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Chapter 9

Hathor P.O.V

It had been two weeks since I had first fed, and since then both Victor and Logan had been merciless in training me and also Blaise and Draco. And now, we were standing under heavy disillusionment charms, outside the shrieking shack. I had the Marauders Map in my hand, already open. Thanks to Draco, we knew that there was a Wizingamot Meeting today, and that Dumbledore would be there. We couldn't go up against him yet. No matter how good at fighting my grandfather and great uncle were, even with them, we were no match for Dumbledore. And it would be a while until we were.

Moony located the entrance and let us in, closing it tightly behind us when we were inside.

"There's someone already here." Logan said quietly.

I listened and heard the sound of someone moving round upstairs. I sniffed the air, and caught hold of three familiar scents.

"What are Hermione, Fred and George doing here?" She asked.

"Granger and the Weasley twins?" Draco asked. "They're whose here before us?"

"Definitely." Hathor said. She walked over to the stairs, and Blaise caught hold of my arm.

"What are you doing?" He hissed. "The Weasley's are known supporters of that old goat, and Granger, well, you know what she's like with authority figures."

"I have to know where they stand. Or whether their friendship was a lie."

"Now isn't the time." Victor said. "We have to get to Hogwarts."

"I won't be long. And besides, you need me to get the Willow to hold still." I reminded them.

Blaise reluctantly let go of my arm. "Fine, but I'm not coming to your rescue if they turn on you." He hissed.

"Well that's fine by me." I hissed back.

"You aren't going up there on your own." Victor said.

"Come on then." I said, and started climbing the stairs lightly, hoping that the stairs wouldn't creak. Victor was right beside me, the both of us still under disillusionment charms. When we were on the second floor, I followed the three scents to the same room as I had first met Sirius in. Victor and I reached the door, and I heard talking.

"Why are we hiding here?" Hermione asked.

"No one will think to look here." Fred said.

"It's too close to Hogwarts, and Dumbledore. He won't even think to look here. But it's not us he'll be looking for." George said.

"Hathor." Hermione said.

"Exactly." Fred said. "Which is why-"

"We're going to-"

"Find her first." They finished together. "And then get out of the country. Charlie's got us a safe place. But he's the only other person we can trust."

"Right." Hermione said. "I hope we can find her soon. I don't like staying here. We're too close to Hogwarts. To Dumbledore."

"I know Hermione. But we'll find her soon. I hope." Fred said.

"I just hope she doesn't go to the Burrow." George added.

I looked to where I could just about make out Victor, and tapped him on the arm. "What do you think?" I asked under my breath.

"They aren't lying." He said, before I saw the outline of his hand reach up and tap where I think his nose was, but the message was clear. That they were speaking the truth was in their scents. "We go find Lily first, and when we come back, we go get them." He said softly.

"Alright then." I said. We both headed back down the stairs and I let the others what we'd heard, but not before a spell shot out from upstairs, and hit Draco.

"Malfoy!" Fred snarled. "Where are your other death eater friends then, Ferret?"

"Easy Weasly, I'm no Death Eater." Draco said.

"Prove it." Fred said.

"Bloody hell, Fred! Lower your wand!" I said, and Remus removed the disillusionment on all of us. Fred just stood there gaping, then he turned and yelled back into the room. "Hey! You'll never guess who's out here!"

Hermione and George came running out from the room, wands at the ready. They both took in our group of six.

"Hathor?" Hermione asked.

"Hey Hermione." I said, grinning. "We won't be long, we'll explain when we come back."

"No, we have to get out of here now!" George said. "As soon as possible!"

"We have something to do first, boy." Victor growled, before looking at me. "Where's that passage?"

"Over here." I said. "You are going to have to duck, old man." I noted before heading for the passage.

"Are you insane? You can't go to Hogwarts! No, Hathor! It's too dangerous!"

"Hermione, relax." I said. "Dumbledore isn't there."

"You know?"

"I know some of it. I bet I know things on it you don't, and vice versa. Now, if you don't mind, we really have to go."

"Not without us you aren't." George said, and the three of them hurried down the stairs.

Victor growled. "You don't even know what we're doing."

"Then tell us." Hermione said.

"No time." Victor said. "Just wait here. I won't have anyone messing this up."

"Hey, we don't even know who the hell you are." George said.

"You could be working for Dumbledore. Or Voldemort!" Fred said.

