A/N: As afforementioned in the Aggregio chapter, on my initial playthrough with Darkavion Hawke things went in a slightly unconventional order. Hadriana was killed before Fenris told tale of his escape, and thus the game made him come back another time to get laid rather than it being after apologizing for how things went after the bitch's death. Personally, I prefer the way THIS scene plays out.

Darkavion Hawke: Male. Mage (Blood Mage, Spirit Healer, Elemental) Shoulder-length white hair tainted red with blood, fair skin, and piercing golden-yellow eyes.

Perspective: Hawke.

In a word, I would call the day "horrible" since I had miraculously managed to piss off three women - Merril, Aveline, and even Mother. Merril was upset once the Keeper turned the arulin'holm over to me, and she was livid when I refused to hand it over to her. As for Aveline, my attempt to give her a gift - a shield that was not only sturdier than the one she had been using but one that literally had her name on - backfired horribly and she threw a fit. As for Mother, I think the Hightown air and the pompous Nobles have been getting to her. She's made no secret that she's seen the way Fenris and I look at each other, and I've kept it no secret that I'm completely in love with him, yet for some reason she came to me saying I needed a wife. A wife!?

It was the final straw for me. I turned to Mother and reminded her, quite heatedly, about how she found herself in Fereldan to begin with, how she was already engaged to another man by her parents' wishes but instead she chose to leave everything behind to be with Father. In my flash of anger I also brought up the fact that she had already lost Bethany and Carver, and I warned that if she dared arranging some vile marriage to a noble bitch I would disappear in a heartbeat. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she knew I was right, that she was being like her parents, but still she went to bed furious and in tears.

It was truly a horrible day, and even as I lied down I couldn't sleep - not that sleep came easy to me anyway, but it had been nearly a week since I last wandered into the Fade. I couldn't even stay still, and I found myself constantly tossing and turning... And then Fen'Harel started to growl from the other side of my bedroom door. I groaned in frustration and crawled off of the bed, but the moment I opened the door I realized that the Mabari was growling for good reason.

It wasn't uncommon for Isabella to break into my home but she was highly skilled at picking locks; at times the only way to know she had been there was finding some sort of raunchy sign that she intentionally left behind, such as the breasts she had carved into the stairwell. I knew immediately that this wasn't Isabella. It was far too noisy, almost frantic, and rather than being picked it sounded like someone was trying to actually break the lock.

"Stay," I told Fen'Harel as I pointed for him to guard Mother's door, and once he was in place I walked down the stairs. As I drew closer to the foyer I had thought myself prepared for just about anything - a thief, a panicked civilian in need of aid, even an army of Templars come to whisk me away to the gallows at last. But what sprung forth from the door once the lock finally gave, was actually

"Fenris?" I had said the name outloud, baffled as he practically slammed the door closed and walked, or half-sprinted, towards me.

"I have been thinking of you," Fenris stated as he halted just a few inches away, "In fact, I've been able to think of little else. Command me to go, and I shall." He had that feral look in his eyes again: strong, potent, impatient, wanting.

It was late and I'd had a horrible day, and now here was Fenris breaking into my home, and then telling me that I could command him to leave. His timing was flawless, and the day's frustrations seemed to vanish completely from my mind. "No need," I answered him with my signature smile.

I wasn't quite prepared for his response, and for just a moment I hadn't a clue what had hit me. There was so much fury, so much passion behind Fen's lips as he pressed them into mine - and this time there was no taint of Aggregio. The instant I realized he was in fact kissing me, we started moving in synch; my arms latched around his neck and waist as I pulled him closer and I felt Fenris scraping his clawed gauntlets along my shoulders, all while our lips moved roughly together - biting, licking, sucking, teasing.

Light moans poured forth from between our lips as we clung tighter to each other, both of our bodies burning with the desire to feel more than we ever had before, but without warning I pulled away from our kiss, locking my eyes with his gorgeous green ones as I held him firm and spun us around. I had figured from one of our past encounters that Fenris wanted to submit to me - the way he had pulled me over his drunken, naked body and how he moaned and groaned beneath me as I took control... and now I would take control again. I kept my eyes on his as I shoved forward and pinned him to the wall with a distinctive 'thud,' and as I had expected his response showed nothing but thrill and longing.

