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Chapter Title: In The Flame Of Error by Coheed & Cambria

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Chapter Sixty-Six

My Touch Around The Grip Of This Knife!

Yukiko jumped back, avoiding a kunai before swiping a few more away with Kiyoshi, ice spreading across the ground.

She was distracted for a second and a sudden burst of water knocked her off of her feet. She groaned and got up, looking straight into Tobirama's eyes.

"This isn't a fight for us to interrupt. I'm going to take you back to the village for monitoring," he told her coldly. Yukiko steadied her nerve, gripping Kiyoshi tightly.

"But you're just not." She snapped, her voice like the crack of a whip as she jumped forward to attack with her sword.

Tobirama conjured a massive wave of water that took Yukiko by surprise, hitting her and then pushing her back past several trees until she hit one, at which point she countered, turning the whole wave to ice.

"If you don't let me get to Madara then people will suffer," Yukiko pointed out as she jumped onto the ice.

"If Madara lives then even more will suffer! People have died, Yukiko! I'm not talking the odd couple of guards, I'm talking over a hundred villagers are lying dead back there because of him! Any chance for redemption is gone," Tobirama yelled, his fists trembling as he clenched them tightly. "You're just too blinded to realise,"

"I'm not." She said calmly, looking earnest. "Did I ever say he was right?"

Aoi could constantly sense the presence of the Kyuubi but besides that, the night almost seemed quiet and peaceful. It was quite a contrast. He recalled his father would have told him that it was nights like these that made history.

Maybe so, but Aoi wasn't quite sure what else to do other than to avoid and make sure he didn't get killed in the crossfire. Especially as far as Madara was concerned.

There was a sudden burst of more chakra, Aoi stopped and tried to analyse the situation. A forest...A forest had appeared in an instant.

Aoi looked up at a tall tree and immediately started to climb, hoping that the height would give him a decent enough vantage point to 'observe'.

He saw a mass of shifting trees and the Kyuubi standing tall, lifting one of its paws...

Madara had to keep moving to avoid the branches from constricting him but he knew, with utter confidence, that he had a definite upper hand in this fight.

"You've taken this too far, Madara!" Hashirama snapped, looking up at the beast that had been summoned, a beast that appeared in nightmares and horror stories. "Wood Prison!"

Madara was fast though. "Great Fire Destruction!" There was a flourish of flames burning the trees and through the flames, Madara appearing, cutting Hashirama's arm open.

Hashirama seized the chance though, swiping at Madara with a kunai, before kicking Madara's chest. The Uchiha jumped up to a branch, catching his breath for a moment while Hashirama watched him cautiously.

"There's no such thing as taking it took far for victory," Madara informed him with a growl. The Kyuubi paw pushed down, flattening a large amount of trees before opening its mouth, a large amount of black chakra racing towards the centre of its gaping jaws.

"Smothering Binding!" Hashirama weaved a sign, urgently creating several branches to wrap up around Kyuubi and while it didn't bind the fox for more than a couple of seconds, dragging him to the ground, but it negated the chakra ball attack.

The Senju was suddenly kicked from behind, he turned as he attempted to dodge, realising that he had taken his eyes off of Madara for a moment. He berated himself, telling himself that he had made a stupid mistake.

He was beginning to feel doubt, that was his mistake. But he cast that aside. Hashirama told himself in his mind that he had no time for doubt while the village he'd worked for hard for was in danger.

Minoru had ignored Yukiko's orders to help the Uchiha, although he had a good reason. He, instead, headed for her house faster than he had ever run. He could literally hear his heart pounding in his head.

As soon as he reached the house he realised there were still Senju outside. He stopped dead in his tracks, trying to think deeply and trying to work out how he was going to get into the house without being spotted.

He pulled out a kunai and crept slowly, keeping low to the ground to try and muffle any sound he'd make as he edged closer to the window of the twins bedroom. He reached out and grabbed the window sill before jumping up into the house, landing with an ever so quiet thump.

