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"Well, nice to meet you Miss Granger?" Severus glared at Hermione.

"It's Professor Granger to You, Professor Snape" Hermione replied.

"Tell me Professor Granger, What brings you here in the Dungeons? You have been avoiding me for the entire week, Are you seeking some warm comfort this afternoon?" Severus leaned to the door, and started looking Hermione from foot to head. He immediately notice that Hermione had grown to a beautiful woman, Guess motherhood fitted her well. Then suddenly he immediately notice that Hermione dress robes, 2 buttons undone, which gave him a clear view of her chest.

Hermione notice that Snape was looking at her breast, Damn This Man! Such a Pervert! She turned her back for Snape and fixed her dress robes, While fixing her dress robes, she heard a chuckle from her back, at least now she knew that Snape was enjoying the view. Hermione faced Snape again and took a step closer and whispered to his ears.

"Well" Pausing for a while "It seems to me Professor Snape that your Fiancée is neglecting her duties in sharing and warming your bed or perhaps it's the other way around"

Snape closed the gap by grabbing Hermione's waist and pushed her against the door and said.

"Trust Me Hermione, You're the only One I Want"

"Really? Then How did she become you're fiancée?" Hermione tried to get away from Severus, but Severus locked his arms around her and looked straight to her eyes.

"You pushed me away"

"You Left Me! Do you know how humiliating is it waking up in the morning, knowing that the person you shared intimacy left!" Hermione pushed Severus; tear was escaping from her eyes.

"I….LEFT? You thought I LEFT?, I just went out to fetch you some potions, When I noticed the blood stains in the sheet, I knew by the time you wake up you will experience soreness " Severus stared at Hermione.

"YOU WHAT!" Hermione shouted which attracted the attention of the Slytherin's student passing from the hall.

Snape noticed that Hermione attracted the attention of his students; he turned around and face a little crowd forming at the end of the hall.

"20 points from Slytherin! For being not minding your own business! "Severus glared at his students, When the student saw the anger and fury in the eyes of their House Head, They scrambled to their feet to get away from the couple.

Severus turned back to face Hermione, but she was gone already.

He ran to the Hallway and climbed up to the Gryffindor Tower, to have a chance to talk to Hermione was again, but he was blocked by Professor McGonagall "No running around the halls Professor Snape! You should know that! It doesn't mean that you're a professor you can just bend and brake the rules" She snapped at him But Severus was not paying attention to the woman and said "Have You seen Ms. Granger? I need to talk to her" "What have you done again Severus? Did you frighten the girl again? Can't you just wait for a couple of Months to torment her? "Professor McGonagall raised her eyebrows and put her hand or her waist, "I won't let you get near her, We need her here Severus, she is smart! She can help us manage the school! For merlin's sake can you stop being bitter for once?" "Sebastian Granger is my Son" Severus mumbled that Professor McGonagall almost did catch what he was saying.

"What are you saying Severus?" McGonagall blood was starting to boil, how dare Severus claimed the son of her favorite student.

"You heard me, I'm the father of Ms. Granger Son" Severus said it word by word "That is why I need you to step back because I want to talk to her"

Before Professor McGonagall could reply, Severus passed at her noticing that the old woman must be shocked from what she had learned, He reached the quarters of Hermione Granger and whispered the password, What good is being a spy if you are not good with spying? He had been closely monitoring, the mother or his child and His son from the entire week, hoping to have a time, to have a moment alone with Hermione.

When the door opened he quickly searched for Hermione, she found her sitting on her couch. He took a sit next to her and slowly touched her hand and brought it to his lips and kissed it.

Hermione looked up and stared at his eyes, she wasn't shocked that Severus got in, When Severus told his side of his story; she was embarrassed and quickly ran away from him.

Severus leaned forward and kissed Hermione, their tongues battled for supremacy, to quench the hunger and loneliness for each other. When they have to pull back for air, Severus kissed Hermione again and said.

"I want to win your heart again, you know, for being the smartest living wizard and witch, we seems dumb" Severus chuckled, but when he noticed the sadness in Hermione eyes.

"What is the matter love? Don't you want to be with me" Severus voice was cracking, he love Hermione with all his heart, more than he could ever love Lily Potter.

"What about Amanda? I won't be your mistress Severus" Hermione started to sob.

"I won't ask you to be, she means nothing to me for I do not even love her, My parents just set us up because they want me to settle down, and to have a heir to continue the family name, they would be shock to learn the I have already have a heir" Severus wiped the tears in Hermione face and kissed her deeply.

Before things before got hot they were interrupted by someone


"Hey! Sebastian quit reading that book and come play with us!' Hugo said while trying to beat Albus in Monopoly.

Sebastian raised his head from the book at look at his friends. "We have a quiz in Monday in Transfiguration, unlike you I need to study"

"Bookworm Alert!" Albus said after he threw a pillow at Sebastian, which Sebastian caught by his hand's and put it on his back for support.

After a couple of minutes of silence, Sebastian concentration was ruined, Albus and Hugo are arguing about the rules and exception of the game, noticing that the argument wouldn't stop soon. He picked up is back pack from the tank and started filling it with his books needed for his studying time.

"if any of you guy's need me , I'll just be at Mum's Quarter's" Then he suddenly left his two friends who didn't notice him leaving.

Seabstian was walking to the corridors up to his Mother's Quarter's, he looked around and noticing that nobody was listening, he whispered the password.

'Mum! Can I spend a day with you, because Albus and Hugo -"He never had a chance to finish his sentence cause he was surprised to see what his mother was doing snogging his potion professor Severus Snape. He dropped his bag in the floor. This startled the two people in the living room.


Hermione and Severus moved away from each other, nobody said a word until Seabstian started to ask.

"Mum, what is PROFESSOR SNAPE doing in your quarters and why are you kissing him?"

Hermione glanced at Severus and started to come closer to her son and said.

"Sebastian, I can explain"

"You didn't answer my question mum" Sebastian didn't even look at his mother but instead he observe professor snape facial expression.