Kyouya sighed, he was doing it again. Tamaki was ranting to the Host Club what a 'wonderful dear Mommy was to him'. Kyouya rolled his eyes. That moron. He'd have to kick his ass later. He looked at the clock seeing it was time to leave and cut off Tamaki's rant,

"Alright everyone, time to get going." Kyouya announced.

"Sure thing, Mommy!" Tamaki said.

"Not you." Kyouya said with his most threatening voice, "I need to talk to you."

"Ha ha." The twins laughed at Tamaki's stricken face, "Milord's in trouble!"

"It's not that shocking…" Haruhi said walking out the door.

"Bye you guys, and be sure not to kill him, ok Kyou-chan?" Honey said leaving with Mori.

"Have fun, boss." The twins smirked before shutting the door.

Then it was silent. Tamaki was shaking he was so nervous. He hated it when he was in trouble. Kyouya said nothing but just glared at him, making Tamaki for once stay silent. After a long moment, he dropped his gaze and sighed as he approached Tamaki. Tamaki flinched; fearing Kyouya would whap him upside the head but Kyouya merely laid his head against Tamaki's shoulder.

"Kyouya?" Tamaki asked nervously.

"Why do insist on being so ostentatious about me?" Kyouya asked tiredly,

"Why wouldn't I be?" Tamaki asked running a hand over the back Kyouya's head.

"Because it's a secret." Kyouya said looking at him, "Remember?"

"I know…" Tamaki said quietly, "But you make me so happy." He said in a quiet but sincere voice.

Kyouya looked away, then let out a small smile,

"You big goof." He said walking toward the door. Tamaki followed behind, holding his hand securely,

"So are you coming to my house today?" Tamaki asked.

"Sure, why not?" Kyouya replied,

"Then we can talk, hold hands, cuddle, kiss and do cute 'boyfriendy' things." Tamaki said excitedly.

Kyouya grinned despite himself,

"You're such a hopeless romantic."

They got into the limo and went over to Tamaki's house. Tamaki never releasing his hand and Kyouya making sure to run his thumb across the teen's knuckles. Thankfully Tamaki didn't live in the main estate so all they had to deal with was Shima. They greeted her and then went upstairs. Tamaki shut the door and Kyouya sat on the bed.

Tamaki loved their time together here, because when they were alone there were no barriers between them. Kyouya was not nearly as cold as he was with others, he would hold him and kiss him. He didn't like to say that he loved him, but he would be so gentle when he touched him, it was nothing like he'd ever experienced or expected to.

"So, what would you like to do, my darling?" Tamaki asked.

Kyouya tried not to whap him but he sounded like he was wooing a guest at the club, and frankly, Kyouya wasn't interested in that. He pulled Tamaki into a kiss. Tamaki was surprised but went with it, moving to straddle Kyouya on the bed. Kyouya moaned and let his fingers comb into Tamaki's hair. Tamaki pulled back,

"Wait…" He said nervously.

"What is it?" Kyouya asked.

"Are we…um…you know?" Tamaki asked. Kyouya smirked mentally. Tamaki couldn't say making love.

"We don't have to." Kyouya assured him, kissing his forehead.

Tamaki didn't answer but kissed Kyouya's neck. "Are you alright?" Kyouya asked, feeling that something was off with Tamaki.

"Yes, but I need a favor…" Tamaki said quietly.

Kyouya looked at him seriously,


Tamaki shut his eyes suddenly and kissed him with a passion Kyouya never knew he possessed. He moaned as Tamaki pressed their bodies closer together and his lips tried to claim dominance. He almost did what Tamaki was hoping for. He was scared, that much was obvious to the shadow king and he was trying to distract Kyouya, but why. He pulled back,

"Kyouya?" Tamaki asked.

"What's wrong?" Kyouya asked.

"Nothing." He said not looking at him as he moved to nip his collar bone.

Kyouya grit his teeth, loving how it felt but hating that he would have to stop him. He flipped their positions and pinned Tamaki under him. His eyes were wide as he stared up at Kyouya. "What are you…?"

"What is the favor?" Kyouya asked, "You tried to distract me as soon as you brought it up."

"Nevermind." Tamaki said shaking his head.

"No, tell me." Kyouya commanded.

