Title: Catnip
Rating: M
Pairing: Shizuo x Izaya
Prompt from the Drrr Kink Meme: Shizuo accidentally turns into a cat. Without knowing the tabby is his arch-nemesis, Izaya takes him home and keeps him as a pet. As a cat, Shizuo discovers a side of Izaya that nobody knows, his secrets, life, fears, loves and feelings.

Disclaimer: I own none of these characters!


Eyes softening, Shizuo whispered, "Well, finally," before his hungry mouth devoured Izaya again, sucking and licking to earn each enticing moan and alluring gasp. His heart started to pound even faster as Izaya started to whisper his name, pleading him for more. Shizuo was new at this kissing business and Izaya was clumsy at making 'love', but they were both willing to learn, and the raven shuddered as Shizuo explored his mouth, passion consuming them both. Even if the blond didn't know how, Shizuo seemed to instinctively tune in to how Izaya wanted to be touched and kissed. Shizuo savored the quality of the gasps that told him whether Izaya enjoyed it or wanted a small break. Each minuscule twitch and shudder told Shizuo where to squeeze for more or just caress him gently. And each of Izaya's soft susurrations made his cock harder and harder. Shizuo wanted to learn how to 'love' together with Izaya, both of them new to the concept.

He wasn't sure how Izaya had invaded his heart and conquered him. He was even less sure how Izaya was in his every waking thoughts now. But Shizuo didn't care. He loved him. He didn't know how he fell in love with the bratty rascal that he used to hate, but it didn't matter. He loved him, the good and the bad, and he wanted Izaya to know that he would forever love him as long as his heart continued to beat. It was important that Izaya knew, Shizuo knew that. Because Shizuo now understood how long Izaya had waited for him and suffered alone, thinking that his affection would never be returned.

That...was too painful a feeling.

"Izaya...I love you." Shizuo started to whisper into Izaya's ear again. He could feel the informant freeze up in his embrace, his breath just a bit ragged and his chest heaving heavily.

"I-I got it… I know, so you don't have to keep repeating." Izaya's voice was low, barely audible due to the splashing of the water around them. Shizuo couldn't help but smile. Ah, so he was embarrassed.

"Yes, well. Even if you know now, I figured I owe you several millions I love you's." Shizuo tilted Izaya's chin with his fingers so their eyes could meet. Izaya swallowed hard, his throat feeling dry. He wasn't used to this. This emotion that swelled inside him, thick and warm like the humid air around them in the tub. He never asked for it either. He had dreamed of Shizuo returning his feelings but his logical mind always told him it would be impossible. That it would only remain a dream. And he had stomped on that desire before it had the chance to bloom.

"I…well…" Izaya fumbled for words. Again, Izaya was at a loss with this Shizuo who kept pouring his love to him. It was overwhelming. It was overflowing. Izaya was so unused to being loved back to this extent. Even all of humanity hated him more than they loved him after all. It was more than he could bear and his cup overflowed.

But whenever Shizuo smiled, Izaya couldn't look away. He was mesmerized by that dazzling smile. He thought he would only see Shizuo's smiles from a distance, far away...like a voyeur, since Shizuo would never smile at him. But now, Shizuo's smiles and laughter were his, and each time Shizuo did so, Izaya couldn't help but stare in awe, drinking up the sight before him, soaking it up like a sponge while being slightly afraid that this moment wouldn't last.

"What, cat got your tongue?" Shizuo nuzzled his little blushing love. When Izaya started to splutter and protest, Shizuo decided they had enough time 'cleaning.' He held Izaya to him and got up, the water splashing and spilling over from the bathtub into the small drain in the middle of the Japanese style bathroom. The blond could feel Izaya wrapping his arms around Shizuo and clinging to him as the debt collector held him bridal style.

"Sorry, might be a bit chilly but I promise to warm you up." Shizuo laughed at his own naughty joke before he quickly grabbed a towel with one arm and left the bathroom to go to the bedroom. He gently lowered his flea onto the bed sheets, still very much wet and shivering. Shizuo wiped Izaya first and then started to dry his hair.

"My bed sheets are wet." Izaya pointed out, again trying to break up his own embarrassment as Shizuo caressed him more sweetly than he had ever imagined in his own dreams. Shizuo leaned in to kiss him on his cheek which made Izaya's heart swell once more. "I promise to do the laundry later." he replied so tenderly that it tugged on Izaya's heartstrings. Shizuo's eyes conveyed even more as he leaned closer with unspoken promises, making Izaya's breath catch in his throat. Eyes seeking each other, they slowly kissed; their tongues languidly tasting each other as Shizuo lowered him down even more. Before Shizuo could devour him, Izaya grabbed the wet towel to wrap it around Shizuo's head.

"You're still wet, Shizu-chan." He tried to dry Shizuo's hair from his position before the blond laughed and took the towel back to wipe himself down quickly.

"Don't change the subject, flea." Shizuo tossed the towel on the floor as he cupped Izaya's face to kiss him again, his mouth sucking on Izaya's tongue with dream-like gentleness before his own tongue entered inside him to lick him sweetly, tasting every crevice and taking Izaya's breath away.

"S-Shizu-chan…" Izaya moaned again, his entire body aching for Shizuo once more. He shivered as the cool room's air gave him goosebumps but Shizuo's tongue was hot, his fingers burning as they left invisible marks on his body. The debt collector was so gentle, so sweet, leaving no visible bruises, just fingerprints on his heart.


"Feels good?" Shizuo asked though he didn't really give Izaya a chance to answer. He wanted to kiss every part of Izaya, let him know how much he loved him. That he wouldn't let him go. He understood Izaya's insecurities. As a cat, he saw how devoted Izaya truly was and how fragile he could be. Shizuo wanted to give him back the years they had lost because the blond couldn't see past Izaya's mask.

Izaya blushed softly and nodded, unable to reply save for a few moans and whimpers as Shizuo's tongue devoured him. He felt himself slowly drown in Shizuo's love for him and he allowed the current to take over. For the first time, he was allowing someone else to take control and strangely it felt liberating despite feeling a bit scared. But if it was Shizuo, and it was because it was Shizuo, Izaya felt that he could trust his heart with him.

Shizuo shifted on top, using his elbows to support himself, making sure he wasn't crushing Izaya under him. But their bodies were pressed against each other and it burned Izaya, his body wanting more. That was when Izaya felt something hard press against his own hard cock and he looked down. Sure enough, their cocks were bumping against each other, needily.

Shizuo too looked down and breathed heavily, a hand sliding between them to squeeze their cocks together. Izaya closed his eyes and groaned. It was...heavenly. Like a dream that was too crazy to be real.

"I'm...not dreaming right?" Izaya had to ask when Shizuo broke their kiss briefly to stroke their cocks together. He dared not open his eyes then...he had a feeling Shizuo was staring and it was hard to face the blond's sincere heart that always reflected on his eyes.

