It was ten years ago when I saw her near the riverbank, watching the calm stream of river at night. It was a girl around my age, clad in pink yukata. Her shoulder-length was the color of midnight sky, shiny and reflecting the light of the full moon. I could feel my young heart throbbing with anxiousness while looking at the said girl and said anxiousness hindered me from breathing properly. I put my tiny hand on my chest, trying to calm myself, trying to regain my composure.

It felt strange, really strange. What was this feeling again? It was a bizarre sensation; a feeling that made my feet might crumble to the graveled ground, a feeling which was a completely alien thing for a young boy who had lived for around seven years.

"Who are you?"

My heart almost stopped when I heard that sweet, gentle voice. I was too fascinated by the young girl's figure and I didn't realize that the girl turned at me, looking at me with her eyes, which bore the exact same color as her hair, the color of midnight sky. Despite the night, I could see her face clearly due to the light of the full moon. I almost lost my ability to talk as I saw her face, a face of an angel. Well, I didn't know how to properly describe how her face looked like, but for me, it was too flawless, too majestic, too perfect.

I unconsciously stepped forward and the action made the girl tilted her head before she chuckled. I realized what I was doing before I lowered my gaze, trying to hide my reddened cheeks. It was embarrassing to act that way to the point that I wished to make a hole and then bury myself into it. I stared at my shoes, deciding to not meet the girl's black eyes so I couldn't embarrass myself any further.

"What's the matter?" the girl suddenly spoke before I felt a tiny, warm hand touched my silver head. "Why don't you look at me?" she asked in innocent tone. I slowly looked up again, looking at her smiling face. Again, my heart bumping faster and my cheeks felt hot. What's going on with me, exactly? What's with this strange feeling?

"Y-you're… beautiful…" that's the only thing I managed to speak in my condition. I saw the girl was taken aback by my statement, looking at me in bewilderment. But not long after that, the girl chuckled, covering her cute little mouth with the sleeve of her pink yukata. I found myself embarrassed again.

"Thank you," the girl said, smiling at me with appreciation. I could see her white cheeks being shaded with the color of red and I could see it clearly with the help of the shining full moon in the night sky. "I really appreciate it."

I awkwardly fidgeted in front of her, thinking for something that might be suitable to talk with her. Actually, I rarely spoke with girls, especially the girls around my age. The girl stared at me with her gentle black eyes before she smiled. Then she took my hand, catching me by surprise.

"Can you stay with me for a while?" the girl asked, her face was red. "Actually, it's my first time talking with a boy around my age. Umm… will you stay with me?"

I could see that she was embarrassed as well. So I wasn't alone after all. "Well… if you say that, we're the same," I managed to grin. Her small, gentle hand was touching my hand. It was soft, unlike my coarse, sweaty hands. "Anyway, who are you? Uh, I'm Seta Souji, nice to meet you."

"Seta… Souji-chan?" the girl tilted her head again, and her gesture was too cute, I could barely hide my embarrassment. Then the girl smiled again, and it was the most beautiful smile I ever saw in my life. "My name is Amagi Yukiko. Please play with me."

Prince Arjuna presents…

A Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 fanfiction…

Fleeting Memories

Chapter 01: Angel of the Night

"Boy, do you come from the city?" a middle-aged man in formal suit asked the silver-haired boy who was sitting beside him. The boy, who was looking at the scenery outside the window of the train, turned his attention at the man, looking at his face. The middle-aged man wore a pair of glasses with black frame.

"Yes, I came from the city," the boy replied, nodding. "Are you going to Inaba as well?" the boy asked. The middle-aged man nodded.

"I come to visit some of my relatives there. It's been two years since I came to that place. How about you, boy? Are you transferring there?" the middle-aged man asked the boy.

"Yes, I am transferred there," the boy answered. "I'll be living with my uncle there," he informed. The middle-aged man nodded, stroking his own chin while hearing the boy.

"Well, Inaba is a small town and you'll get bored easily if you're not creative enough. Boy, you're still young, so please enjoy your life to the fullest," the middle-aged man sagely advised the boy. "Ah, isn't it great to be young?" he said dreamily.

The boy smiled. "I'll remember that, mister. Thank you for your advice."

