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I chose to use the Vocaloid song series of Prisoner and Paper Plane for this. Please do watch the eng subbed versions on youtube before reading. Not that you can't...but it will make more sense this way...

It was a time of war, a time of unrest, a time of non-existent peace.

It had started off with just a mild difference in religious beliefs. The only ones involved had been just a woman and her husband's family. But then…it led to something big, something huge. It forced the nation to split into 2 major believers as they call it, something akin to 'Atheists' and 'Christians'. Just like how followers of a Church will never get along with the haters of God.

It was similar, yet different at the same time.

Sadly, for the ones who believed in He who was powerful, they were far outnumbered by the ones who hated He. Their clashes in society could be described as the top layer and the bottom layer of the pyramid. One was far superior to another.

Concentration camps and prisons specially built for the 'Rebels' became a norm. Normal people knew they existed, but never wandered within a yard's radius of those wretched, black buildings. To them, those were a mere part of their society's existence, and nothing more.

Rebels…those who were once believers of the almighty He. They had started to lose faith in He who was called the Saviour. It was suffering, only suffering where they were…

…in those Goddamned buildings!

In some time, at some place

One prisoner fell for a girl

Through barracks

Heartrending, heartrending

A man trudged along the road to work, annoyed. But his status in his job scope deemed him unfit to show it. 5 metal stars glinted on the left shoulder of his military uniform in the sunlight. Entering the dark building, passing privates saluted him and he nodded in acknowledgement.

He sighed as he sat down at his desk, looking through prisoner profiles, and once again focusing on that one profile of their youngest prisoner.

The black-haired boy sat in his cell…alone. His cellmates had all been executed and he was the only one left. It was probably God's will for him to live on, he thought. His will to actually let him suffer through this endless torture when his fellow people would have long been relieved of it through the judgement of death. He even chuckled a little at the contradiction of his own thoughts.

Well, it wasn't exactly…all bad. Basically, prisoners were left to their own devices over there. It seemed like the only reason they were there was because they wanted their society to only consist of one type of believers. They were only taken out for execution or torture if the officers and wardens had nothing to do and just wanted some fun.

Stepping out into the fairly large yard the prison possessed, Sanada looked across the unkempt patch of wildlife they dared to call grass, where the great fence was.

The fence stretched across the entire perimeter of the prison grounds, and across one stretch of the fence was a flower field that the outside people frequented. Of course, they kept their distance, but nothing deterred the boy from seeing their happy faces as they frolicked across the lush greenery of the place picnicking, playing frisbee, anything.

Such was the daily routine of the 10 year old.

It was yet another day when he had wandered to the yard again when a sight made his jaw drop- inwardly of course.

There was this girl- looking not much more than his age. She was sitting AGAINST the fence, CALMLY reading a book. A hater of God was doing something that her parents had probably told her never to do a thousand times over. She was within A YARD of 'those wretched buildings'.

Sanada walked over slowly, unaware that his legs had started to move by themselves, slowly inching closer to this brave soul that had dared to venture where she was not welcomed. Weird, why did he not feel any hate towards her? His parents, before they had been stripped of their lives, had instilled into him that he was to hate anyone who blasphemed against God. It meant any who weren't in the prison grounds…most of the time.


The boy flinched a little. He hadn't realised that he had been standing behind the person of his thoughts all this while, and he had been noticed.


He stuttered that one word out, having taken a clear look at the girl's face.

She had a round and beautiful face. Maybe paler than most, but still pretty. Her whole being teemed with innocence and naivety, her large deep-blue eyes devoid of any evil. Her shorter-than-the-norm blue and wavy locks fluttered gently with the light breeze that had just come by. Her dress was by no means fancy, consisting of only a simple design and a single pink shawl. A white, slightly wide-rimmed hat sat to the side of her- he assumed that it was to go with her dress.

Sanada didn't understand. How could one who hated God be so innocent? Was this an act? No…she looked really innocent…

"You look really funny with that dumbstruck face of yours."

The prisoner snapped out of his reverie with a playful poke from the girl across the fence. Once again, he had not realised that the girl had long put her book away and had stood up, staring at him from across the fence, grinning, then gazing upon him. It was a gaze that showed a tad bit of defiance. It was not heartrending at all- it was simply the gaze of one who had just met a new friend.

Sanada had heard of his mother speaking of the days when she as a child had roamed free, then as a teenager. He had also heard her speak of the first time she had met his father, and how it was love at first sight.