"No, not a dream, 'Zaya," came the husky answer. Finally having the courage to open his eyes, Izaya peeked. He was rewarded with those warm chocolate eyes that had melted his icy heart. Shizuo may not be good with words but his gaze said it all...full of love and adoration.

Izaya couldn't help but tear up again, biting his lower lip. How? He still didn't understand how he was able to have Shizuo love him back. It didn't make sense still and he still couldn't wrap his mind around it.

He probably never could. As Izaya couldn't help but only see the most disgusting side of himself and he could never think he was worthy of someone like Shizuo.

However Shizuo knew and understood that aspect about Izaya. His insecurities. His own self hatred. And he was more than prepared to make sure Izaya knew every day that he loved him for who he was.

"Ready to feel good, flea?" Shizuo asked instead, not asking why Izaya was tearing up. He didn't need to ask. He knew why. So instead he kissed Izaya's teary eyes and started to stroke their cocks together a bit firmer, earning him a small whimper.

"Stupid Shizu-chan. D-don't get cocky…" Izaya turned his head to the side to try to bury his face, his tears still threatening to fall.

"Ah, is that challenge?" Shizuo smirked, his thumb now swiping over the swollen head of Izaya's cock. Ah, see? There was Izaya, gasping each time Shizuo rubbed at his sensitive spot. He was so adorable especially when his expressions were unguarded like this.

"I can't seem to get enough of you….is that alright?" Shizuo confessed softly as he started to kiss Izaya's lips once more. Shizuo still wanted to kiss every part of Izaya...but he could barely move away from just the lips alone. He hungered for Izaya's taste each time their mouths separated. "You taste so sweet, Izaya..."

"Nnngh… nnngh… haaaah…" Izaya gasped as Shizuo squeezed his cock just right, precum squirting out as his tongue melted against the blond's. "S-Shizu...chan..." His heart was pounding so hard against his chest, it felt as if it would burn a hole; his mind as if he was floating in the clouds. He'd had sex obviously but it had never felt like this, like Heaven on Earth as his heart hammered against his chest.

"Sorry… I really… want to taste every part of you." Shizuo struggled as he pulled away from Izaya's wet lips. He finally started licking Izaya's jawline, trailing his tongue down to suck on the flea's throat. He was so smooth...his scent and taste so intoxicating. He could hear Izaya whimpering when he sucked on his jugular notch, lightly biting him on his clavicle bone to leave a small kissmark.

"I still liked it better when your scent was stronger." the debt collector smirked as he pulled up Izaya's arm and started to lick at his armpit. Immediately, he got the reaction he expected as Izaya squealed and tried to close his arms.

"Shizu-chan no! It's dirty!"

"But I cleaned you now." Shizuo frowned like a puppy who got his treat taken away. "I still liked it when you were wet and sweaty."

"Ewww! No Shizu-chan!" Izaya cringed, "I don't care if I'm clean or not, don't lick me t-aaahn!" Izaya shuddered when Shizuo pried him open for one more lick. He really liked how Izaya trembled; he was definitely sensitive at that particular spot.

"Meanie. I still want to devour all parts of you though." Shizuo pulled up completely, sitting up as he slid his hand down Izaya's arm to hold his wrist. Then he kissed the back of Izaya's hand like one would with royalty.

"I promise...I'll never let these hands grow cold again, Izaya."

Shizuo smiled softly down at him and Izaya's heart stopped right then and there, as if the informant's eyes were capturing an image that he would remember for the rest of his life.

"S-stupid. I keep telling you...my hand isn't a lie detector." Izaya blushed, trying to look away. His heart was pounding madly as if he were falling in love with him all over again. But he didn't have time to rest as Shizuo started to lick up Izaya's index finger, dragging his tongue from bottom to the tip seductively, his eyes hooded. Izaya instantly felt hot as he tried to pull his fingers away but Shizuo held him there, his grip on Izaya's wrist firm, but not painfully hard.

"Not yet...let me… suck you some more." Shizuo closed his eyes and opened his mouth to suck on two of Izaya's fingers together, his tongue licking the underside. He moaned...and that sent electrifying tremors up Izaya's spine. He couldn't take his eyes off of Shizuo, not understanding how this man could look so sexy just licking him. Then as if he just remembered, the blond flicked his other wrist while holding onto Izaya's throbbing cock.

"Haaah..!" Izaya jolted as Shizuo went back to toying with his cock. He tossed his head and his toes curled at the sensation. "Nnngh…. S-Shizu…."

"You taste… so good." Shizuo pulled the fingers out now to smell Izaya's palm, then licking right below his palm where his main artery throbbed with the informant's heart beat. Izaya could barely think as all his nerves were heightened wherever Shizuo was touching him.

"Mmmgh…." the blond moaned as he pushed the two fingers back inside his mouth. This time, his tongue started to lick the joint between the two fingers, sliding up and down the digits. At the same time, Shizuo was thrusting his hips, his cock sliding against Izaya's.

"I...I'm gonna die…" Izaya moaned as his free hand clung to the bed sheets under him. His heart felt like it was racing so fast, it would jump out of his chest. It felt so good...everything felt so good. And this was Shizuo. No one else but Heiwajima Shizuo, seducing him.

"I haven't even gotten to the main course." Shizuo chuckled as he pulled the fingers out of his mouth, now wet with his saliva. "Still got to get to your torso...and the rest of your body."

"Kill me now. I can't… take this anymore…" Izaya covered his face with the side of his arm.

"All in good time...if you'd like that." Shizuo smirked naughtily as he looked down on him, emphasizing his word with a thrust so that Izaya knew that he meant he wanted to 'kill' him with his dick.

"When the hell did you learn to be...ah never mind." Izaya groaned. By now he knew he had no one else to blame but himself for being so cocky. With another throaty, warm laugh, Shizuo stopped stroking their cocks, using both of his hands to thumb Izaya's pink nipples. They immediately perked up with a gentle roll. Izaya sucked in his breath and shivered.

"I want you...very badly, Izaya." Shizuo's voice was deep and low, burning Izaya's ears with shame. "I think...I'm getting drunk off of you. Is that alright?" Izaya looked up to see Shizuo's tongue lightly lick his own lips to moisten it. The informant's chest tightened up at that sight, his cock throbbing even more so.

"I hate you so much right now…" he closed his eyes, his cheeks heating up. His entire body was begging for Shizuo at this point. He wanted him too. He had always wanted him but…

"Am I allowed to have you?" Shizuo lowered his head to lick on one perky areola, twirling it with his tongue, again seeking permission. Izaya groaned softly, his toes curling again, pinching the bed sheet under him. Everything was making him dizzy as if he too was intoxicated by breathing the same air as this man.

"If you fuck anyone else other than me, I'll definitely kill you." Izaya muttered, unable to answer him straight forward. Shizuo laughed, knowing that that was the closest thing to 'yes' he would ever get.