Minoru froze, waiting for a moment to see if anyone had heard him. One thing heard him, appearing in the room. A rabbit, tilting its head before hopping away.

He exhaled, having held his breath as his heart stopped. He leant down and picked up his box from under Ren's bed.

He didn't quite know why he'd hidden it there, but he had felt like it was definitely safe under there. He unsealed the box and found its contents were, indeed, safe.

The healer sighed, picking up the scroll inside of it and hid it in his medical pack. There was a sudden bang. He grabbed his kunai, not being able to hold two things at once properly with his still injured arm.

He flattened himself against the wall next to the door, he took in a deep breath and held it. He'd never killed someone. Well, people had died under his care but not through his own actions and as such he was praying he didn't have to kill someone now.

Fate, however, is nearly always cruel and a Senju came into the room. Minoru didn't even think. He needed to protect the scroll and to do that, this man needed to die. He slit the man's throat at such a degree that it split the jugular open.

It was a fairly quick and merciful death and Minoru felt a rush of adrenaline as he leapt out of the window without a backwards glance into the dark of the night once more.

Yukiko was being driven back to the river, with the nagging feeling that upstream was her husband and Hashirama.

But the river was, for once, the last place she wanted to be. While having access to water was an advantage for her, it was more an advantage for Tobirama who immediately took that advantage and used a Water Shockwave that rose up, twisting at high speeds before dispersing and hitting her.

Once more she found herself knocked off of her feet and was lying on the riverbank.

"Yukiko..." Tobirama began as he approached her, kicking Kiyoshi away. "You're not like me, you're running out of chakra."

"I don't need chakra to use kenjutsu," she said, pulling herself up. "I once led a clan, Tobirama, don't write me off too quickly," she tightened her hair tie and walked over to where Kiyoshi was, picking the sword up. "And yet you let me pick him up," she watched Tobirama with her crimson eyes.

"It'll be easier to wear you down before bringing you in."

"Confident." She scoffed. "Flowing Ice!" The river froze over, Yukiko jumping onto the newly formed ice, clutching Kiyoshi tightly. "Never underestimate a Ginhana!" she ran forward to attack, Tobirama appearing behind her. She ducked down, turning and swiping at him with her sword. The Senju was quick to counter, a water dragon breaking the ice and heading for Yukiko who sliced it in half.

The water had washed away her poison and she didn't have time to top up Kiyoshi's dose as Tobirama knocked her off balance with another wave of water.

It was then that it happened. It terrified Yukiko to her very core.

Her whole world went black...And yet she was still awake and she knew she was still fighting. She had just gone...completely blind

Genshi ran out of his house without even a goodnight to his daughter. He had received word that Aoi, Takehiko, Minoru, Atsuko, Hayate and Yukiko weren't accounted for and neither were the twins.

Madara Uchiha was on the loose and the closest to him were all missing, Genshi's jaw clenched. He couldn't imagine a more irritating situation.

And yet, he assumed a role he hadn't for quite a while. He had, after all, once been in charge of all the sensors in the Uchiha clan. Whatever natural skill Takehiko possessed paled in comparison to the experienced senses of Genshi and as such he was quick to locate them.

And then further found that Yukiko was the most urgent case for him to go and assist.

The Uchiha took in a deep breath and headed out into the night, making a careful effort to avoid all other clans as he did so. He moved silently and swiftly, passing Minoru in the blink of an eye. The healer, apparently, wasn't paying attention to what was going on around him anyway.

A loud roar tore through the sky, Genshi's eyes clenched shut as he heard it. Hardened warrior yes but that sound still filled him with a sense of dread.

Madara was in the grips of several strong branches, tight enough that it was nearly cutting off his blood circulation. And while usually he'd be filled with white hot anger at the thought that this could be Hashirama's best move, he just smirked.