And with this gaze that he held onto with this girl that he did not even know the name of…he decided.

"What's your name?"

She asked innocently, tilting her head to the side.

"Sanada. Sanada Genichirou."

He had finally understood what his mother meant.

Taken all of my freedom

I was having dark days of persecution

Between you and dirty me

Big difference, big difference

Yet another scream ripped through the building.

No one flinched, no one stirred. It was a noise they heard daily after all, one way or another. One got used to the sound if they heard it often enough.

Sanada gritted his teeth, resisting the urge to shout and scream just like his fellow believer to the side of him. The whip lashed just as hard, with the same amount of force against him as the others. It hurt. It hurt so much. It hurt as if he were a piece of salmon at the hands of a professional sushi chef, it hurt as if he were being cut up into many small pieces mercilessly.

After the officers had had their fun, he was released back into his cell. No one tended to their injuries, no matter the extent. It was either they survived with it, or they did not.

The cell was dark and smelly. The walls were all black. It was dark even in the daytime, even with the sun shining through that small pathetic excuse of a window. It cast nothing more than a small square of light on the harsh, concrete floor.

But he would bear with it. He had to.

He was going to see his crush, at their meeting place, that place where the fence stood.

That was an everyday event now. It was becoming more and more of a routine. Sanada even found himself walking out to the yard even though he hadn't thought to. It was like a memory ingrained into his body, despite him having only met that girl just a mere while ago.

As per the norm, they stood and chat about how life was. The boy found his hate towards the ones who hated God diminishing slowly. His guard against this bluette was let down little by little every single time they met. It was impossible to hate her, she was the only one who had ever looked at him without that goddamn pitying and sympathetic look that one of her status gave to Rebels.

Suddenly, he caught sight of his own prisoner clothes. It consisted of a plain black shirt and shorts. They were ragged, dirty, and he remembered that he was probably not going to get the chance to shower that day. His face was probably dirty too. He looked across to the one opposite him who was currently speaking of her interest in gardening.

She was wearing that dress that he had seen her in on the day they first met. She hadn't bothered to take off that wide-rimmed hat today. Her face was clean, and pretty. Her clothes were clean too, and well-kept unlike his. Her feminine and polite mannerisms probably instilled into her by strict parents. It only showed how she was different from him, the prisoner within the fenced off grounds.

Their worlds were far apart. She was a norm in the society. He was a prisoner in the wretched buildings. Where she stood was way out of his reach. And where he stood…was way below someone like her…

As he watched her continue her innocent and cute rant about not ever being able to raise a cactus, he felt fear for the first time. Fear that she would one day realise that someone like him was not worth her time, that she would stop visiting him in favour of doing other normal things.

She flashed a smile at him, and he could not help but return one, something that he thought he had long forgotten to do. That smile made him feel that she would remember him even if that happened.

Having ended their little meeting of the day, he retreated back to the confines of his cell. He caught sight of a stack of paper that one of his previous cellmates had sneaked in, and a couple of pencils beside it. He smiled just a tiny bit at an idea that he had just gotten, one that he could use materialise these happy moments.

He could always hope, hope for the best.

I wrote a letter

And folded it into a paper plane

Praying it'd reach you through the barracks

Fly away, fly away

Sanada chuckled to himself when he saw the look of puzzlement on his friend's face when she saw what he had in his hands. He made a motion for her to wait, then summoned up all his strength to throw it across the fence, above it to where she was…

…which failed- miserably.

The paper plane hit the fence, then slowly floated back down onto the floor. The bluette's eyes had reduced to small dots and were blinking in amusement. The prisoner attempted to throw it again, and again. But about a dozen times later, he gave up.

There was still the old-fashioned way of trying to squeeze a piece of paper through a hole in the fence, wasn't there?

Sanada blushed as the girl giggled while receiving his letter to her. The shape of the paper plane was now non-existent, having been reduced to a crumpled piece of paper. Damn, this was exactly what he DIDN'T want to happen.

There was silence as she scanned the letter, nodding once in a while, and frowning at some of the contents. She then folded the letter back into a paper plane, and held it close to her heart. That smile on her face so warm that Sanada almost blushed again.

He tried to speak, but stopped short when the girl held a prompt index finger to her lips. She winked, pointing to the paper plane before turning around and walking away. Not without a wave of goodbye of course. The prisoner stood dumbfounded until he slowly came to the realization of his friend's intentions.

