Title: Catnip
Rating: T (subject to change)
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: Shizuo accidentally turns into a cat. Without knowing the tabby is his arch-nemesis, Izaya takes him home and keeps him as a pet. As a cat, Shizuo discovers a side of Izaya that nobody knows, his secrets, life, fears, loves and feelings.

(Shizuo pays Shinra another visit because he needs him to tend a few of his injuries. Though, somewhere through the visit, Shizuo accidentally gets turned into a cat. The cause is from one of Shinra's work-in-progress experiment, so he had not created a cure yet. Because of that, Shizuo is stuck as a cat until further notices. Even more, he can only speak and meow like a regular cat.

Not wanting to be stuck with the doctor any longer, Shizuo leaves (it's night time when Shizuo leaves). Though, on his way to his apartment, he just so happens to run into Izaya. At first, Shizuo thought that Izaya was going to just ignore him, but Izaya actually picked him up. After a few cooing of words at the cat, Izaya just happens to take Shizuo home with him.

Shizuo believes that this is just horrid, but as time past, he starts to slowly discover a side of Izaya that nobody knows about. He learns a lot of Izaya's secrets, life, fears, loves and feelings. Izaya talks to Shizuo about this since he believes that Shizuo is just a mere abandoned cat. Izaya shows deep caring and genuine concern for cat!Shizuo, always putting Shizuo first in front of everybody else. Shizuo finds himself attach to Izaya and is starting to rethink about turning back into a human once Shinra develops a cure because he doesn't want to go back to seeing the evil side of Izaya who still hates him.)

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


SPOILER WARNING: TRIGGER WARNING: The fanfic does include a non-con scene. You have been warned.

"Now, now Shizuo. Calm down. I… I'm sure I can figure out a cure. I think…" the good doctor said, raising his hands in defense.

'There's just one too many 'I think' in that sentence, SHINRA!' the former bartender and possibly now former debt collector yowled at his doctor friend.

The doctor, Kishitani Shinra, adjusted his glasses which gleamed as it reflected the light mischievously. "Though I honestly did not think it would work so well. I must say, I'm quite proud of my achiev-ow, ow, ow!"

Since the now probably former debt collector could not talk, he resorted to biting his friend's arm to get his point across.

Because quite unfortunately for the Fortissimo of Ikebukuro, Heiwajima Shizuo was accidentally reduced to a smaller scale Pianissimo of Ikebukuro, in the form of a light tan cat.

To rewind back for a few hours, Heiwajima Shizuo was a man feared by many. At least, he was feared if one was sane. Only the insane or the ignorant did not fear the monster in a bartender suit. And unfortunately that day, one of the ignorant who did not know how strong this man was, crossed the line by mentioning a certain famous actor in front of him in hopes of dodging his debts.

Normally throwing a street lamp eight times his weight did nothing to Shizuo, but perhaps throwing three of them at the same time was a bit too much strain on his wrist that day. So Heiwajima Shizuo visited a certain underground doctor just for a check up in case it does become bad enough that he wouldn't be able to work tomorrow.

After all, last time he went on for a whole week without realizing he had a broken leg because he didn't feel too much pain. It took longer to heal because he hadn't realized it. Ever since then, Tom, his supervisor, always requested that Shizuo go in for a regular check up.

Though a regular check-up should not include an accidental drop of a vial with mysterious liquid which would turn someone into a petit animal.

Either way, Heiwajima Shizuo, the greatly feared man of all of Japan roared liked a tiny tiger in the palm of Buddha's hand.

Shinra couldn't help but giggle. "Look Shizuo. I promise you that I'll figure out a cure for you, alright? Don't worry about it."

With a gentle condescending pat on the little tabby kitty's head, Shinra walked away, humming a bit too happily. Shizuo could not help but suspiciously eye how Shinra was busily ordering a set of new scalpels for 'special surgeries' along with all sorts of heavy duty leather straps, a smaller scale not for humans but a perfect size for a medium sized cat.

Shizuo wisely decided that he could not stay the night at all when Shinra specifically ordered for 'express night delivery' for all his purchases.