"I love you so much, Izaya." that was the last thing he murmured before he sucked on one of Izaya's nipples, hard.

"Haaaah! S… shit aaahnn…!" Izaya arched his back as Shizuo tweaked his other nipple, pulling at it. It wasn't rough but it was a notch above the gentleness he had shown earlier. "Oh god…" Izaya almost came from that alone as Shizuo started to suck harder and harder…obviously trying to leave a mark on his nipple. After rupturing his blood vessels under the skin, the blond lightly grazed the areola with his teeth, forcing the hard bud to feel the light painful bruise he had made with love. Then he nipped at it, tugging at it with his teeth playfully.

"Shizuo… nnngh…. hnnnngh….oh god," the raven's face contorted with pleasure. Shizuo was completely taking his time to make sure Izaya felt good. Sometimes being gentle...sometimes slightly playful. Never forceful or painful…. No one had ever loved him so… nor gave him such tender foreplay. He couldn't help but feel his heart squeeze so tightly, it felt like it would burst... He wouldn't mind if he did die the day after that...if Shizuo was his tonight. Not the Shizuo he knew before, the one who hated him and always frowned at the sight of his face, but the Shizuo who was now completely devoted to making sure that Izaya was properly loved. Izaya's mind still couldn't truly believe that this would last forever, it still felt like it was a fleeting dream.

Suddenly, Shizuo let go and pulled away. "Ah, did it hurt? Did I hurt you?"

Izaya felt a thumb brush away the tears and he opened his eyes to look up at a very concerned face. He had not realized that he had started crying again when he thought this was too good to be true. Now that he finally had Shizuo being this sweet to him, he was even more afraid to lose him.

And now Shizuo was worried for him. Smiling at him. It really was like Izaya had died and found himself in some land of the impossible, somewhere between the living and the dead. Izaya felt his tears falling as his lips trembled. He was breaking apart again and this time not because of pain but the overwhelming love that Shizuo was submerging him with.

"No...I'm not hurt Shizu-chan. It...felt good." Izaya wrapped his arms around Shizuo's neck and drew him close. Even as he placed both hands on Izaya's shoulders, Shizuo still looked alarmed when Izaya cried, clearly worried sick that perhaps his strength got the best of him again.

"Don't...scare me like that." Shizuo spoke softly, exhaling heavily. He understood in his head that it probably wasn't because Izaya was hurt that he was crying, but it was still his greatest fear; that one day he might not realize his own strength and hurt Izaya. Shizuo was doing his best to hold back and keep his strength in check. It was painful to do so as more than anything, he wanted to thrust his cock inside that hot muscle, feel it envelope around his cock and pound into it greedily, but he refused to be like those...thugs...back at the alleyway. That experience had traumatized Shizuo as he could remember it as if it was yesterday, he himself still a cat and dangling helplessly as Izaya was raped raw.

"I'm not hurt Shizu-chan." Izaya tilted his head so he could rest it on Shizuo's. "Don't stop…"

Those words meant so much to Shizuo though Izaya had no idea.

"Aah… S-Shizu…" Izaya moaned as Shizuo bore down on him with renewed passion. Shizuo's hands were on Izaya's hips, the thumbs tracing the thin hip bones as his mouth sucked on Izaya's tongue. He just… couldn't get enough of the fact that he was kissing Izaya. And Izaya didn't seem to mind having Shizuo take his breath away with each kiss. In fact, Izaya himself couldn't get enough of it either as he clung onto Shizuo for more.

"Ah...I just realized something…" Shizuo pulled away, a bit breathless.

"...What?" Izaya too was panting roughly though he looked a bit annoyed at being interrupted.

"...The lube. Let me go get it." Shizuo blushed as he scratched the back of his head and got up to grab the lube from his pants' pockets. Izaya groaned as he plopped back on his bed, not liking another break between their make-outs. But Shizuo was back quick as he sat next to Izaya by the foot of the bed. He tossed the bottle on the bed within his reach as he grabbed Izaya's ankle and lifted it up to kiss the toes. Izaya giggled involuntarily as he was ticklish there.

"I didn't know you were ticklish here…" Shizuo smirked as his thumb slowly rubbed circles on the side of Izaya's ankle before lightly pressing his lips there. Izaya didn't understand why his cheeks flushed up from that intimate gesture. Then he flinched as Shizuo licked his ankle, sucking too as he tried to leave a small kissmark where it would be invisible to the world, like a small secret tattoo only they would know.

"Ahahaha….Sh-Shizu….it's… a bit ticklish…" Izaya protested as Shizuo tried his best to mark him. Then Shizuo licked his tongue across the top of the raven's foot to suck on the front toe. Izaya took a sharp intake of breath then let out a small whimpering moan as Shizuo's tongue licked between his toes while his teeth slightly grazed him.

"It's...dirty...Shizu-chan…" Izaya cringed again, his breath ragged. Why did this man continue to torture him gently like this?

"But I said I want to taste all parts of you...Izaya." Shizuo whispered as he dragged his tongue down the base of his foot, which definitely made Izaya laugh involuntarily.

"Stop! I'm ticklish there!" Izaya kicked Shizuo's face with his other foot, trying to push him away. The blond grabbed both ankles and pushed himself in between, now dragging his tongue on Izaya's calf, kissing and sucking in various places. Shizuo was slowly devouring him alright and all Izaya could do was lie there and writhe in pleasure.

The blond lifted Izaya's legs up on his shoulders, still leaving tiny bitemarks on Izaya's inner thighs. Izaya gasped and tried to close his legs, which he knew was impossible.

"Haaah… oh god… S-Shizu… aaahn…. aaah…!" Izaya arched as Shizuo continued to relentlessly mark his sensitive inner thighs, one hard suck earning a long groan. But Shizuo didn't stop until those pale milky white thighs were covered with his bite marks and Izaya's cock was back up erect and dripping wet again. He lingered even though there were plenty of marks, mostly because Izaya's voice was delicious and that hard cock told him that the raven enjoyed it.

"Sh-Shizu!" Izaya's fingers tangled into Shizuo's blond hair, his toes curling in the air. He shuddered particularly hard when his lover started to harshly suck on one particular spot near his groin. He gasped as a squirt of precum landed on his stomach. Shizuo swiped the precum from the cock to lick and taste it from his fingers. It was more clear and the scent a bit too thin...Shizuo hungered to taste Izaya's cum now.

"Too close?" Shizuo looked up to stare at Izaya's expression. That flushed face with those clenched eyebrows and hooded dreamy gaze… Shizuo really wanted to see how Izaya would look if he actually entered inside him. His own cock continued to stir hungrily as he licked his lips. Then the blond held onto Izaya's hips to hold him in place while he leaned down to lick at the stomach to taste more of that sticky precum. The raven groaned as the tongue tickled him, not to mention he couldn't help but cringe at the idea that Shizuo's tasting his precum, lewd or not.