If she wanted to communicate through letters from now on, it was fine.

Oh, able to get away from here someday

It's a lie

I know it

"..and so we must believe in the almighty will of the Lord, that he will relieve us of this torture someday…"

Prayers, all the prayers that each prisoner sat through before each meal. It was all filled with praises to the Lord and everything nice and dandy. It wasn't that Sanada didn't believe in He, but rather, just simply gave up hoping that they were going to get out of the wretched buildings anytime soon.

"You Rebels will be released someday, we just don't know when."

Yeah, all lies. Lies sugar-coated to extreme levels. Lies sweet enough to satisfy the lowest of the low. It was common knowledge that nothing like that was going to happen. Ironic, wasn't it? The ones who believed in God were called the 'Rebels' while the ones who went against him were the right and just ones.

Lies of freedom, promises of it…they had long been buried in the dust.

Your existence made me feel

Like all lies could be true

"Come here and have a talk with me."

You'd never know my agony

Watching you from here was a tiny happiness for tomorrow

As the days went by, torture increased in frequency, as well as executions. Perhaps the military people were getting bored, or maybe just homicidal. Who knew? And no sane prisoner would dare to ask such a thing.

Sanada was the youngest among all the Rebels at the prison. But he was the bravest. When even the strongest of the strongest men among them screamed and shouted to combat the intense pain of the whips and knives, he stayed silent, taking it all like his father used to. It even came to a point where he had to force himself to limp across the yard in order to send his reply.

The girl had actually gasped in horror at his physical state, but said nothing.

It may have looked rude and uncaring for her to not have asked how he was or not shown any form of concern, but to Sanada, it was what he wanted. The letters that they had exchanged had told the other their personalities and their beliefs. The bluette knew that her concern would only hurt and anger him more.

These meetings, the existence of one who defied everything his parents had perceived one that was not a Rebel to be. The existence of this very pretty girl who was out of his reach, both metaphorically and literally speaking, in terms of both status and their physical boundary that came in the form of a horrible metal fence.

It was an existence that made him feel like every lie that he had been told about freedom could be true. That he would one day truly be free to roam the outskirts of the damn prison grounds and finally be able to play with his crush. He even remembered the statement that started it off.

"Come here and have a talk with me."

That was it, that was what he did at the girl's request.

His pain at having to go through the torture of those merciless soldiers. His despair at no longer having parents to comfort him and rely on. His agony at not being able to assure that this girl would continue talking to him everyday like this. His agony at not being able to gather up any courage to even ask for her name. He hid it, he never showed it to her, even though it was painfully obvious.

And every time their meetings came to an end, the two would wave, and the bluette would always leave with a smile. Her back would always look so frail yet demure, and Sanada would always stare at her retreating figure until she was completely gone from his sight. Only then did he reluctantly go back to his cell.

Watching her from where he was was good enough. Watching her from behind the fence was enough to fill him with happiness. It was the highlight of his day, everyday.

It was a tiny shred, tiny bit, of that hope and happiness for every tomorrow of his existence.

Days and months have passed since then

Paper Planes from you everyday were my

Happiness, happiness

Minutes, hours, days, and months. One term changed into the next whenever enough time built up.

Sanada smiled to himself just thinking about how long he had been 'conversing' with that girl. It had to be a miracle that every time they met, no one found them out. Their meetings weren't those which normal people or even Rebels would find rational. Discovery could mean terrible things, very terrible things.

Good things always came to an end some way of another. And the fateful day finally came.

A knock on the door, or rather, gate of his prison cell made him frown. He had been re-reading the letters that his bluette friend had been sending him. Turning around reluctantly, he froze at who he saw standing there.

It was the supreme commander, the one who stood above them all. Those metallic stars on his uniform were evidence enough. But…why was he there in that particular cell? The boy flinched as he met the commander's gaze. It was harsh, angry. Hatred splayed out naked for the world to see. To have made even Sanada flinch like he did…it wasn't normal…just wasn't normal…

Nodding towards the lower ranks flanking his sides, the 3 smiled evilly. 2 of them automatically went to the side of the boy and held him up by his arms. Sanada made no move to resist anything, he merely prepared himself for the punishment that was to be doled out to him. Weapons of torture were taken out of the pockets of the lowly soldiers and the prisoner closed his eyes.

It was the worst punishment he had had up to date. The commander and his minions had long satisfied themselves and left. Yet the ache of the muscles and the dull pain of the wounds remained. Sanada could barely crawl back to the corner where he kept his precious paper planes. They were his hope, they were his joy, they were all he had in this world.

