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When Tigress woke up, she found herself lying on her back facing the darkening sky. Confused, she sat up and looked around, trying as hard as she could to studying her dark surroundings and only a couple feet away there was a small fire. She looked around her suspiciously before she walked up to it and sat down in front of it. She rubbed her hands together furiously and she realized that her clothes were still soaking wet, making her shiver with chills running up and down her spine, but no matter how big the fire was, she would still be soaking wet and would most likely-

"AH-CHOO!" – get a cold. Tigress moaned quietly as she wrapped her arms around her thin frame and got closer to the fire. She tried to warm herself up, but it didn't work until a warm blanket fell on her shoulders. She looked up in surprise to who had given her the blanket and found Taine sitting next to her. She sniffed again before she said quietly, "Thanks." He looked at her for a second before he announced that he was going to go get more firewood.

She watched Taine's retreating figure and thought about her missing friends that were probably looking everywhere for her. What were Po and the others doing without her? She was the unofficial leader of the whole group and without her; they were all doomed to have opposition between within the group. "Where are you all?"

Meanwhile, while Tigress and Taine were keeping themselves busy with the work around them, Po and the others were still occupied with trying to find the missing felines. "Tigress!" Po shouted to the sky as Crane was flying up above them all trying to find the two from a bird's eye view. "How long is the river?" Po asked as Crane began to descend from the sky to the ground.

"Really, really long. Almost 10 more miles and that's just as far as I could see. It probably goes longer than that from what I'm guessing." Crane said as he walked beside Po and Viper. "Question is when do you think they got off?" Po sighed and screamed Tigress's name again, but like so many other times before, he got no response. "Po lets just stop and make camp here. It's getting really dark and even Tigress won't be traveling at this time." Po reluctantly agreed and made a fire sitting beside the four that were still there.

"How long do you think they're going to be gone?" Viper asked as she sat in front of the fire with Po and the others. Most of them shrugged except for Po who was staring into the sky thinking about Tigress's disappearance. "Po, are you okay?" Viper asked tapping her tail on Po's shoulder knocking him out of his thoughts.

"Huh? What?" Po looked over at Viper and asked her what she wanted. She repeated her question again and this time Po answered back. "Yeah. I'm okay. I was just thinking about Tigress." He paused staring into the fire before he answered again. "Do you think that she'll be okay?" Viper smiled at Po and nodded at him, reassuring him and telling him that she had been through worse than this. "I know she has, but she and Taine aren't exactly the most compatible tigers in the forest and that's what worries me. He knows a lot about this forest more than anyone and Tigress doesn't really like to admit that she's wrong and-and…" He stopped. "I wonder if we'll ever see them again."

"Don't worry Po." Mantis said jumping onto his shoulder. "Tigress has survival instincts. She'll know the right thing to do even if that means admitting her defeat." Po sighed again and continued looking at the stars until he and everyone else slowly fell asleep.

While on the different side of the forest, Taine had come back with some fire wood and she was now putting it into the fire to keep it going. Tigress wrapped the blanket around her even tighter before she again sneezed. "AH-CHOO!" She groaned. "This sucks. I'm stuck here with a jungle boy and I have a cold." She sneezed and groaned after words.

"Do you want me to make you something? I know a lot of cold remedies." Tigress opened her mouth to refuse the offer, but quickly stopped before she thought about the offer. Frowning and having no other choice, she agreed and let him make her a, what he called, 'The Healer's Cold Concoction'. He had brewed it many times before for him and his family and every time he did they all ended up being well by the end of the next day. "So how are you feeling? Besides having a cold and all."

Tigress took a small sip of the soup and placed it on her lap staring at Taine before she answered. "I'm okay. A little worn out, but functional." Taine smiled at her and lied down beside the fire, telling Tigress to go to sleep. Agreeing, she also lied down and took her place beside the glowing fire. She stared up at the stars and sighed hoping that Po and the others would be all right without her.

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