Author notes: Ok, here is my new NaruHina story. I got this idea from reading an unfinished h-doujin of mattwilson83 under the same title. I asked him if I can use his work for this fanfic. Matt provided me with all necessary informations for me to come up with a good plot. That is why all rights for the plot are going to Matt, I only brought this all together. Also this is my first lemon fic so please tell me if you like it or what can be corrected. My English isn't very good so have mercy in your reviews.

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Summary: His mission, infiltrate a gang of slave traders. Her mission, back him up with other reinforcement shinobi. He doesn't know of her participation. But what if by some bad luck she ends in the lions den? Now she'll be trained as a sex slave, but who'll do it? Some stranger? Or maybe an old friend and old... love? M for lemons, sexual themes and some swearing. NaruHina

In a cold, dark cell, huddled on the stone floor a naked Hyuuga Hinata was trying to keep herself warm. The only thing she had on herself was a leather collar with a seal that prevented of her using chakra attached around her neck. She was all alone now as a little time ago all her co-prisoners from the cell were taken away, one by one, until there was no one else left other than her. The raven-haired kunoichi of Konoha thought about this entire situation she couldn't help but wonder: how did this all happen?

Almost four months ago Hinata found out that Uzumaki Naruto, her crush from childhood and a dear friend of hers was sent on an undercover mission. After the first month passed without any news from him the young girl started to visit the Godaime Hokage in her office to get any information about the blond shinobi. Even if Hinata was doing her duties as a kunoichi of Konoha and an heiress of Hyuuga Clan, that didn't stop her from pestering Tsunade about Naruto's mission and if there were any news from him. The sheer determination of one of her ninja impressed the female Hokage and annoyed the hell out of her! Who would have thought that the little shy and timid Hyuuga Hinata could be almost the same pain in the ass as the absent blond?

When Tsunade saw Hinata the next day in her office for the same case as all the previous times, the Slug Sannin caved in. She explained her young subordinate the little details about Naruto's mission. He was to find and infiltrate a gang of rouges that had based themselves in a remote area. They were suspected for various activities like kidnapping, theft, mercenary work, even assassination. Not only that, but there were evidence of this group having their income from illegal gambling facilities, prostitution and drugs. But that wasn't what convinced the Hokage to send Naruto to infiltrate this group. Tsunade said it very clear that what gained the village's attention were the rumors of this group made profit from capturing women, some for ransom, but mainly for slavery and prostitution. They would train the captives to be sex slaves and sale them to the highest bidder, either to brothels or to the personal ownership.

Naruto's quest was to identify the leaders of the gang, signal the back up the back-up team that considered about one hundred of shinobi and kunoichi alike. Also if there is a possibility then he was to take out the sensors of the gang before the assault, as they were the main reason as to why Tsunade couldn't send any ANBU on this mission because they would be immediately discovered.

All this information shocked Hinata. She wasn't a naive girl that didn't know anything about the dark parts of kunoichi's life. She knew that some of the missions required from the female ninja's to bed with men for information or to get close to the target they were instructed to kill. But even with this knowledge the young Hyuuga led a rather sheltered life as a kunoichi. Never had she to do this kind of missions when she was nineteen, as the custom of sending kunoichi to those tasks was when they were at least sixteen. Being the heiress of a prestige clan has its uses. Also Hinata would refuse this kind of missions if she had a choice. Not only because she's still very shy and reserved but also because there is only one man that she would give her virginity to. The young blond hyperactive shinobi, Uzumaki Naruto.

Now that the Godaime revealed all this before the young woman Hinata made up her mind. She requested her superior to include her to the back-up team, even if the prospect of being caught and then victimized to the activities of this gang scared her. At first Tsunade was surprised by this and instantly refused but Hinata kept pestering her for the next three days and even used her Byakugan to find all the hidden Sake bottles that Tsunade managed to keep out of Shizune's watchful eyes. When the shy girl used this information and mentioned about informing the first apprentice of the legendary medic about them and all the future hides, the granddaughter of Senju Hashirama didn't have much choice. The very next day Hinata was packed and went towards the location where back-up team's camp was.

