Alright, so before you read this, let me just tell you it's not very in character for Brennan.

But I couldn't care less.

Because, really? THIS IS AWESOME.

To be fair I didn't want them to even have sex, much less have a baby (it's too soon! I really wanted to see their relationship grow first). But I have only two words to explain why I'm still happy with this. BOOTH'S. SMILE.

Now enjoy!

She stared at the two pink lines.

No. No.


This couldn't be happening. Not to her. Not now. Not to…

She picked up the box again, reading the label, hoping against hope. But there it was: two pink lines equals a positive test.

She was pregnant.

Her hand moved down, but she was unaware as she stared ahead of her.


What was she going to tell him? How could she possibly share this news with him?

She was sure he would be happy; he loved children. He'd be thrilled. She could imagine the smile on his face.

But she… Yes, at one point she'd wanted to have a baby, but it had been an ultimately rash decision, quickly overrun by concern over Booth's well-being.

And she recognized that she'd grown as a human being. Maybe she was more capable of behaving in a socially acceptable manner.

But a baby…

She couldn't do this.

She pressed her hands to her stomach as she sank down on her knees.

There was still a chance it was a false positive. She knew the chances of it were slim, but it was nonetheless a possibility. She should get another test and go to her gynaecologist.

But she already knew the answer.

It was not anything she could explain by science, but she felt different. She'd been experiencing the majority of the symptoms that presented itself in early pregnancy and that in itself likely meant a positive, but far more overwhelming evidence was the way she felt. She felt more … delicate. More womanly.


A baby.

Booth's baby.

She was glad, at least, that it was his. Their relationship had improved vastly since their last case, and she'd been surprised at how easy it was. There was no awkwardness in their togetherness, and she found that generally, not much had changed, except for their physical activities.

What would this do to them? she thought. How would this affect their relationship?

She'd seen it; a family with Booth. She'd dreamed about it, she'd hoped for it, but now, it just seemed surreal. She had never planned it quite this way.

But she'd have to make the most of it.

In the hospital, waiting for Angela's baby to arrive, her doubts, which she had neatly cleaned away during the case, came back full force.

Angela had made the jump. She'd taken a chance for a relationship with Hodgins, and now, they had a baby.

And they seemed thrilled about it. She had rarely seen Angela happier than when she found out she was pregnant.

Could they make the same jump?

She slipped away unnoticed while Hodgins showed Michael to the team. She felt the need for some female reassurance.

Angela was alone in the room, and as she entered it she realized this was not the time to share the news. This was a moment for Angela.

She watched as Booth's face split into the most wonderful smile, the happiest smile she had ever seen, and it was impossible not to react.

He was happy.

They'd be okay.

So... yeah.

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