He still had the upper hand. Hashirama could do whatever he pleased, the Kyuubi was still the main threat in this fight.

The Senju made several large scrolls appear in a puff of smoke. He was preparing to stop messing around to attack Madara all out. He had hoped that he could spare Madara but this wasn't going to happen. So it was time to give Madara one last fight.

It was funny, the thought of losing never even crossed Hashirama's mind, he didn't have a choice. He had to win and he had to protect the village. That was all his life was now. For the first time since his appointment as candidate, Hashirama knew what it meant, truly meant, to be Hokage.

It wasn't about the paperwork and it wasn't about being a leader. It was about being the guardian for his village and all its residents. It was about protecting his home and his family and their lives.

He simply could not fail.

With a paw crashing down, Madara was freed and he leapt forward to attack the Senju, sickle in hand.

Hashirama jumped forward, from one of the scrolls he brought out a sword. The two weapons collided in a spark and the sound of grinding metals.

It was a match of equal strengths, Madara realised this wasn't about having the best weapons or strategy. It was about waiting...For one missed placed step. A battle of precision.

The ground began to crumble behind Hashirama, Madara pushed forward and the Senju lost balance falling down the chasm that had now appeared on the earth.

And the Uchiha boldly followed.

Yukiko stumbled in the darkness. She tried to dispel the jutsu but with her limited chakra she couldn't focus it enough to overcome it.

Instead of panicking though, she shut her eyes completely. She focused on the sound of rushing waves. She'd always fought half blind. She couldn't afford to lose focus.

Waves...waves...straight in front of her. She ran to the side where she remembered was a large tree and jumped up. So far so good but there was no way she could be distracted even for a second.

She heard several more rushes of water heading for her. Too many, she tried to listen to which one would hit her first. All of them. It sounded like a jutsu unlike the ones she'd seen Tobirama use before. A massive flood.

And just moments before it hit her. She felt herself being lifted up by some unknown person, the genjutsu was gone. She could see once more.

And Yukiko looked at the person who'd dragged her high enough to avoid the flood.


"Did you forget about me for a moment, Yuki-sensei?" he asked jokingly. She looked away, slightly ashamed.

"I'm not likely to now, am I?"

The river plunged into the chasm, a large cascading waterfall filled it.

Hashirama broke his fall with trees sprouting out of the side of the rocks. Madara landing cleanly next to him. Madara was quick to react, kicking him and cutting him once more, this time he pierced armour.

The Hokage grabbed Madara's arm, running a sword along his chest.

The Kyuubi seized his chance, charging up another bijuu ball. This time it was a hit. The ball of energy rolling down the chasm, extending it, breaking the trees and injuring the two men in the process.

The two fell into the water...

Madara's eyes pierced through the water and darkness, looking to Hashirama. It was that mutual understanding that had built up over years of war and constant battles and it told him that this fight was good. Even the Senju would have agreed, maybe not out loud, but it was the in the way he moved, the gleam in his eyes.

It was a shame that Hashirama was going to die here. Madara felt it.

This was going to be the greatest fight he would ever have.

Madara headed up to the water's surface to regain his balance and his stance in the fight.

Hashirama was having a similar thought. As good a challenge as this was, Madara proved to be far more dangerous that before. And he HAD to be stopped.

He swam down, reaching the bottom of the water and placing a hand on the wet earth and used his chakra as the lifeforce needed for a new attack.

Takehiko and Yukiko were putting up a good fight now. The Ginhana leaping down onto a piece of floating ice to take a breath.

In the meantime, Takehiko was keeping Tobirama busy with a barrage of punches and kicks. Takehiko didn't like to use ninjutsu, it confused his senses. Instead he focussed on quick taijutsu.

Tobirama grabbed the Uchiha's wrist, going to swipe at his throat with a kunai.

Yukiko instinctively leapt into action, cutting the back of Tobirama's leg. The Senju fell onto one knee, releasing his grip on Takehiko.