"I-I want it…" Izaya finally admitted. He couldn't take it anymore. "Enough with the foreplay…give it to me already."

Shizuo blinked, then he chuckled to himself. "I do want to give it to you...but not yet."

"What do you mean not yet?!" Izaya's voice was slightly shrill, clearly upset as he pushed himself up with the back of his elbows.

"I said I want to taste every part of you….I'm not done yet." Shizuo shrugged in that nonchalant way he had picked up from Izaya within the recent months. Izaya's jaw dropped again as Shizuo went back to licking Izaya's stomach, now sucking and leaving marks here and there near his hip bones. What the hell, Shizu-chan! He even begged for him!

Okay, well no. Izaya didn't really beg Shizuo for his cock but still! He had finally confessed he wanted him! How dare he deny him now?!

However, before Izaya could speak any further protests, Shizuo began to nip on the skin right on his hip bone, sending another delicious shudder down his spine. He whimpered as Shizuo left yet another bitemark there, then watched as the blond licked it as if he was apologizing for the wound. He then secured Izaya by the hips with his hands and lowered himself so he could lick the base of Izaya's twitching cock.

"Nnngh...no fair, Shizu-chan! I … I said… I…. haaahnn…. nnnn…." Izaya gritted his teeth as Shizuo started licking Izaya's length up and down...then took one of the testicles into his mouth to suck him gently, rolling the ball with his tongue.

"Haaah! Haaah… god… I… can't…" Izaya plopped back down to the bed as his entire legs curled, wrapping around Shizuo. It felt….indescribably good. It was beyond heavenly. He could just come from having his balls sucked. Still, Izaya tried to hold on, grabbing the base of his own cock to stop himself from feeling too much.

"No, don't do that. Come if you want to." Shizuo carefully pried off Izaya's fingers one by one before he used his own hand to grab hold of Izaya's length, gently stroking him up and down as he continued to lick the scrotum. He watched as Izaya moaned and writhed under him. He must have been feeling very good, Shizuo thought as he focused on sucking him off, trying to taste Izaya's body. Izaya definetly gave off the strongest scent there and, like a cat, Shizuo sniffed him.

"Dammit...S-Shizuo…. nnngh…. aaahn… no… it's… too early to… aaahnnn…." Izaya's mind was reeling with pleasure as now Shizuo started to lick his length up and down while his hand rolled his balls. The informant jolted and arched his back when Shizuo flattend his tongue and licked across the top of his head to taste the bead of precum that had built up.

"Mmm…it doesn't taste that bad." Shizuo sniffed at Izaya's cock again before licking for more beads of precum to taste. He remembered how he used to hate the scent of 'flea'. But now, he couldn't get enough of it. As if drinking a delicious flavored milk, Shizuo swallowed the head into his mouth and sucked.

"Haaaaah!" This time Izaya jolted so much, the arch of his back lifted his ass up in the air. His entire lower body melted away with that sucking, his legs stiffening up before turning into jelly. He definitely couldn't think of anything else but the divine sensation of Shizuo's mouth ravishing him as if he was the most delicious pudding he had ever tasted. Shizuo then started to stroke the base of Izaya's cock, as if he was trying to pump for more of that exquisite precum for him to drink up.

"Oh god, Sh-Shizu…! I… no! Aaahnnn! Aaah! Aaaah!" Izaya continued to writhe and jolt, as if his entire body was being electrocuted with lascivious stimulation, his cock stirring wildly. His mind was clouded with lust, his body: hot. He felt so vulnerable and helpless as Shizuo delivered him the most magnifying experience he had ever felt. He couldn't even describe what it made him feel or what it made him want as Shizuo's hands slid under to cup his butt and squeeze it, spreading his cheeks open while his hot mouth sucked him dry.

"S-Shizu..! I… I'm gonna…!" Izaya couldn't even warn him as he let go, his hot cum shooting out like jets of waterfall. However, Shizuo was ready as he slackened his jaw and started to swallow the thick sperm as if it was cream being squeezed out of icing decorating bags. Izaya trembled as Shizuo sucked every last drop of his cum and licked for more. His mind was still hazy from the high, his body trembling from the intense ecstasy he had just experienced. His mouth felt so dry now from all that panting, his heart still pounding in his chest while his legs...he could barely lift them.

"...S-Shizu….no more...is gonna come out… nnngh…" Izaya shivered as Shizuo's tongue continued to lick him up like a puppy wanting more milk.

"You sure? You tasted so good, Izaya…" Shizuo gave a small kiss on the tip of Izaya's tired cock. "Even if you can't come anymore, you still taste so good, Izaya. Your cock… has a unique scent and taste, I can't get enough of it, like your kisses."

"S-Shizu… I'm seriously gonna die if you keep licking me there…" Izaya whimpered as he continued to pant from overstimulation. They... hadn't had sex yet and it already felt so good. He wasn't sure how it would feel with Shizuo's cock inside him now.

"Alright...maybe more later." Shizuo licked his lips as he finally stopped licking him. Izaya sighed in relief.

However, Izaya realized it was premature as Shizuo bent even lower to lick at his puckered entrance.

"Shizu-chan!" Izaya jolted at first in surprise then he tried to move his ass away.

"What? Don't tell me you're ticklish here." Shizuo pretended to frown. Izaya fumed.

"I told you, it's dirty!"

"No it's not. And I also told you, I intend to lick and taste...Every. Part. Of you." Shizuo emphasized each word, his eyes hooded and his hot breath baited. Izaya swallowed hard as he saw the blond's determination, drawn into the sultry gaze.

"S-still! No! It's dirt…"

"I washed you. You're fine." Shizuo gently reminded him. Then he used his hands again to pry open Izaya's butt cheeks, watching with intense interest as Izaya's asshole twitched, the pink inner muscles moving. He had never seen another man (or woman's) ass up so close and the way it moved… was rather cute. Like it had a mind of their own, similar to how Izaya's cock had behaved.

"And you're not dirty, 'Zaya." Shizuo told him firmly before giving him a good lick.

"!" Izaya jerked again at the sensation, his entire body still sensitive from the orgasm earlier. He couldn't even comment on this new 'nickname' he had somehow earned from Shizuo. Even without the climax, that lick would have sent the informant yelping in pleasure. Shizuo smirked as he started to insert his tongue slowly.

"Haaaah! Aaaah! S...Oh god…!" Izaya held onto the pillow for dear life as Shizuo relentlessly 'tasted' his inside. He had no idea it felt...this good to have his asshole licked. The smooth and velvety folds of Shizuo's tongue slid in and out of his inner muscles, causing even his tired cock to bob up and down from the delicious stimulation.

"S-Shizu...I… I'm gonna die…" Izaya crumbled under Shizuo's licking as the thrusts started to gain speed. It felt so good...it was so dirty and yet…! Izaya wanted to cry in frustration at how good it felt despite feeling repelled by such a salacious and vulgar act. His legs trembled, losing strength as they wrapped around Shizuo's shoulders. Shizuo's arms too were wrapped around his hips and legs, holding him in place as he started to seriously lick and suck.

