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They pull up at the Road House, Dean killing the engine and turning to Cas.

"You ready?" He asks as Castiel just nods.

"Um, look," Dean starts rubbing his hand on the back of his neck. "My dad can be kind of, intense," he tells him.

"I think I can handle it Dean." Castiel tells him.

"I guess we'll find out," He says as they get out of the Impala.

Cas casually takes Dean's hand as they make their way toward the door, then stopping. He pulls out a cigarette, "You don't have to wait, Dean." He informs him lighting the object. "Your parents are probably expecting you."

"You sure?" He eyes him, "I can wait."

"Go ahead, Dean." He instructs him inhaling deeply.

"If you're not in here in five minutes I'm sending a search party." He warns before going inside.

As soon as Dean crosses the threshold he's bombard into a hug by a petite blonde.

"'Bout time you showed up!" Jo cried. "Where's this druggy of yours?" She peaks around him.

"Shh," Dean scolds her. "He's coming, he's just catching some air," He adds.

"You mean smoking." She says.

Dean shakes his head, "You ever hear about a thing called being discreet?"

"Whatever!" She shrugs, the door opening revealing Castiel, wearing his navy colored vest and outfit he wore at Liza's party all those weeks ago, nervously ruffling his hair.

"Dean," He says quietly nodding.

"Jo this is Castiel," He introduces them throwing his arm around Cas's shoulder.

"I think we had art together." She says smiling at him, he cocks his head to the side and just nods. "Any way, we made right guys!" Jo smiles before telling them where to the drinks are and heading off to make her rounds.

"You know this place has a backroom," Dean whispers to Castiel.

Castiel just glares at him, "This is your friend's party, Dean." He reminds him.

Dean laughs as he steers Cas towards his mother.

"There you are sweetie!" Mary smiles broadly, hugging him. "How's my little graduate?"

"I'm fine mom," Dean tells her. "You remember Cas, right?" He motions, Mary pausing briefly before hugging Castiel as well.

"Of course I do! Congratulations hunnie." She smiles at him as John takes his place next to her, handing her a drink.

"This him?" John asks gruffly.

"Ya, um, Dad this is Castiel Novak…Cas, my dad."

"It's a pleasure, sir." Castiel says formally, shaking John's hand.

John just grunts, then dives straight into his interrogation. "What kind of name is that?"

"John," Mary chides him.

"What, it's a simple question," John eyes Cas Dean praying the low lighting in the bar will hide the any clue to how high he might be.

"I was named after an angel." He replies gravely.

"Of course you where," John nods Mary shooting him a displeased look. "What are you planning on doing after graduation?"

"Business," He replies blankly Dean looking at him.

"What kind of business?" He asks.

"Sales," Cas tells him. Dean's relieved that Cas made up such a good lie.

He takes a sip of his beer. "All right then," John huffs somewhat satisfied, at least for now, "Dean can I have a word?" John asks putting his arm around his son's shoulders and leading him away from their group. Dean shoots Cas a look saying he'll be back in a sec.

Dean and his dad head off to a more secluded spot. "Care to tell me what was going on with that priest today?"

"Um," Dean starts deciding he might as well tell him the truth. "That was Cas's brother." John raises an eyebrow. "Adopted brother," he adds. "He's kind of a dick."

"Right," John nods gruffly waiting for Dean to continue.

"He hurt Cas when he was little," Dean whispers.

Realization darkens Johns features briefly nodding his understanding."I want you to know I took care of him," he tells him cryptically taking a sip of his beer.

"Thanks dad," Dean smiles as John pats him on the back.

"He seems like a good kid, Dean."

They head back to Mary and Cas who seem to be talking happily.

"There you boys are," Mary smiles at them. "Castiel is going to come to my church with me next Sunday." She tells them. "Does that mean you will be coming too?" She eyes Dean hopefully.

"Maybe mom," Dean tells her. "We're going to go get some drinks and stuff I'll see you guys later."

"It was nice talking with you." Cas says simply.

"You too Castiel," Mary smiles as they head off into the party.

"Can we leave now?" Castiel asks Dean tiredly.

"One drink," Dean tells him, grabbing a grape soda for Cas and a coke for himself.