At the camp she was met with a very anxious atmosphere. It seemed that everyone was waiting for the time to strike and the tension was getting the better out of them. Training would do little good as they all have to conserve their strength for when Naruto sends out the signal. Some of the higher ranking shinobi were making plans and laying out strategies basing on all information provided by the blond spy.

Hinata managed to befriend with one of the kunoichi in the camp. Her name was Katsuhi Mika, she had long curly hair that were falling freely over her shoulders. Mika wasn't taller than the shy Hyuuga more than a few inches. She also had a character similar to Naruto; very outgoing and loud, but also very friendly towards the timid Hinata. It could be said that the two women hit it off the bat like they knew each other their whole life. Mika even teased her new friend when she heard that Hinata still secretly loves the blond hyper bomb called Naruto, inducing a very intense blush from the Hyuuga heiress.

The waiting in anticipation for the signal went for the next three months. This made all the inhabitants of the camp very nervous. Hinata was more worried about how Naruto was doing and if he was safe. Shortly after the war with Akatsuki and capturing Uchiha Sasuke, she confronted the blond about what happened during the Pain's assault and what she confessed to him. It almost broke her heart when she heard that Naruto accepted her as a friend, clearly missing the true meaning behind Hinata's words. For the next few days the young kunoichi avoided him but it didn't help her aching heart. After some meditation exercises, a calming bath in private Hyuuga hot-spring and to her great surprise her father's advice, Hinata was able to accept that she'll be only a friend to Naruto, even if she was yearning for something more.

Then the tragedy came. Someone had spotted their camp and sold the Konoha shinobi out. The attack came so suddenly that half of the camp was taken down before the other half was even up. The remaining shinobi fought bravely, giving the attackers a hard time. Hinata got at least three thugs with her improved Juuken style that she developed for her outstanding flexibility. Her father, sister and cousin were really surprised by the performance. They agreed to add Hinata's variation of the Gentle Fist Style to the clan's achieves to be taught any future members that could bring out the potential of this taijutsu style.

But even this improved style couldn't help her when suddenly the whole camp was bombarded with gas grenades. The next Hinata knew there was only darkness as her body went limp and she lost consciousness.

When she woke up Hinata was already locked in the dark cold cell with twenty or so other kunoichi she remembered from the camp. After she fought off the last effects of the gas the raven-haired girl discovered to her utter horror and shame that all females in the cell were stripped bare. The only thing all of them had was a strong-looking, thick but light, immovable leather collar around their necks with something that Hinata suspected was a seal but she didn't know what kind. She quickly found out that this seal cut off the chakra of the wearer when the Hyuuga girl couldn't activate her Byakugan.

After some time someone came and dragged one of the women away, not caring about her protests and screams. One by one they were taken away and those who were still in the cell were horrified whenever the words 'fill the order' were spoken from their captors. It was not secret to the remaining women what happened to female prisoners here, and a wave of tension and concern hit them.

Soon enough Hinata was the only one left in the cell. She was seriously afraid of what is going to happen to her. Long has she given up the hope of being rescued by Konoha, as no one probably knew where the base was, or even if they were still alive. The lavender-eyed heiress knew that when the next rouge comes for her then it'll mean the end of her as a kunoichi and the end of her innocence. Those thoughts were quickly interrupted by someone talking outside. The voice was muffled but Hinata could recognize one of them as the guard that came and took the last girl before her.

"... she's last... valuable... there is no one left..."

"... is one... never trained..."

"... won't do it... too stubborn..."

"... prove loyalty..."

Anything else Hinata couldn't hear as the door to her cell opened and the same man that took other girls now approached her. She couldn't see him clearly in the darkness that reigned the room, only that this person was quite muscular and tall, taller than her. He attached a leash to her collar and tugged for her to get up. As she did the Hyuuga girl felt the man binding her hands behind her back with cuffs, like she saw the captors doing it to all those females before her.

