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Uchiha Sasuke was currently obliterating the training grounds behind the old Uchiha District. He was wearing a standard black Jounin bodysuit with Konoha flak jacket threw one jutsu after another, his Sharingan blazing. The last member of once prestigious clan wanted to find his best friend and kick his blond ass from here to Suna, and back again, for leaving onto A-ranked solo mission for such a long period of time. Hard to admit but Sasuke felt bored when his idiotic companion wasn't around. It was also only because of Naruto that the former avenger could freely walk around the village, or be alive for that matter.

During the culminating part of the Fourth Ninja War, Naruto and Sasuke clashed in what some would call an epic duel. Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan (Eternal Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye) vs controlled power of the Kyuubi. They battled quite long time, considering the amount damage the surrounding terrain suffered, before Madara appeared to claim one of the last Jinchuuriki. The ancient ninja was arrogant enough to boast how he planned the whole event, from the last battle with Senju Hashirama, founding Akatsuki, unleashing Kyuubi and finally the destruction of the Uchiha Clan. When it was revealed that it was Madara who made his old clan plan coup d'état, and then helped Itachi kill every member, something snapped in Sasuke. While at the time he still blamed Konoha for the suffering of his brother, the whole time he was manipulated by the mastermind of the whole madness. And if there was one thing that Sasuke despised the most, it was being tricked.

The moment the old teammates turned against Madara, they were backed by Killer Bee, who transformed into Hachibi, and much to Sasuke's initial shock, the resurrected Itachi. After dealing with Kabuto, the older Uchiha brother came back into battlefield to help the others with destroying Madara once and for all. It was only due to the sheer will to protect his brother and beloved village that managed to keep Itachi alive after killing Kabuto. Together they were able to fight against Madara's Paths of Pain and finally destroy the immortal Uchiha, completely obliterating his body, leaving no trace.

After the battle Itachi took his younger brother to the side, talked to him for a little while, before his body finally crumbled into the dust it was created from. Sasuke swore to his older sibling that he'll recreate the Uchiha Clan, but it won't be driven with hate, and his Eien no Mangekyou Sharingan will be the last ever seen. Itachi wished him to destroy all records about this level of their family's dōjutsu and techniques received along with it. When Sasuke promised that, Itachi's soul found at long last eternal peace.

Before the Tribunal consisting every Kage and Daimyo from countries involved in the war Sasuke had to answer for his crimes: starting from abandoning the village for the traitor Orochimaru, the assault on the Raikage's brother and the highest officials during the meeting in the Iron Country, ending with murdering of Shimura Danzou and allying himself with Uchiha Madara during the Fourth Shinobi War. Normally such charges would guarantee a death sentence for Sasuke. It was only thanks to Naruto and Bee's testimonies, even though the rapping of Eight Tails Jinchuuriki's through the whole explanation was getting on everyone's nerves, as well as with the support of Tsunade, the last Uchiha was able to get out with his head on the shoulders. He was sentenced to two years of prison, following a year of probation with his chakra and dōjutsu sealed. While the Raikage was the most vocal for execution, he was outvoted by the majority.

What hurt Sasuke the most was the look of betrayal and disappointment on faces of his old team. It was that vision that haunted him during his time in prison.

Team Taka was disbanded even before the war. Suigetsu was approached by the Mizukage and offered a position as one of the Seven Swordsmen of Kirigakure. She even let him keep Momochi Zabuza's Kubikiribocho (Decapitating Carving Knife) and promised to make it possible for him to train and master the rest of the swords, much to the horror of her head Hunter Ninja Ao, seeing in the younger Hozuki the same potential as his older brother. Seeing as his only other option was to spend many years in prison for aiding an international criminal and having done a few things himself, Suigetsu was quick to accept the proposition. The last Uchiha heard that his companion was still in the group and spent his time in realizing his dream.

Juugo made his request to Tsunade about curing his condition. With the help of the Yamanaka Clan, the Godaime Hokage found out that if they were to destroy his alter-personality then the boy will lose all his abilities of transformation. Confronted about it the young man stated that he just wanted to live in peace, without worrying that he'll lose control and kill someone. Accepting the answer Tsunade acceded to the procedure. Now Juugo lived on one of the large farms in the Fire Country, greatly enjoying his new peaceful life.