Cas sips it idly when out of nowhere Meg pops up.

"Hiya babe," She smiles trying to be flirty as she leans into Castiel hanging on to his unbuttoned vest; his blue eyes hardening at the sight of her.

"What are you doing here, Masters?" Dean snaps at her.

"This is an A-B conversation," She shoots at him letting go of Castiel's vest. "I heard there's a back room," She leers.

"I am aware," Cas deadpans.

"Well, I was thinking…" Meg smirks trying to be coy.

"I have other plans, whore." Castiel informs her bluntly, turning back to Dean.

"Don't be like that Novak, sweetie." She pouts behind him trying to get him to turn back around.

Dean sees Cas's brow crease in irritation before he's pulled in for searing kiss, earning a couple cheers from on lookers.

"What the hell!" Meg gapes staring at them in disgust and shock.

"You heard him, whore." Dean smirks chuckling as Cas drags him through the sea of their old peers to leave.

Dean drives them back to Cas's and they pause to make out randomly on the way up his flat. They head straight to Cas's bedroom, ignoring Gabe on the way. Cas closes and locks the door behind him, stripping off his shirt as Dean does the same. Dean brings their mouths together as Cas walks him back to the bed, pushing him down onto his back.

Cas straddles Dean, leaning over to kiss him as Dean slides his hands up Cas's torso and back. Dean rolls them so they are lying side by side on the bed, moving to kiss down Cas's jaw and neck. He runs his tongue over the still healing bite mark before dropping a soft kiss over it. Cas runs his tongue along the shell of Dean's ear then gently nibbles it. Pulling back to bring their mouths back together languidly exploring each other with their hands.

Dean rolls Cas's nipples between his fingers Cas hissing and arching into him. Cas's hand sliding down Dean's chest to the dip down just past his waistband and back up. Dean's hips moving forward searching for contact. Cas deftly undoes Dean's pants stroking him through his underwear as Dean slips his hand past the waistband of the back of Cas's jeans.

They keep kissing gently pausing briefly to shed their pants, falling back to their previous positions with their freed erections rubbing against each other. Cas pushes Dean flat onto his back propping up on his elbow next to him and licking Dean's nipple while his free hand slides over the other one. He slides his hand down stroking Dean's cock slowly, kissing Dean's shoulder as he gets him to turn on his side away from him.

Cas strokes his cock, placing light kisses on the nape of Dean's neck and across his shoulder blades. He licks his hand getting it slick to slowly prepare Dean before positioning himself against the other man's back and pushing in with a hand on Dean's hip.

Dean reaches around to hold on to Cas as he slowly thrusts back and forth. Dean's other hand fisting the sheets as he moans, every time Castiel hits home. Their skin glistening with sweat as Cas grunts behind him, his hand stroking Dean in time.

"Oh. Cas. Right. There." Dean grits out panting as Cas picks up pace. His hand on Dean's shoulder with his lips pressed against Dean's skin.

"God," Cas gasps, tightening his grip pumping a couple more times before he cums. "Fuck," He whispers against Dean's back, his hips twitching involuntarily as his orgasm leave him.

Dean strokes himself quickly, following with his own orgasm, "Ah, ya!"

Cas pulls out flopping on to his back as Dean does the same.

"That was." Cas states his voice impossibly low as he breathes harshly.

"Ya, man." Dean sighs.

Cas rests his head on Dean's chest, "You intrigue me, Dean." He tells him simply and in Cas's own weird way Dean knows exactly what he's trying to say.

"You too Cas," Dean chuckles gently.

Castiel smokes a couple cigarettes as they lounge in bed, before he sends an underwear clad Dean out for supplies.

Dean walks past Gabe, still hanging out on the couch with a growing carnage of food wrappers, to head for the kitchen. As soon as he opens the door to the fridge Gabe's voice calls from the other room.

"Don't use all the whip cream!"

Dean grabs the can of whip cream, as he snags a bag of ships and some pop tarts.

"Thanks for the tip." He smirks tilting his head back and spraying some whip cream in his mouth. He barley makes it into Cas's room before being hit with a couch pillow as he chuckles to himself.

"EW!" He hears Gabe shout after him.


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