The man holding the other end of the leash tugged again and ordered her to move. Hinata couldn't help when a red hue decorated her pale cheeks. She was dragged around naked and her body reacted to the chilly air, every person met on the way could see her, bare to the lustful eyes of men. Even after all those years the young heiress was still very body-conscious, just not as much as in her Genin and Chuunin days. But this situation was beyond anything Hinata ever experienced. The lavender-eyed girl never in her life was so ashamed and embarrassed.

While they were walking Hinata looked around a little but the simple stone corridors, lighted by few lamps, couldn't tell her anything of the base location. Suddenly she heard a scream. Seeing his prisoners startled face the guard chuckled.

"Soon you too will be screaming, bitch! We're closing to your new quarters and your trainer!"

Not replying to the guard's provocative words Hinata focused more on her surrounding but soon she regretted it. More and more sounds were heard, cries of pain, moans of pleasure, screams of resistance. Along those the young captive could hear snickers, yells and something that sounded like a whip hitting the flesh. Soon enough the pair started to pass open doors. Hinata could see women she knew from the camp and then the cell, being assaulted by men in various sexual activities. Some were crying from pain, begging those doing it to them to stop, others resisted openly only to be punished quite painfully. There were also those that silently took whatever their captors gave them, probably wanting all this to end as soon as possible.

One room especially caught Hinata's attention. Inside she saw her friend from the camp, Mika. Previously hyper and very active woman now was laying face-up on top of a man, who was taking her from behind, while another knelt between her spread legs and taking her from the front. Mika's hands weren't bound but instead wrapped around two more of her abusers. Fifth male was at her head with his member in her mouth, making her suck it and muffling her voice. The whole body of the female captive was covered in males seed and her eyes were vacant, like her lively spirit wasn't there anymore, leaving this world of pain and shame.

Before Hinata passed the door of this room she saw as one of the abusers took a syrigne with some blue liquid and injected it in Mika's arm. A few seconds later the Hyuuga girl saw as her friend's spasm quite strongly and heard her scream almost orgasmically only for those moans of pleasure being muffled again. Soon after Hinata lost the sight of that room and saw how her guide brought her before closed door.

'This is it...' Hinata thought bitterly. 'Here is the place where I'll lose my virginity to some stranger and later be trained until I'm nothing more than a subdued slave for men's lust...'

The doors opened.

Uzumaki Naruto was sitting inside his quarters, thinking about the whole situation he was in. It seems that his superiors had enough of him avoiding the task and ordered him to do it now. How the hell is he going to make through it?

It all began a little more than three months ago. Hatake Kakashi found Naruto training and told the nineteen year old shinobi to report to Godaime Hokage. In her office Tsunade explained him that she has a difficult task that only someone as unpredictable as the young blond could do it. And boy, was he happy to hear that an important mission like this was assigned to him!

After the war with Akatsuki ended, Naruto was the first ever Genin getting a field promotion to Jounin. Everyone agreed that after defeating Uchiha Sasuke without killing or permanently maiming him, as well as destroying Uchiha Madara along with his demonic statue and freeing all captured Bijuu, he deserved nothing less. Also there was the fact that he and Sasuke together killed Kabuto and prevented him from coming back.

Only this cooperation and Naruto's hot defense saved Sasuke from death sentence. Also it didn't hurt that even Killer Bee, younger brother of Sandaime Raikage A and Jinchuuriki of Hachibi, put some good word for him too, though everyone was annoyed by his constant rapping and the self-proclaimed avenger looked like he wanted a death sentence just to end this torture. In the end the last Uchiha was sentenced to a prison time in special ANBU cell for extremely dangerous criminals for an indeterminate amount of time with his chakra and Sharingan bounded. If his regret for the committed is proved true and he won't harbor any treasonous thoughts towards Konoha then the ruling Hokage will decide if he can leave the prison cell.