"I don't want to." Tamaki said not looking at him.

Kyouya turned his chin so that he could at least see his face,

"Too bad." He said sternly.

Tamaki was silent. He waited but Tamaki wouldn't say. Finally Kyouya leaned down and kissed his forehead, stroking the sides of his face tenderly, "What is it…?" He pleaded.

He was surprised to see that this caused Tamaki to begin crying. This was frightening, Tamaki wasn't one to cry. What could have him this upset?


"I'm sorry." He choked out.

"Hey…" Kyouya soothed, "Shhh…."

"I just…" Tamaki started, "It's embarrassing and weird…"

"You can tell me." Kyouya said quietly.

He wasn't sure what to do about this. Normally Tamaki told him everything, whether he wanted to hear it or not. So if there was something he was hiding, it was serious. Thankfully Tamaki seemed close to cracking but still, it scared him, what lay hidden in the blonde beauty?

Tamaki buried his face in Kyouya's chest, no longer crying but his eyes still damp from the tears. Kyouya looked down at him when he heard Tamaki mumble something.

"What?" He asked. He mumbled it again, trying to bury his face more in embarrassment. Kyouya sighed and leaned down to listen, "I can't hear you…"

Then he said it, so quietly Kyouya almost missed it again but he heard it crystal clear. He tensed when he heard the words.

"Love me."

Kyouya pulled back to look down at Tamaki,

"Tamaki…"He said quietly.

"I'm sorry." Tamaki said looking away, "I know it's stupid."

"No…no…" Kyouya soothed, his heart broken for him.

At first he'd been angry when he heard that, of course he loved him! But when he thought about what he'd asked, it made sense. Tamaki's family wanted nothing to do with him and often told him so, now he longed for verbal affirmation. He thought of plenty occasions, such as the club where he breathed on their words of love and his beauty and if they didn't, he tried to build himself up. After all, it was all he'd had for years now. He wasn't conceited; he was just trying to heal.

Kyouya now felt frightened himself. He knew what Tamaki wanted but was afraid to give it. He wasn't a verbal person. He hated talking. No one in his family had ever used the word love. He always let Tamaki give the flowery words, but he was a man of action: touching, helping, and loving. His actions proved his love more than his words. But Tamaki…he needed both.

For once he felt his insecurities take over and he looked away. He shook slightly, knowing what he had to do. He closed his eyes for a moment, trying to gather his inner strength, knowing Tamaki would never hurt him.

He leaned over and kissed Tamaki's forehead, his eyes, his nose, his cheeks, his chin, his lips.

Love me.

"I do." Kyouya whispered. "So much…"

Tamaki looked at him surprised he'd spoken at all.


"To be honest…I'm scared shitless." Kyouya admitted.

Tamaki heart broke at such honesty. Kyouya was stepping completely out of his comfort zone. The man was always made of walls and defenses and for once, he was admitting he was frightened.

"Me too." Tamaki said.

Kyouya kissed Tamaki again,

"I love you, you big goof."

"Oh, mon ami..." Tamaki said slipping into French. "Je t' aime, mon cheri."

Kyouya looked away, when he said that and kissed him. Tamaki clinging to Kyouya as he whispered the words he longed for in his ear. He kissed his neck,

"You're so beautiful…"

"Love me…" Tamaki whispered.

His collard bone,

"You're kind."

"Love me…" Tamaki repeated feeling his heart swell.

His chest,

"You love even when other don't."

"Don't stop…" Tamaki pleaded,

Then his back to his lips,

"You're perfect, Tamaki Suoh."

Tamaki held Kyouya's face as he kissed him, feeling everything that Kyouya couldn't put to words and all the things that he had. This was no longer a game of the sexuality, this was love, pure and intimate. Going straight into his heart and soul and for once, healing what was there.

Later that night they lay together in Tamaki's bed. Tamaki sleeping against Kyouya's chest, contentedly. Kyouya looking down at the blonde. He ran a hand over the blonde locks and sighed. Tamaki would never forget what occurred that night, Kyouya felt insecure still, what if he was to do it again? Tamaki snuggled against him sleepily, making Kyouya smile. He'd do it for him…he'd love him, even if it meant baring his heart for him…Tamaki was worth it.

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