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Dean knew of him from reputation and by afar walking down the halls at school. Hell, he probably had some classes with the kid during the first three years. He knows they're in the same grade, at least, both 17 or maybe he's 18. That he has a twin, Jimmy, they are never around each other, he is so straight edge you could slice bread. What Dean does know for sure, is that Castiel Novak is the go to guy for any "pharmaceutical" you want to get your hands on, from legal to illegal. Whatever you want you go to him. There's a hierarchy about it, no matter how popular you are you don't just go straight to Castiel in the hall and ask him for a dime bag. All transactions happen off campus or through Chuck. Chuck Shirley, the twitchy high school alcoholic, had the direct line to the good stuff.

School was almost out for the summer, and that meant graduation was fast approaching as well as end of the year parties. Hype about Lisa's bash on Friday was all ready circulating through the halls and locker rooms.

"You're going right man?" Adam asks as he shrugs out of his baseball jersey, after practice.

"Please, Lisa probably invited him before her parents even finalized their trip." Uriel said. "You finally gunna get on that? It's been what 2 years."

"Hells ya, I'm going to be there." Dean replies undoing his cleats. "And dude, you know I don't kiss and tell." He adds mockingly.

"Ya, ya, you prob just can't get it up." Luc interjects snidely.

"Fuck you, Luc." Dean bites back. "You're just mad because I won't let you hang with my brother anymore." Luc grumbles and goes back to changing, ignoring him. "That's what I thought." Dean shakes his head.

The team makes their way out of the locker room heading for the parking lot, messing about and discussing the party the next night. As they get closer to the car lot, Dean notices Lisa leaning against the Impala looking out across the field.

"Later guys," he calls to his team mates, jogging towards the car. "Hey, babe." He smiles at her.

"Hey Dean," She smiles back brightly.

"I must say this is a pleasant surprise, what's up?" He asks, because while he is happy to see her he's a little curious as to why she would be here in the first place.

"I have a huge favor to ask you," She begins. "Well, you know my party is tomorrow and my brother is all ready getting the booze for it, but I was wondering…" Lisa trails off nervously.

"Hmm?" Dean prods waiting for her to continue.

"Well, I was hoping you could maybe get some pot." She smiles up at him. "I'd do it myself, but Shirley weird's me out and I'm not sure about that Novak guy. Please?" She adds.

Dean inwardly sighs, contemplating how big a favor she's asking. He decides to do it, mostly because it's practically the end of the year and baseball is almost over; not because he'll have a greater chance of getting into her pants, not at all. Dean nods at her. "All right, I'll do it."

"Yay," She squeals, throwing her arms around his neck. "Thank you so much!" She smiles kissing him on the cheek. "I so owe you." Lisa adds before pulling out 2 twenty dollar bills. "Here, this should get enough for the party." She smiles again squeezing his arm gently. "Bye Dean, see you tomorrow." With that Liza skips away from the car heading back towards the school.

"Damn right you owe me," Dean grumbles to himself clenching the cash in his fist before sliding into the driver seat.

That's how Dean found himself on the other side of town, looking for the residence of one, Castiel Novak. It took Dean about a half hour to find Chuck's facebook and message about procuring some items, and another half hour before he was texted with a reply. (Apparently, messaging on the computer was too traceable.)

He got an address for some apartment and arrived there at about 5:30. He jogged up the stairs to the third floor and made his way down the dim hall in search for apartment J16. He finally found it at the end of the hall, and went to push the door stopping short when he realized that it was hanging out of the wall. Dean figured it was probably broken giving its state and shrugging decided to knock instead.

He knocked tentatively at first, still unsure about his being here. He waited a good minute in silence before knocking again, harder than before. This time he heard someone swear and the sound of scuffling beyond the door. He waited patiently toeing the ground with his boots debating just leaving right now, but if there was one thing Dean Winchester didn't do, it was pussy out. He stood his ground as the chain of the door was slid away and the door opened.

Standing before him, dark hair mussed and eyes glazed, but still sharp and the royalist of blues stood Castiel. He was wearing brown drawstring sleep pants, which hung low on his slender hips and no shirt. His pale olive skin was marked with a weird symbol tattoo on his chest, an angry scar on his left shoulder and what looked like words jutting out on both sides of his hips and dipping under the waistband of his pants. Dean had to admit, he was a good looking dude, if he was into that sort of thing.

Dean wasn't sure how long they'd been standing there before he cleared his throat.

"Hello, Dean." Castiel said his voice low and rough and Dean wasn't sure if he ever heard this guy talk before, because fuck. Who was this guy, answering the door looking like he just had sex and sounding like it too; which made Dean pause, because for all he knew that could be exactly what he was doing. When Dean didn't answer right away, Castiel tilted his head to the side his eyes narrowed like he was looking into him.

"Hey Cas," Dean finally spoke, surprised at the sudden nickname for a dude he just legit met. "I take it, Chuck told you I was coming." He hedged at the threshold of the door as Castiel turned swinging the door wide for Dean to enter, and turning to scoop up a white cotton wife-beater off the sofa.