There was also one other thing that Naruto had on his mind aside from Sasuke's trial. Her name was Hyuuga Hinata. Soon after the end of the war the shy kunoichi confronted him about what was told during Pain's attack. Of course he remembered how she said that she loved him, it was quite a shock actually and gave the blond teen something to think about for quite long time. Finally he came to a conclusion that the Hyuuga heiress loved him as a friend as there was no way that she could feel something more to him... right? When Naruto told her that at first he thought that he screwed this up, because Hinata looked very sad and avoided him for a few days. Not to mention that her sensei, team, cousin and younger sister, along with his pink-haired teammate and other kunichi friends of their age group, made it quite clear that if Hinata doesn't start being her usual smiling self, then they will make Naruto's life very difficult, hero of the village or not! For his luck him and the shy girl made up and started hanging out more like close friends which was fine by everyone.

Anyway, back to the mission assignment, Tsunade explained all details. It was an undercover mission. His main task was to infiltrate a group of rouges, suspected for various dark businesses, like slave trades and female kidnappings for sale, and identify the leaders. Also, Naruto was to capture the team of sensors that worked for this group, so the reinforcements kept nearby the supposed location of the base could back him up in the assault on the gang. For first the Uzumaki boy was reluctant in taking this mission. I mean, who wouldn't? To act like one of these scum that kidnaps young women, trains them to be nothing more than sex toys for some rich pigs, and maybe even participate in those actions? That just denied everything that Naruto believed as a man.

To blow away his concerns, Naruto asked why he was given such an assignment. Why not sent ANBU Black Ops to wipe those rouges from the map? Both Tsunade and Kakashi looked at the young blond before sighing at his short thinking. Because of those sensors any high level ninja with special training would be spotted before even closing to the location of the base, forget about infiltration. Not only that, but they had also the captives to think about, so the frontal assault was also out of question, even if they knew where exactly this gang locked themselves.

After saying this Kakashi began how Naruto is an ideal candidate for this task. Not only can he hide his huge chakra reserves better than most ninja in the world, the blond's unpredictable nature and ability to think outside of standard so to speak, were his biggest advantage for and undercover mission like that. Having Kyuubi as well as Sage Mode to help him when all goes to hell also didn't hurt. Beside this group seemed to like in their recruits a personality quite similar to his and that he was young also spoke good for his chances to be approached by them.

In the end Naruto took this mission. He changed his clothes from the orange-black jumpsuit to a net undershirt, dark green flak pants, black sandals on his feet and a long grey clock with ripped sleeves, and headed to a place known to be ran by this group, nothing special just a small town with a lot of bars, gambling houses and a red light district. The young Jounin suppressed his chakra even before he left Konoha so there wasn't any risk of him being found out before his mission really started. Naruto remembered what Jiraiya taught him about infiltration and information gathering, so the blond youth went to the first place where he'll be able to find out more about those rouges... the bar.

It wasn't even ten minutes after he went in that there was fight because some of the thugs didn't like the newbie being all cocky. Using a small portion of his ninja skills Naruto managed to hold off several of his opponents, throwing them out of the building. Soon enough the blond was approached by the agents of the group and offered him a job in their organization. Playing the role of a fresh nuke-nin and trying to gain confidence in them that he wanted to do everything alone, he declined the offer. Then it all went smooth. Naruto wandered around for a week, losing money, getting into more fights, running into debts and finally ending on the streets before those guys came again with their proposal. This time the Uzumaki teen accepted. Under the false name of Makai Ruto, he became one of this gang's foot soldiers.

The first part of plan, means the infiltration part, was a success. Ruto was quickly brought to one of the captains in the base, which was in a secured valley shielded from every side by very dangerous mountains and sharp cliffs. The base itself was like a fortress with stone walls, high watch towers and many traps in the grounds around it. Inside there was little light, only what came from torches, a few windows, and a primitive electrical light installation. There was also a slight problem with getting to the leaders and sensors. Naruto quickly learned that those ninja were kept separate from the rest of grunts and only high officers, at least a commander, could see them. Not to mention that the leader of the gang had five generals and each of them had one or two commanders, only a general could speak with the boss face to face. Naruto knew that it'll only get more complicated. So if he wanted for this mission to be a success then he had to advance high enough so he could join the generals or at least prove his loyalty to be a commander and get to the sensors, take them out and call the reinforcements that were installed nearby. That's how Naruto, now Makai Ruto, began his career in the organization.