"Hnnnngh…. Nnngh… oh god… I-I want to come… I want to come…!" Izaya tossed and turned. He wanted to come again but he couldn't. His refractory period wasn't that fast and he knew it. Instead he was in a perpetual state of pleasure, the high right before he could achieve his orgasm. All he could feel was that delicious tongue licking him so lewdly as Izaya was forced to give into the carnal pleasure that also repulsed him.

It took another several licks before Shizuo finally pulled out, satisfied. He wiped his wet lips as he stared down at the now exhausted informant, his hands covering his face. He was drenched in his own sweat now instead of the water from the bath. Shizuo reached for the bottle of lube and opened it, pouring some onto his fingers. He hoped he was doing it right. He researched what he could about sex between men because he didn't want Izaya to feel hurt or feel any pain. Still, it made him nervous. He had read on several websites that the first time would hurt unless the partner was relaxed. The blond wondered if that was enough foreplay for Izaya to relax, though of course the foreplay wasn't just to make him relax, he also wanted Izaya to feel good. To feel loved.

"Did that feel good?" Shizuo asked, half teasingly as he rubbed the lube between his fingers. But he also needed the affirmation. He had read that it was best to warm them up before inserting them in. It probably didn't feel good to pour straight cool lube down in there.

"Will you quit asking embarassing questions?!" Izaya finally blurted out, not wanting to answer it. He got that Shizuo needed him to confirm that it didn't hurt or that it felt good before he continued, but it was a serious strain on his pride. "It...it feels good. Got it?" Izaya huffed his answer, his chest heaving with anticipation. He peeked over to see Shizuo give him a gorgeous smile that made his heart skip a beat. It was so rare to see such a soft look on his usual angry face, even though he was on the receiving end all day now, Izaya still couldn't believe that that smile was for him, and no one else.

"Maybe I should have continued then." Shizuo placed his fingertip on Izaya's twitching entrance, the digit slowly poking through. He then lowered his face to lick at the throbbing head, tasting more of the precum.

"Haaah….!" Izaya arched and shuddered as the finger slid inside him even deeper. Shizuo was going too slow and he almost felt impatient. But he knew why so he didn't complain, allowing Shizuo to take the reins. For someone so inexperienced other than watching pornography, Shizuo was quite skilled in his own way. He understood techniques and more than anything, unlike the others before him, Shizuo wanted to please Izaya and that made all the difference.

"Nnngh…" The raven sunk into his soft mattress and pillows as Shizuo embedded his middle finger completely to the hilt. Then he slowly pulled it out to thrust it in. Shizuo half wanted to ask if it hurt but he stopped himself; he could tell from Izaya's face that it must have felt really good. Part of him wanted to know how it was compared to...his other times. Izaya had made a slip before that he had had sex before or hinted at it. Shizuo had no idea if those previous times were consensual, or perhaps it wasn't with his ass, it could be that he had been with a girl before, but the blond swallowed hard instead. No matter how many Izaya might have been with in the previous past, at least now he was with Shizuo. And the informant had confessed that he had been waiting for Shizuo for a long time. Even if Izaya had experience, this was still his first time making 'love' to someone.

'Sorry I made you wait,' Shizuo gritted his teeth as he quietly again felt the guilt eating him away. 'Sorry I wasn't there for you.'

But he was here now. And Izaya wanted him. His eyes were finally honest, filled with pleasure and trust. Izaya trusted him to make him feel good. And he trusted him with his heart.

"Sh...Shizu-chan…" Izaya moaned as that finger continued to slip in and out and cover his tight walls with lube. "I...I want…more…" He could feel his cheeks burn but Shizuo was going too slow. And he really wanted him. Badly. Desperately. For them to connect. He had waited for so many years. He almost wished that the beast would just pound into him already.

Shizuo's eyes widened briefly and he swallowed hard. Clearly that lustful look had an effect on the blond. Izaya was so sexy right now. He did want to plunge into that tight asshole and have him cling onto him. But not now. All in due time.

"Mmm...more what?" Shizuo decided to tease instead, knowing that it would irritate Izaya. "This?" Shizuo inserted his second finger, watching it sink deeply.

"NNnngh…! No you protozoan! You know what I'm… aaahnn..!" Izaya was interrupted as Shizuo rubbed at his prostate inside him.

"Ah… found it." Shizuo smiled softly, his eyes hooded. He was looking for that. He gently rolled his fingers to rub at the sweet spot. "You like it right here… right?"

"Nnngh… aaah! D..don't toy...aaah! W-with… aaahnnn!" Izaya could barely talk, twitching as Shizuo started to thrust in a steady beat. Each small jab sent shivers up and down Izaya's spine, making his cock hard once more. It felt good. So good….his entire body felt like it was melting in caramel pudding. Shizuo had clearly covered his innerwalls with lube by now as the squishy and squirting sound burned into his ears with each thrust.

"Not yet, Izaya...hang in there… it'll feel good, soon." Shizuo promised as he inserted a third finger slowly.

"Hyaaaaaaaaa!" Izaya arched and fell down to the sheets, shuddering hard. Shizuo lowered his mouth to now suck on his twitching cock, licking at the tip for more milk as his fingers slid in and out. Each time they slid in, they made sure to rub at that bundle of nerves, making Izaya jolt again and again.

"Oh god… I… I can't take it anymore…" Izaya groaned as Shizuo continued to suck and finger fuck him. This was definitely the longest foreplay he had ever received and his body was overstimulated with pleasure.

"You know, I just barely started." Shizuo licked his lips as he pulled up, sucking hard up until the tip of Izaya's cock. He could taste the precum as he swallowed. The fingers were now scissoring inside Izaya and the informant was writhing under him.

"I…! Aaahnn! Aaahhh…!" Izaya gasped as the fingers curled inside him now, rubbing against his prostate. The pleasure was so intense, his toes curled and his legs twitched. He held onto the pillow desperately, trying not to come.

"Why not let go?" Shizuo asked as he went back to licking that throbbing shaft. He peered over to stare at Izaya's beautiful orgasmic expression. It made his heart swell with pride that it was his touch that was making Izaya make those lewd faces.

"C-cuz...I don't… nnngh… want to… tire… out early…" Izaya panted in between his words, his legs closing around Shizuo's neck. But no matter how his legs twitched desperately to close, his ass was still left bare open for Shizuo's teasing fingers and his cock was defenseless against the debt collector's taunting licks.

"Mmm… is that a bad thing?" Shizuo started to suck on Izaya's testicles one by one, kissing them before he took them into his mouth to give them an even better lick. Izaya's legs twisted as he cried out from the intense pleasure. Those devious fingers were still fucking him sweetly while Shizuo was giving him the best blow job he had ever received...how the hell could a guy who only watched porn be so good in bed in his first time?!