I pressed our lips together yet again and slipped my tongue into his mouth, truly sampling his taste for the first time - it was intoxicating. With my palms set flat against the wall I started to grind my body again him, and with a lurid, muffled moan he coiled his arms around me and tugged at my clothes. I moved one of my hands to the back of his neck, and dragged my nails upwards as I tangled my fingers into his silvery hair. With the flick of my wrist I pulled his head to a tilt, and as his neck was exposed I lowered my mouth onto it, tracing my tongue over the lyrium lines from the collar of his armor to the base of his ear. I could feel Fenris trembling in pleasure as the lyrium responded to my dormant magic, but there would be plenty of time to explore those markings more thoroughly - for the moment there was something else that had long caught my interest, something I hadn't dared to touch. Until now.

Without allowing my mouth to leave his skin, I traced the length of his elongated elven ear with my lips and teeth, and the response I earned was truly a marvel. Fenris moaned out softly and shakily, and I could feel his body growing limp as he fell back against the wall in full submission. Intrigued, I flicked my tongue over the tip of his ear, swirling it around a few times before closing my lips around it and lightly sucking upon it. The lyrium beneath his skin began to glow brighter and brighter as he started to gasp and moan with my movements, and his grip on my clothes tightened to the point that I could hear the fabric ripping in his fist.

"Hawke... A-ahh..!"

The way he called my name was simply exquisite, and I felt my lips pulling into a smirk around his, apparently sensitive, ear. It compelled me to do more, so much more, but before I had the chance another voice called our attention.

"Not enchantment."

Fenris and I both froze, caught in the act of... something, by a poor, simple-minded dwarf. There's really no telling what Sandal may have thought was going on, but it was obvious that he knew it certainly wasn't enchantment. In most awkward situations I can find something witty to say. In this awkward situation, I couldn't think of a thing. So instead I removed my mouth from Fen's ear, cleared my throat as I released his hair, and turned my attention to the rather confused dwarf. "Don't mention this to your father or my mother and I'll purchase some new rune designs for you the next time I visit the market. Deal?"

"Enchantment!" With his hands clapping Sandal scuttled off again, and I took it as a happy agreement to the deal.

With a mix of an awkward laugh and a relieved sigh I then turned my attention back to Fenris, who now appeared a little anxious and, perhaps even a bit fearful now that the moment had been interrupted and brought our perspectives back to normal. I moved back a few inches to unpin him from the wall, and gently raised my hand to fix the misplaced strands of his hair before resting my palm on his cheek. "You said before that you would go, if I commanded it... Would you stay, then, if I commanded you to stay?" I asked him, worried now that he may be inclined to leave after the interruption.

"Are you commanding me to stay?" Fenris rebutted, his response completely enigmatic which was a telltale sign that he was out of his comfort zone.

I chuckled softly and smiled at him as I replied, "Well for the moment I'm not too sure. I'd much prefer asking you to stay but I'm afraid it might not work."

From the moment I smiled I could see him growing more comfortable again, and as a smirk formed on his features I knew my attempt to reset the situation had succeeded. "How about you ask me to join you in the bedroom instead?" Fenris replied, quite blatantly.

If there's a word that exceeds "succeeded" I wish I knew it, because that response warranted far more than success. I leaned in closer and just barely brushed my lips to his, coyly, before gently taking his hand in mine. Then with a smirk of my own I swept him off his feet and cradled him in my arms, kissing him again far more passionately before asking, "Care to take this to the bedroom, love?"

His answer was given in the form of a sharp nip to my lips, and - still carrying him in my arms - we headed straight for the bedroom. After closing the door behind us I gently laid him down on the bed, my bed, and for a while all I could do was gaze at him. The only way he could've possibly looked any more beautiful was if he was naked.

It wasn't long before Fenris grew wary of my eyes lingering on him and he broke the silence, snapping me out of my daze with a subtle call of my name, "Hawke?"

"Sorry," I said with a laugh and smiled at him, "I guess I got a little lost admiring you."

"There isn't much to admire," Fenris replied, shrugging.

I smirked, knowing full well that he was seeking attention. I made my way to sit next to him on the bed, then leaned over and kissed his cheek gently before lowly whispering in his ear, "There's much I admire about you, Fenris, and even more that I love about you."

He shivered as a mix of magically chilled and heated breath hit him, and with a faint, almost sad, smile he raised his covered hand to my face. "How did I ever earn the love of a man such as you, Hawke?" Oh how I love the moments when Fenris lowers his guard and shows just how vulnerable he truly is...

