Gorgeous Elle

Will walked through the main doors of Avalon High. He felt on top of the world. Since Elle had moved to his school, Will had felt a connection between them immediately.

It had been hard in the beginning because he was still with Jen. But Elle was still willing to talk to him which was great because he could get to know her. And he fell more in love with her every day.

Will grinned when he saw Elle standing at her locker, talking to Jen. Lance stood behind Jen, his arms loosely wrapped around her waist. That didn't even bother Will, he was just glad they were happy. He felt like he belonged with Elle anyway.

Standing behind her, Will wrapped around his arms around her waist. "Hey gorgeous," he whispered, kissing her neck. Elle turned around and kissed his lips. Jen smiled and leaned back against Lance. Elle pulled her lips away and smiled.

"Hey," she said, leaning against him. Will kissed her forehead. He was glad she had come into his life.