Chapter 3

As Hermione woke up, it took her a few seconds to realize where she was. As she felt the warm body against her back and the arm resting on her waist, and the faint smell of gunpowder in the room, she grinned to herself. George's breathing tickled her neck, and she turned to her back, looking at the man next to him.

"Hey you." She murmured, as George slowly opened his eyes.

"Hey yourself." He smiled sleepily and pulled her closer, placing a kiss on her shoulder. "I like waking up next to you. I think I'll make a habit out of it."

"Oh yeah?"


"I think I'd like that."

Hermione looked at George, who had closed his eyes again. His hair was tousled, and he looked younger and more innocent when his features were still etched with sleep. She was excited about his sudden interest in her, although she hadn't considered having a feelings for him before. She liked how things had progressed; it was surprisingly easy being with George, they fit together well.

She ran a finger along his jaw again, feeling the ginger stubble on it. Everything about him was ginger, even his eyelashes. She turned a bit to wrap her leg around his, and snuggled closer. George moved his hand to caress her arm, as the door suddenly flew open. "Awesome night! Angelina loved having the flat to ourse.." Fred's words came to an abrupt halt when he spotted the two in bed. Hermione yanked the sheets over her head with a terrified squeak and George lifted his head to grin at his brother, "Glad it went well."

"Seems like your night wasn't so bad either." Fred grinned back at him. "I knew something was up with Hermione last night."

Hermione's muffled groan made the twins chuckle. "You could do a lot worse, you know. George is the second most handsome Weasley after all. After me, of course." She could hear the smile in his voice, but refused to come out from under the blanket.

"I like your style, Forge. I think I'll leave you two alone, now." Fred said, and closed the door.

Hermione whipped the blanket away from her face and looked at George, whose blush she was sure matched hers. "Eep" was all she managed to say. George looked at her for a moment curiously. His lips twitched before he snorted. Hermione furrowed her brows as she watched the guy next to her trying to compress laughter.

"Don't laugh!"

"But it's funny!", George smiled. "Even though Fred is quite wrong. He's the second most handsome Weasley. After me, of course." His ear was still red, but otherwise he looked unabashed.

"Well, since the second most handsome Weasley caught us, I reckon this isn't gonna stay a secret for long." Hermione muttered, raking her hand through her hair.

"You want it to?"

Hermione looked at George. If she wasn't mistaken, there was a tiny bit of hurt in his voice, and his eyes weren't twinkling anymore. She knew George had a serious side, but she also knew that he rather kept it hidden. This was the most serious since she had seen him in a while, since the end of war. She found herself missing the twinkle.

"I think I don't like that many secrets, anyway." She leaned in to give him a quick peck on the lips.

There it was, the twinkle. George's face was definitely one made for smiles.

Hermione took a deep breath. Never had the kitchen door of the Burrow seemed so intimidating. George took her hand in his and gave it a light squeeze. "Breakfast?"

"Breakfast", Hermione nodded.

As they stepped into the kitchen, hand in hand, no one seemed to notice anything, except for Fred, who looked at them grinning widely, but said nothing.

It wasn't until a few days later, when the Weasleys noticed the change in Hermione and George's relationship. How the faces of everyone belonging to the family managed to peek through the kitchen window at the same time, watching the pair lounging on the swing in the back garden, was a miracle. Hermione grinned at the noise, which she recognized as one of Ginny's well-aimed hexes hitting Ron. Too little space after all.

"Their reaction to this is a bit odd, you know.."

George looked at her, cocking an eyebrow, "Well, you have met my family, we aren't the most normal people to begin with."

"That's a part of the magic, I think." She lay with her head on his lap, reading The Daily Prophet.

George hummed for a while. It was a tune Hermione didn't recognize.

"Wanna snog?" He asked suddenly.


"It just occurred to me that I'm naked beneath my clothes. And I think you may be too. So, wanna snog?"

"You're so weird."

George just smiled.

"Yeah, I wanna snog." Hermione tossed her newspaper to the side, and smiled into the kiss. George was one lovable weirdo. And the best thing was, he was hers.

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