I put my hand over his and laced our fingers together - carefully as to avoid being skewered by the spikes on his gauntlets - and with a smirk I gave my answer, "You earned my love simply by being who you are, Fenris. I'm just glad that you've accepted it." Before he could say anything more I leaned down again and pressed my lips to his for a gentle kiss, and though he tried to push things forward by pulling me on top of him, I resisted - for the moment; something else had been on my mind lately, and I figured now may be the best time to bring it up again. Seeing the confused and somewhat distressed look in his eyes as I refused to be pulled down made me smile, and just to make sure he knew I was still (more than) willing to take things further that night I rested my hand on his inner thigh, squeezing a bit as I slowly raised it higher and narrowly missed stroking the center of his groin before dragging my hand back down.

"H-hawke..." Fenris groaned, his body moving against my hand as I teased him.

Tonight would surely be fun, but for the moment I needed to change the subject - if only a little. "Do you remember what we talked about when I made you take a bath a couple of weeks ago, Fen?" I asked him, and the frown and raised eyebrow he gave me was a clear answer of no. I smiled and moved my hand back up along his leg, this time making sure to just barely graze his balls before drawing my hand up to his hip. "It was about your scars, love, and my offer to remove them."

He peered up at me with a smile as he remembered, "Physical contact, right?"

"Yep, and plenty of it," I replied with a smirk. "Now that you're sober I can even show you the effectiveness if you like. You didn't seem to notice the last time you saw it."

"What do you mean?" Fenris inquired, intrigued enough to sit up as he awaited my explanation.

I smirked and pulled my shirt off, and just as before his eyes were instantly drawn to my bare skin. After scanning over my muscles for a moment, he stared at the top portion of my shoulder and chest on the left side, and finally it seemed to click.

"That scar you had... the one from an abomination," Fenris recalled, "You got rid of it."

He had only seen it once, so I was surprised that he recalled where it was located. "Go on, touch it," I said, grinning as if I was talking about something a little more salacious, "See if you can tell there was ever a scar there."

He wasted no time as he tore off his gauntlets and eagerly placed one of his hands on my bare chest, his fingertips trailing in all directions before he finally settled his hand over my heart. "You would do this for me as well?" Fenris asked, almost as though he couldn't believe it.

With my left hand placed on his as it shielded my heart and the right set on his cheek I leaned closer and kissed him deeply. "I would do anything for you, Fen," I answered, cutting the kiss short, "All you need to do is say the word."

"Heal me," he whispered in response, with his stunningly beautiful puppy-eyes staring at me.

Again I pressed my lips to his before answering, "It will be my pleasure." I slid behind him and started to unlace the bindings of his armor, slowly, and lightly caressed every inch of exposed skin as it became available to my fingertips. I loved the way he responded as I took my time - the chills sent down his spine that made him squirm, the low moans he did his best to stifle and hide, and the occasional pleasured whine as I traced across the lyrium markings and coursed a quick spell of soothing healing magic through them... Nothing else in the world could ever call my attention this way. Two minutes had to've passed before I had taken his breastplate off, and Fenris, it seemed, was getting impatient as I rose off of the bed to place the piece of his armor out of the way; or perhaps his leggings were causing him some discomfort? Whatever the reason it didn't matter to me - I was too distracted by the handsome elf who now sat completely naked on the bed. My bed.

This time Fen smirked as my eyes lingered on him so appreciatively, and with a deep rumbling laugh he tossed the rest of his clothes at me. "If you don't get back here soon it'll be you who's pinned to a wall next," he warned as I continued to gaze upon him without even realizing that I had subconsciously caught his leggings and gauntlets.

"That so?" I replied with a smile after his voice called me back into focus, and once I set the last of his armor aside I casually leaned back against the wall, "And if I happen to like that idea?"

Ferocity shown in his emerald eyes as he glowered at me, that feral, beastly look that had always made my body tingle. I think I may've even flinched as he practically pounced me from his perch on the bed, but rather than pinning me down as I had so desired he grabbed my arms roughly. "Then I will have to change my tactics," Fenris said gruffly, and with one swift movement he dragged me back to the bed and fell back onto it, ensuring that I landed on top of him.