"I… haaa….aaahn… I don't…" Izaya struggled to form a sentence as his mind was flooded with white heat.

"Don't...what?" Shizuo pulled away from sucking to lick at Izaya's length that was so close to bursting with cum.

"Don't want to….tire out...before you're done." Izaya managed to grit his teeth and hold on as Shizuo slowed down finally.

The blond paused, his heart squeezing a bit. He chuckled lightly as he finally pulled his fingers out. "You really do say the sweetest things sometimes, Izaya." Perhaps there was hope for them after all. Shizuo had thought that Izaya might always be 'tsun', and never be as honest as he was to his cat but…

...there was a small glimmer of hope.

Shizuo climbed on top of Izaya, looming over him as a giant shadow was cast. Izaya looked up at that massive chest and shuddered. So he was finally going to do it…

The debt collector's eyebrows furrowed a bit as his hands slid down from Izaya's thighs to his ass cheeks, spreading open his asshole in an almost lewd manner. It made the raven blush as he could feel himself be even more exposed.

It was pink...and it was throbbing as if it had a life of its own. Shizuo almost wanted to lick it again but he himself was struggling to hold it in.

"Tell me if it hurts, I mean it, Izaya." Shizuo told him softly, but firmly. He knew Izaya would never tell him anyway but still. He had to say it so Izaya knew that he knew.

He then used one hand to grab one of Izaya's hands and laced their fingers together. Izaya frowned as he looked back up at the blond. "I keep telling you… the temperature of my hand isn't a lie detector."

"Maybe. But I'll take all the help I can get." Shizuo beamed a smile before pecking Izaya's lips. Then he remembered how much he missed kissing his lips already. He just could never get enough of this guy.

"Nnngh…." Izaya moaned softly as he felt Shizuo's fingers grip at his thigh and the warm tip of his cock press against his entrance. The blond must have been still worried about the pain as Shizuo leaned forward to make their foreheads touch, their panting breaths mingling a bit before Shizuo's lips sought Izaya's. The raven gladly parted his own, needing Shizuo's kisses again.

As their lips met, Shizuo started to enter inside Izaya. Their hands squeezed together, Izaya gasping as the thicker side of Shizuo's cock started to spread him apart. He…was huge.

"S-Shizu…" Izaya whimpered and Shizuo stopped moving in, his lips pulling away and his eyes concerned. "Does it hurt?"

"...No." Izaya shook his head. At least… not yet. He was a bit scared but it seemed Shizuo had stretched him properly.

"Focus on me, Izaya." Shizuo's thumb caressed the side of Izaya's hand, his voice strained and husky. He then went back to sucking Izaya's lips, his tongue plunging into that hot cavern. Izaya moaned, his entire body shuddering with renewed passion. He could feel Shizuo's cock sliding in slower now. It didn't hurt, which surprised him. Even as Shizuo managed to sheath himself completely, it didn't hurt at all. But his ass felt so stretched, the muscles greedily wrapping around that hard throbbing cock. Izaya could feel Shizuo's heart beat and he had never felt so connected to someone before.

Once Shizuo had his cock in all the way to the hilt, he pulled away from his kiss to look down. They really were connected, he couldn't believe it. The blond waited as he felt Izaya's inner muscles squeeze his cock. It was...pretty tight in there. He had read that he should wait for his partner to 'adjust' but he had no idea how long. Judging from how tight it felt, a sudden fear struck him. What if...this was hurting Izaya?

"Are you sure it doesn't hurt?" Shizuo looked up to ask. Izaya shook his head. Then the raven smiled, his whole face softening up because he could feel how much Shizuo cared for him. "Doesn't hurt, Shizu-chan," he replied with his heart in it.

Shizuo felt his heart stop at that expression, the kind of a smile that made his heart melt and yearn for him even more. He really thought...that now he wasn't a cat, he would never be able to see Izaya's smile as often as before. And he had his heart set on still loving Izaya all the while giving up on all the things he was able to witness secretly as a cat.

"I'm glad…" Shizuo swallowed a lump, trying to blink away the tears that threatened to fall. He knew it was stupid to get choked up and emotional due to something like this but he was glad in more ways than one.

"If you don't move soon...I will," Izaya frowned dramatically. Then seeing the opportunity, he grabbed Shizuo and rolled over so the blond was under him.

"W-wait, what?!" Shizuo slightly panicked when Izaya rolled him so his back was to the bed and his cock slipped out. Then Izaya climbed on top, licking his lips like a predator cat that found its saucer of milk. Wait, was Izaya going to…? Shizuo swallowed hard as he remembered when he was a cat and he caught Izaya masturbating. At that shocking moment, the blond tabby had feared that Izaya had wanted to top and despite saying he loved Izaya, he really would rather not bottom. Which was one of many reasons why Shizuo had initiated. Now the blond could feel his hair rising as Izaya lined his ass and…

….he slowly sat on his dick. Shizuo's eyes couldn't help but zoom in as Izaya's ass literally ate up his cock, sinking in deeply.

"Nnngh…" They both groaned as Shizuo felt that heavenly warmth wrap around his cock...while, for Izaya, he felt Shizuo's heart beat as that hard rod penetrated deeply inside him once more. It felt extremely satisfying to be 'one' again, their brief moment of separation already painful.

Izaya sat there with his back straight, trying to adjust to that thick cock. He could feel Shizuo inside him. It felt fucking amazing. It didn't hurt at all, Shizuo had done his job and had properly prepared him. In fact, Izaya wanted to move now...very badly.

Shizuo on the other hand couldn't get his eyes off this man. Izaya's eyes were hooded, seductively meeting his gaze. His lips were parted as he panted, and his chest kept rising harshly accentuating his perky nipples...and it was a sight that took his breath away. Shizuo couldn't help but chuckle in relief, a hand massaging his temple.

"What's so funny?" Izaya pouted, not liking the thought of being laughed at. It took a lot of guts to initiate this position after all.

"No, I just… it's nothing." Shizuo decided that he would not tell Izaya that he didn't want to be the one 'taking' a cock in his ass and his position as 'top' was unquestioned. At least, for now.

"No, clearly it's something. What is it?" Izaya huffed then like a perturbed cat whose fur was stroked the wrong way.

Shizuo smirked as he looked up at his sexy little fox. So instead he answered him, "I love you."

There was an immediate effect again as Izaya stiffened up and his cheeks blushed. He was so lovely, sexy, cute and hot. Everything Shizuo really wanted.

"That wasn't what I asked," Izaya's pout grew. He had thought he could have the upper hand if he switched positions but nothing ever worked as planned when it came to Shizuo.

"You wanted to know why I laughed? Well…" Shizuo grunted as he thrusted his hips upward. Izaya bounced and slammed down on him, gasping as the cock buried inside him even deeper. It literally felt as if that hard rod had hit the bottom of his stomach.