The captain didn't waste time with reading the report about Ruto's skills. Immediately the rookie soldier was sent on his first mission for the group with a squad. Some bandits started to gather too close to the base for the leaders comfort. The orders were: "Find and destroy the camp. Do not let anyone escape alive."

That was when Naruto came to the dilemma of undercover missions: how to do your job and do not lose yourself? He hated killing but for the sake of destroying this gang Naruto had to play perfectly his role. Using the experience from his rather hard childhood, the boy put on his old mask, making him completely Makai Ruto on the outside and staying Uzumaki Naruto inside.

Killing those thugs wasn't hard. They were just a bunch of bandits without any professional training or having any skills. Also they had several women raped and dead on one side of their camp and those still alive were on the opposite end. Hiding behind his mask, Makai Ruto went through those pigs like a butcher, slitting their throats silently or snapping their necks after going behind them. It helps, putting a mask I mean. With this Naruto could at least think that his consciousness was clear.

The surviving women were brought back to the base for the training and Ruto was rewarded with a bonus to his pay. Then the regular errands came up like beating someone who was supposed to pay up a debt, protecting a new transport of goods, standing bodyguard in one of casinos or brothels, even stealing some valuable items, or just going from one person to other and passing a message for them. Other times he was just standing guard in the base's gates and going on patrols with his team to look out for the new threats.

All was going smooth. Naruto sent a messenger toad to Konoha and the back-up team every time he could get out of the sensors range. It wasn't easy, as the patrol groups were still changing, so the blond couldn't often update the team and the village about his progress. Of course he was aware what that could mean for his reinforcements: anxiety, impatience and very much stressed atmosphere at the camp, and all this was his fault. However there was little that he could do about this.

Up till now Naruto took any task assigned to him except one: the duty of training. For some time it wasn't a problem as most of the grunts didn't do it. This was almost used as an incentive for soldiers to do better or to get promotion in their own teams as only team captains could pick trainers, also it was a test of loyalty to the group for the fresh officers. Then something unexpected happened. Less than two weeks after Makai Ruto joined the ranks of this organization he was promoted to a rank of Lieutenant and presented with the possibility of training a young woman his own age. She was fresh from capture, fear showing itself in her eyes, tears streaming down her cheeks and falling onto her naked and bounded body.

He didn't do it. Even on an undercover mission Naruto couldn't fully forget his principles and hurt this woman by... this training and life as a sex slave. For his luck there were more guys of his rank that haven't trained, so his cover wasn't blown yet. Still, if Naruto wanted to get close to the higher ups then he had to prove his loyalty to the group by doing anything they ordered of him.

His rise in ranks was stagnated up till now. There were rumors of some new batch of slaves being caught and the commanders assigned the trainers for them. Also there was a fact that Makai Ruto was given an instruction to go to the training area. Probably to assign a slave for him to train. But Naruto knew also that those new women weren't the usual capture. The answer was only one: his back-up was spotted and ninja were captured, killed or they had managed to run away. He was now all alone on this mission.

"Well," he said out loud without a realization, "I can't dwell on this like that. Time to go." With that Naruto rose up from the chair, re-created his mask of Makai Ruto, and walked out of his quarter, not bothering with closing the door.

Hinata lowered her eyes, not wanting to watch this... person that was to be her trainer, even though he was turned back to them. The guard holding her leash tugged it, and they walked inside the room.

"Well, here he is. Meet your new trainer." The man said with an amused voice. When he got no reply from the girl, he tugged her leash again, harder this time. "Well... Say hello to him you little bitch!" the guard barked harsh at her.

Not wanting to be a target for this man's anger the former kunoichi did as she was asked. "P-pleased to..."