His tactic worked well, and with a smile I commended him, "It seems I've been outmaneuvered... this time." I leaned down and kissed his lips tenderly, and though I longed to start trailing my kiss lower and lower down his exposed body I still had a different type of job to do. With a playful growl I rolled him onto his stomach and kissed the base of his neck to send a chill down his body, and teasingly I fluttered my fingertips along his ribs as I straddled over the curve of his spine.

A low, gratified mumble escaped him and I could visibly see his body relax to my touch as I gave in to his desires, giving him my full attention as I slowly built up the healing magic in my roaming hands. I took my time caressing the slender curves of his elven body and tracing my fingers over the lyrium brands as the charge built, and only after the spell was ready did I turn my attention to the deep scars that crisscrossed his back and shoulders...

I couldn't count them - even if I had all the time in the world the task was impossible in this state. When I had first seen them the light was dim, and most of his body was shrouded in shadow or hidden behind the high walls of the bath. But seeing them now, truly looking at them, it tore at my heart. How much pain had he been made to suffer? How many nights may he have curled up alone in agony, skin still torn and bleeding? How many times must he have wondered, why? How many tears must he have shed..? I couldn't bare to look at them any longer, as I'm sure Fenris had felt many times before. Leaning down I placed a delicate kiss on the back of his head, and I finally got to work.

One by one I traced over the scars and used my magic to restore the damaged flesh, removing multiple layers of scarred rips and tears in his toughened skin. The more that I removed the faster I seemed to work, until I eventually lost myself to the repetitive, methodical task. Fen didn't seem to mind the length of time it took, though a few times I can recall him tensing uneasily as I touched a particular scar. I was quick to calm him, usually by kissing the newly restored area of flesh and softly whispering to remind him that the mark was now gone, and promising that I would never allow his body to be marred like that again, ever.

It took nearly an hour, possibly more, and it had completely drained my mana, but as I finished healing the final scar I knew it was all worth it. The freshly-healed, dark skin shimmered and the lyrium brands were still coursing with my residual magic; it was a beautiful sight, the blue glow playing off of his taut muscles and following the gentle rhythm of his breathing to bathe him in light... simply, beautiful. I kissed the base of his neck once again and moved off of him, and after sitting down on the bed I pulled him onto my lap.

"Thank you, Hawke..." Fenris whispered, then by turning his head back and grappling one of his hands behind my neck he brought our lips crashing together in a rough kiss. His teeth preyed at my lips, dominantly despite his submissive vantage point - or perhaps a better word for it would be aggressively. I remained passive, lightly kissing and licking at his lips and bared teeth while his nips became more fervent with his growing impatience, until finally he bit down hard enough to draw blood.

I heard a subtle moan roll in the back of my throat as a few droplets of magic-imbued blood dripped down the side of my mouth, subtle but still clear as I pulled away and asked, "Mmm, anything else I can do for you?" There was plenty I would've loved for him to do for me - pinning me to the wall for instance or getting even rougher... much rougher, drawing more blood if he was willing to go that far - but I had identified the want in his eyes from the start, and I had long awaited the chance to take care of his every desire... Tonight was his, and he knew it.

"Touch me."

His answer was immediate and short, and though his voice held some command, it also sounded like a plea. With a smirk I scanned over his bare body: the swirls of glowing lyrium against his smooth, dark skin, the ripples of muscles in his lean form, his hardened cock already growing slick and sticky with pre-cum. But the way he answered had gotten under my skin. Begging? Commanding? I still couldn't tell which it was. I had to find out, and what better way other than to tease him. "Where?" I said with a smirk, eager to see how he would answer.

His emerald eyes burned with desire as he grabbed one of my hands. "You know damn well, Hawke," Fenris answered gruffly and glared at me in his own somewhat playful way. With a yank he placed my hand exactly where he wanted it - wrapped around his erect member - and satisfied with his actions he growled, "Here."

Commanding, he was definitely being commanding, and who was I to deny him? I changed our positioning just a little, and sat back against the bed's headboard with my legs spread out in front of me and Fenris laid out between them with his body perpendicular to mine, comfortably leaning against my torso with his head on my shoulder as my arms supported him; I had taken a liking to this setup, whether I was carrying him or just holding him. Once we were both settled I returned my hand to its prior location and ran my fingers along his stiffenned cock, feeling it twitch at my delicate touch and watching the glow of the lyrium markings that adorned it brighten. I could tell it was like sweet, pleasurable torture to him as I gently fondled him, my hand barely touching as I brought it lower and lower down his shaft until I cupped his balls and rolled them in my palm.

