Anger surged through me and before I could stop myself the word fell out.


Lily's expression turned from anger to disappointment. Her eyes were wet from held back tears and her lip slightly quivered, I couldn't bear it and I looked down.

"Sev," she whispered "look at me."

I didn't.

"Severus Snape," she said sternly look at me."

Tears where flowing down my nose.

".Me." she said almost yelling.

I slowly lifted my head and saw that tears where flowing down her rosy cheeks and dripped to the ground.

I spoke in a soft voice hoping she will listen, "Lily I-"

"How could you?" she asked, as she furiously whipped the tears off her cheek.

"I-I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to." I stuttered

She looked at me with soft eyes, but as quickly as they came they left and were replaced with cold stone eyes. "I don't want you to EVER talk to me again." She spitted out.

She then turned and ran away, her red hair flowing behind her like a cape.

"Lily!" I yelled after her, "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to! I just wanted to tell you that-that-"

I pulled out of my cloak a single white lily and held it in front of, even though she was just a distant figure.

"That I love you…" I whispered. But I was too late, she was gone, the one I only truly love was gone like dust in the wind… I turned and remembered the lily in my hand. I scowled at it and thrust it on the ground. I walked numbly back to the school.

***November 1, 1981***

Piles of snow still lingered in shaded areas, there was the cold metallic taste in the air. Leaves crunched as I walked down the almost forgotten pathway. I knelt beside a snow covered stone, I whipped of the snow as well as my tears. I lightly traced my figures on Lily's name.

"Lily. Lily, my sweet Lily." I whispered, "I'm so sorry i couldn't save you."

Tears ran down my nose and rain down on the grave, then I heard the church bells in the distance chime twelve times. I stood up ready to go,though my heart aching to stay. But before i left I raised my wand and whispered, "Orchideus." A single white lily sprouted from the ground next to her grave. I then turned around and walked to the gate. When i was there I took one last glance and said, "I love you." and I left.