"Listen, I told you guys I'm... Huh?" the future trainer turned around to face the newcomers but at the sight of the female his voice froze in his throat. 'Hinata? What she's doing here? And naked?' Naruto thought. As wrong as it seemed, the sight of his close friend's bare body, her cream-white skin glistering in the dim light, this hourglass figure and curves that most females would kill to have, worked on his libido better than anything he ever experienced. And remembering Hinata's sweet and innocent nature only added to the excitement Naruto already felt in his pants.

'Oh, Kami-sama!' Hinata thought. When she heard the voice she immediately raised her head and locked her gaze at the blond before her, a new red blush covered the pale cheeks. 'N-Naruto-kun? He's my... trainer?'

The guard didn't really care at the whole scene and turned to Naruto. "Listen up kid. We've let you off until now. But you can't avoid this." His face darkened a little as he went further with his explanation. "We have too many girls, and you're the last one we can use without promoting. And if we promote someone else, that's a demotion for you."

"W-what?" Naruto couldn't believe what he heard. He got so far! "You can't be serious!"

"I am." The guard answered calmly. "Prove yourself kid. Train her. You may even get a promotion, if you prove your loyalty to the group." Then he started to walk towards the still open door. "You know the drill. The door will be left open. You need anything, you just have to call." The silence hanged in the room for a few seconds before the blond answered.

"Tch... Fine." Naruto said trying to not clench his teeth in disgust, perfectly controlling his emotions and not showing anything. "I'll do it."

"Good boy." The guard grinned and finally left the two alone.

"You..." Naruto said harshly as he grabbed Hinata's arm, much to her surprise at the sudden action. "Come here. We're going to begin."

"B-but... Na-"

"Whores don't talk. Now get on your knees." He ordered her, squeezing the girl's arm a little harder. Naruto felt horrible for what he was doing to a sweet person as Hinata, but he had no choice. Still having his mask as Ruto on, and finally getting the young woman kneeling before him, he continued. "I'm gonna start your training by teaching you to love cocks." He unzipped his pants and released his already hard member of an impressive length of almost seven inches before her face. "Now start sucking."


"And if you bite then I'll punish you." Ruto said with his terrifying, yet very husky voice that made the shy Hyuga blush harder and feel something strange inside her. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling but an unfamiliar one to her.

'S-since it's... Naruto-kun...' Hinata thought as she closed her mouth around Naruto's cock and the salty taste hit her tongue. For several seconds she didn't know what to do next, but then Hinata remembered the instruction from her secret love and started sucking on his member. Getting a positive reaction the raven-haired kunoichi felt hands at the back of her head and was pushed farther down his length. She gasped at the feeling of a hot, thick column of meat slowly moving into her mouth. When Naruto began thrusting against her face at a slow and steady motion, keeping his hands behind her head, Hinata whimpered and closed her eyes. Her tongue massaged the underside of the piston as it moved back and forth. From time to time he went deeper into her mouth and she could feel the tip of his dick massaging the back of her throat. Hinata didn't have a gag reflex, as on advanced kunoichi classes the girls were taught how to overcome it. But the sensation of her good friend's cock going that far into her mouth was unexpectedly... good. She could feel her own raw lust building inside of her. Never before did she feel something like this. Neither did Naruto.

'I'm so sorry Hinata. I have no choice.' The blond thought to himself as he felt her wet tongue going around his cock and how the tip hit the back of her throat. 'Ohhh... Damn, it feels good!' He moaned quietly. 'I shouldn't be enjoying this. If only I could close the door. I could explain it to you.' For a short while Naruto glanced at the girl's face but quickly regretted it. 'Damn it! Why the hell does she have to look so cute and sexy while sucking me off?' It was already hard for him to retrain himself after seeing Hinata's naked body, his boner being an evidence of it, but she made it even harder, looking all innocent and shy in this kind of situation. However now Naruto had little choice in the matter. With his movements watched he could only assume his mask of Ruto and train Hinata, one of his best friends, into a sex slave. At least for now.

