"We gotta stop meeting like this!" Jo said with a chuckle after she bumped into Blair as they both made their way towards the bathroom. Blair gave Jo a shocked look which in turn made Jo regret the laugh. She let Blair enter the bathroom first and was a little concerned at Blair's reaction. Maybe last night didn't actually happen, Jo thought. "Oh God..."

Almost 24 hours prior...

Jo was busy studying for her term paper in the Eastland library, the only place that had the solitude she needed to concentrate on her History questions. She found the best place to sit, close to the aisle of books she needed but still tucked away in a corner so no one would see her and stop to chat. Three years ago, most Eastland girls avoided Jo like the plague. Now they sought her out on a daily basis for advise, and basic friendship. It annoyed the hell out of her but Mrs G told her it was a good thing so she put up with it.

Cracking her knuckles and stretching her neck, Jo stood up and yawned. How long had she been here? Glancing at her watch, she was shocked to see it was almost 5pm! Damn, the library would be closing in minutes and she hadn't called Mrs G to tell her she'd be late for dinner service. Grabbing her books, she shoved everything into her battered knapsack and started running towards the door.

"Quiet, Ms Polniaczek!" Mrs. Dechanel said as Jo raced by her.

"Sorry Mrs. D! I'm late for dinner!" Jo whispered loudly as she fumbled with her bag. She found her helmet in the foyer of the library and pulled it on quickly. She was so concerned with being late that she didn't notice the girl lingering around her Honda outside. Once on the stone steps, Jo scanned the parking lot and saw her lone bike sitting there in the dimness of the evening, under the city light. There standing in the shadows was her roommate, Blair Warner.

"What the Hell? Blair what are you doin'?" Jo asked with a mix of irritation and affection.

"I was studying in the library and thought maybe I could get a ride home?" Blair said with a shy smile. Jo gave her an odd look and shrugged it off.

"Yeah, sure...you don't have your car today?" She asked as she unhitched her spare helmet from the back.

"I felt like walking to school today." Blair said with a uncertainty.

"You were in the library too? I didn't see you." Jo handed the helmet to Blair and waited for her to put it on. She expected her to balk, saying something stupid about her hair, but she didn't.

"I noticed you were in your secret study area so I didn't want to intrude. I know you have that awful history term paper, so I just stayed in the Language Arts department and studied French verbs." Blair said shyly.

"Aw OK...right right. So Blondie, put the ole cranium shell on!" Jo said with a grin.

Blair pulled the helmet onto her head and squished it over her long blonde locks with out fuss, "Do my clasp, Jo, please?"

"Aright. Come here." Jo said with an easy smile as she urged Blair to come closer to her. "You gotta learn to do this yourself, Princess, if you're gonna continue ridin' with me."

The close proximity was exactly what Blair had been waiting for all day. She stalked Jo all the way to the library and watched the younger girl study for 2 hours, all the while she read a smutty novel she found in the washroom. It had been worth the wait. Blair gave Jo her best Warner smile but when the girl continued to fiddle with the chin strap it was now or never, she thought.

Blair leaned in and gave Jo a surprisingly gentle kiss on the lips. Jo startled, but not enough to indicate to Blair that it was unwelcome. "Is that okay? I mean, was that okay?" Blair whispered in the increasingly dark parking lot. She could barely see Jo's face.

"Blair? I dunno what to say. I mean, I mean..." Jo stuttered, her hands were still on Blair's chin straps.

"Are you angry?" Blair asked quietly.

"No, Princess. Take the helmet off." Jo said in a gentle tone.

Blair removed the helmet, and put it on the seat of Jo's Honda. "How's my hair?"

Jo chuckled, and removed her own helmet. She gently placed it on the ground, and moved in closer to Blair. "It could be better."

Jo gave Blair a kiss on the lips, a little harder than the one Blair gave her, with a bit more vigor. The enthusiasm was there, and Blair could feel it. She reciprocated and soon they were in a close embrace, practically necking in the Eastland Library parking lot.

Time seemed to stand still as the two young women kissed in the small spotlight of the parking lot lamp post. Jo finally unlocked herself from Blair and pushed her away gently.

"Hey hey Princess...slow down. We should get home before Mrs G has the Peekskill cops out lookin for us."

Blair looked disappointed and flushed, but she nodded in agreement, "I guess we should get going. You're not mad are you?"

"What, at missing dinner service for once, no way!" Jo laughed.

"Jo! That's not what I meant!" Blair exclaimed in frustration.

Jo grinned and picked up her extra helmet, "Put it back on, we gotta run. We'll talk later, okay Blondie?"

Blair put the helmet on and waited for Jo to mount her Honda before she tried to get onto the back. Once she sat, she found herself holding onto Jo very tightly, something she never did before on the few occasions that she did catch a ride with the younger girl. Jo noticed how Blair was holding her and she smiled. What a day, she thought.

It didn't take long for them to get back to the dorm, too soon, Jo had thought. They didn't have a chance to talk because Mrs Garrett and the the other two girls ran to them the minute they entered the dining area and demanded explanations and also were glad neither girl was dead.

"I lost track of time, Mrs G." Jo had said while they washed the dishes. Blair had agreed and they were truthful. Blair told them she had also been studying and they kind of bumped into each other outside the library. "It was lucky I saw Jo in the parking lot, she gave me a lift home. We're sorry you worried."

When their work was over, Blair feigned a headache and ran up to bed before Jo could get her alone. Once Blair was in bed, Jo had little choice but to follow suit and try to get to sleep herself. It had been hard to get to sleep with visions of Blair running through her head all night. She had those thoughts before and frequently but never did she have such visuals and examples to relive the moments to.