"I was aware." Cas simply replied his back still to Dean, which he noticed was adorned with a large set of ornate black wings that stretched and moved along with him. Castiel donned the shirt rolling it idly down his abdomen, then bent to the coffee table and grabbed a cigarette form the pack there and a couple random pills he downed in one, before placing the cigarette between his lips. He lit it in one quick practiced stroke, tossing the lighter back on the table as Dean closed the door behind him.

"So, this place yours?" Dean asked nervously, unsure how small talk went down in situations like this.

"My brother's," He replied in the same deep monotone cigarette between his chapped lips, heading towards the kitchen, Dean awkwardly following. "He travels a lot." Cas adds blowing out smoke and Dean nods, as Castiel hops up to sit on the counter behind him, and ashes his cigarette in the sink.

The apartment was a pretty decent place. Warm and cozy and fairly modern if not a little messy; it appeared to have two bedrooms and a bath off to the left of the main room and the kitchen to the right of it with a balcony.

"I'm not really sure how this works," Deans says scrubbing his hand on the back of his neck and looking at the floor. Castiel just stares at him again, his head tilted as if he's sizing the other man up. Dean catches his gaze, but quickly looks away under the scrutiny.

He's about to just tell Cas to forget it, this was a waste of time anyway, and just tell Lisa he tried. He could deal with ramifications of that; it had to be less awkward then this. He was interrupted however by a slender man with blonde hair that had to be a good couple years older than either of them, with an odd impishness to him.

He rapped on the wall that connected the kitchen to the main room, "Sorry to interrupt." He said, in what Dean would guess was a British accent. He looked at Dean briefly before ignoring him and focusing only on Castiel. "I'm heading off, Cassy, thanks again mate." He winks, motioning a good bye with the bag of who knows what in his hand. He turns to leave after throwing a smile, which could only be described as a leer, at Dean.

"Goodbye, Balthazar." Castiel replies flippantly, as if he couldn't care less what this guy did or did not do.

"Friend of yours?" Dean asks, still looking at the spot that Balthazar recently vacated.

"We have an arrangement." Castiel replies giving nothing away. He finishes his cigarette and puts it out in the sink, before grabbing a joint off the top of the fridge, grasping it with his nimble fingers and lighting it up. Dean nods, as his mind works out just what Cas means by that, before it finally clicks.

"Oh," Dean says lamely, so he was right about the sex thing, just not how he had thought.

Castiel just nods at him leaning forward and passing the joint to Dean as he keeps the smoke in his lungs. Dean takes it cautiously before bringing it to his lips, watching as Cas exhales hardly any smoke, like a pro. Which Dean guesses he kind of is one.

"How much did they give you?" Castiel asks, as Dean exhales and hands the joint back. Dean just looks at him for a beat, causing Cas to sigh and look up at the ceiling. "For Lisa's party," He supplies thinly.

"Oh, ya right." Dean shakes his head digging the cash out of his pocket. "um, 40."

Castiel nods, and gently hops off the counter joint between his lips. He takes his turn and hands it back to Dean in exchange for the cash, as he pads from the kitchen. Dean stands there in the middle of the room taking his time with the joint, finally starting to mildly get an effect from it.

It had been awhile since he last got high, mostly due to baseball season. It felt good though to finally relax; plus Cas wasn't so bad, kind of quiet, but that's never a bad thing. Into dudes though, which he had to admit, was kind of surprising. Maybe he's just a sex; yes please kind of guy, Dean's brain supplied. Which ok, Dean could get on board with that, sex is sex. Not to say he'd do that with another dude, or anything, and Cas is pretty good looking. He shook his head trying to clear out those thoughts.

Castiel finally returned with a bag in hand, taking the offered joint back and giving Dean the weed.

"Thanks, man." Dean says, and Cas just nods killing the joint.

"Anytime," he supplies.

"I know this is unorthodox," Dean begins, "but is there any way I can get a direct line to you?" He pauses looking at Cas who's leaning against the fridge. "It's just Chuck can be kind of squirrely, you know." He adds quickly unsure why his foggy brain is even asking this. A brief twitch of humor quirks Castiel's lips, but not quite reaching his eyes, it's so quick that Dean's not sure he saw it or imagined it.

"I don't usually do that, Dean." Cas starts, starring at him again contemplating.

"I know, Cas." Dean starts, and there's that random nickname again. "I won't bother you all the time or anything, just…" He trails off, again not sure why he's asking this in the first place.

"Very well," Castiel concedes, procuring another cigarette and pausing before lighting it. "However, I'd like to go to Lisa's party, without having to crash it." Dean's sure this is some sort of challenge to see if he's trustworthy or some shit.

"That's not really up to me, man." Dean says, thinking for a moment. "I'll see what I can do, though, no guarantees." Castiel nods puffing on his new cigarette, Dean stands there awkwardly for a moment like he's invisible before turning to leave. "I'll let you know, then." He adds exiting from the apartment.

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