things to rid themselves of the summer heat, ranging from ice mineral beverages to sunblock lotions. The Uruhara Shop is having a blast as several customers were flocking the shop to buy summer-related items, and of course Tessai, Ururu and Jinta are kept busy attending to the customers' needs, though Jinta was the only one to whine at the non-stop chores he had to put up, though Tessai urged the younger boy not to complain.

"Geez! So much chores!"

"Don't complain! Just keep working!"

"Can't I take a break?"

"Just keep it up! Lunch break is almost upon us!"



"Okay, okay…"


Then it was lunch break and Jinta sighed as he gets to take a break and hoped that there would be less customers coming and soon the dining table is set and everyone is eating their meals, but after 30 minutes it was back to work much to Jinta's chagrin as he get to bring items here and there non-stop but the younger boy had no choice since Tessai and Uruhara are the bosses running the shop, and he couldn't do anything to complain.

By the end of the day, the shop earned a lot of income and Uruhara came after attending some place and told everyone that he just played a lottery and won a prize, revealing that he has won a major prize, which he can go to a beach resort for free and can invite some friends, and Tessai is pleased, especially Ririn and Kurudo while Noba remained silent, and there Uruhara told Tessai to call Ichigo and his friends as he wanted to invite them to the planned outing, and Jinta mentally sighed in relief as he would take a break.

"Everyone…guess what…"


"I won a prize…"

"What prize is that?"

"A free entrance to a summer beach resort!"


"But Jinta…you get to stay here…"

"Say what?"

Jinta stared wide-eyed in surprise and annoyance when told that he will get to stay and look after the shop, all by himself, and he realized that Uruhara's words are absolute, and is unable to rebut or refuse, and he "surrounding" turn gray and "cracks" enveloped him as everyone else discusses about what to prepare for the next day as they are leaving in the morning, seemingly ignoring the younger boy who is sitting among them.


The next morning, in front of the Urahara Shop, uruhara, Tessai, Ururu, Ririn, Noba and Kurudo are set to leave, just as Ichigo, Chad and Orihime arrived and the group are now boarding a rented van and everyone went inside as Uruhara gave Jinta some last-minute instructions on what to do while he is alone, and then the vehicle left leaving the younger boy alone, and Jinta quietly went inside to clean up, and within minutes customers came to buy some summer-related supplies.

"Hey! Cashier!"


"I would like to buy these…"


"Hey! Cashier! I want this one!"


"I would like to buy these…"


"Hey! Cashier!"


"Wrap this one, will you…"

"Okay, okay…"


After two hours, it was almost lunchtime, and Jinta went to the refrigerator to have some lunch, though he felt that he is being "singled out" as he wondered what the others are doing at the beach, and he just sighed as he really wanted to come but for some reason he wasn't allowed to, and wished that someone he knew would come and keep him company.

"Jeez…am I being picked on? Why can't I come?"

By then his wish came as Yoruichi arrived and noticed that only Jinta is there and she greeted him while asking where the others are, which he responded in an upset manner which she can understand, and since she has nothing else to do during the summer vacation, she decided to offer him some assistance which seemed to brighten up Jinta, as he finally got someone who to talk to while being alone manning the shop.


"Ah, Yoruichi-san…"

"Where are the others?"

"Went to a beach…left me in charge…"

"You don't seem to enjoy it…"


"Want me to help?"

"Sure…better than me being alone…"

She then went inside the bathroom and after a few minutes, she was dressed in a rather sexy outfit just to suit the summer situation, and this attracted a lot of male buyers and decided to buy some items just to get a glance at Yoruichi's sexy body, and it helped, earning the shop a lot of income while Jinta himself is drawn by her sexy appearance yet he had to keep his "inner thoughts" in line as he didn't want to make himself look like a pervert.


At the beach, Uruhara and Ichigo's groups are now there and are getting ready to install the equipment for cooking while Orihime prepared the sunblock lotion for everyone to use, but then they got some unexpected guests, as Rangiku, Toshiro Rukia, Renji and Ukitake arrived, and are soon joined by Soi Fon, expecting that Yoruichi is here. Orihime greeted them and she was greeted in return.


"Hi, everyone!"

"Hello, Ichigo!"


"Hi, Ichigo…"

"Hey, Renji..."


"Really…why am I being dragged in…"

"Come on, Captain Hitsugaya…you too needed a break…and the chance to cool off…"


"Strange…where is Yoruichi-sama…"


And so everyone applied sunblock lotions and are getting to dip in the waters, while Soi Fon looked around, noticing that Yoruichi is not here and started to walk around the beach area to find her, unaware that Yoruichi is at the Uruhara Shop keeping Jinta company.

To Be Continued…

Hope you like the opening of this next arc. And still it's set in the summer, so the summer theme here.

Sorry if this chapter's a bit short but rest assured that the next chapters will improved in terms of story and length.


As Jinta came to appreciate her company, he is starting to have problems "keeping himself in control" as his body showed signs of arousal...and what would she do if she noticed his situation...so expect a rather sexy reply from her...