Hinata felt Naruto's member starting to twitch and swelling up. She didn't quite understand what was happening, so she continued her actions, sucking even harder than before, even if her jaw was a little sore. No longer than a few seconds after Naruto groaned and released himself inside shocked Hinata's mouth. The amount and taste of male's semen, especially if it belonged to her secret love, wasn't unpleasant to the young woman. It was bitter and salty, bringing a funny feeling on her tongue while going down her throat, as she swallowed by instinct and coughed a little. Her trainer released so much that a little bit escaped from her partly open lips and went down her chin, making her even more irresistible to the blond.

Naruto finally calmed after the intense burst he had. Never had he felt anything like that. From the very beginning when Hinata took his dick into her warm and wet mouth, through all the sucking and massaging from her tongue, finally to his release. Nothing compared with this bliss. Truth to be told, this was his first blowjob, as Naruto never dated anyone, so he was still a virgin at the age of nineteen.

"Nice work," Ruto applauded, watching his slave on the floor before dragging her up by the leash. After Hinata stood up, she felt him going behind her and suddenly her arms were free. However before she could use this opportunity her wrists were quickly cuffed again, but this time above her head. There was a long chain with a big ring on the end, hanging from the ceiling and the second end was attached to a medium spinning-wheel. The blond spun it a few times and now had her standing in the centre of the small room, unable to cover herself or even do as much as move a little. Then he came behind her again and gagged her mouth with a soft cloth, tying it behind her head with a tight knot.

"Now" he said smoothly with a smirk on his lips "you deserve a reward for the good work." He nibbled her ear lightly earning a soft gasp from the girl's bounded lips. One of his hands wrapped around her waist, bringing her closer to him. The other hand quickly found its way towards her bare breast. While Naruto's lips still worked over her ear, he grasped Hinata's soft mound and making circular motions he massaged it, sending shivers down the kunoichi's spine. Her nipples stood erected, practically aching for him to touch them, but he never did. Sometimes he would draw circles around it teasingly but never actually touching. Hinata couldn't hold down the muffled moans that build in her throat when Naruto's mouth left her ear and went down to her long neck, kissing it, lightly nibbling the smooth skin. Just then she felt his other hand that left her waist and renewed its exploration. His hand went down below her waist to her most sacred place. Hinata moaned when Naruto touched lightly her very wet sex.

"What's this?" he asked quite loudly, bringing up his hand, all wet from her love juices. The Hyuuga girl blushed madly seeing how easy it was for Naruto to arouse her. "Looks like someone can't wait any longer. Might as well have a taste..."

He came from behind to her front, never really drawing away from her body. Putting his hands on her sides Naruto successfully made Hinata's body immobile. Again his lips attached themselves to the nape of her neck, kissing and nibbling, going down. When they reached her chest he dragged his tongue from the valley between her breasts to her left nipple and swallowed the hardened bud. Hinata's eyes widened at the sensation of his hot and wet mouth tasting, torturing and teasing her sensitive area, especially when he ran his tongue across the pick, and from time to time, ever so lightly, using his teeth in the whole ordeal. After making sure that he did a good job with one breast Naruto switched to its twin, making the girl even wetter than before, and sending electrical jolts through her whole body, overwhelming her mind with pleasure and sexual desire.

'S-So h-hot... My b-body is so hot...' Hinata's thoughts were scattered, foggy from the things that the blond, who was currently heading downward her body, kissing and licking all the skin on the way, teasing her bellybutton with his tongue, making her giggle a little from the tickling sensation, made her feel. But a large amount of dizziness went away when Hinata became aware of Naruto's new position... between her thighs!