The Uchiha sensor seized his chance, kicking Tobirama before jumping away.

"Let's go! We've got to get back to Aoi!" Takehiko grabbed Yukiko's wrist.

"Sense for Minoru first. I can't do it myself," she ordered quietly.

The sensor shut his eyes before looking towards the fight between Madara and Hashirama. "He's heading for the fight! What's he thinking?"

"Dammit. That stupid Kiyomizu!"

Aoi was standing in awe of the destruction caused by the Kyuubi.

"No two people should be able to do this..." Aoi muttered. By 'this' he meant holding the power to tear apart the ground in front of him, he was shaking as he took in the scene. He found feel the two were still alive. Their chakra signatures were strong as usual.

There was a dreadful thought in Aoi's head that perhaps neither would win...they seemed locked in this battle more viciously than usual. It was like an addiction.

Aoi felt Takehiko and Yukiko were heading for Minoru but he sensed another signature following then. And then another.

Tobirama stood up, angry at himself for being caught off guard.

He touched the back of his leg, staring at the blood that coated his hand. He was quick to pull out a bandage from his tool pack and tightly bandage his wound.

He sighed, it would do for now. He moved to follow Takehiko and Yukiko when another Uchiha appeared in front of him.

Genshi looked at the Senju with a look of mixed disappointment and anger.

"We need to follow them. Let me be your senses," Genshi offered. Tobirama hesitated. "You don't understand how the Uchiha work, do you?"

"Excuse me for not trusting people who repeatedly try to kill me," he spat. Genshi chuckled to himself.

"Well, I'll tell you this. You've been attacked by the people loyal to the Leader of the Uchiha. I was once loyal to the Council but I was twisted into believing in Madara, foolishly so. Now let me help you. Because this is what the Uchiha truly want," Genshi explained.

"What if that means killing Madara or Yukiko?"

Genshi looked at him, he hesitated to speak for a moment.

"Perhaps I should ask that to you, Tobirama-kun. Madara-sama...you're scared of him. And I know that if push comes to shove, you're scared of having to do what has to be done," he said. "Let me help and then maybe we can start building a foundation for a better relationship between our clans,"

Tobirama held his hand out to the Uchiha. "Start now then."

Genshi immediately shook it. "Fine. Let's go."

The Kyuubi's mouth was being kept shut with a muzzle of wood. A large tree had ruptured from beneath the water. While the fox was distracted, Hashirama turned to Madara, unsealing more weapons from his scrolls.

A dark chakra formed around Madara, a large skeletal figure growing around him.

Hashirama had never seen this before. He'd seen the Tsukuyomi but this was a different eye power completely.

"I've always kept this up my sleeve. I call it the Susano'o. Did you really think I'd come here with just one new trick? I've been perfecting this for years."

The skeletal figure gained muscle and then a cloak and sword. It felt dark and menacing, echoing the look in Madara's eyes.

Hashirama looked up in amazement.

"This is..."

"My hatred."

Takehiko grabbed Yukiko.

"Yuki-sensei, Genshi-san and Tobirama are heading for us,"

"Genshi? What?" Yukiko stopped dead in her tracks. "Has he sided with the Senju?"

"Maybe. Hey, we aren't picking sides here!" Takehiko exclaimed in protest. This was cut short by Genshi and Tobirama appearing, Genshi hitting Takehiko with a fireball.

The young Uchiha fell back, skidding across the ground.

"Genshi! What the..." Yukiko looked back to the young Uchiha but was suddenly hit to the floor by a burst of water. She twisted around, immediately getting back up. She fought against the temptation to check on Takehiko, instead opting to stare down Tobirama.

She covered Kiyoshi's blade in poison before launching an attack, one open wound was all she needed with the potency of the poison she'd used. Just a single cut and that required her entire focus, for the world around her to no longer matter...Her only thoughts had to be on the current fight.