Karin didn't stay in Konoha. No longer loving Sasuke and slightly scared of Naruto, the red head girl founded her own Research and Development Facility, where under the control of the Fire Daimyo she could still do her medical researches. The only conditions she had to fulfill were that all people working with her had to be volunteers, and that she won't be working on any kind of biological weapon. Accepting those conditions Karin worked and lived in the Fire Country's Capital.

Back to Sasuke, when his one year of probation ended he was surprised by Sakura. The pink haired medic demanded from him a spar as soon as he was released from the binding seals. Sasuke agreed. The same day he was admitted to the Konoha Hospital with four broken ribs, small internal bleeding, left hand broken in seven places, right leg broken in three, slight concussion, and slightly dislocated jaw. The same day Sakura was scolded by both her sensei and shishio, and Naruto couldn't stop laughing at seeing mummified Uchiha. Two minutes later the Uzumaki boy was lying on a bed beside the Uchiha unconscious, after Sakura and Tsunade hit him in the head to shut him up.

Sakura was punished by Tsunade for using an unnecessary force in a friendly spar between two allied ninja. The young medic was assigned to be Sasuke's personal nurse until he gets better. Still bitter after fight, because despite the injuries Sasuke managed to get a technical win by sliding behind Sakura, when she was distracted by a genjutsu, and pointing a kunai to her lower back, the pink haired kunoichi knew when to act professional. Sasuke tried to talk to her during that time, even if she didn't respond, strictly keeping their relations as professional as possible. After a few weeks, when his injuries mostly healed and only needed some bed rest, he succeeded in getting her to talk, but not the way he expected. Sakura first started screaming at him, pointing out every mean thing he did to her before they were even a genin team, then she went through all situations during their days as a Team 7, and finally she blew at how stupid he was when he first left the village for Orochimaru, just to join Madara in the end. Not to mention her harsh words about how he tried to kill Naruto, her, and all Konoha because of something that had place so many years ago. After Sakura's rant ended, neither of the two ninja took notice when their clothes ended on the floor and both were lying in his bed, panting and sweaty from an intense intercourse.

Needless to say, that was a very interesting evening for Sasuke, and from recalling Sakura's moans of pleasure, for her too. He'll have to thank Kakashi sometimes for borrowing him the Icha Icha books during his prison time and then pointing the bookshop where the young Uchiha could buy the whole series himself. They came in handy.

Shaking his head from the remaining perverted thoughts Sasuke focused on his training. He made some hand seals and inhaled.

"Katon: Goryuuka no Jutsu (Fire Style: Great Dragon Flame Jutsu)!" A humungous dragon-shaped fireball shot from Sasuke's mouth, hitting the targeted dummy and reducing it into pile of ash in a gigantic explosion of flames. Sasuke looked at the damage done to the training grounds, smirking at his accomplishments.

"Dear Kami! What happened to this place?"

Haruno Sakura was shocked at the state of the grounds her boyfriend was training at. She walked into the clearing with a big picnic basket in her hands, knowing that after a whole day of training he'll be tired and hungry. The medical ninja just finished her shift in the Hospital and was in her more casual clothes, a regular red shirt, with a light yellow shirt under it, a navy-colored skirt, and her black shinobi sandals.

"Just a little training. You can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs." Sasuke answered to his girlfriend's question in his emotionless voice. The Superior Uchiha Smirk was still present on his lips though. Sakura gave him a deadpanned look.

"A little training? The whole place looks like a small battle happened here."

Sasuke ignored her comment; instead he watched as his girlfriend spread a blanket on the ground and set the picnic basket on it. While she was busy taking out two sets of picnic dishes and food she prepared for this, Sasuke sat behind her and kissed her neck softly. What he didn't expect was a violent throw over the medic's shoulder, and not a half a second later the last Uchiha was looking at the sky with sore back from the hard contact with the ground, letting out a long groan of pain.