The middle-aged man nodded before he continued to read his novel. The boy turned his attention back at the scenery outside. The train had long left the city and he could clearly see the life of people who lived at the suburban area. The boy sighed, remembering the times when he had to transfer from place to place due to his parents. Last time, he lived through the first year of his high school life at the city and left the school a year after that. The boy sighed again, thinking it might be the same this time at Inaba.

Seta Souji, that's his name. His father, Seta Ryuuji was a renowned businessman and basically a busy person who barely met his only son. His mother, Seta Mikoto was an international musician, a talented violinist, a prodigy even during her youth. If Souji had to compare, he was closer to his mother compared to his father, who spent most of his time at work. Well, his mother was a busy woman as well, so he spent most of his time at home alone.

Souji shook his head, not wanting to think about it. He understood his parents. He understood why his father rarely met him and spent his time with him. He understood why his father had to go overseas for his business purpose. He understood why his mother had to go to America for her solo musical performance. He had long discarded his yearning for their attention and affection, because if he didn't discard such sentiment, he would only hurt himself in the end. He never wanted to endlessly wait for them at the dinner table, waiting for a happy dinner for a happy family.

"Happy… family, huh?" muttered the silver-haired boy in barely audible voice, not wanting to bother the middle-aged man who was reading his novel beside him. He had long discarded his longing for a happy family who would need each other, love each other, yearn for each other and affectionate to each other. He never hated his parents, but such affection never existed within him anymore.

And now, he would be transferred to Yasogami High School which was located at the rural town of Inaba. Throughout his life, he had gone to that place twice. The first time was when he was still an infant when his mother was sick and had to stay with her family there. The second time was when he was seven when his mother was taking a vacation from her musical career. His transfer this time was suggested by his mother herself and he would be living with her mother's brother, Dojima Ryoutaro, a police detective at Inaba.

He could barely recall his time when he visited the town. It was a peaceful and little town with many nice people. The town was located near the ancient Mount of Yasogami and the mount itself was one of the attractions of the town. It was a happy stay for him at Inaba where people treated him nicely, unlike the time when he lived at the town.

It was also the first time he met his first love.

Souji shook his head, trying to brush away such thought. While he still could remember, albeit barely, the angelic figure of a girl under the light of the full moon, he doubted that the girl still remembered him. Ten years had passed and he didn't want to put his hope high. It was a precocious crush, after all. Sure, it was pure and innocent, but he didn't want to be hopeful. Due to the constant absence of his parents, he had developed a slight pessimism in his way of life.

He had to wonder, however, about his said crush. Did she grow well? How would she look after these ten years? He had changed after those years from a snotty, bratty kid into a charming-looking boy who could charm a horde of ladies without even trying, so what about her? Did she have changed as well?

"Please play with me."

An innocent, sweet voice rang within his mind. Souji brought up his hand, looking into his palm. His palm was no longer sweaty like how it used to when he was little. It still coarse, of course, but the hand had already grown bigger. His hand when he was seven years old was only about the size of half of his palm. He had grown considerably good, and he's even taller than most of the boys around his age. Before he could realize it, he was already as tall as his father and taller than his mother. If she stood in front of him, her head might only reach his chest.

Knowing that his hormone was responsible for his growth, he didn't want to complain too much. Letting his body rested on the seat, he closed his eyes. He felt his surroundings darkened as the train reached the tunnel. Well, a good moment to rest anyway and the train would reach the end of the tunnel ten minutes later. Closing his eyes, he let his own mind sinking into the abyss of subconsciousness.

Well, it was the right time anyway. His destiny had already decided the time when he realized his role in a gamble, and the gamble was his own fate.

Souji slowly opened his eyes and found himself not in the train. Instead, he was sitting on a fabulous seat in a limousine. The interior of the limousine was blue in color, or velvet to be exact. He looked at the carpeted floor and found the carpet was velvet in color as well. He could smell the reeks of alcohol within the limousine and found a rack of them being assembled neatly.

The interior was intriguing, at least for Souji. Then he looked in front of him and realized that he wasn't alone. He saw two people. One was a strange-looking old man clad in formal suit, sitting face-to-face at him. His gloved hands were the hands of a pianist, he knew about it with a glance since he's a son of a musician. The old man's eyes were bloodshot and bulging, like the eyes of a maniac. But the most appealing thing about this old man was his impossibly long nose.

The other person was a woman clad in bizarre-looking velvet-colored dress. She seemed to carry an aura of calmness and dignity. Her eyes were closed before she opened them, revealing a pair of glowing golden eyes. Souji gulped, sensing something mysterious about this woman.