Tobirama managed to block and avoid all of her attacks and it was doing nothing but wasting her energy.

And just metres away Takehiko was feeling the sting of his inexperience in battles, Genshi burning his leg badly with a fireball which left him on the dirt in agony. He pressed himself just to ignore the pain, but it didn't help. He was a sensor, not a fighter and that was becoming painfully obvious to him now.

He gritted his teeth as he saw Genshi turn away from him and help out Tobirama.

"Dammit. Dammit." The young man berated himself, his anger giving him the adrenaline rush he needed to ignore his pain and get back up. "Yuki-sensei!"

Hashirama jumped away from another swing of Susano'o's sword, he had a plan as always to deal with Madara and his hatred. A way of containing him.

He grabbed one of the weapons he'd prepared, a broadsword. It was just heavy enough to bring his plan to fruition. The Senju ran swiftly forward across the water, Madara readied another attack, the sword being plunged into the ethereal figure...

"The Uchiha have a new leader," Yukiko informed Hashirama as they walked through the gardens of the Senju Stronghold. "The captain...You know the one everyone talks about?"

"Madara Uchiha, yes. I've faced him a few times myself, he's very talented,"

Yukiko smiled, taking a sip of the bottle she was carrying. "I doubt I'll have...the pleasure...just yet. I've got war orders to fulfil as soon as I get back to the Land of Water,"

"Ah. Hence the delay by coming here," Hashirama said with a slight laugh. "As long as I'm leader of the Senju, Madara won't be able to break through this Stronghold,"

"Oh, you thought I was worried?" Yukiko asked. She stopped walking and frowned. "Do I have reason to be?"

"No. But I'll say one thing about Madara, of the few times I've faced against him, he certainly keeps a fight very entertaining,"

"Aren't you the peace loving one?" she joked. "It's not like you to admit you enjoy a good fight,"

"I don't. But he's different...Very different...You know the sort. A one of a kind genius, a shooting star in a winter sky," Hashirama admitted, sighing heavily.

"All stars fall, Hashirama. Father always told me, never get attached to any man you'll have to kill one day, that's just the world we live in," the Ginhana countered, and rightly so, he thought to himself.

"Too late."

Yukiko didn't say anything for a minute, she just stared at him in mild disbelief before shaking her head. "You're serious? Hashirama, I respect you completely but don't you think that's a bit..."

"Naive, considering our clans histories together? Yes but he has a certain charisma to him. He has the potential to change the world, and I'm not being over-dramatic,"

Again, she studied his face before laughing and taking another sip of sake. "No doubt."

As soon as the broadsword managed to make its mark, Hashirama used his Spreading Vine jutsu, strong but thin vines slithered into the chink in Madara's armour and then proceeded to attempt to tear it apart from the inside.

Madara was quick though, using black flames on the wood however at that point it managed to nearly spread to Susano'o. He had to get rid of Susano'o now that Hashirama had worked out a way to break it.

He looked to the Kyuubi however the beast was flailing. Madara was losing ground in this fight. He immediately punched Hashirama to give him a second to think of his next move. His next careful strike...

"Neither side seems to be letting up just yet..." Aoi sighed, still standing atop the tree for his vantage point. "Damn, what is that idiot doing now?" By idiot, he meant Minoru, who seemed to be heading straight for the battle. "He's not my problem,"

The Uchiha was beginning to question himself though. He had always followed Madara, without question, because that was his Leader. However with the rest of his clan revolting against Madara...He didn't quite know where he stood.

With Yukiko was his first chain of command, the captain of the sensors and his Leader's wife and yet after that it became blurred. He could follow a captain and just not bother with clan politics but that hardly seemed right in itself.

Aoi was pulled from his thoughts, a massive explosion of chakra shook the fight between Madara and Hashirama. The tides of the fight were now choosing a favourite...