"What the...? Sasuke-kun!" Sakura quickly checked her boyfriend if he broke something, but to her great relief everything was fine. However she didn't heal him. "You still forget to not come from behind me! I've got a habit of attacking anything that surprises me after Tsunade-shishio's training. You're lucky that I haven't used more chakra to that throw or you'd land on some tree many yards away!"

Despite his hurt back and ego, Sasuke smirked a little at his scolding girlfriend. "But you didn't protest yesterday evening, when I came behind you and thru-"

"Not another word Uchiha!" Sakura seethed, while blushing cherry red. She may be a medical ninja, an experienced kunoichi, but when it came down to her sex life, the Haruno girl was as timid as one of her friends when it came to her crush on one hyperactive ninja. Getting her blood pressure under control she turned to her still smirking boyfriend. "You still didn't tell me, why did you destroyed the whole training ground, and don't give me that lame excuse! You're almost as bad as Kakashi-sensei, you only lack his chronically lateness and one of those disgusting Icha Icha books in hand, reading it in public..." Sakura was too busy ranting about perverts and irresponsible shinobi to see Sasuke slightly tense at the mention of those books.

"I was... frustrated..." The last Uchiha admitted.

"W-what? Frustrated with what?" Sakura was truly curious now. There weren't many things that would upset her boyfriend; truthfully she had to really give her all to make Sasuke react somewhat more than his usual broody expression.

"It's about Naruto and his extended solo A-rank mission! The dobe is away and I have no one who would really train with me, make me overcome my limits! Only he can be so annoying even by not being here!" While Sasuke was ranting Sakura looked at him surprised. The times when her boyfriend exploded like that she could count on one hand.

"You really miss him, don't you?" She asked him gently and sat by his side on the picnic blanket. Sasuke sighed deeply, as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"Even if I denied that statement you wouldn't believe me. Yes, I miss our idiotic teammate, happy now?" Sakura giggled at Sasuke's grumbling and scowl that appeared on his face. She found him very cute when he got like that.

"Very!" Sakura rewarded her boyfriend with a long kiss on the lips for this confession, which the young Jounin happily used to turn a simple kiss into a heavy make-out session. Only when both remembered the need for air in their lungs they separated, but Sasuke's right hand was already wandering under his girlfriend's shirt, feeling her toned stomach and soft skin, while his left hand gave a good squeeze on Sakura's bum. The Uchiha didn't stop there; instead of locking his lips with hers again, he attacked her neck, sucking soundly on her jugular vein.

"Sasuke-kun... no... we... must stop... this..." Sakura panted and moaned, feeling hornier and hornier with every ministration of her insatiable and persistent lover. "Someone... may... see us..." Her moans were getting even louder when Sasuke found this one little spot on her neck that made her putty in his hands whenever he teased her there.

"Then they'll get a free show... My naughty cherry blossom..."

Unaware of his teammates' activities, Naruto was currently sparring with his only friend in the slave traders' organization. While Yamada Kaito didn't have any real ninja training the young man was very adept in taijutsu, physically even stronger than Naruto if the blond wasn't using his chakra. The Uzumaki felt like he was getting a little rusty with his basic abilities, so when Kaito proposed a spar, he didn't hesitate even a second.

Naruto blocked most hits with the help of Kawazu Kumite (Frog Kata). While he wasn't using Senjutsu Chakra in this simple spar, the style Naruto learned from toads during his Sennin training proved many times to be useful in evading and blocking his opponents advances. It was a good thing that this style was only known to those that went through the same training in Senjutsu as Naruto, which currently made him the only human user of this style.

"You seem... distracted..." Kaito panted, blocking yet another roundhouse kick from his comrade. Sending his own knee to the blonde's gut and flipping away a little, the older captain re-took his basic stance of taijutsu. "What gives Ruto? Where is the usual energetic greenhorn that I had so much trouble with making him refer to me as senpai?" Naruto only laughed a little at that, while massaging his stomach from the painful blow.