Then, the bizarre-looking man chuckled before he said in silky, amazingly and surprisingly elegant tone.

"Welcome to the Velvet Room."

"Velvet Room?" thought Souji, observing the interior of the limo. "Creative name."

Then the man with bizarrely-long nose continued. "Ah, it seems we have a guest with an intriguing destiny," he said before he chuckled. He spoke with his silky voice while making a polite gesture. Souji could clearly see his long, slender fingers, a finger of a pianist. His mother was one too, so he knew how to identify something like that with one glance. "My name is Igor… I am delighted to make your acquaintance," this long-nosed gentleman introduced himself, politely moving his hand.

Despite how complicated his situation was in, Souji retained his calmness. He knew that it would be useless to freak out, and he wasn't a type of person that would scream in terror if he saw someone with freaky appearance. Keeping his breathing in steady pace, he paid his attention to what Igor would say to him.

"This place exists between dream and reality, mind and matter…" Igor continued, speaking in quite cryptic tone. His grin looked creepy, but Souji didn't find it horrifying. He could say that this Igor would never put any harm at him, despite the probability that he might be able to do it. "This is a room that only those who are bound by a 'contract' may enter…" he said, giving Souji a quite meaningful look. "It may be that such a fate awaits you in the near future."

Souji could feel himself shuddering when Igor said 'fate' in front of him. He instinctively knew that this Igor wasn't an ordinary person. And he did state that this place, Velvet Room, or appropriately Velvet Limo was a place which exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. It meant that he was there, and at the same time, not there. It's hard to explain, exactly.

"Now then… why don't you introduce yourself…?" Igor asked, giving a gesture to Souji, asking him to state his name.

At first, Souji felt hesitant to state his name. Igor and that woman in velvet dress were strangers and he still couldn't really trust strangers. He felt conflicted but Igor seemed to read his mind, giving him an expression which might be interpreted as 'it's okay to not say it, but trusting others won't hurt you.' The silverette took a deep breath before he said his name.

"Souji…" he said. "Seta Souji," he closed his silver eyes. He could feel that Igor was smiling.

"Hmm… I see," Igor mused. "Now, let's take a look into your future, shall we?" Igor moved his slender hand onto the table which was in front of him before a deck of cards mysteriously appeared on the table. The appearing cards released some kind of velvet glow before the glow faded. "Do you believe in fortune telling?"

He swayed his hand and the cards were spread on the table by themselves.

"Each reading is done with the same cards, yet the result is always different…" Igor said with amused grin, trying to sound cryptic. Then he chuckled. "Life itself follows the same principle, doesn't it?" Igor gave Souji a meaningful look.

"It does make sense," Souji silently agreed.

Then Igor moved his hand, flipping one of the cards, revealing a card with the image of broken tower. Souji could feel a bad premonition by looking at the card. Seeing something broken wasn't something he would look forward.

"Hmm… The Tower in the upright position represents the immediate future. It seems a terrible catastrophe is imminent," Igor said while still smiling deviously, sensing Souji's uneasiness.

Souji gulped, knowing that he wasn't wrong after all. It wasn't like he entirely believed in fortune telling, but he was surprised that he knew what the tarot card represented. Waiting anxiously for the next card being flipped, he put his hands on his knees.

"The card indicating the future beyond that is…" Igor revealed another card with a gesture and a card with the image of a crescent moon appeared. "The Moon, in the upright position…" Igor stated. "This card represents 'hesitation' and 'mystery'…" Igor stroked his chin with his long finger. "Very interesting indeed."

"The Moon…" thought the boy with silver hair. Suddenly, a long-forgotten memory resurfaced. An angelic figure, a girl with the shiny midnight black hair clad in pink yukata, standing under the full moon, standing near the river bed was smiling at him. Souji could feel his heart throbbing, threatening to jump out from his chest, crushing through his ribcages. Souji brought up his hand on his chest, trying to calm himself. Beads of cold sweat appeared on his forehead. "Uh, out of all time, why now?"

Igor smiled understandingly before he spoke, "It seems you will a misfortune at your destination, and a great mystery will be imposed upon you." Igor looked satisfied as he read Souji's fortune. "In the coming days, you will enter into a contract of some sort, after which you will return here. The coming year is a turning point in your destiny…" Igor said, looking straight into Souji's silver eyes. "If the mystery goes unsolved, your future may be completely lost."