Fenris was squirming, seething, his eyes clenched shut and his lips curled to show his bared teeth as he tried raising his body into my hand; but the closer he got the more I would drift my hand away, leaving my touch as featherlight and fleeting as when I started. "Haaaaawke," he groaned, frustrated green eyes now open and glaring at me as he gave up and lowered back down. The desire in his voice was so potent I could practically taste it. Or maybe that was my own desire imbuing itself in the blood on my lip - either way it was tasty...

I ran my tongue over my lips as I gazed into those hungry eyes, and again I found that I couldn't deny Fen what he wanted, even if I made him work for it. I pressed my lips to his forehead before closing my hand firmly around the base his throbbing erection, eliciting an approving moan from him as I stroked upwards to the head. I could feel the foreskin close around the sensitive tip between my fingers as my hand peaked over the end of his hot, engorged length, and as I brought my hand back down I loosened my grip, then quickly closed tighter at the base as I pumped my hand upwards again.

"Mmm, better," Fenris murmured as I granted him the contact he had longed for, even though I maintained a tentative pace as I repeated the action. As he finally relaxed and rested against me again it seemed he was satisfied with our slow progress, if only for the moment. His eyes closed as soft sighs left his half-parted lips and he rested a hand lightly over my gently beating heart, his slender, calloused fingers curled over my collar bone for support and grip, and as I pulled him closer with my other arm I could feel him nuzzle against my neck.

I leaned forward and brushed my lips to his, gently to ensure that I didn't disrupt the exquisite sounds coming from him. I wanted this night to last forever - or at least have this time together last the whole night through - but at that same time I wanted to keep him satisfied. Minute by minute I gradually upped the pace as I continued stroking him from base to tip, my grip tightening from gentle and subtle to a hold so tight I could feel his pulse push against my rolling fingers.

Following the pace of my handiwork, Fenris' sighs turned into a mix of sharp gasps and subtle groans that eventually grew into low, continuous moans coupled with heavy panting, and his nails dug into my skin as he clung tighter to my chest. A few times he even whispered my name and I would respond by gently kissing him. But his aggression had only intensified as I pleased him, and the moment our lips met he would take over, grabbing the back of my neck with his other hand to bring me closer and biting into my bottom lip to pull into his mouth and sucking on it roughly, forcefully, until he would press his tongue between my lips to overtake mine, and nip and suck on my tongue just as he had done with my lip.

I enjoyed those moments, moaning into the kiss and losing myself to his control, panting, groaning, letting his name pass over my bleeding lips every time he would part for a split second's breath. Though I knew he had a taste for mage blood I never thought it would apply so literally - not that I was complaining. But as much as I enjoyed those moments I was always the one to end them. In my own thrill and pleasure the pace of my ministrations would rise rapidly, thus increasing his pleasure all the same and driving him closer and closer to climax. Though my experience in sexual practice only ranged as far as this particular night, my studies in the human body and healing magic had taught me more than enough to catch the signals of impending release, and since I didn't want him to cum just yet I would draw back from the kiss and slow things down.

The first few times this happened Fenris would lean back and rest against me, panting to catch his breath again while I slowly and carefully worked his pulsating, twitching cock in my hand and brought him down from pure elation. But the final time, as I focused on holding back the foreskin while I teased the sensitive head of his manhood between my thumb and forefinger, he gazed up at me with a subtle gleam in his eyes and a smirk on his lips. "Lower," he said gruffly, giving me a command for the first time in nearly an hour.

I lowered my hand to pump his shaft again, and though a low moan rolled in the back of his throat his gaze did not leave me.

"Lower," Fenris repeated, with a hint of impatience.

Again I lowered the attentions of my hand, this time wrapping my fingers underneath his sack and fondling his balls against my palm, and with a single brow arched at me and his eyes slightly narrowed he growled in disapproval.

"Lower!" he ordered me again, this time practically yelling at me, to which I couldn't help but smirk.

I slipped my fingertips a little lower, touching the section of flesh between genitalia and rectum, and rising more of his rage and impatience.

"Venhedis, Hawke, in me!"