And he'd be damned if he let them take these away from him.

Suddenly one day you said

You had to go far away

Goodbye, goodbye

Oh, I have been living with agony

But I had never cried like today

The sun wasn't too bright that day, yet there was not a cloud in the sky.

Surprisingly, Sanada had to wait for the girl to come and meet him. He frowned as he wondered if he had been too early or too late. Neither seemed possible as he wasn't one to show up at any of the extremes. Waiting, waiting, he finally felt something lift off his chest as he saw the approaching figure of the friend that he had come to know so well.

As she came into view, the boy felt something was off about his friend. She didn't come in the usual happy and enthusiastic manner that she did. Today, she seemed really withdrawn and down, allowing her great hat to cast its shadow over her small face.

When she finally came close enough and stood directly opposite of Sanada, she looked up and smiled at him. Sanada wondered when her face had become this pale and sickly.

He caught the paper plane that she had expertly thrown over, opening it up to read its contents. It had always been this way. Every time either of them threw a reply, the one receiving would open it up and read it on the spot, allowing the other to have full view of their expressions. This time was no different and the bluette girl waited patiently, all traces of a genuine smile gone from her face.

The paper's sides were being crumpled and subsequently crushed from being held too tightly. Sanada's eyes widened in horror and he finished off the last sentences of the letter and let his hands fall to his sides, including the one holding the letter. He shot his friend a questioning and hurt look, barely short of crying, mouthing a silent 'Why?'.

"It is just like you have read, Sanada-kun. This will be our last letter, this will be our farewell. I-I'll be moving somewhere really, really far away soon…and we won't see each other…any…more…"

The girl had her back turned to him, her voice coming out in squeaks and tiny sobs. She turned her head just a tiny fraction to look back at the prisoner whom she had become such good friends with, and froze.

The boy cut his finger with the edge of the paper, not caring about the pain. Turning the letter over, he wrote one big and blatant word using his own blood.


He raised it up high to show how serious he was, his stern gaze demanding an answer from the crying girl. There was no way in hell he would buy that pathetic reason as the one she had for wanting to leave him. The bluette felt her heart being wrenched. She shut her eyes and turned around, her back facing Sanada once more, letting out a sob.

She didn't want to leave this nice boy that she had come to know over the past few months. She didn't want to cut off all contact with him, it would hurt her far too much. But she had no choice right now…and it would be horrible and downright cruel if she just…left like that and kept him waiting for the meeting that might never come…

"I'm sorry…I'm…so…sorry…"

The girl could only blurt out as her feet started carrying her away from where she stood.

"I'll wait!"

The shout that came from behind her, before she stood still to listen to what her friend had to say as last words. Straight after that, she had run off as quickly as her feet could carry her, not sparing a single backward glance…

The goodbye that had been so unexpected. The goodbye that had been so sudden and harsh. The goodbye that had been so painful and torturous.

Sanada sat still in his cell, his hand absently fingering the last letter that he would ever receive from this friend that he didn't even know the name of. He could still smell the faint scent of her light perfume on the paper, the mark she had left. It was really hard to imagine that as of tomorrow, there would be no more meetings like the past few months. That the light that had been shining at the edge of his tunnel of life had extinguished just like that.

The prisoner punched the wall, screaming in agony. He thought he knew what agony was, he thought it was the very definition of what he had been going through these past years…but he was wrong. The real thing was way, way worse. His heart felt torn into a million shreds, it felt as if a thousand arrows had pierced into it, felt as if some savage carnivore was in his chest, eating it from inside out…it was that painful.

Finally giving in to his fatigue and pain from earlier wounds, he slid down the wall, gathering himself to lie down sideways in the corner where he kept all his precious paper planes. Holding the two most precious to his chest- the first and the last letters that they had ever exchanged…

…he broke down, crying like never before, tears blurring his vision and screaming his lungs out. Neighbouring cellmates cringed at the volume of the wailing, but said nothing as they left him be.

This was the first time he cried like this, and it wasn't going to be his last.

Your existence made me smile

Even with any fate

Seeing you without your name

I felt I restored a bright future

I can't call you

I can't chase you

I can't get out of here

I can't do anything

He woke up gasping for air, sweating cold sweat all over, and his hand in a reaching out pose.