Souji winced at the last sentence. Your future may be completely lost, it sounded terrifying enough. Igor sensed Souji's uneasiness as he grinned.

"My duty is to provide assistance to our guests to ensure that does not happen," Igor said before he swayed his hand again and the spread cards on the velvet table mysteriously vanished, just like magic. Souji could feel the seriousness of what Igor had said to him just now. Even while he still couldn't exactly believe in fortune telling, Igor's cryptic message was enough to make him feel alerted.

Then, Souji looked at the woman who sat near Igor. The woman was a real beauty. Her skin was eerily pale and her elegant blonde hair seemed to reflect her inner dignity. Her golden eyes were looking at Souji.

"Ah, I have neglected to introduce my assistant to you." Igor gestured at the woman beside him. "This is Margaret. She is a resident of this place, like myself," Igor introduced the woman, his assistant.

"My name is Margaret. I am here to accompany you through your journey," the woman, Margaret introduced herself in quite polite, courtly manner. Souji felt ashamed to himself because he felt that he was inadequate to accept Margaret's polite greeting. Awkwardly, he bowed. Margaret smiled understandingly.

"And… at your destination, there is something that awaits you, something that may create a complete change in your destiny, just to inform," Igor cryptically informed, giving Souji an amused grin.

Souji was confused. It seemed clear that Igor knew something that he didn't know but he didn't feel like asking.

"We shall attend to the details another time," Igor said. "Until then, farewell…"

As Igor said that, Souji felt his eyes blurred before darkness entirely swallowed him, bringing back himself into the world of consciousness.

"Go… go to the place… a place where everything begins…" it was the last words Souji could hear from Igor. And the last thing Souji could see was a tarot card in Igor's hand, a card. Instinctively, Souji knew the card like he was born to know such thing.

"The… Priestess…"

Souji opened his eyes and he found himself on his seat in the train. He returned back into the world of consciousness, it seemed. He might consider that the event he had experience a moment ago as a mere dream. He glanced beside him and saw the middle-aged man who kept him company was sleeping soundly. Smiling understandingly, he took out his phone.

"Meet us outside Yasoinaba Station at 4PM."

It was a message from his uncle, Dojima Ryoutaro. Sighing, be put back the phone into his pocket. Recently regarding the event in the Velvet Room as a mere dream, he recalled back his time when he first met his first crush.

"We will arrive at the Yasogami Terminal in a few minutes. Passengers headed for Inaba City and Yasoinaba Station, please go to the other side of the platform," the sound of the announcer said. The middle-aged man beside Souji woke up and immediately took his luggage, going to the stated place. Souji too took his bag before he went to the other side of the platform.

"Yasoinaba… huh?" the boy thought, going to the other side of the platform along with the other passengers. The train then stopped and the door was opened. The other passengers walked out from the train in a queue and Souji was among them. As he stepped out from the train, he breathed in the air outside. Really, it was completely different compared to the filthy air of the city. It was clean and calming.

He met up with his uncle, Dojima Ryoutaro outside the train station. He was accompanied with his daughter, a 6-year-old cute girl who reminded Souji to his childhood crush. Initially, the girl seemed to be shy and hiding behind her father. It seemed that Souji's presence was something which was completely new to her. She's Dojima Nanako, and it seemed that she was his cousin.

"What's up, Nanako? How it feels to have your cousin with you?" Dojima asked teasingly at Nanako while driving. Nanako, blushing, delivered a light smack on her father's shoulder. "Oww! Watch out, Nanako! I'm driving!" Dojima yelped before he laughed. Nanako who was sitting behind pouted cutely.

Souji couldn't help but to laugh as well. Seeing both pair of father and daughter reminded him of a happy family he could only dream to have. A rather sad smile was formed on his lips and Dojima seemed to saw it.

"Something's wrong, Souji?" asked Dojima, still driving.

"It's nothing, uncle," Souji shook his head. "It just feels rather… different…" he admitted. To have such a friendly atmosphere was a new, strange experience for him. At home, he rarely interacted with his parents so this kind of cheerful atmosphere seemed to suffocate him a bit.

Dojima smiled understandingly, glancing at Souji. "You'll get used to it eventually, Souji. After all, we're family."