So when night time came, the once blond debt collector slipped out into the night and headed towards home. It was raining and though normally he didn't mind it, now that he was a cat, he hated how the water made his fur sticky and cling to his skin. He was wondering if he should try Tom's house first since he didn't have the keys to his house and just hope his senpai understood cat language when a man suddenly swooped him up with a large net.

"Gotcha you stray cat! Betcha been rummagin' them trash you stinkin' mongrel~"

'What the hell!' Shizuo roared as he twisted and turned in the net, his limbs getting more and more tangled.

"Can't wait til we cut off yer pecker so you stop spreading around more of your kind in these parts with yer germs."

Shizuo froze at those words. Wait, pecker? So he's going to cut off his…?

The tanned cat shivered. That did not go well with him at all!

Furious, Shizuo gripped at the taut net and used his little monstrous strength to rip apart the strings.

The man howled in surprise and yelled as Shizuo slipped through the hole and dashed off as fast as his four legs could carry him.

Once he ran ten blocks randomly, Shizuo stopped near one of the streets.

'So, at least my strength is still with me… though a bit downscaled.' He thought to himself.

Shizuo blinked as something hit him hard with a force strong enough to snap his head. He pawed his scalp and noticed that it was stained with a bit of blood.

"Look, a dirty kitty!" One of the elementary boys yelled as he picked up another stone to throw at Shizuo. He arched his back and hissed menacingly. But the three boys only laughed as they picked up more pebbles, stones or trash around them to throw at Shizuo.

"Dirty kitty, go away!"

"Yeah you spread germs!"

"Bet you got a disease!"

Shizuo dodged another trash flung at him and ran, as the three boys chased him down laughing, their umbrellas bobbing left and right. It was a sad day for the former Fortissimo of Ikebukuro as he was now being chased away by three snotty nosed brats. Blinking away the rain that stung his eyes and ran down his face, Shizuo ran between the people's legs, almost getting stepped on a few times.

Frustrated, the tabby ran to the side where there was a sudden open space.


A crash, as a car slammed its breaks and rammed into Shizuo. As his form was flung in the air, the once bartender couldn't help but think how funny fate was, the ironic déjà vu slapping him in the face.

When he fell to the asphalt, Shizuo moaned, feeling all the bones in his body groan with him.

The kids, thinking he was dead just ran away laughing, as the truck driver cussed at his bad luck and drove away without a thought.

After they left, the cat lifted a paw. He struggled, forcing his sore body to listen to him, as Shizuo got up like a battle worn warrior.

"Still alive huh? You can still move. That's quite admirable."

The tabby turned his face and hissed at the direction of the voice.

Shizuo wasn't sure if he should be surprised or not to see the infamous informant of Ikebukuro staring down at him under an umbrella.

"I saw you being mauled down by those kids."

The feline hissed, arching his back despite the screaming pain. He gave all the warnings to let the man know he better not mess with him too.

"Are you scared of humans?" he asked the cat.

'As if I could reply back, flea.' Shizuo growled.

The informant nicknamed as 'flea' by Shizuo was none other than his archenemy, Orihara Izaya. The man who had never failed to bring misfortune to the blond who only sought to live in peace.

And now, Orihara Izaya was looking down at Heiwajima Shizuo while holding a sole umbrella above his head with the other free hand in his pocket.

Shizuo looked away, not liking how he had to look up at Izaya for once.

"Do you hate them? Humans? For what they do to you? Heh… you remind me of someone I know."

'Fine, look down at me. Whatever. Fucking flea. Go away.'

The cat mewled pitifully as it slunk away.

All of a sudden, a hand scooped him up. Shizuo hissed and clawed at the informant.

"Now, now, stop squirming." Izaya said with a criticizing tone. He held the cat up by the neck and gave him a good scrutinizing look.

"Hmmm… how the heck can you walk after being almost run over by a truck? You seriously do remind me of a certain monster I know haha."

Shizuo flared out all of his claws and tried to slash away at his face. But he was being helplessly dangled in the air as the raven chuckled at his antics.

"Cute, cute. It wouldn't be fun if you didn't have any fighting spirit in you. Do you hate humans that much little kitty?"