His command couldn't have been any more direct, and though I'm no expert in the Tevinter language I'm fairly certain that he cursed at me. "Eager much?" I stated with a chuckle, but before he had the chance to respond I captured his lips with mine, and as I circled my finger around the tight ring of muscle he returned my kiss, knowing that I would soon satisfy his desire. As with everything before I took my time, swirling my fingertip over the puckered flesh and waiting for the moment when Fenris would completely relax to my touch. Eventually he drifted away from our kiss, his eyes slowly closing as breathy moans passed over his lips and the entirety of his weight being supported by me. It was exactly what I had wanted: to see him calm and relaxed, peaceful, letting go of his worries, his fears, his hatred and anger, for him to enjoy himself, to enjoy us... I was almost worried that taking things any further would break him of his euphoric trance, but a command was a command.

"A-ahh..!" Fenris gasped as I finally probed my finger into him, and though his eyes slightly opened they were lacking in focus as if he was still enthralled. "Hawke..." he whispered and raised his hand to my face, tracing over my lips before returning it to its place on my chest. His body had given no resistance to the sudden intrusion, and as I drove the full length of the digit into him the warm interior throbbed against me in a slow and steady rhythm. "O-oh yes, Hawke," he continued, speaking softly between airy moans as I slid my finger in and out of him, "It feels so good..."

I smiled, and though I loved every syllable he uttered I silenced him with a gentle kiss on the lips - but I didn't stay there. My lips fluttered across his face, planting small, light kisses along his cheek until I reached his ear. A hushed gasp escaped him as I gently teethed on his earlobe and the lyrium brands lit up with their ethereal blue glow, and right after I felt his tight ring momentarily clench around my finger as the wave of pleasure surged through him. It fascinated me, and as I delved faster in and out of his willing body I used various methods to repeat the sensation: dragging my tongue along the length of his ear, nipping at the tip, sucking his earlobe, daring to prod my tongue around the many curving trenches, all to send chill after chill down his spine.

With each breath Fenris would shudder and moan, at times whispering my name as his body instinctively moved with me, but as he grew accustomed to the size of my finger it was no longer enough. "More," he murmured, trying his best to maintain a commanding tone while his body and mind were swimming in pleasure.

Without making him wait a single moment I pressed another of my fingers into his heated entrance to join the other, driving them deeper in together but spreading them apart as I pulled them back to slowly expand the inner muscles further. I never pulled them out too far though, preferring to focus more on hitting the sweet spot of his prostate rather than rushing things onto the next stages, but as I added a third finger his pleasure grew too intense and I had to back down from teasing his ear or risk having him release. I had to maintain a careful balance, diligently reading his body signals to prolong our time together as long as I could while giving him just enough to stay sated.

But after waiting for this moment for so long, possibly years, and since we were drawing closer and closer to what we both knew was coming, his need was growing, and his patience dwindling. "More," Fenris said again, though the command in his words had lost their touch since his voice had turned hoarse from his constant noises.

I halted, three fingers set deep in his body, my trousers threatening to cut off my circulation they were so tight, and my arm admittedly growing a tad numb from holding him up for the past few hours. "Any more and I'll be making love to you," I replied, wanting him to know exactly what 'more' would mean at this point.

"Well then..." he said gruffly and shifted to look me in the eyes, even taking some of his weight off of my arm though he was a bit wobbly. He had a smug amused look on his face, as if I had pointed out something ridiculously obvious, and with a mix of a smile and a smirk he asked, "What are you waiting for?"

I felt my lips pull into a subtle smile, and the warmth in my cheeks meant I was also blushing, if only a little. "I'm waiting for you to hop off so I can finally remove these damnable suffocating pants," I answered, mimicking his tone and grinning at him.

Fenris chuckled and pecked my lips before moving off of me, and once I had slipped off the bed he lied down, head resting on my pillows, watching me intently, expectantly.

Already I had seen his naked, exposed body a few times, but to date he had only seen me shirtless. Smirking, I turned my back to him, and with a quick glance over my shoulder I took in his reaction; for just a moment he was actually pouting at me, his lips pursed together, his nostrils flaring, and his eyes, though narrowed, were showing just a twinge of hurt. My shoulders shook a little as I stifled a chuckle, and knowing that his impatient gaze was still on me I finally removed my trousers and tossed them towards my shirt.

