A/N Hi there! Here I am again with another story, something I just couldn't get out of my head. From the first time I heard it, "E.T." by Katy Perry screamed Edward and Bella to me. I love the song and I loved the image I had of the two of them to go with it, so I sought to put it on paper. This is different for me. Third person, not really humorous, but it's exactly as I saw it. I hope you enjoy!

Fill Me with Your Poison

"I really don't think this is a good idea, you guys." Isabella Swan stared at herself in the mirror. She looked good in the dark blue mini-dress, her hair curling down past her shoulders. Her brown eyes popped, due to the smoky black liner she wore. Makeup wasn't really her thing, but Jessica and Lauren had insisted that she put some effort forth tonight.

"It's a great idea! Do you want to spend your entire life in Forks? Live a little, Bella!" Lauren chastised her as she put the finishing touches on her own makeup. Her blonde hair was pulled back in an elegant French braid, and the dress she wore was practically painted on her body, siren red, just like her lipstick.

Bella snorted. "Live? Aren't we talking about the opposite?"

Jessica sighed, exasperated with her friend's attitude. "First of all, you don't have to become a vampire just because you're going to a vampire club. You know the rules."

Bella did know the rules. When the vampires had first revealed themselves-on live television no less-there'd been panic. The world changed overnight. Plots to destroy the vampires spouted up, were tried, and failed spectacularly. When it became clear that the world was fighting a losing battle, leaders of the nations met with the leader of the vampires, Aro, and had come to an agreement that both sides could deal with.

The vampires wished to live a life in public, without the façade they'd been forced to endure for centuries. The humans wanted to live without fear of a vampire attack at any given moment, so deals were debated and eventually struck. Vampires were given permission to kill the infirm and the dying-only with their consent, of course. Hospitals, hospices, and ALFs all had agreements with local vampires for services to ease the pain and suffering of patients. People signed up in droves to have their lives ended by the vampires, instead of waiting to die.

Of course, there were doubters and protesters, but there wasn't a lot they could do when their opponent was indestructible. Tanks, bombs, and bullets all failed to kill them. Bella's father loathed the vampires, and she knew he'd kill her himself if he knew what she was about to do.

Eventually, it wasn't only the old and dying that were lining up for the vampires' services. The young, the rich, and the famous eventually realized that they could be young, rich, and beautiful forever if only they could be vampires, too. They were already doing everything they could to preserve their youth in places like Hollywood. What was botox, if not venom? Governments were petitioned, more meetings were convened, and more rules were established.

Vampires were given specific places where they could set up vampire clubs, places where those that were willing could go and be changed into vampires. Contracts had to be signed, witnessed by both a human and a vampire consort. The vampire doing the changing was responsible for his protégé for a year's time, during which he had to train the new vampire and make them ready for their new existence. If that vampire killed an unwilling human, the new vampire and the old would be held responsible by the Italian vampires.

Not everyone entering a club was going to become a vampire. They were a very selective group, for one thing, and for another, many humans were no longer willing to be changed once they got in the club and met an actual vampire. But the clubs served their purpose, and biting wasn't the only thing that went on there. There was plenty of vampire/human sex as well as feeding without changing. Bella had seen more than one girl wearing a mark on her neck like a badge of honor.

"What if they don't follow the rules?"

"Then they'll lose their license and access to easy food and sex," Jessica replied, smoothing down her short black skirt and hitching up her breasts in the sparkling black halter top she wore.

"But my father…"

"Your father is in Forks, waiting for you to come home so he can push you into Jacob's arms. Do you really want to live on the reservation and pop out a billion little kids?"

Bella sighed and toyed with curl that wasn't cooperating. "Of course I don't want that." Her father was convinced that Bella needed to leave Seattle. Too many bad things happened in Seattle. There was too much violence, too many people, and most importantly too many vampires. Seattle was home to one of the exclusive vampire clubs, Venom, and that was where Bella and her friends were going tonight. Charlie Swan would have a fit if he knew.

Forks was a pleasant little town, with not a lot of action. Getting out of it had been Bella's main goal during high school, and she'd worked hard to get accepted to school at UW. Next year, she'd graduate with her Journalism degree, and then, well, she didn't really know. Her life, once so regimented and planned, was a big blank slate. She knew what she didn't want. She didn't want Forks and Jacob and Jacob's babies, no matter what he or her father said. Isabella wanted to live. But could you really live by dying? That was something she just couldn't answer.

"Come on, Bella, what do you have to lose?" Lauren watched her closely. Bella opened her mouth, but no answer came out, and Lauren smiled triumphantly. "Exactly! Let's go!"

Bella looked at herself once more in the mirror and gave herself a mental pep talk. It was only one night. What did she have to lose? Her life, maybe, but there wasn't much of a life to speak of. Maybe she'd find one, instead. She stood and followed her friends out into the Seattle night.


Edward Cullen was bored. He sat on the second floor of his club, looking down at the gyrating bodies below, their forms lit by the flashing neon lights-not that he needed them to see. He was a vampire and could see even the most minute flaw from where he perched. He saw a loose thread on one man's shirt; he noticed that the girl in the green tank top had a smaller right breast than left, and that her friend had a pimple forming on her forehead.