"I have some stuff on my mind..." The Konoha spy currently was thinking about something completely unrelated to this spar with his superior. Hinata was the reason for his distraction. She haunted him everyday, her voice whispering to him in dark corridors of the base, her beautiful eyes staring at him from the mirror, her perfect body invading his dreams. He couldn't stand how she was here, treated by him like those other slaves he saw in this place, seen like an object instead of an amazing person she is. To him, Hinata was a truly special person, and she deserved to be loved...

That was another issue for the young man. After the last session Naruto had with Hinata, he thought that the feeling in his heart is love, but as soon as he was back in his own quarters, doubts started to surface. Was this really love? He never felt this way, but Naruto also thought that he loved his first crush, Sakura. Another thing was with Hinata even before this accursed mission. The two of them became best friends after the war, because Naruto couldn't deceive her with his uncertain feelings. Hinata was very understanding and didn't pester him about it. That was one of the many things he liked about her.

While trying to sleep Naruto remembered what Ero-sennin told him about the lust. Amazingly the old super pervert was very serious when explaining this fact to his teenage student. During puberty a boy becomes a man, developing and maturing both physically and mentally. It's also during this time when young men start to feel strange towards young women, wanting to be as close to them as physically possible, see their naked bodies, and have sex with them. Sometimes those feelings are too strong to contain and men start to force women into sexual acts, often violently. That was the lust, his master said, and because of it there are so many perverts and rapists in the world.

This was Naruto's true dilemma: is his feeling towards Hinata love? Or is it just the lust inside him wanting more of her beautiful body?

"Jeez," Kaito sighed and relaxed his stance. "It looks like this spar is over. You're not focusing enough, your mind is wandering elsewhere, and you sure as hell don't want to talk about it." Naruto smiled embarrassed at the scold from his former superior. "Take my advise and rest a little. Maybe you could try some meditation exercise I know, they could help you relax."

"Thanks for the offer senpai, but I'd like to deal with it myself. It's... not something anyone can help me at the moment..." The Uzumaki youth spaced out a little, thinking about all those spiraling feelings, and cursing silently the mission. If not for all those young women those bastards kidnapped and enslaved, including Hinata, he would just flood this place with his clones and level it to the ground.

Patience was a necessity here, however. His private case with the Hyuuga heiress needs to wait for the time being.

"Hey, what's with the long face? Anyway, I must go now. I have to check the C-block. Someone told me that there is something going on, that is against the protocol."

"Alright, I'll see you later senpai. Ja!"

After Naruto disappeared from sight, Yamada Kaito went towards the mentioned block of the fortress. The way there was long and mostly dark if not for occasional torches hanging from the walls. On his was Kaito passed several cells with slaves and their trainers, engaged in various sexual activities, while wondering what could be wrong here. That was when the young captain came across closed door, hearing several voices behind it.

"Come here bitch! Hey, hold her down as I'll give her shot!"

"Are you serious? This stuff can seriously fuck her mind. What if someone finds out?"

"No one will find out! She's already out of it, after all those sessions our captain and us had with her. Besides, if this drug will work then this whore will one little, obedient, and horny puppy, sucking any cock in sight, and at command! Now hold her down!"


The last word was more like a scream coming from a woman's throat. Yamada heard enough and with one strong kick he took the door down. What he saw in the cell was more than enough to boil his blood and put him into blind rage.

Two men, mere soldiers from the looks of their uniforms, were pinning a naked woman to the floor, while the third one, a lieutenant, was holding a syringe with some purple liquid, ready to inject into the girl's arm. Reacting quickly, Kaito grabbed the officer and tossed him to the other side of the room, straight on the stone wall. The lieutenant hit the wall hard with his head and was instantly knocked out. Not stopping there the captain attacked the remaining soldiers, punching in the face breaking his nose, the other got a strong hit to the temple from a vicious kick, falling and not moving anymore.

Getting up from the floor Kaito looked at his handiwork. One dead, two unconscious, the officer probably has a concussion, but none of this currently interested him. At his leg he saw the syringe, surprisingly unharmed.

'Good, it'll serve as proof.' The young man then searched for the victim of the whole ordeal, and found her huddled in the corner, crying her eyes out.

