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Kyouya turned off his phone's alarm. He sighed, he hated mornings…Tamaki let out a contented yawn as he slowly awoke,

"Morning Kyouya." He said sleepily.

"Morning." Kyouya said gruffly. If he hadn't been so concerned with keeping their relationship a secret then he wouldn't have woken up this early. "Come on."

"Kay." Tamaki said, oddly obedient when he was half awake. Kyouya got dressed and Tamaki watched sleepily from the bed.

"I'll go to the guest bedroom, where I was supposed to sleep. You should go out before me."

"Okay, Mommy." He said easily.

"Honestly Tamaki, why do I get the feeling you're not taking me seriously?" Kyouya asked facing him.

Tamaki didn't answer but just smiled. Rising to his feet and fixing Kyouya's tie.

"I do, but you worry too much…" He said kissing Kyouya, "Everything will be fine."

"You can't know that." Kyouya said.

Tamaki just smiled,

"Love you."

Kyouya looked away,

"Me too."

This was the relationship they'd built for themselves. So tender and intimate it could never be exposed to the public. Especially considering their noble births. Kyouya sighed, he truly wondered how long they could keep this up. The thought made his heart sink a little.

"Kyouya-sempai?" Haruhi asked in the doorway of the host club. "Is everything ok?"

"Yes, everything is fine." Kyouya said not looking up from his notebook.

"You seem a little stressed." Haruhi prodded.

"It's nothing you need to be concerned over."

Kyouya felt himself brighten once more as he glanced at Tamaki. Kyouya grinned inwardly. Tamaki was performing excellently. To be honest, he loved how he could merely place a catalog or magazine on his desk and Tamaki would fall headlong into the world he imagined. In this case…it was good to be the shadow waved over at Kyouya and continued flirting with the girls, never knowing how much Kyouya enjoyed his antics.

After the club hours were over he approached Kyouya,

"How did I do?"

"You did well, Tamaki. Excellent job." He said calmly in a manner of fact way.

Tamaki smiled, knowing Kyouya was still trying to stay in composure around the other host members. The twins snorted,

"You're so self absorbed boss." They joked.

"Shut-up! You shady doppelgangers!"

Kyouya could feel Haruhi's eyes on them. He understood that she was beginning to comprehend their relationship, but he trusted her discretion.

"We're gonna go now!" The twins announced leaving the Host Club, the other members following suit. Tamaki then glanced at Kyouya,

"Hi." He whispered.

"Hi." Kyouya whispered back, returning the small smile. It was their intimate greeting. A way for them to acknowledge that they were alone. Kyouya pulled Tamaki to him,

"I missed you..." Tamaki muttered into Kyouya's neck.

"I never left." Kyouya teased.

"Hey, um...about last night..."

"What about it?" Kyouya asked seriously.

Tamaki kissed him sincerely,

"Thank you."

Kyouya looked away, still feeling a bit embarrassed about the whole thing. Tamaki let out a gentle smile, proud he was the first one Kyouya had been intimate with.

"Je t'aime, mère." He whispered. I love you Mommy

Kyouya gave him a light glare, he hated being called a mother...

"I' roi d'ombre de m a' vous." Kyouya replied, he himself knowing French. I'm The Shadow King to you.

"Naturellement, mon amour." Tamaki grinned before kissing him once more. Naturally, my love...

This was the side of Kyouya that he loved. The gentle, witty side of him that he didnt let anyone else see. The side that could be sarcastic and intimate with no need for alterior motives and facades. This was him,

His Kyouya.

"Say, Mommy. Can we do a Victorian Cosplay next?"

"If you let me account it into the budget it should be acceptable."


"But..." Kyouya said turning Tamaki's face toward his once more, "No Host talk when we're alone..."

"Yes dear..." Tamaki sighed, melting at Kyouya's commanding tone.

Kyouya kissed him, letting his hands carass his body, his fingers explore. His mouth detached from Tamaki's over to his earlobe,

"I love you, Tamaki Suoh."

Tamaki gazed up at him with amythest eyes,

"Je t'aime avec toute mon 'ame." I love you with all of my heart.

Kyouya lead them to one of the couches and moved to straddle Tamaki, who lay on his back across the seats. His fingers stroked his jawline.

"Tamaki, Je suis effraye'..." He whispered, his voice trembling, Tamaki, I'm scared...

Tamaki's eyes widened. This was new. Kyouya was never scared. Hurt, Angry, Lonely, Dissapointed...sure, but Scared? Tamaki cradled his face,

"Of what?"

"Losing you..." He whispered, "I've never done this before...and if I give you all of my heart...I'll shatter when we have to separate..."

Tamaki's mouth formed a firm line,

"You couldn't shatter if you tried..." He murmured with a gentle smile, kissing his forehead, "You're too strong for that..."

Kyouya's eyes periced his own suddenly. It wasn't a look of anger, but pure anguish. He truly loved him...

"You remember...last night?" Kyouya started.

"Yes..." Tamaki said slowly.

"I...I need..." Kyouya stuttered, his fingers clutching Tamaki's coat sleeve.

"Shh..." Tamaki said in understanding, pulling Kyouya completely on top of him and wrapping his arms around him. His love surrounding Kyouya like a mother's love for her child, "You're alright..." The blonde soothed.

"J-just don't leave me..." Kyouya pleaded, "If you leave...then I'll never be able to be what I want to be...I'll be forced back into my Father's mold."

"Calmez, vers le bas, cheri. Je suis ici." Tamaki said shakily, knowing Kyouya was right... Calm down darling, I'm here.

"Ne les laissez pas vous enlever...Sans vous je ne suis rien." Kyouya whispered into Tamaki's hair. Don't let them take you...Without you, I'm nothing...

"Comment est-ce que j'ai osé ? Si je devais vous laisser je mourrais…" Tamaki replied honestly. How could I? If I were to leave you, I would die...

Kyouya looked down at his blonde lover in surprise, he'd never seen Tamaki so sincere. He let Tamaki hold him close and for once, do something reckless...Something that was outside of his father's plans for him, outside of what was responsible, outside of what was safe...

He trusted.

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