"See anything you like?"

Edward didn't turn to address the vampire behind him, for he knew who it was before he spoke. His brother smelled like the desert to him.

"No, Jas, I don't," Edward replied, his voice indicating his irritation. "What about you?"

Jasper leaned over the railing and took everyone in. "That brunette in the pink dress looks tempting."

Edward glanced at her and shrugged. She wasn't tempting to him, but his brother was less discriminating in his tastes. Then again, his brother wasn't troubled with her vapid thoughts, either. She wanted to be pretty forever. Edward rolled his eyes. Like being a vampire was all about being attractive for eternity? What happened to wanting to be somebody in this world, do good things, or even bad? He didn't really give a damn, but some ambition beyond being pretty was required.

"If you pick her, don't change her," he warned his brother.

Jasper laughed, shaking back his blond hair. "I won't be changing anyone for another two months. Not until I can get rid of Maria."

Edward smirked, and Jasper scowled. Yes, Edward had warned his brother, but he hadn't listened. He'd loved her hot Latin temper, their hot sex and her gorgeous body. He hadn't expected her to turn on him the instant she woke up after the change. He'd endured more than one painful reattachment of valued body parts due to her fiery temper.

"I won't say it," Edward told him, but his tone said it all. I told you so.

"Yeah, well, that doesn't mean that I won't be fucking the shit out of some hot pussy tonight. I'll deal with Maria when I go home."

Edward laughed and shook his head. He'd not changed a human since the vampires went public a couple of years ago. He'd changed several in the chambers at Volterra, though-practice for when they revealed themselves to the human population. The idea had been Edward's, and though Aro had balked at first, he'd come around to it after some thought and discussion with his brothers. Edward, fortunately, hadn't had to assume possession of his creations. Aro had them destroyed right after they transformed, as they were just test subjects.

"Who's ready to party?"

Edward nodded his head at Emmett, his other brother by venom. The tall, giant of a man was built like a linebacker, but had the enthusiasm of a five year old.

"Somebody's enjoying their freedom," Edward observed dryly.

"Damn right! Jane's on her way to Volterra, and I can now live my life without fear of pissing her off and getting the shit zapped out of me at the drop of a hat." Emmett had changed Jane just over a year ago, liking her spitfire attitude and her compact, sexy body. However, like Edward, Jane had a latent talent that didn't show up until she became a vampire. She had the ability to transmit pain with her mind, and it felt much like getting hit with one of those taser guns. Tasers didn't work on vampires, but Jane did. And anytime Emmett had pissed her off, she'd fried him good. He'd had to endure it since he'd signed the contract, but as soon as his year was up, Emmett had sent her to Aro, who would make good use of her talent.

His brother's choices had left Edward grateful for the fact that he'd yet to take responsibility for a newborn vampire, though at times he was lonely. He could get laid any minute of the day, but it wasn't the same as spending time with someone, teaching them the intricacies of being a vampire and just enjoying one another, both in and out of bed.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" Emmett leaned forward, his muscles bulging against his black polo shirt as he gripped the railing, his red eyes focusing on the entrance to the club.

Edward followed his gaze and noted three girls coming in, the girl in front was a blonde with a killer body, and the brunette next to her wasn't bad looking, either. Jasper licked his lips. The third girl was shorter and slightly behind them, yet to be revealed.

"Blondie's mine," Emmett declared, immediately vaulting over the railing and landing on a table down below. There were several gasps and shrieks at his behavior from the humans who'd yet to see a vampire in action.

"Well, brother dear, what say you?" Jasper asked, his eyes on the brunette with the frizzy hair.

"Have at it," Edward told him. He wasn't overly impressed, and both girls were thinking the usual thoughts. I want to live forever. I look super hot. Imagine having this body for all of eternity, with a hot vampire boyfriend at my side. Blah, blah, etc.

What am I doing here? Is that a vampire? The guy at the door was, I'm sure of it. This was a bad idea. I'm not going to find whatever's missing at a vampire club, for God's sakes.

Edward tilted his head. That was different. He watched as his brother's each appeared at the girls' sides, offering their hands, which were immediately accepted as they moved onto the dance floor.

It was then that Edward saw her. The girl that wasn't sure she should be there. His red gaze turned black as his eyes moved over her perfect face. Her skin was so light that it was almost translucent. Edward immediately regretted the flashing lights of the club, for he wanted to see her luminous skin in white light and in total darkness. Anywhere, really. Her wide, frightened eyes captured him, and he felt his hand tighten around the table's edge. He wanted to touch that skin, feel that softness between his fingertips, and take the fear off her face.

He watched as she bit her lip and looked around uncertainly. Her friends had already abandoned her for his brothers, and he could tell, even without focusing on her thoughts, that she was thinking of hightailing it out of the club. He could not have that. He stood abruptly and ran down the steps, past his bodyguard. Nobody was allowed onto the second level of the club without a special invitation from Edward, and he had yet to grant one, though he was thinking of rectifying that immediately for the gorgeous girl in blue.

