A Prisoner's Love

chapter 23

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~Sasuke pov~

I moved through the streets of my village..

Scratch that.. of the village..who would want this town to be their's?

Instant images of the blond ran through my head.. answering my question

I pressed on through the unusual silent streets..the silence periced my ears making me miss even a birds song

I searched looking for my blond lover..I didn't trust the plan to begin with..what ifs ran through my mind making me leave the interrogation building

" I don't get it..why would you kill him?" said voice

I immediately confirmed it as Naruto's before jumping to the next building before seeing them below

I jumped down joining the small group..

"I was surprised that you were even here...when Naruto's letter mention the plan I thought you would have been killed by now."

I turned to meet the voice that came from a well known person. His blue eyes piercing my onyx ones.

"Well..isn't the red head Gaara... I hear your kazekage now..congrats" I spoke my smirk reappearing

"I doubt that you would want to congratulate me after what I've done" he said with a stone face his eye looked in another direction making mine follow

"Its your brother..."

I looked at the coffin that was standing up on its own..blood crusted on the crease of the opening..

I walked up to the object knowing what it contained..

"You finally got the bastard..huh?"

~Naruto pov~

I looked at the pain in the Uchiha's eyes as he put his hand on the coffin..

"How did you do it?" He spoke..his voice calm

"Naruto explained to me how they could regenerate their body...but I used sand coffin..causing him to died, from the spikes with the coffin but every time he came back..he would die again until Naruto's plan came into effect" Gaara explained his face expressionless

Sasuke didn't respond..his hand slowly coming to his side


I turned to see Shikamaru with Kiba, Akamaru and Sai

"Its over...I got word from the senior shinobi..they say each one is dead without signs of regenerating" Shikamaru explained as he walked over to me

I smiled " All we have to do is get the villagers and start reconstruction"

" I will get started" he turned to Gaara " Thank you for your help Kazekage..Have a safe trip back"

With that he left with Sai and Kiba following..

"I guess I should be going..there's no point in sticking around here.." he motioned to his brother

"I would give you a proper farewell..but.." I gave him a sheepish smile

He only nodded his head before heading towards the exit of Konoha, his brother following

I turned to Sasuke..only to see that he wasn't there..

Just great..

I sighed before heading towards the tower only taking one last glance at the coffin

Of course the elders gave me a tongue lashing when they were escorted back to the village but in the end they said ' Well done' . The villagers were all safe and most of their homes weren't destroyed only leaving some a quarter of the village in tents...the list of causalities were low mostly rookies..reconstruction on the other hand was nothing new for finally the handsome Uchiha I knew all too well has not been been seen for the past week..Shikamaru says he'll be back..

I thought about all of this days later as I climbed the stairs to the rooftop..

The old rusty door had been replaced by a new wooden one by my orders
all of this days

I opened the door to reveal the blanket of stars that seemed all too new to me

Maybe I should come up here more often..

As I leaned against the railing of the rooftop I looked down to see the village more alive then I've seen it in a while..

Villagers that were housed in tents were outside around a fire laughing and talking

The families were walking in the direction of the light up shops that were usually closed but their lights lighting the path of the late shoppers

If I were a stranger to this village..I wouldn't have thought this village hadn't been in a hideous battle..

It confused me really..how could they all be so happy?

"It's amazing isn't?..." said a voice behind me

Before I got the chance to turn around, a pair of wrapped around me waist leaving me still

"It's been a while" I said trying to keep my eyes on the village below

"I wouldn't call 8 days a while...Let's just say..I took a vacation. And what's so amazing is the fact that this village isn't in a panic..they aren't locking their doors and keeping their children close. What I see is a village that looks as if everyone is their family.."

I turned to the Uchiha for the first time in a while

"Are they rejoicing in the fact that they are alive?" I asked

His rare smile appeared on his face

" How would I know..it's not my village.." he turned to me " it feels more like a prison and I'm the only prisoner with in it "

"Oh really? Whys that?" I asked

" Let's see...I always have a babysitter and my lover is the Hokage and I can't leave without someone ...that pretty much covers everything."

" Pfft... don't title me like that!" I complained

" Well how about..." he took a minute to think "Well, I don't know a Prisoner's Love?"

I nodded my head before smiling..

"I like the sound of that"

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