A burst of fire and water pulled the two fighters apart. Madara got up, now finding himself to be panting, blood seeped from a cut on his forehead and his chest, he glanced at his wounds and then looked to Hashirama who was already standing again, wiping blood from a cut on his cheek.

The Uchiha pulled out his sickle once again however there was a sudden cry of triumph as the Kyuubi was freed once more. His tails spreading out, reducing all they hit to rumble.

Hashirama reacted without a second thought, he had a chance now. He leapt up, holding out his palm to the fox.

Something Yukiko had once said rang in Madara's mind...

"Hashirama-kun has dealt with a creature like this before..."

And just how he dealt with that demon cat that Yukiko mentioned was about to become very clear.

Madara moved to stop the Senju, who touched the fur of the fox and dragged out a chakra that looked like lava...Madara could almost feel the hatred coming out of the beast.

Madara jumped up to attack Hashirama who was torn between which of the two enemies to deal with for a second.

The Senju's world seemed to slow, he could see a mistake...A mistake at last. A tiny opening for an attack, it could potentially kill Madara if Hashirama hit him just right but...Images of the village he was protecting flashed up in his mind...

He touched Madara's chest plate, writing spreading across the armour.

"Unseal!" Madara felt sick as he felt the Kyuubi being wrenched from his control and the Kyuubi seemed almost relieved, laying its head down to sleep.

Hashirama pulled out a weapon

And met the Uchiha head on.

Atsuko and Hayate had been sitting in the flickering torchlight in silence, Atsuko was carefully watching the children sleep.

"You really only doing this because they're Izuna's children?" Hayate asked, breaking the silence between the two of them. She looked at him with surprise.

"No. Yukiko-sama is my friend, it's only right that I take care of her children while she has business to attend to," she corrected however this didn't seem to please the guard to hear. He scoffed.

"You never mention Madara-sama when you talk...Ever."

"I don't...see what there is to mention. We just grew up knowing each other and we were friends, I suppose. No, actually...Madara-sama didn't have friends. He only really had Izuna-sama and that's all he ever really wanted and perhaps even now..." she explained with a solemn tone, trying not to think back to those more...innocent...of times.

"Maybe but he's never coming back to this village and even if he does, it'll be as a criminal," Hayate didn't speak with anger but rather regret. He had always been a fiercely loyal supporter of Madara and the thought that the clan was changing like this was upsetting for him and even more frustrating was that there was nothing more that anyone else could do. The damage was done and all they were all waiting was for a report of just how much damage was done.

"If anyone can find a way, it'll be Yukiko-sama..." Atsuko moved a lock of hair out of Ren's face.

"Because she has to for the twins,"

"I suppose if anything can motivate a person, it's their own children," Hayate smiled at her however she gave him a rather disapproving look.

"That's true but there's more to it than that. This is bigger than us..."

Yukiko and Takehiko had gained some ground once more but it was becoming clear to Tobirama and Genshi that Madara's faithful rebels were growing tired, especially Yukiko. Sweat dripped down her face, her breath turned white in the air and her hands now trembled on her sword.

"Yuki-sensei, Madara-sama has lost control of the Kyuubi," Takehiko whispered to her. "I'm not sure how long this fight will go on for now,"

She took a step back from Tobirama and Genshi. Her mind was beginning to become clouded with too many thoughts.

It was a sudden move, a very quick urge that came on without warning. Yukiko turned towards the direction of the fight and began to run. Takehiko jumped to her defence, grabbing Tobirama and hitting the Senju to the ground, leaving Genshi to follow after her alone.

Yukiko wasn't quite sure what she wanted to do. She wanted to do something though and with her last bit of strength she wanted to go to Madara and be useful and she let that be her strength but it was a thought that blinded her and as soon as she reached the river, looking downstream to the chasm that the battle between Hashirama and Madara had made. The sight made her stop...Her mistake as she was suddenly pulled down to the water's surface by Genshi.

