Greetings! I am the Puppeteer. ... as of now. I wrote it down on a piece of paper that was folded into a nameplate, so there! And this is my collection of what-ifs, some extensions of party banter, and - what can I say? - smutty goodness!

There is a lot of Fenris... I like Fenris. But don't worry, I won't be neglecting the rest of the lovely cast too much... except Aveline - I don't like Aveline... But enough rambling. Here's the basic set-up: Most of my Hawke's will not be the same; I have used my Hawke more than once, but that is because I am arrogant. They won't all have smut; I tend to like humor and innocent romance and even some emo angsty drama. I won't be using the same perspective all the time; be it first-person or the all-knowing puppeteer, I enjoy variety in writing styles. They will all be Dragon Age II; I don't plan to take things far out of context or stick everyone in an alternate universe.


I am the Puppeteer!

And this is my Table of Contents! Complete with descriptions so you can find a story you like the sound of, and read it. No having to jump through hoops and flip through them all blindly. Order is in publish date.

Catfight! - Fenris and Anders have a little fight over M!Hawke. Who wins? EVERYONE! M!Hawke/Fenris smut, and Anders gets Isabela. Humorous, a bit violent, and romantic.

Blasphemy! - A very anti-religious Hawke (my Hawke) thrawts Sebastian's attempts to bring the other companions to the Chantry. M!Hawke/Fenris pairing. Not a story! Just extended banter.

Heartreaper! - A personal idea of an alternate ending for dealing with Anders, based on Fenris' lovely little threat of "Break her heart, and I will kill you." F!Hawke/Fenris in the past, F!Hawke/Anders in the present. Romantic, and smut-free.

Waking Up - Set prior to the Dragon Age series, this little drabble is my own idea of what it could have been like when Fenris first awakened, as Fenris. A bit angsty, and smut-free.

Aggregio: Please Drink Responsibly! - An extension of the scene where drunken Fenris relays the tale of his escape. With alcohol nulling the elf's senses, can Hawke prove that he can resist temptation? Fenris/M!Hawke (my Hawke) Romantic and smut-free... except a naked Fenris and a few desperate kisses.

Nocturnal Emissions - Thus far the absolute smuttiest thing I've ever written. Isabela convinces M!Hawke and Fenris into a threesome... or does she? Smut-filled to the brim, but ends on a humorous note.

Blue Sheep! - Arrogance be my fault, as I halted all else when this idea came to mind. Fenris confronts Hawke about his use of blood magic - only to find that their views on the subject of magic are similar. Fenris/M!Hawke (my Hawke) Friendship, humor, and sheep! (smut-free, but a few innuendoes)

Just an Update! -My return notice. Nothing more.

Trial - First impressions are often the most important. In this drabble Fenris reminisces about his first impression of Hawke. Fenris/M!Hawke (my Hawke) A bit of humor and some conflicted feelings, and smut-free.

Command - Smut time again as Fenris and M!Hawke (my Hawke) share their first night together - well, their first sex night - and Fenris is feeling quite demanding, and Hawke is more than willing to satisfy those demands. Romantic, random bits of humor, and a LOT of smutty goodness.