Souji smiled as Dojima said 'family'. He could feel his heart blossomed with happiness. For someone who had already losing hope for having a happy family, having a new, happy family coming for him was some kind of blessing to him.

"Ah, we'll stop at the gas station for a while," Dojima said. He turned the wheel, moving the car to the gas station. As the car arrived, a gas station attendant came running towards the car. A green truck left the station after the attendant left the driver. The attendant greeted Dojima.

"Hi, welcome to Moel!"

"Can you go to the bathroom by yourself?" Dojima asked his daughter.

"Uh huh," Nanako nodded before she came out from the car. Dojima also stepped out from the car and the attendant waited for hi dutifully. As Nanako went out from the car, she looked around. Souji deduced that she didn't know which way would lead her to the toilet.

"It's in the back, to your left. You know which way's left? The side you don't hold your chopsticks in," the attendant informed Nanako teasingly. Nanako's cheeks reddened before she puffed her cheeks and pouted.

"I know…" Nanako replied. "Geez…" she ran to the place where the attendant pointed at. Souji took this time to come out from the car. The attendant was talking to Dojima in friendly manner. Souji could see that Dojima was explaining to the attendant that he was taking Souji from the station.

"Fill up my car while you're at it. Regular's fine," Dojima ordered.

"Right away, sir!" the attendant cheerfully nodded. Then Dojima left, seemingly deciding to smoke for a bit, leaving the attendant with Souji. Then the attendant talked to Souji. "Are you in high school?" the attendant asked curiously.

"Uh… yeah," Souji replied.

The attendant cheerfully grinned. "Does it surprise a city boy to see how little there is out here?" he asked.

"Not exactly," Souji shook his head.

"Well, there's so little to do, I'm sure you'll get bored fast. You'll either be hanging out with your friends or doing part-time jobs," the attendant said. "Speaking of which, we're actually looking for part-time help right now," he went towards Souji before he offered a handshake. "Give it some thought, why don't you? We don't mind if you're student."

Souji looked at the offered hand before he gazed at the attendant's face. The attendant looked honest while offering a handshake.

"Well, a handshake won't hurt, I guess," Souji thought before he took the hand, having a firm handshake with the attendant. Then, something felt strange. Souji felt like something was wrong with himself. He felt like something was triggered within his body but he couldn't exactly describe what that was. But, as the attendant spoke to him, Nanako returned from the bathroom.

"Oh, I should get back to work," the attendant said before he went to fill the gas for Dojima's car. As the attendant left, Souji felt a sudden dizziness. He felt slightly nauseous as he put his palm on his forehead. Nanako went towards Souji, standing in front of him and gazing upwards, looking at his face.

"Are you okay?" Nanako asked. "Did you get carsick?"

"Carsick?" thought Souji.

"You don't look too good," Nanako said, seemingly worried. Souji scratched the back of his head before he sighed.

"It's okay, Nanako-chan," Souji said, smiling at his little cousin. "Maybe I'm a little exhausted because of that long trip."

Nanako tilted her head in bewilderment.

It's already raining at the moment they arrived at Dojima's Residence. Souji could barely remember when he came to live there for a while when he was little. His childhood experience was a bit blurry, so he couldn't recall too much about it.

When having dinner, Dojima was called for duty, leaving Nanako and Souji alone in the house. So, they watched the television to see the latest news about the scandal of a certain TV announcer, Yamano Mayumi with a city council secretary, Namatame Taro. Just some news about glamorous people, Souji didn't care about it too much anyway.

As for Nanako, despite her initially shy appearance, she was overall a sweet child, and could be cheerful at times. She was seen singing the theme of commercial song of Junes. Souji was happy to see someone like her.

After talking about various things, Souji went upstairs where his things were already put. It was a simple bedroom with a couch, a study desk, a futon and a television. Intending to unpack the stuff later, he decided to sleep.

Right before sleeping, he thought about many things; his life, what would happen to him during his stay in Inaba, his life, how many friends he could get this time, his life, what kind of new things he might experience, his life, about his new life with Dojimas, his life and so on. He kept thinking about his life since he knew that one year later, he would leave this town, just like what he had done before.

And there's his childhood crush.

What's about her now? Did she get more beautiful? Did she still go to the riverbank, looking at the river while standing under the moon? He couldn't exactly remember her name but the memories about her still vividly could be remembered, just like a black-and-white recording. And more importantly, did she still remember him?

