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It had been two fortnights since the Fellowship left Rivendell. The company of nine embarked on the road to Mordor with mixed feelings, hopeful that their small party on foot would escape the notice of Orthanc and Barad- dûr. They kept the Misty Mountains to their left as they traveled south through Hollin. Gandalf planned to turn east through the Gap of Rohan but that was still many leagues distant.

Frodo and Sam stayed close to each other for comfort, often huddling together for warmth or sharing a pipe during the long, cold nights. Merry and Pippin viewed the whole quest as a sort of adventure, youth and innocence not yet burnt away in the crucible of war. Gandalf and Aragorn would converse quietly about Mordor and the task ahead whilst Gimli still watched the Elf with suspicion.

Boromir too, watched the Elf but with confusion in his heart. He was on hand when the delegation from Mirkwood arrived and the golden haired beauty caught his eye immediately. The Elves only gave him a passing glance before disappearing into Elrond's house leaving the flustered man wondering whom it was he saw. He was quite surprised to learn that the Elf was the son of King Thranduil and when he saw Legolas sitting near Gandalf at the Council it was all he could do to keep up the appearance of disinterest.

Then came the challenge. He had not forgotten Legolas' rapid and vocal defense of Aragorn at the Council of Elrond. The news that the Ranger was truly Aragorn, the heir to Gondor's throne was most unwelcome. But to have it come from the lips of the Elven prince irked Boromir. Legolas clearly thought little of him at the time, and Boromir cared not for what the Elf thought. His regard for Legolas had turned to disfavor at the Council.

As they journeyed together towards danger, Boromir had expected to be left out of the camaraderie between the others only to find that Aragorn extended the hand of friendship towards him. And he found himself drawn to Legolas despite his feelings after the Council. He came to respect the archer's abilities and his loyalty to Aragorn. The Prince harbored no ill feelings towards him and Boromir was grateful for Legolas' steady presence. But while the Elf was not unfriendly, he remained aloof and ever watchful for danger, only speaking when necessary and it seemed only to Gandalf or Aragorn.

Still, the man secretly admired Legolas' delicate features, longed to run his hands through the silken strands and over the slender body. He imagined pulling Legolas to him and claiming the Prince's lips and molding his body to the Elven form. What would Legolas' skin feel like, what would he taste like? Boromir watched as the Elf walked ahead of him. The play of muscles in the long limbs and the gentle movement of his hips as Legolas walked were intoxicating. The long, blond strands lying on Legolas' shoulders and across his back nearly drove Boromir to distraction. And he couldn't stop looking at the Elf's hands. Such strong hands with long fingers. He wanted to feel those hands on his body while he coaxed heated responses from Legolas' lips. He wanted to hear Legolas moan with desire for him. But it could never be. Legolas simply didn't notice him. Boromir shook his head and concentrated on keeping his feet while they marched on.

They stopped to rest among the boulders atop a hill. The land was empty all around and the company, except for Legolas, relaxed their vigilance for once. Aragorn lit his pipe, as did Gandalf. Gimli glowered and paced among the rocks muttering to himself about short cuts and Moria. And Sam immediately started preparing a meal for all of them with Frodo sitting upon a rock watching Boromir, Merry and Pippin.

Boromir had continued his daily tutoring of the young hobbits in the art of swordplay. Merry and Pippin had quickly endeared themselves to Boromir who saw himself as an older brother to the Halflings. He was patiently teaching them the standard fighting forms and the hobbits were flushed with excitement from having learnt the latest lesson so easily. Merry glanced at Pippin, a conspiratorial glint in his eye.

'Pip, let's have some fun.' said Merry looking at Legolas who was standing a little ways off with his arms crossed in front of his chest, hugging his ever present bow. The Elf was facing south watching and listening.

'What are you suggesting Merry?' asked Pippin, a mischievous gleam in his eyes.

'Now what are you two up to?' interjected Boromir who followed the hobbits' glance to the Elf.

'Oh I think Legolas needs a good lesson in how to relax! He's much too serious and I've never heard him laugh.' replied Merry.

'Me neither Merry! Let's have a go at him!' cried Pippin as he raced towards the target of their attentions. Legolas' eyes registered surprise as the hobbits raced towards him, laughing and carrying on like children. Boromir was left standing there, sword hanging forgotten at his side, eyes on Legolas and a smile upon his lips.

'Come on now,' said Merry as he ran over to Legolas while Pippin launched himself right at the Elf. All three went down in a tangle of limbs and muffled grunts. Boromir and the others watched the hobbits' antics with amusement. Even Gimli couldn't keep a smile from his face; to have seen an Elf knocked off his nimble feet was worth his weight in Mithril!

Pippin and Merry commenced tickling Legolas unmercifully. At first the Elf was only half-heartedly attempting to escape but when the hobbits' fingers found a particularly sensitive area on his side he couldn't stop himself from crying out with laughter. The sound was like music in the air and the others began to laugh as well.

'Stop!' came the breathless appeal between fits of laughter from Legolas. He could hardly get in a breath as the hobbits continued wrestling with him and finding more ticklish spots. Gone was all semblance of the remote and solemn sentinel. The Silvan Elf was on his back, attempting to fend off the insistent fingers with little success. Legolas could have easily escaped but it would have meant hurting Merry and Pippin who were holding onto his arms and legs with all their strength and he did not wish to harm the hobbits.

'Help me!' begged Legolas to anyone of the company who would listen. But he received no aid from that quarter.

'It does us good to hear Elven laughter Legolas.' said Aragorn. Gandalf looked on indulgently.

'Indeed. It has been a long time since Legolas Greenleaf has been so carefree. It is a wonder to behold!' added Gandalf with a smirk.

'Get him!' continued Merry, still tickling.

'I've got his arm!' said Pip, now sitting on Legolas' stomach, one hand wrapped around the Elf's wrist, the other reaching up through the short sleeve of the jerkin to tickle the arm within.

'Oh! Mercy! I beg of you!' gasped Legolas between another fit of laughter.

Boromir watched this all with fascination. He felt a stirring below and was glad of the heavy leather surcoat he was wearing. His eyes drank in the twisting, writhing form of the lovely Elf helpless with laughter. He imagined Legolas doing the same under him only the archer would be in the throws of passion, helpless under his hands. Before he realized he was moving, Boromir had reached the site of the 'Battle of Hollin' as Merry called it in years to come.

'Merry! Pippin! Peace and leave the Master Elf some dignity!' said Boromir.

Still laughing, the hobbits ceased their attack and retreated whistling a 'Vict'ry Song' of the Shire. Boromir bent over and extended his arm to Legolas who still lay upon his back, seemingly spent from all the ticklish convulsions. The Elf was smiling as he reached up and grasped Boromir's forearm. As their hands connected, both felt a shock of excitement surge through their bodies. Boromir pulled Legolas to his feet and they held each other's arms a moment longer than necessary before dropping their arms to their sides.

'I think you owe me a debt of gratitude as I have broken through the siege!' smirked Boromir.

'Indeed? And how shall I repay you Boromir?' asked Legolas, a shy smile upon his lips.

'We shall see.' replied Boromir.

Merry and Pippin sat together and grinned from ear to ear. Their mission fulfilled.

'Well Pip, do you think Legolas learned that lesson well?'

'Aye Merry. That was a good lesson. Should we teach another tomorrow?' quipped the youngest hobbit.

'Mmmm!' came the reply.

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