Now the captain could get a better look on this slave. She had shoulder length chestnut colored hair that now was dirty from not being taken care for a longer time. Her body was covered in bruises and dirt in some places, but otherwise she looked good. The Yamada youth could notice bruising lines one wrists and ankles, meaning that she was subjected to some bondage play, or at the very least they tied her down to have more 'fun'.

"Hey, it's okay. You'll be fine now." Kaito tried to touch the girl but she immediately flinched at his touch, sobbing even more. 'She's scared out of her mind. Those bastards!'

A few more soldiers came to the room; seeing three bodies on the floor it raised questions.

"These three committed crimes against organization's rules. Take them away and lock them up. I'll report this to the higher officer, but first this woman needs medical attention. Now move away!" While explaining the situation Kaito managed to get the slave into his arms and carry her out of the room in bridal style. The whole way she was crying and hiccupping, he didn't know how to calm her down, but he needed to find a way.

An unusual idea came to him. 'Maybe this will work.' Without any spare thoughts the young captain started to sing softly.

Natsuhiboshi, naze akai?

Yuube kanashii yume wo miita.

Naite hanashita.

Akai me yo.

It was a short lullaby that he heard once while visiting his relatives in Hoshigakure. His cousin Sumaru was singing it to his two years old daughter after she woke up from a nightmare. Then Sumaru explained how his mother sang this lullaby to him when he was younger. It captured Yamada's heart so much that he himself learned it just from hearing it once.

Natsuhiboshi, naze mayou?

Kieta warashi wo sagashiteru.

Dakara kanashii.

Yume wo miru.

The struggles and sobs stopped, as the girl in his arms fell soundly asleep, with puffed red eyes and tear strained cheeks. Kaito smiled down at the peaceful expression on her face.

'She's truly beautiful. I'll make sure that she won't be under those bastards 'care' anymore! But what can I do to prevent this from happening again?'

With his mind full of doubts and worry about his new charge, Yamada Kaito made his way to the medical area.

"Neko-chan, you're getting better. Your blowjobs feel great every time." Naruto commented. The spiky haired ninja was sitting on the bed in Hinata's cell, while the Hyuuga was pleasuring him with her mouth, taking his hard and hot penis deep down her throat. She had to do it with her hands tied behind her back; ropes were also binding above and below her breasts in simple shibari bind. The pace of her bobbing head was commanded by Naruto's hands on her scalp.

"And here... is your... reward..." Immediately after Hinata felt him coming inside her mouth, the bitter taste of semen ran down her throat. The load was so large that she almost gagged, but after overcoming the first reflex, Hinata was able to swallow the thick substance. But her current session was far from over as Naruto took her on the bed and positioned in a way that her butt was high in the air.

"What's this?" Tracing his fingers over the smooth skin of Hinata's cunt he felt the juices that were coming out since the start of their training today. "You're still so smooth and soft here, not much of pubic hair. How can that be?" Not hearing an answer form his slave Naruto's expression became colder and scarier. "Answer!"

"G-Gomennasai, Master! I-I don't have t-t-to sh-shave m-much... o-only once a-a m-month..." Hinata was so scared of this side of her friend and crush. All things he made her do and did to her were so new to her that the young kunoichi became very confused with the whole situation. Not to mention the order of calling him 'Master' or 'Ruto-sama'.

"Better, but remember, if you disobey me then I'll have to punish you." He got next to her ear to whisper his next words. "And it will be much more painful than before." Naruto felt her tremble. He retied her hands so now they were tied to bedposts, and Hinata could support herself on her elbows. The young kunoichi was shivering from the gentle caresses created by the hands of her trainer. Especially when he found those few sensitive spots, she couldn't contain giggles from escaping her mouth. Naruto chuckled, amused by this reaction. "Are you ticklish Neko-chan? Remember, I'll punish you if I hear a lie."

Fearing of what will come if she'll try to deceive him, Hinata had no other choice but to be truthful. "H-Hai, I'm ticklish, Ruto-sama..."