Shizuo hissed, 'no, I just hate you, fucking flea!'

But unfortunately the language of the tiny animals was lost to the great knowledgeable informant.

"Now, now stop that. I could leave you to starve and die in the cold if you wish, you know."

The tabby drooped his shoulders and hung his head low. He was tired, hungry, sleepy and sore. Not to mention fucking wet and cold. His bad day just turned for the worse and to be insultingly held up by the 'flea' was a new low for him.

Tired of fighting back, Shizuo decided to let Izaya claim his fate after all. He would just get him back ten folds later.

To Shizuo's greatest surprise, Izaya unzipped his jacket and slipped in the wet cat inside. The informant slightly shivered at the cold but carefully held the broken cat inside his parka.

"No scratching. Not sure how many germs you got for a flea bitten mongrel, but I can't have you die on the way home."

Shizuo growled at being called a 'flea bitten mongrel' from the flea himself, but once he felt himself being carried off inside that warm jacket, he couldn't help but drift off to an exhausted sleep.

The ex-blond, the ex-bartender, the ex-debt collector and now ex-human woke up when he felt a warm sensation along with a very uncomfortable sensation fused together.

Shizuo hissed and scowled as he spluttered in the bathtub half filled with lukewarm water.

"Hold still, damn. I was almost done too."

Shizuo hissed at the man who was holding him in the water. The man was none other than his arch-enemy who decided to take pity on him, unaware of his true identity.

"Geez, why did you have to wake up now? You slept through just fine when the vet did a quick check up on you."

The tabby continued to hiss and struggle as the informant held him down firmly, scrubbing shampoo all over the cat's fur. Shizuo refused to give up and kept on thrashing about, splashing water all over the human.

"Well, twocan play that game." Izaya huffed as he got up and took off the shower handle and started spraying.

Shizuo yowled and ran about the bath tub, jumping out and clawing at the door. Izaya ran and sprayed at him by the door and followed the trail like an experienced soldier with a machine gun as the cat dodged left and right.

Finally, after knocking over every item in the bathroom, a few clawed bath curtains, and several battle scratches later, Izaya turned off the shower handle, exhausted.

"I seriously can't believe you have so much energy left after being slammed into a truck. And the vet said you didn't even have a broken bone," he huffed as he grabbed a towel. Then he gathered up the equally exhausted cat and started to dry him.

"Though that's what makes you so interesting," the informant smirked.

Shizuo only gave him the 'stink eyes of disapproval.'

Izaya laughed heartily. Shizuo hissed as he allowed the informant to dry him thoroughly. At least his fur would be dry soon.

As he looked over to the side, he noticed a flea and tick shampoo along with cat brushes.

Did Izaya have a pet in the house?

No, those must be newly bought because they were still in a plastic bag with receipts. The items still had price tags attached.

Shizuo frowned. Did Izaya plan to keep him for long? And he mentioned the vet... exactly how long was he knocked out?

As Izaya walked out of the bathroom carrying him, Shizuo wondered if he should try to leave.

Then he remembered the guy who tried to cut off his nuts, the kids, and the truck... Shizuo decided that the streets of Ikebukuro was a lot less safe when he was small feline.

Besides, he didn't feel like eating out of the trash or catching rodents for a living.

Izaya laid Shizuo on his bed and wrapped him up in his comforter. Then he went back to the bathroom to take a shower himself since his new pet had made him thoroughly wet anyway.

With the soft sound of the shower along with the warm cotton comforter wrapped around him, Shizuo drifted back into sleep once more.

Author's note: I apologize to those who are waiting for my other fic updates. I am working on them slowly. I started writing this as a stress reliever. I didn't want to post it on ff/net at first, in case my readers felt saddened with my slow pace, but a friend of mine told me I should not worry too much about writer blocks and just write as much as I can.

All my fics will be updated eventually. Those who are waiting, thank you so much. On the other hand, this is a very relaxing fic for me to write so I'm enjoying myself with the exercise.

That being said, it's my birthday today :P So to those who have already sent me private messages wishing me a happy bday, thank you so much!