Souji shook his hand. There's no way she could remember him. Ten years had already passed and he could barely remember such encounter.

Sighing heavily, Souji closed his eyes while lying under his blanket. He wished to have a good night sleep and a good dream.

But it seemed that his destiny didn't allow him to have a good dream.

"Where… am I?" I found myself in a foggy maze. It was too foggy; my eyes could barely see anything. I checked myself and found a dull, rusty katana hanging on my waist. Well, for a dream, I was well-protected. I didn't have much choice other than moving forward.

As I marched forward, I heard the sound of bell ringing and I stopped. A voice was heard.

"Do you seek the truth?"

The words were cryptic and barely understandable at all. But still, I didn't have much choice other than proceeding forward. The area was enveloped by thick fog but I felt like I wouldn't have to worry tripping because I felt like something was guiding me. I didn't really know, but something definitely was guiding me.

The bell rang again.

"If it's truth you desire, come and find me…"

The voice was getting clearer and clearer before I arrived in front of a large door. Sensing that something awaited me beyond the door, I opened the door, revealing an area with thicker fog. I stepped into the area and sensed someone within the fog.

Somehow, my body told me to get into self-defense. That someone was definitely something dangerous to face. I immediately pulled out my rusty katana and assumed a battle stance. I calmly analyzed the situation, lowering my body, preparing to launch an attack to the unidentified person within the fog.

"So… you're the one pursuing me…" the unidentified entity spoke with soft voice. I couldn't see the figure clearly due to the thick fog but if I made a perfect calculation, I might be able to strike the figure down. "Hmhmhm… try all you like…" said the figure with amused tone. With all my strength, I launched myself towards the figure, swinging my rusty blade onto its abdomen.

I felt like I was cutting it, but the figure seemed unfazed, unaffected by my assault. I immediately returned to defensive stance, eyeing the figure so I could react to any of its action.

"Hmmm… it seems that you can see a little, despite the fog…" the figure spoke. Despite not be able to see it, I felt like the figure was sneering at me. Once again, I took my chance to deliver another assault. The attack directly landed onto it, but once again, it shrugged the attack off like it was nothing but a bug's bite.

"Tch!" seeing that it brought little to no effect to the figure, I assumed my defensive stance. From the second assault, I knew that it was pointless to land another strike if it couldn't bring the figure down.

"I see…" the figure mused. "Indeed, you possess an interesting quality…"

I retreated several steps aback, observing my opponent. It seemed that delivering another attack was pointless, so I decided to wait.

"But… you will not catch me so easily…" the figure said. "If what you seek is 'truth', then your search will be even harder…" it said before I sensed that the fog thickened and the figure practically vanished from my sight. I clicked my tongue, knowing that attacking it would be useless. The thick fog began to get into me, giving me a headache.

It seemed that the longer my vision was exposed to the fog, the more deteriorated it became. My head felt heavier and I used my sword to support my body.

"Everyone sees what they want to…" the figure said, giving me that craptastic lecture. "And the fog only deepens…"

"Uh…" I groaned. I fell on my knees, unable to properly stand anymore. The thick fog made me felt like my head began to split. I felt like the veins in my head might burst anytime. "D-damn… it…"

"Will we meet again?" the figure asked. "At a place other than here," I could feel the figure was snickering and I was annoyed. "Hmhm… I look forward to it…"

"Ah…" the pain was unbearable. It felt like my head was split open by a sword. My katana fell from my grasp and I panted heavily. With the fog this thick, I couldn't even see my own hands and it almost drove me into insanity. While clinging to the last bit of my sanity, I wished the pain could go away.

"Are you crying?"

Suddenly, a voice was heard. It wasn't a voice of that figure. It was a voice of a little girl. I looked around but the thick fog hindered my vision. I brought my hands up, trying to reach the source of that voice.

"Don't worry…" the voice said. It sounded like it was comforting me. I began to forget the pain in my head as I lifted my body up, aimlessly searching for the source of the soothing voice. While blindly walked around the area, I felt like my hands were touched my something tiny, but at the same time, something warm. "Didn't I already promise to you?"


The fog slowly subsided and I began to see the one who held my hands. As I finally got a better look, I was greeted by a sweet smile. I saw a flash of midnight.

"I'll always protect you, and you'll in turn always protect me, right?"

It was my angel.

To Be Continued

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