"That's what I thought." Naruto ran a single finger down her back and his slave squirmed under the touch. "How about here?" Using both hands the blond started to feel her sides, digging lightly his fingers between her ribs. Hinata was unable to remain calm, as she burst into a fit of giggles, her whole body twisting just to escape the devious fingers. "And here?" His hands found a new target in the shape of her lower back and waist. If that wasn't a torture then he soon started to assault her pussy and butt, with one hand lightly touching the sensitive flesh, and the other having two fingers going in and out of her with a rapid succession.

Being already on verge it didn't take Hinata very long before she hit her climax and moaned loudly to the release she felt. Panting heavily the raven haired young woman fell down on the pillows below her head, silently praying that this would end today's session. She doubted that she could withstand more.

Naruto proved her wrong. He got behind her, kneeling and already without his pants and underwear. His hot and hard shaft was again very erect, due to him hearing this beautiful woman moaning and giggling from his actions. If he didn't another release the young captain was sure that his testicles will explode.

"Now it's time to take your second virginity!" Naruto declared and spread her butt cheeks.

'Second virginity? What does he...?' Just then she felt him grinding his hot member between her buttocks and all confusion was replaced with fear. "No! P-Please not that! Don't do this! Aghhh!" Hinata's begging calls were met with a harsh pinch on her left lower cheek.

"You're in no position to demand for anything, bitch!" Naruto's ruthless voice and cruel words cut deep in kunoichi's heart. Even if it was his cover, how could he be so violent to her? Was he still the man she knew from their younger years, who she had given her heart to? Or did this place corrupt him so much that now she was only another slave to him, to be trained and then sold to the highest bidder? "Now take this and thank me nicely for using your ass!" The same moment Naruto finished this sentence, he thrust his whole length into Hinata's small, tight anus.

The Hyuuga woman screamed long and loudly from the sharp, burning pain she felt. Tears freely fell down from her eyes and cheeks. She couldn't help but sob and whimper, this was so far the worst experience she had in this place. It was also humiliating to fulfill her trainer's last order. "T-T-Tha-ank y-you Ma-Master, fo-for using my a-ass!" Her voice broke from hiccups and sobs, her throat clenched, and Hinata tried to think about anything else than the burning pain of having Naruto's penis inside her butt.

Leaning against her back, Naruto tried not to move too much as he got closer to Hinata's left ear. "Relax." He whispered to her. "Try to relax more. It'll help with the pain a little." Naruto saw the girl under him nod slightly. Giving her time to adjust to this uncomfortable position and intrusion in her intimate part, the blond reached to her breast and started playing with it, teasing the rose pink nipple with his fingers. His second hand wandered to her sex and inserted two fingers inside. After what seemed like several minutes of this treatment Hinata started to moan lightly, while her tears and sobs stopped. Naruto also felt her ease up a little around him, so he started to move slowly. Hinata's moans grew louder with every movement and thing her partner did to her.

Finally the Uzumaki had enough of this slow pace. He judged that Hinata could handle a quicker pace by now, so he replaced both of his hands on her hips and picked up in speed. Hinata didn't have time to be surprised as pain and pleasure mixed together, creating a new set of sensations. Naruto worked both their hips, bringing hers to his and thrusting himself with a great fervor, he was going deeper each time they joined. Ultimately it became too much for her, Hinata screamed loudly as she reached her climax. Because of contractions inside her anus, Naruto too orgasmed, releasing his seed without taking out his member.

He untied his slave, who slumped exhausted and sore. Quickly picking up his clothes Naruto dressed himself and walked toward still panting Hinata, and made her look up at him. Her milky Hyuuga eyes were still glazed because of the orgasm she experienced, sweat dripped down from her forehead, sticking her midnight blue hair to her pale skin. Both her cheeks were so flushed that looked like they suffered from a bad sunburn

"You did quite well today. There is still some work to do but you're improving." Naruto commented, at which Hinata blushed even more.

"Th-Thank you Ruto-sama..." The young kunoichi's voice was a little hoarse from the screams she released. To ease her discomfort Naruto offered her a glass of cool water, which she drank hastily.

"For your performance today I think you deserve a reward." Chuckling at surprised, and maybe a little fearful, look in her eyes, Naruto continued his thoughts. "I won't tell you what it is. You'll find out tomorrow."

With those last words he left her alone in the cell and locked the door.

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