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A Son's Vindication

Sebastian Mathew Granger was thrilled, at last he is now at a right age to enter Hogwarts, of course he knew about Hogwarts! His grandmother and grandfather told him about the wizard community, actually his grandparents explained to him why he can do extraordinary things that normal kids couldn't do, but what bothers him the most is his mother for he knew that his mother was feeling the opposite thing that he is feeling right now.

He just couldn't understand why his mother wasn't thrilled; shouldn't she be proud of him? He felt a swell of pride inside him that he will be studying in the school that his mother graduated and maybe he could ask some of the professors about his father. For years he asked Uncle Harry, Uncle Ron and Even Aunt Ginny about his father, He isn't dumb he knew where babies came from and a baby needs a mother and a father in order to be conceive to this world, Damn he remembered the first time when he asked his mother about who is father is.

"Mom, Can I ask you something?" Sebastian asked while kicking his soccer ball.

"What is it Bastian?" Hermione replied, while cooking for dinner.

Sebastian picked up his ball and started to sit down the chair near the stove, it was his time to ask his mother who his father his, mostly his friends have a father even Patrick his best friend asked him about his father and all he could answer is just a smile.

"Mom, Can you tell me about my father?" he asked in softly that it came out like a whisper.

Hermione Jean Granger the insufferable-know-it-all the woman who could answer all the questions, stared at her son, the day has come, she knew that she couldn't hide the truth forever. She took a deep breath and look at her son.

"There are some things in this world Bastian that needs time for you to understand, and trust me, time will come and that all your questions will be answered; now be an angel and set the table. Your Uncle and Auntie's will be visiting us today" Hermione kissed Sebastian head.

"Mom I'm 10 yrs. Old, you even told me that I'm already a big boy, Why is it because he doesn't want me?" Sebastian started to cry.

Hermione Knelt down to his son and looked at him directly on his dark black eyes. My gosh! Every time I look at him, he reminds me of his father. He looks exactly as Severus she even thought that people would look at him and they would guess who Sebastian father is. It's been 10 yrs. Since the last time she saw him. She was so scared of his reaction that their one night stand resulted into something.

She left the wizarding world fearing that Severus wouldn't accept her child, so she decided to hid Sebastian. She went to America and gave birth to Sebastian. After a year later she came back to England with Sebastian and explained everything to her friends why she left.

"Sebastian, I love you so much but I told you before and I'll tell you again. Truth Takes Time, and I swear when the time comes I'll explain everything to you.

"SEBASTIAN!" a loud voice interrupted his thoughts, as he heard footsteps in the stairs and stopped at his bedroom door.

"SEBASTIAN, open up! It's us! Hugo and Albus!" the boys screamed while they pound through his doors.

Sebastian opened his door and was greeted by a huge tackle buy Hugo and Albus. Hugo Weasley is the only son of his Uncle Ron and Aunt Luna. Albus Severus Potter is also the youngest son of Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny.

"Hey! Basty, Do you think I can be a quidditch star like my father" asked by Hugo while lying in Sebastian Bed.

"Well, you could count me out I know my father is the youngest seeker, but I think I'll skip the family throne, I can't handle being with James all the time" Albus said while playing the soccer ball of Sebastian.

" All I could say is your lucky, you have siblings and you know your father, Mom wouldn't tell me what is his name all I know is they met in Hogwarts" Sebastian replied.

That was the only information he knew about his father, he heard Uncle Ron and his mom taking about it. He was just curious about his father, what does he look like? Every time Uncle Remus would come to visit him with Teddy. Uncle Remus would tell him that he is the complete replica of his father.

"Earth to Sebastian" Hugo said while throwing a pillow on his head

(3 weeks later)

It was Sebastian first time entering the Diagon Alley. They first went to Flourish & Blotts to buy the books and things he needed, then they want to Ollivanders were he got his first wand. And then continued wandering the Diagon Alley.

"Mom, Can I have a pet owl" Sebastian asked his mother while they were shopping in the Diagon alley for school supplies.

"Yeah sure Bastian after we have our lunch in the Leaky Cauldron" His mother answered him, when suddenly he noticed he bumped on someone a tall man with a pale, pointed face, sleek white-blond hair, and stone grey eyes.

"Well, Miss Hermione Granger what a pleasure to see you here, it's been a long time" the man answered his mother.

"The pleasure is all mine Draco, I see so this is Scorpius?" Hermione asked while looking at a boy holding Draco Malfoy's hands.

"Yeah!, and the kid is? " While looking at a Pale, Thin, Black Haired Boy.

"My name is not kid, My Name is Sebastian" looking at Draco with a very familiar scowl on his face.

"Feisty isn't he father?" a little version of Draco replied with a smug written all over his face.

"I'm sorry about that Draco, Scorpius, Sebastian, apologize to them, Draco was just asking" Hermione raised her voice while putting her hands in waist.

" Its ok Hermione , you know boys, Nice meeting you Sebastian, Hermione but I think Scorpio and I need to go I can see the Astoria is already looking for us" Draco replied seeing that Astoria is waving to them.

Draco and Scorpius said their farewells and Sebastian couldn't help to feel sorry to them it's just he is so hungry at the same time excited to buy a new pet owl. And Mr. Draco and his son is keeping them from doing their task and plus the beginning of the school year is fast approaching.

"Sebastian, that was rude" Saying this while dragging her son in the Leaky Cauldron.

Sebastian was going to same something but he decided to kept his mouth shut, he doesn't want his mother to get pissed off. His thoughts were interrupted when he saw his friends and uncle already in the Leaky Cauldron.

Severus Snape, Potion Master of Hogwarts was enjoying reading the book that he bought in the Hogsmeade, while drinking a bottle of wine that Headmaster Albus Dumbledor had given to him last Christmas. Knowing that the first day of school was tomorrow.

"Uncle Severus, I have the potion ingredients that you requested" Draco held out the bag. Thinking that should he or shouldn't he tell his godfather that he saw Hermione Granger in the Diagon Alley with a kid that looked exactly just like his godfather.

"Thank You Draco, I presume that Scorpius is excited for the sorting tomorrow?" Severus replied while he reached to the bag

"Uncle what's to be excited about, we all know that he will be sorted into slytherin" Draco replied.

"Perhaps you are right Draco, but mind you, I heard that Weasley and Potter son is starting at Hogwarts this tearm" Sipping his wine while continue reading his book.

"You forgot to add something, Granger son is also attending, Just saw them in the Diagon Alley a couple of hours ago" Draco eyed at his godfather, he knew that his uncle had a certain feelings for the insufferable-know-it-all.

" has a son?" Severus closed his book and put the book in the table in front of him.

"Yeah, she has, you didn't know? " Draco poured himself a wine and drank it while guessing what is on his godfather's mind.

"No, I never saw her since 11yrs. Ago" Severus replied with a hint of regret of his voice.

Draco rosed up from the chair and started heading up the the door. He turned around and looked at his godfather.

" I think you should get to know the kid more, but before that don't call him kid he get's pissed off easily, His name is Sebastian by the way" Draco started heading out the room.