I thought the Waltons fic area looked a little bare, so I started this. I'm not all that great at writing, especially as this would usually be on TV. With the speech, you have to imagine the characters actually saying it, because it doesn't read all that well otherwise. Enjoy :)

Olivia and Grandma were busy in the kitchen, adding the final few touches to dinner. The door flew open and they both looked up. Elizabeth and Jim-bob stood in the doorway.

"Mama, Elizabeth pushed me in the dirt!"

"No I didn't! Jim-bob pushed me. I just grabbed his arm."

"No I didn't, liar!" He pushed her into the door.

"You're the liar."

Olivia observed her filthy children with despair. "Will you two go and get cleaned up? Dinner will be ready as soon as Erin's home from work."

Jim-bob looked with disgust at his sister, pushed her again and ran up the stairs. She walked after him, arms folded, nose in the air.

Olivia smiled, and then looked at her other daughter, who was sitting smiling idly to herself on the sofa. "Mary-Ellen, could you set the table please?"

"Sure, Mama."

Jason appeared on the stairs. "Mama, is dinner ready soon? Elizabeth and Jim-bob are being noisy upstairs. I need to know if it's worth going out to the barn."

"Just as soon as Erin gets home."

"Okay. Thank you Mama."

"You're welcome," she called after him, as he disappeared upstairs once more.

The door opened again. John entered.

"Liv, I'm starving. How long til we get some grub?"

Outside, there was the sound of a car, and of doors opening and closing.

"Right now," said Olivia, whisking the serving dishes onto the table.

"Children, dinner!"

Erin pranced through the door as the various members of the family poured into the room, John-boy behind her.

"I've finally done it," she declared. "Today's pay means I've finally saved up enough for a new dress."

"That's wonderful news, Erin. You can come with us to Richmond next Saturday," said Olivia, letting all the children sit down first.

"Who else is going?"

"Me. Jim-bob. Elizabeth, Grandma and you. " Olivia took her place. "Now settle down. Ben, would you like to say grace?"

After dinner, the family sat in the living area. Jason played the piano, John read the newspaper, Erin looked at a clothes catalogue and everyone else listened to Jason play. Olivia looked up as the clock struck eight.

"Alright, children. Time for bed. You've got church tomorrow."

"Night Mama."

"Night Mama."

"Good night Daddy, Mama."

"Go," said Olivia, smiling. "I'll be up in a moment, so will your father."

John-boy got up, stretching. "Daddy, can I talk to you for a moment..? …Outside?"

John looked up, putting the paper down and removing his glasses. "Sure thing, son."

"Thank you."

The two of them stood on the porch.

"What is it, son?"

"Daddy, I just thought you should know that tomorrow, when Jason goes to the Dew Drop tomorrow, I-I-I'm gonna go with him."


"I'm not gonna drink anything, it's for my story, I just thought that one of you should know-"

"Son. I understand."

"I… well, good. Thank you, Daddy. And you won't tell Mama…?"

"Not a word."

John-boy kissed his father on the cheek. "Thank you, Daddy. Good night."

"Good night, John-boy."

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