Gentoku woke from comatose and returned to school after three weeks of hospitalization. Her friends and loyal followers decided to hold a party for their precious leader. The party was held at the dorm, and everyone was there.

Kan'u and Ekitoku had had a serious chat before the party. Ekitoku wanted Kan'u to finally admit her feelings to Gentoku, what would be a better opportunity for it than this? The blue haired warrior had had to admit that her friend was right. It was now or never.

Gentoku was surrounded by other students all evening. Kan'u was nervously glimpsing at her all the time from the other side of the room, and Ekitoku tried to calm her down. "I'm sure it'll go well, you know. Gentoku hasn't said anything about "dirty lezzies" since she returned."

"I think she has other things to think about", murmured Kan'u.

The partying crowd was full of smiles and hugs, and Kan'u felt a little jealous when almost everyone hugged her beloved Gentoku. She was hers, and Kan'u should've held the girl with reddish brown hair in her arms instead of letting everyone touch the great leader.

The party neared its end, it was already dark outside. The music was turned off and only some people were left, talking calmly. Kan'u and Ekitoku now sat in the same table with Gentoku. The leader was as cheerful as ever, it felt like she never even was away. The way she giggled in between of her speech, her gentle smile, her fluttering eyelashes, it all made Kan'u even more nervous. How could she tell Gentoku her sweet little secret?

Ekitoku suddenly got up and cleared her throat. "All right, everyone, the party's over now. Go back to your bedrooms please! We'll take care of the cleaning. Thank you for the nice evening!"

Only the three, Kan'u, Ekitoku and Gentoku were left in the room. The air in the room was awkward. Kan'u stared at the napkin in front of her. Ekitoku beamed a smile at her. "I got to go do something, I'll leave you two here for a while, see you!"

When the girl with deep brown bob was gone, it was Kan'u's time to clear her throat.

"Gentoku…there's something I need to tell you…" she started but her voice died down. Gentoku smiled kindly at her.

"Yes? What is it, Kan-san?"

"I…I'm…! I'm in love with you, Gentoku!" The blue-haired female had deeply blushed cheeks, and she tried to hide it by looking down to the tatami.

The silence was ringing in Kan'u's ears. Gentoku just stared at her.

"Kan-san…you don't mean 'love' in the way friends love each other, right?"

"Yes." The usually so brave warrior was now terrified, she couldn't raise her gaze from the floor. Gentoku was silent again, lost in her thoughts.

"I didn't know that you're a lesbian…Kan-san."

Kan'u just shook her head, what could she have said. She felt her heart was breaking inside her chest. Gentoku's rejection was so obvious.

"I shouldn't have said all those things..! Why didn't you say that I was offending you with my talk? I'm so sorry, Kan-san!" Gentoku regretted all those times when she had talked about "dirty, disgusting lesbians". Her best friend had been secretly a lesbian, and she wasn't dirty or disgusting at all. She was Gentoku's dear Kan-san and that's it.

Gentoku wrapped her arms around Kan'u, and the blue-haired female answered to the embrace.

Finally I'm holding her in my arms, thought Kan'u.