Sighing exasperatedly, he pushed himself up into a sitting position and combed his hair back using his fingers. He sighed again as his gaze fell once more on the corner of the room where he put all his precious paper planes.

His days now went like a routine, waking up, looking at the letters, musing and pitying himself, then reading the letters, and yadda yadda. He also had nightmares, weird ones of the scene of the bluette girl leaving playing over and over again in his head. The only change being he thought he saw her sprout angel wings during the last nightmare, but right now he couldn't be sure.

Sanada missed her so, so much, their meetings had been the only thing that kept him sane in this whole wretched building. The only thing that gave him hope, and the will to live. Now that will to live was gone, and the prisoner didn't even know what the heck he was breathing for now. His friend's existence had forced him to rethink what he thought of his future, she had made him realise that he could hope, that there was always a chance that he would be free one day…

…and now that bright imagery of a future had been shattered by her sudden departure, never to be restored.

Sanada heard the gate of his cell being opened, but he didn't respond at all, choosing to remain silent where he was sitting. It was considered rude for one of his standing to not rise to his feet and salute when a soldier or the commander came in, but right now he didn't care.

One of the privates growled and lunged forward to teach the prisoner a lesson about respect, but was stopped when the supreme commander, or in other words the general, held his arm out. He wordlessly nodded to the two flanking him. Nodding as well in reply, they went to the boy and held him up by the arms, making sure he would not be able to wriggle out of their grip so easily.

The general trudged over to where the letters lay, and picked one out of the pile, much to the horror of Sanada. He stared at it for a while before making his way to the front of Sanada, in his direct line of vision, taking care to rip it messily right in front of the said prisoner.


Once more, the neighbouring cellmates cringed at the volume, but once again said nothing. They understood only too well the agony of their fellow people. A sympathetic sob could even be heard at the end of the corridor. Some people started tearing at the cry of agony from their bravest and youngest Rebel.

One by one, the letters were being ripped up and Sanada could only cry and struggle his hardest against the iron grips as he saw his precious treasure trove of memories being torn up and destroyed right in front of his very eyes. His anger and despair built up to a point where all he could think about was how to kill the commander for doing this of all things to him.

His common sense and conscience finally gave way as he saw the commander slowly tearing up the most recent letter that he had gotten. That last letter.

Even the privates were caught by surprise when he flung their arms off with superhuman strength and he dashed across to where the general stood, arms out and ready to strangle the tall man. To Sanada's shock and surprise, the general made no move to fight back when he had the ability to, instead choosing to shut his eyes.

His look was also weird and off…was he crying? It was as if the general was trying to keep his gaze steady amidst conflicting emotions and all. He even felt pity for a moment and loosened his grip, the momentary weakness allowing him to be caught once again by the minions. The general sighed.

"General sir, awaiting command."

It seemed like a long time before the general's shoulder slumped, and he finally gave a reply.

"Prepare the gassing room. I want it done within 15 minutes."

And with that he strode briskly out the gate.

Finally it's my turn

Me being without you

I have no regrets in this world

But I am screaming within my mind

I want to live a little more

I no longer have contradictory feelings

Just want to see you one more time

Wanna see you, wanna see you

One more time, one more time

"Its my turn, isn't it?"

One of the officers merely huffed in ignorance and turned away, while the other, a presumably nicer one, replied.

"I'm sorry, kid. We can't control how the general thinks."


"And besides, its actually the first time he had personally asked for an execution…"

Now this statement called for Sanada's attention, and he snapped his head up.

"Wait, wha-"

Too late, the door to the office had shut and the two who he had been talking to were nowhere in sight. It was only the general and him in the office now.

The smell of documents and paper filled his nostrils, although not as bad as when he first entered the prison. The general simply sat in his rotating chair, staring at him, and the prisoner just refused to meet his gaze.


Silence, as the boy continued to ignore the superior.

"Or would you rather I call you prisoner number 210511? I could do that."

Scowling, Sanada finally tilted his head up a little, and spat out.

"What the heck do you want with me?"

The general only nodded in acknowledgement as if what he had heard was a completely polite and reasonable reply to his question.

"Do you know the reason why you are here, sitting in my office? "

The prisoner folded his arms, and glared at the general with the worst look he could muster. The pure hate.

"I don't give a freaking damn why I'm here! If you want me executed, so be it! Don't f***ing drag me into this stupid 'reason' thingie that you damn atheists are so proud of!"

