A/N: This is how Lila died, in my imagination. May not quite follow canon, but it's pretty close anyway. I don't think her death was an accident, myself.

"Marian, I'm going to stay late tonight. I've got some work to do." Lila told her best friend, who was currently getting ready to leave.

"Okay, Lila, but you know it's a full moon tonight."

"Oh, don't be ridiculous! A full moon means nothing!" Marian was rather superstitious in some areas, especially anything to do with the moon.

"Well, just be careful driving in the dark. See you tomorrow."

"See you."

Lila sighed as she watched Marian go. She still needed to go deliver a book from the Lunae Libri to someone in Savannah, since the next bank holiday was quite a while away and the man couldn't come get it himself. She checked to make sure Marian had left the library before closing up and getting ready to go to the Lunae Libri.

As she closed and locked the front door to the Gatlin County Library, Lila thought about the client. She really couldn't seem to remember the name from anywhere before. 'Abe Makone' had never ordered a book from the Caster Library as long as Lila had been Keeper.

She thought little of it as she put the key in her car and drove off. A good driver, Lila paid attention to her driving, not her thoughts. Yet even Lila didn't notice the figure jump out in front of her until the last second.

She screamed, flooring the brake. The creature didn't even move, just flicked its palm and the car stopped much sooner than it would have if the brakes had worked. A Caster. Lila knew.


"You dare threaten my life!" The figure hissed at her.

"I-I was just d-driving. You don't own the road." Lila got a boost of confidence at that thought, that she had more power in the actual town than any Caster.

"I may not legally, but I have to kill you now, so does it really matter?" Lila gasped at that.

"K-kill me?"

"Lila Evers Wate, you have figured out a secret that must remain secret. You have figured out that my master is still alive. And because of that, I have to kill you now. I can't risk him being found out by anyone… dangerous." Although Lila knew she meant Macon, she didn't care right now: She had just discovered barely a week ago that Abraham still lived, and this could only be Sarafine. Just who she needed to run into on a dark, empty road at midnight. Alone.

"Sarafine," Lila growled.

"Very good, Mortal." Sarafine slipped out of the shadows, showing her bright golden eyes, which almost hurt to look at.

"And I bet you just lured me out into the street with that 'Abe Makone' so you could kill me. Nice try, bitch."

"It worked, did it not?"

Lila scowled.

"Now, I could kill you with fire… but my fire doesn't take long enough. You showed up early, you see."

"Well, I don't think you'll be killing me any way tonight. Or any night, for that matter."

"Well, than I guess you think wrongly, my dear. Not the first time. Goodbye, Lila Evers Wate. Hope your family is next." Sarafine waved her hand, and Lila, who was just now leaving the car, gasped as the car slammed straight into a tree. The last thing she ever saw was Sarafine's golden eyes, bright with amusement and evil.

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