Not caring for the moans of protest from the girl, the blond Jinchuuriki knelt down and hooked her long legs on his shoulders. Now he had a perfect access to the most sensitive parts of female's body. 'Such an intense smell... So sweet and alluring... I'm so sorry Hinata but I just must have a taste!' The hormone driven boy renewed his quest of pleasuring his friend, grabbing her buttocks and sensually massaging them. His lips started caressing the girl's inner thighs, slowly going to her wet treasure. Naruto loved the sounds coming from Hinata's throat and how she trembled under his touch. 'If I must be the one to train her, then at least I'll make it more pleasant experience than the other trainers would!' Finally he reached the source this musky smell, Hinata's pussy. Not waiting any longer Naruto gave it a long lick with his hot tongue, earning a long moan from the victimized kunoichi. He lapped her flowing juices with fervor, enjoying both the sweet flavor and the feeling that went down his throat as he swallowed every drop.

Hinata wiggled and twitched from her trainer's actions. If not for the leather gag on her mouth she would be squealing, moaning and screaming Naruto's name until her throat would be sore. When she felt his tongue starting to go in and out of her hot pussy, moving around her tight walls she almost passed out from pleasure. A few minutes later the blond exchanged his tongue with one of his hands and put two fingers into her entrance before he started pumping. First with one, after a few seconds he added another, and then a third. Naruto also found a new target for his lips and attached himself to Hinata's exposed clit. The lavender eyes widened at whole sensation that came from her most intimate part. It was too much for her, being a virgin at the age of nineteen, and never really masturbating, Hinata felt her first in life real orgasm.

Naruto noticed his slave going stiff for a second before slumping down, but never really stopping himself. The lessons he took from Ero-Sennin about female's body and how to pleasure them were quite useful. Also he learned some tricks from watching the gentler trainers that preferred using a pleasure to break their slaves instead of physical abuse. When the grip around his shoulders lessened, Naruto knew that he couldn't wait any longer. From his play with Hinata's pussy, and also because he knew how sweet and innocent she was, the Uzumaki boy wasn't surprised at all with her being a virgin. He knew also that if his cover was to held then he had to take Hinata's innocence. This would probably make her hate him but there really wasn't any other choice.

Releasing her from the binds, leaving only the collar round her neck, Naruto held the dazed girl in bridal style before setting her on the small bed that stood in the corner of the small room, before shedding all his clothing going on top of her. Hinata looked at him with glazed eyes from half-open lids.

"Na-Naru..." He never let her finish as he locked her lips with his own in a passionate kiss. Again Naruto's hands started massaging her breasts, pinching and squeezing the erect nipples, making Hinata moan as another wave of pleasure went through her body, still limp from the previous actions. Soon enough she felt his manhood closing to her entrance, poking it lightly. "Wh-What...?"

"Forgive me," was the only thing he said before penetrating deeply into the girl, breaking her hymen. Any scream of pain from Hinata's throat was swallowed another passionate kiss sealing her lips. Naruto gave her a little time to adjust to his length before he felt her hips moving awkwardly from under him. He started thrusting, almost losing himself to the warmth of Hinata's tight walls around his member. It didn't take long before Hinata screamed when another orgasm rocked her entire body, which brought Naruto over the edge. He emptied himself into her, panting and sweating heavily. Hinata was already on the verge of passing out, so he got to her ear. "I'm really sorry," he whispered before getting, taking his clothes and walking out of the room, locking the door.

"Naruto... kun..." Hinata whispered in the darkness. Exhausted form everything that happened, she soon fell into a blissful slumber.

In his quarter Naruto sat one the bed and couldn't stop tears streaming from his eyes. The guilt of him raping a friend such as Hyuuga Hinata was almost unbearable. He didn't even want to think of what is going to happen now.

"Hinata..." His voice was shallow, a little above a whisper. 'I swear I'll get you out here! Even if this whole mission goes to hell, I promise I'll get you to Konoha! I promise!' Determination burned in his blue eyes. Then a plan formulated inside his head.

'Heh... They'll never see this coming!' Naruto laughed a little when the number one prankster rose inside him once again. If everything goes according the plan then not only he'll save Hinata from a horrible fate but also maybe he'll be able to finish this mission and bring down the whole gang to face justice.

'But first I need to somehow contact Hinata,' he thought to himself. Just then an idea came to him. 'Oh, this'll be good!'

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