Feral Identity

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Victor Creed looked at the photo of a wedding party. Finally, after all these years of searching, he had found something. He had found a lead to his cub, who had been kidnapped when she was barely six months old. It had been years, and now he had a photo of his cub on her wedding day. She had disappeared without a trace, but now he had a lead. And he was going to use it to track her down, and make sure she knew her true heritage. Even if she was human, she would know. He would make sure of that. It was time to pay Lilly Potter, previously Evans, previously Creed, a visit. Victor creed was going to England. Hell, he may even bring Jimmy along.

Hathor Lilly Potter sat at her desk, in her tiny bedroom at number Four Private Drive, staring up at the dark sky. She had recently discovered that she was being manipulated. Well, she had always known, somewhere deep down, that she was being manipulated, but now she was getting out. Sirius' death had been the last straw. She was not going to be Dumbledore's pawn any longer. She hadn't unpacked when she'd returned to the Dursleys. She'd figured out the schedule of the order guard, and now, it was nearing the time to leave.

She opened the window, and stroked her snowy owls head. "All right Hedwig. You know the plan. Don't get caught." With that, the owl took off. She picked up the bag that she had charmed with an undetectable extension charm before leaving school. It held everything she owned, except her firebolt. She picked up the broom, and then quietly left the house. When she was on the back lawn, she mounted her broom and threw her invisibility cloak over herself, and took off, heading for Gringotts.

Being manipulated wasn't the only thing she'd discovered however. Hathor let herself think over what she knew about mutants. They all had something called the x gene, and each had a certain power. She was lucky. She had heightened senses and reflexes, and she could heal. She was going to take every advantage in this war, and this was definitely an advantage.

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