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Main summary! Po receives a message an old friend of Po's dad's and it asks for Po and the Furious Five's assistance in defeating a rising enemy. Along the way, they meet an odd group of people heading the same direction. They tag along, but what kinds of things will happen? Who knows?

"PO!" A hyperactive goose, known as Mr. Ping, yelled out as a large panda and group of other animals walked in through the gateway of his noodle shop that he was just closing for the day. Mr. Ping ran to his son and gave him the biggest hug he could, considering he was about half the size of Po. "How have you been?"

Po smiled at his dad's enthusiasm, along with the rest of the group behind him. "I am totally awesome, dad! How was work today?" Mr. Ping smiled just before he started his rant on what had happened earlier that day. Po half listened to his dad while he helped his dad clean up the shop. Po had heard bits and pieces of his dad's rant, already knowing what had happened because the same thing happens everyday.

Something about the old goat that started yelling at him for not putting enough spice in the soup and it being too hot. Something else about a little pig boy found his way behind the counter and tried to take a few sips of soup without getting caught. It apparently didn't work because his mother found him and took him home for a spanking. He also said something about a drunk teenage goose trying to flirt with him. Her father ended up carrying her away before she could actually do anything else that she would regret. That was a little new to Po.

"Oh and do you remember Tao, the old goat I introduce to you when you were a kid? Well, he sent me a message this morning saying that he was overhearing a few men saying in the village that his house was going to be destroyed by a man named Wong Tsai. He was caught for manslaughter a few years ago and just escaped a few days ago. Tsai vowed to have revenge on the man that put him in jail and that was, unfortunately, Tao. He was wondering if you could go and help him out of his little predicament." Mr. Ping explained while he put all his cooking utensils away in the cabinets.

Po looked at his dad and instantly started to nodded as quickly as he could. "Of course I'll help! I would never leave someone in trouble!" Tigress walked up behind Po and put her hand on his shoulder. She yanked him back with the others and told Mr. Ping that they were just going to have a little talk. Mr. Ping let them go off on their own while he started to stack a few chairs of the tables.

"Po, we need to get back to the Jade Palace and your just going to go off and save an old family friend in who knows where!" Tigress whispered sharply in Po's ear. Po looked at his friends and watched them all nod their heads at what Tigress said. "How about we go and talk with Master Shifu then tell your dad what your decision is?"

Po sighed. "Tigress, I already told him that I would help!" He put his hand on Tigress and Crane's back. "Besides, you guys can come with me and you can tell Master Shifu that we are on another mission!" Everyone stayed silent for a little while before Mantis jumped onto Po's shoulder.

"I'm with Po." He said in his deep voice, pointing one of his pincers at Po's head. "If it were anyone in the valley, we would help then in a heartbeat. What's so different about this Tao guy from… where exactly is he from anyway?" Po stayed silent for a while before he turned to his dad asking the same question Mantis just asked him.

"Hm…? Oh Tao? He lives on the other side of The Dangi Forest." The five went silent until Viper spoke up.

"Um… Mr. Ping? Have you ever been to Tao's house?" Crane asked cautiously, as if testing the water in an alligator infested lake. Mr. Ping nodded saying that it was fun trying to go past all of the trials that the Dangi Forest gave him. "Um… Mr. Ping, Mr. Ping!"

Po grabbed his dad's wing and stopped him from his rants. "Dad!" Po yelled at his dad. His dad went silent. "How did you get there exactly? I mean, I was there as a kid, but I never really paid attention to the roads we were taking." Po rubbed the back of his head. "I was too busy eating and taking naps." Mr. Ping's face lit up as he started explaining what he did and what road he took.

"Oh! Well, what I did was I went down the river just on the other side of the town and followed that a little ways until I found a bridge. I crossed the bridge and followed the path until I found a nice little patch of flowers. You remember that, Po?" Mr. Ping went on about how Po fell asleep on the patch of flowers and it took a few hours to find him. And he kept going on and on and on and on until finally Monkey spoke up.

"Mr. Ping! We asked you about the road to Tao's house, not Po disappearing act." Mr. Ping exclaimed before he finally started to return back to the subject of the trail to Tao's house. "Oh! Well, of course! So after I found Po I continued down the path and found a little cave. When I went through it, I found a little oasis with a small, little house in it and who lived there?"

"Tao?" Mantis guessed knowing it was the correct answer. "Yes! It was! See, I had been old friends with Tao and a little while back he moved away without a word of where he was going. When I found him, I was so overjoyed! Well, is that all you wanted to know? Because when you get there, Tao knows a lot of different ways around the forest! He's really nice too!"

Tigress grabbed Po and started to drag him out of the noodle shop. "Thanks Mr. Ping, but we need to get Po back to the Jade Palace before Master Shifu starts to worry about us and our whereabouts." Mr. Ping nodded to her and sent her away with his goodbyes. "Po, do you still want to go help Tao? Or do you want to back away from this whole thing?"

Po though for a minute before he finally said, "I am going to help Tao from Tsai and I don't care if I'm going to get killed doing it," Po started to mumble about him actually caring if he was going to be killed, "but I will go help him!"

The whole group rolled their eyes at Po's innocence and idiocy. "You know, Po, Master Shifu actually might want us to do this." Everyone stared at Monkey. "Well, you know how Master Shifu is always trying to get Po into do a bunch of workout stuff? Well, while we're heading there why don't we have Po do a bunch of workout activities that help him?"

Everyone stayed silent before they started mumbling to each other that it was a fairly good idea. Tigress nodded at this thought too before she said, "Only if we tell Master Shifu that we are going to go help Po work-out. I think he might buy that." Everyone started to have a small celebration within their own little group. Monkey got a few pats on the back from Mantis while they all started their long climb to the Jade Palace.

Once they all got there, the group went to the kitchen to cook and eat dinner while Master Shifu came shortly after. "Where were you all?" Master Shifu asked as if it was just another question. They all replied that they were at Po's dad's noodle shop helping him put stuff away. They all stayed silent after words, making Master Shifu suspicious. "Is there something you wish to speak to me about?"

"Well, Master," Viper started. "Um… Po's dad gave us a good idea to take Po into the Dangi Forest and help him workout." Master Shifu raised an eyebrow at her then looked at Po. After, he looked at the whole group.

"That does seem like a good idea," The uneasiness quickly left the room and they all let out a large sigh of relief. "But that doesn't explain how Mr. Ping gave you the idea of working out in the Dangi Forest." Everyone in the room started to move around in their seats, knowing they had been caught. "What is it that you actually want to tell me?"

"Master Shifu, my dad's friend, Tao, is in a little trouble and he needs our help. I told my dad that I would help and it's kinda hard to say 'no' when I've already said 'yes'." Master Shifu stared at Po with a blank face, a perfect poker face. He had no expression on his face until a small smile came on it.

"Very well. You may go and help Tao with his little trouble that he is in." Master Shifu walked out of the room with Oogway's fixed staff in his hand. "Be safe and come back soon. I expect you to also workout along the way." After Master Shifu left, the room burst out in relief.

"Okay, now that we've gotten Master Shifu's permission, we should go and start packing." Tigress said as she stood up, finishing her dinner. Everyone agreed with Tigress and they all left to pack.

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