Gentoku's hair felt so silky, and her skin was oh, so smooth. Kan'u wrapped her arms around her beloved leader. The two girls shared a sweet kiss, pulling themselves closer to each other.

Kan'u let her fingers wander under Gentoku's short skirt. The girl with reddish brown hair blushed and closed her eyes. "Kan-san, please…"

Kan'u woke up sweating and breathing hard. "Shit…!" The female warrior closed her eyes and sighed. She couldn't stop dreaming about Gentoku, her leader and her classmate.

Kan'u had denied her feelings for Gentoku for so long, that now it felt impossible to tell someone about the situation. And Kan'u wasn't really one to talk about her personal stuff.

Sometimes, when she was 'babysitting' Gentoku with Ekitoku, she felt so uneasy that it was hard to stand. Ekitoku knew about Kan'u's feelings for their leader, but never bothered to mention it. She probably understood the tall black-haired girl's reasons to stay silent. They both knew Gentoku's opinion on lesbians…

It was still too early for Kan'u to get up from her comfortable and warm futon, the sun hadn't risen yet. The girl looked around in her room, it was quite empty. Her school books lied on the floor next to her table. Her clothes were tidily folded on the table. The dragon sword Reikenkyo was right next to Kan'u's futon, ready for fighting.

Kan'u seldom thought about a life as not being a toushi. She could not imagine herself without Ekitoku, Gentoku, Chouun and Reikenkyo. And well, not without that pretty boy Koukin and his cousin Hakufu Sonsaku, too.

A life without fighting wouldn't be a life worth living, Kan'u thought.

There was a sudden knock on the door. Ekitoku peeked in and greeted her friend with her usual wide grin. "Morning, Kan-san! Time to rise and shine!"

Kan'u sighed and closed her eyes. "Ekitoku. It's not morning yet. Why are you here?"

Ekitoku looked a bit uneasy for a second, but then the grin was back. "Um…You know, we need to talk about some stuff…like, now."

Kan'u opened one eye, showing the other girl that she was now interested. "And?"

"It's about Gentoku. And yeah, well…You, too."

Kan'u was now fully awake, and she was really curious. Ekitoku looked somehow nervous when she sat down next to Kan'u's futon.

"You're in love with Gentoku, right?"

Kan'u felt her cheeks redden. She knew that she could never say it out loud like that, so she just nodded.

Ekitoku continued. "And Gentoku…well, we have heard her opinion about 'filthy lesbians' haven't we? I was just wondering if you're ever going to do anything about it."

"Why should I? I'd be turned down by her anyways."

Ekitoku looked somehow saddened by this reply, and went silent. She seemed to be seriously thinking of her friend's problematic situation.

"But maybe…Maybe you should try? What would you lose anyways?"

Kan'u gasped and grabbed Ekitoku's arms. "Are you crazy? In the worst case possible I would lose both of you."

"Both? No, now you're wrong, Kan-san. I'll always be by your side, I promise. And I think that if you confessed to Gentoku, her views on life would change dramatically… she might not turn you down, after thinking about it for a while by herself. You won't know unless you try, nee?"

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