"Guys, meet my mother's father. Victor Creed. And, before you ask, his healing factor means he doesn't age. We'll explain everything later. Now we have to go get in and out of Hogwarts before Dumbledore comes back." I said. If they kept insisting on coming with us, I may have to stun them.

"Fine." Hermione said. "If you trust them, then fine. But as far as I'm concerned, there's only one person here that I know for certain won't back stab you, and that's Professor Lupin."

"Hermione, I know they won't stab me in the back. Trust me." I smiled at her, before opening up the passage. It was smaller than I remembered. "Yep, you are definitely going to have to duck, grandpa." I swear, I heard him roll his eyes. I'd taken to calling him either old man, or grandpa as it always annoyed him. Well, I think it did. I guess he just never though that he would never hear someone call him grandpa, and well, old man was pretty self explanatory.

I led the way in, and down the long and narrow tunnel. When we got to the entrance, I transformed into a robin and flew out, and landed on the knot that would immobilize the killer tree. When it was still, I transformed. "Alright, it won't beat us to a pulp now." I said. "Come on, quick."

Victor was first out, followed closely by Logan, and then Draco and Blaze, and finally, Remus. Remus then reapplied the disillusionment charm, and we headed for the castle. I kept my eye on the map, watching the other dots.

"Shit." I said.

"What is it?" Logan asked.

"Snape. He's gone down to where mum is!" I said.

"Then we'll just have to get him out of the way." Victor growled. "Now, which way?"

We'd just reached the large double doors of the main entrance. "Moony, we're going to have to remove the charms. It's easier." I said.

"Alright." He said. I once again felt as if an egg had been broken on my head, and waited for the others to become properly visible. Then, I turned left, and headed towards the dungeons. There was one close call, with Mrs. Norris, but one very hard kick from me, sending her into a wall, and she was out of it, and, I think I heard a few of her ribs break too. Then, we continued on our way, our pace picking up slightly.

"Moony, do you remember the spell?" I asked.

"Yes." He said, nodding. "Of course I do, Hathor."

"Alright." I said, stopping outside a door. It must've been similar to the Room of Requirement, but Snape had been a bit of an idiot, leaving it there in the open, able to be accessed.

"Be prepared. Severus is a good dueller." Remus said.

My wand was already in my hand, and I stuffed the map in my pocket, so I wouldn't have to worry about it in a fight. Remus was the first one to go through the door and down the winding staircase, his wand drawn, knowing that he'd be the best one to keep Snape occupied. But, I knew, that if (and when) it came to a fight, while Remus was firing spells, Victor would most probably take Snape out, quickly, and efficiently.

I heard Snape talking, and my forehead furrowed. "Is he reading to her?" I whispered.

"Yes he is." Remus said.

"Right." I said, thoroughly freaked out. Why would the greasy git be reading to my mother?

"Hello, Severus." Remus said, as we stepped into the room.

Snape stood up, and whirled round his wand in his right hand, a book in his left. Mum was on a stone bench behind him.

"Lupin." He sneered. "How did you find this room?"

"That doesn't matter." I growled. "But you are going to put down your wand, and step away from my mother. Then, we're going to wake her up, and leave."

"Just as arrogant as your father, Potter." Snape sneered at me.

Victor's low growl cut him off from saying anything else. "If you value your life, do as my granddaughter says. You're lucky I haven't just killed you outright for keeping my daughter prisoner."

Snape opened his mouth to say something else, when Draco cut him off. "Just step aside."

Snape's eyes widened when he saw Draco. "Draco, what are you doing here? Do you have any idea what this means for you when coupled with your earlier actions?"

"Yeah he knows." Blaise said. "And so do I. But we won't bow and scrape to a mad man. And we won't do the bidding of an old goat, either. Just make this easier on yourself, Professor."

"Sweet Merlin." Remus said. "Dumbledore promised you Lily, didn't he? When this is over, when the war is done, he said you could have her, didn't he?"

"He offered her like a piece of meat?" Logan asked, a growl lacing his tone.

"Yes, he did." Snape said. "The moment that both the Dark Lord, and Potter were dead."

That was the moment Victor lost it. He moved so quickly, that Snape had no chance to stop him. Victor's claws made short work of the potions master, his throat being slashed, as well as snapped.

"Well, that took care of that." Logan said, pulling out, and lighting a cigar.

I pulled out the map. "Right, the way out is still clear. No one's even close, yet." I said. "Now, Remus."

Remus was beside mum in a heartbeat, waving his wand over her, and muttering the enchantment to reverse the enchanted sleep. When he stopped, mum began to stir.

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