I decided to finish off with the traditional Earl Hamner voice-over and goodnights. Enjoy!

Mary-Ellen's experience meant that she was not able to open her heart again for many years, though her boyfriend was eventually found and imprisoned. Years later, I happened to run into him when visiting my family, and found him a changed man.


"Yes, Elizabeth?"

"I think Mary-Ellen's moaning in her sleep."

"It's not me, Mama," cut-in Mary-Ellen. "If you ask me, I think it's Jason."

"I'm still awake, Mama. It's definitely coming from the girls' room."

"Well it's not me," came Erin's voice, sleepily.

There was a pause, and then:


"What is it Erin?"

"I found out what the moaning was."


"Reckless got into the house sometime. He's under my bed."

"…Goodnight Erin."

"Goodnight Mama. Goodnight Reckless!"


Goodnight lillyshak!

Goodnight Grace!

Goodnight Jessi!

I'll see you all in my next fic :D