Settling down after the outburst, Sanada once again refused to meet the general's gaze. The said man only sighed as picked up a paper plane from his desk drawer, setting it on the table. The boy still had his head bent low.

"I had something I wanted to pass to you. But of course, the choice of accepting it lies with you, Sanada-kun."

Head tilting up by a mere millimetre or so, Sanada suddenly snapped his head up at the sight of the object on the desk. At the approving nod of the superior, he snatched the paper plane from where it had been placed and hurriedly unfolded it, not caring about why or how the general had got his hands on one of those.

The general sat in silence as he saw a smile light up on the boy's face, and how he hugged the letter close to him when he was done admiring its contents- the picture drawn on it.

Sanada was smiling on the outside, but inside, he was feeling anguish and everything negative. The only difference being that his contradictory feelings were no more, and he simply felt this really strong want to meet this girl again, to see her…before he would die…

His tears weren't from laughing, they were from sadness and longing, but he stopped them soon enough. He turned to face the general.

"May I…see her? One…more time?"

I can never have the days we spent together

I remember the days like a flash

Everything you gave me was my only hope to live

In the weeds filled with darkness

There was one flower blooming beautifully

This bluette friend of his had been the only real company he had all this time he was in this goddamn prison, and memories of their meeting flowed steadily through the prisoner's mind. He remembered every single detail of their every meeting, even the words they exchanged. These meetings and letter exchanges meant this much to him.

Sanada suddenly realised that the hope and will to live wasn't all that the girl gave him. She gave him the company that he had yearned for. She gave him the feelings of happiness and excitement. She gave meaning to the words 'understanding' and 'love'. She erased the line that separated them as the Rebels and the Atheists.

In all the weeds among the flora, the Atheists among the Rebels, it was horrible and dark. You were either one or the other. She was this flower blooming beautifully among all the weeds out there. This girl stood out in her own way, unafraid of the consequences of associating with a lowly Rebel such as himself.

If she was the flower, then he was the bee. The one who appreciated its beauty and elegance.

Even though we lived in a different world

I tried to reach you out

If this is the last moment

Please let me talk to her

"I'm…sorry. That is not possible."

"Why? You know something don't you? Please…let me see her! I don't care what method you use to kill me later, just let me…see…her…"

The man watched as the young boy in front of him broke down while begging to see that girl once again. He had to look away from the boy's gaze, knowing that even if the boy was willing to go through the 7 realms of hell to see his friend, even he as the commander had no power to do so.

Sanada cried again, even though he had promised himself not to. He had tried so hard to reach out once more for that girl that had been keeping him company for so long now. They were both in different worlds, but that didn't matter, not to him, and he didn't care about anything else anymore…

The general pressed his lips together and stayed silent.

In the small closed chamber with darkness

My scream was resounding vainly

I'm feeling pain in my chest

I can hardly breathe

A minion rapped politely, or as politely as rapping could be on an office door.

"General sir! The gassing room has been prepared as instructed and ready for use anytime!"

The addressed general simply nodded as the private saluted from where he stood at the door before walking away to carry on with his other duties. Both prisoner and general stood up at the same time.

It was a silent walk to the gassing room, and passing officers merely minded their own businesses, only stopping to salute the general. Sanada even spotted some fake, pitying glances and he growled in response. Having reached the entrance of the room, the boy willingly stepped in and sat down.



Shocked silence hung in the air as the general tore up the letter that Sanada had been reading just now. The boy just froze in his position, wordless as to what to say, mouth opening and closing like a goldfish. He didn't know what to think at all.

The general was…smiling? A genuine one? And were those tears he saw forming?

The gas poisonous gas choked him, it made his head spin and everything blurry. He could not even shout, for his throat was far to irritated by the gas to do so. So this was how he was going to die, by pathetic gas. But it was effective, and soon the pain in the chest carried over to him spluttering and gasping for air that he could breathe.

"Sanada-kun…take care of her…"

Sanada knew…he knew that it wouldn't be long before he would go…

I wanted to know

Just one thing

Your na..me...

His vision had long blacked out, it was even worse than the blurry images that he kept on seeing throughout the gassing process. His lungs felt like they were filling up to the brim with liquid, leaving no space for the owner to obtain oxygen…

Sanada's mind had long been cleared of unnecessary thoughts, and now all he could think of was that girl, his friend, his crush…and he only had one regret left, one wish…

The boy shut his eyes as he breathed in pain…

"I…wanted to…know…just…one thing…"

He breathed, or rather, gasped his last…