He dragged her up, a kunai at her throat as she stared out to the chasm, her heart was pounding, her back pressed against his chest, he was using just one arm to restrain her.

He leaned forward and muttered in her ear...

"Your choice, Council Leader."

Yukiko shut her eyes. "Can I ask you something, Genshi?"

The Uchiha shrugged. "Take your time, Yukiko, you've got the rest of your life. I've already nearly killed you once before,"

"Do you really think that the Uchiha will be able to rise up from this if Madara doesn't win? The Senju will do exactly what Madara said and they'll oppress the Uchiha,"

"He was so worried about it and yet he'll be the one that brings it upon us, if it happens. His reign is over and it's time for you to decide where you stand...I will say one thing. I'm not without honour...The twins won't be dragged into this...Not until they're..."

"Don't you dare! You touch my children and I swear I'll kill you!" She spat, fighting against his restrain but she was much too tired, a tear falling down her face. "Let me go!"

"I wouldn't dare however, I like to believe that evil is passed down."

"Madara is not evil!"

"No...Evil probably isn't the right word...I'd rather say that he's a shell of the leader he used to be. There are two main events that led to this, Yukiko, do you know what those were?" Yukiko stayed silent. She knew exactly what was coming. "Izuna's death. That's understandable, Madara raised that boy as if he were his own son. The second was your arrival to the Uchiha Stronghold. From that moment I was instructed to watch you and assassinate you when the time came. I heard you fighting for peace for the Uchiha and immediately withdrew from that mission."

"So what? You're now going to finish your mission?" she asked, her voice shaking. She had nearly died before, but she'd never been in a position like this before.

"I'm giving you a chance, Yukiko. Renounce your loyalty to Madara and you get your life..." Genshi trailed off, sensing someone was approaching behind.

"Get off of my cousin, you snake," Minoru hissed viciously, a kunai in his right hand. "She's not done a thing to you except support you, Genshi."

"Well this is quite surprising...A Kiyomizu coming here, ready to kill. No, the surprising part is that you think you can kill me. Go away, you're nothing."

"I am something. My anatomical studies mean I have ways to kill you that you wouldn't have even heard of before," Minoru snapped.

"Minoru, don't!" Yukiko attempted to turn but Genshi held firm. "You need to run! You need to use those damn healing skills of yours on someone that needs it!"

"I need to help you!" the healer countered angrily. "I'm not helping Madara when you've got a kunai at your throat!"

"The Kiyomizu has a point."

"Shut up!" the two Land of Water natives yelled in unison.

"You're holding her life and you think you can talk like that!" Minoru added, running forward to attack the Uchiha.

Genshi was quick to react, throwing Yukiko down before making light work of disarming the Kiyomizu. He quickly analysed the situation, coming to the conclusion that Minoru was just going to be a pain if he wasn't dealt with now.

He went to cut the Kiyomizu's throat when his kunai was grabbed. Yukiko having managed to get up and stop him.

"Minoru, I appreciate the sentiment but your skills are much more useful helping Madara...You need to leave now," Yukiko ordered, her voice eerily calm.

Minoru wasn't about to argue with her twice, he ran past the two only once looking back.

"I assume from what you just said...that you've made your choice," Genshi said, staring at the blood dripping from her hand. "That's a shame, you really do have a skill in leadership,"

"I was born for it."

"You're out of chakra now though...and strength. Look at you, you can barely stand..." he pointed out, she closed her eyes, her lip quivering.

"I don't care...I couldn't let you kill someone who has hardly any battle skills at all. Minoru is innocent in all of this, as tempting as it may have been to let you kill him, he's family."

Genshi smirked, twisting the kunai to cut deeper into her hand until her reflexes told her to let go.

As soon as she did, Genshi grabbed her.

"Give me your last words, Yukiko Uchiha...No...Ginhana. I'll be sure to relay it to your children..."

Yukiko glared at him, venom in her eyes. "You wouldn't dare."

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