"I love how you look right now. I can see your hard erection telling me you need it...nngh… and...your hard pink nipples… nngh… and the way your thin waist and hips move to match my…" Shizuo continued to thrust upward as he started to talk a bit dirty. But after a few bounces that sent Izaya reeling with electrifying pleasure as that rock hard cock slammed into him again and again, the raven shouted, "S-stop!" and covered Shizuo's mouth.

The blond's eyes were grinning as his tongue licked teasingly at Izaya's palm. They both started to pant as Shizuo now grabbed Izaya's hips and started to thrust, roll and thrust again.

"Aaahn… hhaaa… nnngh….. aaaah…." Izaya's hands wrap around Shizuo's mouth to cover him but he couldn't help but feel the way Shizuo thrusted his hips into him, that cock driving inside him deeply, pounding into his muscles and tight walls again and again. It felt good, especially good each time that massive cock stretched and rubbed against his prostate, sending little tremors throughout his body.

"Shizu... I… nnngh… aaah… aaaah…." Izaya lost the energy required to keep himself up as he fell onto Shizuo, shuddering. Shizuo's hands were on Izaya's ass now, spreading his cheeks open as he started to pound into him faster and faster.

"Aaah! Aaah! Aaah! Aaaah!" Izaya started to fall apart, his hands on Shizuo's face losing their grip. Instead he grabbed onto the pillow and held on for dear life as the blond grunted.

"S….shit, you feel amazing, 'Zaya." Shizuo groaned as he grabbed the back of Izaya's head and started to suck on his neck. He could feel Izaya tighten up even more and god was he delicious. Their hearts were beating faster and faster together. The lewd sound of their skins slapping against each other grew louder and louder as the bed squeaked and shook under them.

"Izaya…. Izaya…." the debt collector groaned as he nipped at the side of Izaya's neck and sucked on it harshly to leave a lovemark. He could feel Izaya's nails on his shoulders now as the raven switched from grabbing the pillow to grabbing at him. He could feel Izaya's lips kissing his forehead or wherever his lips could touch as his body bounced and rocked on top of him.

"S-shit….I want to fuck you harder." Shizuo breathed harshly even as his heart hammered in his chest, it wasn't enough. He wanted more. He wanted to shape and carve the inside of Izaya with his cock's shape only so Izaya only remembered him...and no one else he had previously slept with. He wanted to mark this man and claim him as his so badly, even if he knew that someone as fickle as Izaya could never truly be tamed. Izaya was more of a cat than he was after all and Shizuo wished he could put a bell collar around Izaya's neck with his name.

"Then...fuck me harder, Shizu-chan…" Izaya breathed seductively into Shizuo's ears. The sultry temptation made Shizuo grow even harder inside Izaya's ass and the raven chuckled as he felt that cock slam into him particularly strong.

"Don't want to break you…" Shizuo wrapped his broad arms around that small frame. He still remembered that day at the alley when he couldn't save Izaya from the attackers. He didn't want to be like those men. He wanted this to be special. Even if Izaya clearly wasn't like others and shrugged off the sexual assault as if it was no big deal, it was traumatizing for Shizuo. Although Izaya appeared on the surface as the type of guy who could easily embrace the darkness of other humans and perhaps laugh at them saying that he was a god, that no human could truly harm him... Shizuo didn't care. He wasn't sure if Izaya was very hurt back then or not. Back then, Izaya had focused more on the fact that he had wished Shizuo had come to save him, rather than focusing on the fact that he was brutally raped by strangers in the rain. Perhaps that was just how Izaya coped with his pain. Shizuo would never know the truth but he knew one thing: that he didn't want it to ever happen again. This time, he would always be there for Izaya, no matter what.

"You won't break me." Izaya smiled, not knowing the dark thoughts that threatened inside Shizuo's mind. Shizuo took a deep breath and looked up, his eyes clearly showing a struggle with himself and with pain. He wanted Izaya. But he also didn't want to hurt him. When Izaya smiled down at him with such trust, Shizuo could feel his heart squeeze even tighter. And he worried even more, not wanting to fail that trusting smile.

"You won't hurt me, Shizu-chan." Izaya kissed Shizuo's forehead. Though he may have not known what Shizuo was thinking, specifically that rainy day at the alley that changed his perspective on Izaya, the raven knew one thing. Shizuo feared his own strength. That one day he would hurt someone he loved dearly with that cursed strength. Izaya knew that very well.

"Besides, who do you think I am? I'm Orihara Izaya. I don't break that easily, especially for monsters." Izaya leaned down and nipped on the tip of Shizuo's ear. They had stopped moving a while back but their cocks were still hard and their hearts were still beating fast. Izaya just took it as the calm before the storm.

"You know I've always loved seeing your strength in full display ever since we've met. I want you...to fuck me hard Shizu-chan." Then Izaya licked Shizuo's ear before he leaned in to whisper even more darkly, "Don't you want my body to remember you...and only you?"

That clicked something inside Shizuo. It was as if all locks were broken and his hesitation disappeared. The blond turned to face Izaya and kissed him, bringing their faces close together as Shizuo turned Izaya over again so the informant's back was on the bed. Izaya giggled.

"You really like the missionary position?" Izaya shook his head. "We should try something more kinky, you know."

"Perhaps next time…" Shizuo laced their fingers together. He wanted to feel and touch Izaya's hands. He brought one close to his lips and kissed it as if he was promising it to him. "Today, I want to see your face as you reach your orgasm."

Izaya's face instantly turned bright red at such a bold statement. Before he could reply, Shizuo started to thrust.

"Nnngh…" Izaya shuddered as that one powerful thrust forced his body to rock. He could feel all the strength in that one.

"Aaah!" Izaya's back buckled this time with the next thrust. And then the next. Then the next. Shizuo started to thrust hard and strong, slowly at first, letting Izaya feel the power behind each one before he started to pick up his pace. He started to grunt as each thrust became more steady, the entire bed shaking and rocking like it was going to break under them.

"Aaah! Aaah! S-Shizu..! Aaah! Haaah!" Izaya held onto Shizuo hard as he had nothing else to cling onto. His body felt everything, each slam pounding into him. His inner muscles were forced to give way to that thick cock driving deeply in and making his insides 'know' that shape. His toes started to curl as his body started to grow hotter and hotter, his mind slowly numbing into the pleasure.

"Shizuo! I'm….. gonna….!" Izaya's nails dug into Shizuo's hand as his leg muscles tightened. His entire body shuddered as he came hard, the splurts of his white cum splattering onto both of their torsos. White light took over his vision when euphoria swept over him. He had never experienced such a blinding orgasm even as he felt Shizuo grunt and thrust a few more times before he too, came inside Izaya. Somehow it felt so fulfilling to feel that hot spurt of cum coat his insides, that sticky mess completely filling him to the brim and knowing that he had satisfied this beast.