From behind me on the bed Fenris growled, his eyes so intense I could feel them scanning over me from head to heel. "Turn around," he called out, his tone low and demanding, "Slowly."

As I followed his order and slowly turned, I caught a glimpse of his tongue receding into his mouth from licking his lips, and I couldn't help but smirk. I watched his eyes wander aimlessly over my body, pausing at my exposed arousal, my thighs, my hips, until finally rising to meet my face. "Do I pass your appraisal, love?" I teased once our eyes locked.

"You passed long ago," Fenris answered in a way that almost made me shiver. It wasn't too often that he spoke with such affection, dare I say with love, but when he did it was always... perfect. "Now come back to bed already." Perfect, and fleeting.

"Alright, alright," I droned, though chuckling. The first few steps back I took normally, but the moment I came into range I lunged forward, pouncing Fenris and pinning him to the bed. He didn't even blink, and instead his arms wrapped around my neck to bring our lips together, his legs spread wider to welcome my body to his, and his eyes - those gorgeous green orbs - gazed up at me with a look so endearing my heart skipped a beat. Though he had initiated the kiss I was quick to take over, and as I slid my tongue into his mouth I finally drove my fully erect manhood into him. The surge of pleasure I felt was absolutely mesmerizing, the way the tight ring clenched around me, the heat of his body, even the slightest twitches of the internal flesh intensified the sensation.

"Mmm, Hawke..." Fenris shuddered beneath me, the kiss already broken from our moans upon entry, and our bodies responding naturally to the incredible feeling. With his back arched he clung to me, dull nails raking over my neck, my shoulders, my chest, whatever segment of skin they could possibly reach, and as I started to thrust - pulling out until I could feel the tight ring of muscle close around the area just where the shaft joined with the head and pushing in deep until his body engulfed my full length - his body moved in synch with mine.

If I had shown any restraint or control before, it was gone now. All of my senses, all of my thoughts, all of my focus was overtaken by the incredible feeling of Fenris, moaning and writhing in pleasure below me as I drove into him harder, faster, hips grinding, skin slapping, hearts racing, bodies laced in sweat, breath haggard and panting as we half-coherently strung words together to whisper to each other as pleasure filled us both.

It wasn't until I had maxed out my speed and force that I set a solid pace, and after finding my pace I set most of my weight on my left arm to lower my right hand to stroke Fenris from his cheek, to his neck, his chest, his hips, and finally grasping what I expected to be a firm and throbbing erection; instead my fingers wrapped around his hand, which was wrapped around his firm and throbbing erection - sometime amidst the intense drilling he had already started stroking himself.

"Damn that's hot," I purred in his ear while lacing my fingers with his and rolling my thumb over the tip of his length, but allowing him to keep control of his self-pleasing actions and simply offering more friction and warmth while I maintained my strong, constant thrusting. It thrilled me, feeling the near frantic way Fenris moved his own hand up and down, almost as if he was trying to match the speed and force of my movements into his wanting ass, and hearing the incessant moaning and panting it all pulled from him. As intense as things were, I knew it was only a matter of seconds before we both came.


I smothered his lips with mine to stifle his final vocalizations as he came, hot and sticky streams jetting out of his cock onto our joined hands and splashing over both of our bodies as his muscles - both inside and out - convulsed, flexing and relaxing in time with his release as surge after surge of pleasure coursed through him; it all brought me to climax as well, the pleasure far more intense than I could have imagined as my seed spilled deep into him, and the night's labors finally coming to fruition as we came together.

It was nearly dawn, and as the first traces of morning light shined over the horizon I pulled out of him, my body spent and exhausted. I could barely even see straight as I lied down beside him and pulled him into my arms, and with a whisper of "I love you, Fenris," I fell asleep.

A/N: This was definitely much longer than I had anticipated (6,748 words without the notes) and perhaps a bit more romantic than initially intended, up until the end. Still, I do like the result. Needy Fenris being all rough and beastly and demanding, Hawke taking his sweet time through everything and savoring every single second... Oh yeah. I like. Round One: Tantric sex and orgasm control. Round Two: ... Sadomasochism? Yes, please! (Foreshadowing of future events!)

As for the Fenris leaving scene, I'm doing it separately... I'd rather do that bit in Fen's perspective, and I do not believe in changing perspective mid-story. Also... I'ven't had the chance to play the game up to that point again. So don't be surprised if it takes a while!