Shizuo finally slumped over and they both started to breath heavily. When they finally turned to face each other, Shizuo started to smile. As if it was contagious, Izaya too smirked. Then they both began to laugh.

After their laughter, their afterglow and when their heartbeat slowed down to a normal pace, Shizuo tightened his grip onto Izaya's hand. He had not let go the entire time he had held him, and now he brought the back of Izaya's hand to his cheek and gently leaned on it. Closing his eyes Shizuo felt his temperature. Then he opened his warm, caramel colored eyes to smile at Izaya, the specific type of smile that forever left the informant breathless. The one that Izaya had never thought he would ever be on the receiving end of and that he had always been fervently jealous of anyone Shizuo had given it to. Now, Shizuo was smiling at him like the sun he was to Izaya's nights.

"Looks like you're not cold anymore, Izaya."

Izaya blinked, slightly confused when his vision blurred. He wasn't sure why until the tears had fallen down and he remembered that Shizuo had promised early that he would keep him warm after the bath.

Or perhaps Shizuo had meant it metaphorically. Izaya didn't know.

Instead he smiled a bit, the corners of his lips turning up into a self- deprecating mock.

"Stupid Shizu-chan. I told you...my hand isn't a lie detector."

"Don't care. I'm still gonna make sure your hands are never cold again." Shizuo shrugged repeating the words as he kissed the back of that said hand. Then he wraped his arms around Izaya and brought him close to a hug. He pulled up the covers so they were warm.

"Get some rest?" Shizuo asked, wondering if Izaya was too exhausted after their last round. Or perhaps he was bruised or hurt and did need to rest but wouldn't tell him.

"Will you be here when I wake up?" Izaya didn't know why he had asked that. Perhaps because everything still felt like a dream. And because he knew he didn't deserve to be this happy.

"..." Shizuo paused for a second at those words. He leaned forward briefly to kiss Izaya's lips. "I don't plan to go anywhere, flea." He whispered as his voice grew thick.

"I'm not going to leave your side flea. Not ever." Shizuo tangled their legs together to trap Izaya as if he was the one not wanting Izaya to leave. Izaya chuckled but snuggled closer to Shizuo to rest, sighing deeply as he relaxed.

Shizuo gazed down at that Izaya with matted hair and a tired but happier smile. He loved him. His worst sides and his best ones. The parts that no one else would love as well. Just as Izaya had shown that he had loved him at his worst, even down to his cursed strength that had made others avoid the blond, Shizuo too decided that he would love Izaya back. Despite Izaya's twisted way of showing love, Shizuo decided that he would return Izaya's love in the only way he knew. With honesty and a bold declaration of love.

"I love you, Izaya." Shizuo smiled sweetly, caressing away the raven's bangs. Again as the blond expected, Izaya cringed.

"C-can you not...say that when I'm trying to rest?" Izaya blinked open his eyes to frown at his lover, feeling embarrassed.

"Nope. You're stuck with me, and I plan to say I love you at least several times a day."

"This is going to be mortifying." Izaya sighed as he covered his face.

Shizuo chuckled, leaned forward and moved a hand away to kiss Izaya again.

"I love you, Izaya." Shizuo spoke again softly. And this time, Izaya didn't deny him, only snuggling closer with pink dusted cheeks.

Yes, Shizuo planned to love this little shitty flea. He would make sure he knew he loved him every day, every second of his life. And Shizuo too needed him. Their love was like an addiction, an addiction he couldn't cure nor did he plan to cure. Izaya was his catnip and Shizuo planned to never let it go.

Intertwined together like a vine that grew to support one another, they both closed their eyes in anticipation of their new tomorrow. They knew they had a long journey ahead of them. But they would face them together. Tomorrow.


Although their life had their own turbulence, Shizuo and Izaya started their life together. After Shizuo came to stay over at his place every night, by the end of the week, Izaya just gave him a spare key. After that, they agree to move in together. Shizuo came to live with Izaya...and with him came all his adopted cats, to Izaya's dismay. Shizuo just couldn't abandon the street cats that he always fed so he adopted all of them. The debt collector also started to volunteer at the local animal shelter as well, finding an affinity for taking care of the abandoned cats and dogs that needed a home with an owner who loved them.

Izaya continued his work as informant but Shizuo was able to curve him away from more of the illegal and dangerous side of the work as well as the more morbid hobbies of his. Shizuo convinced Izaya to bring back all the men he had sent off as forced labor workers for an indefinite amount of time, which included the rapists. Shizuo wasn't surprised that Izaya had a hobby of taking revenge into his own hands by punishing those who 'wronged' him, but he was rather surprised that the number of people Izaya had probably sent off as forced slaves was a lot larger than he thought. He firmly made Izaya bring them all back home. If he wanted justice, let the police take over next time. Izaya grumbled but did as he was told.

The informant wasn't quite happy that Shizuo had a say with his work now and then, but he was kept too busy to complain too much. His evenings where he used to spend bored as he pretended to be a young girl chatting with fat old lonely men were gone as Shizuo always came home in time for a proper dinner. And the debt collector had made sure that Izaya ate well and was pampered. It wasn't too bad, Izaya begrudgingly admitted. Not to mention all the cats. He had a ton of lapcats to keep him busy all day at home while at work. Namie made it clear that she would not take care of any of them and even though Izaya too had told Shizuo that it was his responsibility to take care of the cats, Izaya didn't mind one or two of them that decided to use his lap as a heating pad.

Izaya still was insecure that he didn't deserve Shizuo and that he might leave him for an attractive, nice, and homey girl. And Shizuo was insecure that he would hurt Izaya one day with his supernatural power and that Izaya too might find someone smarter than him and leave him. But overall Shizuo and Izaya lived happily ever after, slowly and carefully learning to trust one another.

And Shizuo made sure that Izaya's hands were never cold ever again.

Author's Note: Thank you for reading. It's been a long journey. I'm still not quite happy with this ending but hopefully you guys like it.

There is an epilogue to this fic though. The 'ever after' story of how Izaya and Shizuo live together with there eclectic collection of 'cats' they've adopted, Psyche, Tsugaru, Delic, Hibiya, Hachimenroppi and Tsukishima. And later they'll adopt Sakuraya and Shitsuo. Basically Shizuo becomes a crazy cat gentleman? Ahahaha. And Shizuo keeps Izaya out of trouble while they both deal with their own insecurities that they don't quite 'deserve' the other. Hopefully I'll have the time to write it soon. But before then, enjoy imagining Izaya living with Shizuo happily ever after with a lot of cats. A loooot of cats.

Oh, and Shizuo volunteering at the animal shelters haha. I love the idea of Shizuo rubbing a labrador on the head saying 'good boy!' and petting a cat gently with a sweet smile. And of course, there is always his favorite catnip, Izaya who'd somehow squeeze his way in between Shizuo's love for animals.

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