He ignored the writhing bodies as he walked slowly through them. Though he was impatient to be near her, he savored the path to get to her. It felt to him like something momentous was happening, and he almost swore that he felt his dead heart pounding in his chest. Too soon, and not soon enough, he was in front of the girl, and she was even more glorious up close. His eyes moved over her hungrily.

Bella saw the man-no vampire-with the strange hair approaching. It was hard to tell, with the strobe lights going off everyplace, but she swore she could see a mix of brown, blond, and red there. His eyes were black, which frightened her, but something about the way he was looking at her told her that she had nothing to fear. She felt as if she were a priceless painting or something, the way he watched her. She held her breath as he approached, for she knew he was coming for her.

When he stopped directly in front of her, she gasped at the utter beauty of the man before her. The vampire at the front door had been handsome, and the two vampires that had absconded with her friends had been even better looking. But this vampire, right in front of her, looking at her like she was the only person in the room, was the most gorgeous thing she'd ever seen in her lifetime.

He's beautiful. Edward smiled at her thoughts.

"Hello, my name is Edward Cullen." He held out a hand and waited anxiously to see if she would take it.

Bella looked from his hand to his eyes and back again, and before she had a conscious thought about it, her hand slid into his. She gasped at the blast of heat she felt at his touch, which was odd because his hand was icy cold. She knew that, and could feel it, but all she felt was blazing warmth inside. Edward felt it, too, and moaned softly as his hand flexed around hers.

"And you are?" he asked, when he regained his composure.

"Isabella Swan. My friends call me Bella," she answered, her musical voice warming him along with her touch.

Beautiful, he thought; what a fitting name for this gorgeous creature. "Well, then, I hope that you will allow me to call you Bella." He smiled at her, and her heartbeat increased exponentially. Edward was amused by this reaction; for he got it all the time, but this was the first time he actually longed to hear it.

Her breath hitched, and she nodded shyly. Edward moved his thumb over the back of her hand, and both felt tingles at the little bit of movement.

"Bella, would you like to join me upstairs? We can speak better up there." And there would not be all these annoying humans and vampires staring at them, even while they moved together on the dance floor.

Her eyes flickered to the top of the club, and then back to Edward. "I guess?"

It was more of a question than an answer, but Edward took the affirmative and walked her through the mass of gyrating bodies. He growled quietly at some of the thoughts assaulting him, for he was not the only one captivated by Isabella's beauty. Vampire and human alike had noticed her, though none of them was stupid enough to make a move on her. Edward Cullen reeked of power, and nobody was going to mess with that.

They reached the stairs, and Edward nodded to Felix, who stepped aside and carefully avoided looking at the girl with his boss. He knew of Edward's talent, and he knew it was best to avoid the temptation of the beautiful girl. She may not know it, but she'd been chosen by one of the most powerful vampires in the world-one who would not hesitate to kill him if he entertained lecherous thoughts of the woman.

Edward guided Bella up the stairs, allowing her to walk just in front of him but continuing to hold her hand, needing that contact between them. His eyes moved down her back, admiring the criss-cross opening that revealed her sexy skin, the curve of her ass, and those perfect, shapely legs. She stumbled over the last step, and he released her hand, catching her around the waist and pulling her against him fluidly. Bella gasped as she felt his hard body pressed against her and more heat shot through her body. She'd never wanted anyone the way she wanted this vampire, and yet, she knew nothing more than his name. That fact should have embarrassed her, but she found it excited her, instead. She wondered if this club had private rooms and just what they could do in one.

Edward's breath caught at her thoughts, and he had to fight the urge to pick her up and carry her into his private chambers. He'd never taken another being into them, electing to fuck them in one of the rooms designed for just that. His space was private, and he didn't feel the need to share. But he found himself wanting to now.

He shook his head and released her waist, moving around her to take her hand and guide her to his booth in the back. The table he'd been at before was no longer necessary, for she was all he wanted to see now. Bella slid into the booth, and he moved next to her.

"Can I get you a drink or anything?"

Bella shook her head shyly. "No, I think I need a clear head."

He smiled at her words, for her thoughts indicated that she felt drunk around him without the liquor.

"Water, perhaps? Wine?"

She bit her lip, and then nodded. "I guess a glass of wine would be okay. Red, maybe?"

Red, the color of blood. Yes, he very much wanted to see that on those perfect pink lips. He sent a quiet order, and a glass of wine appeared on their table less than a minute later; the bartender brought it up himself, giving a quick bow, before disappearing back down the stairs.

"Wow," Bella said, her eyes wide. "How did you do that?"

Edward smiled and ran his free hand over the stem of her wine glass. "We have excellent hearing."

"I guess so." She picked up her glass and took a delicate sip. Edward admired the way she tilted her head, her beautiful throat on display. She swallowed, and he longed to reach out and feel the motion of the liquid moving down her throat, but he held back, for now. She licked a drop off her lip, and Edward bit back a groan. His cock had been hard from the moment he'd locked eyes on her, but now, being near her was sheer physical torture-albeit the most pleasant torture of his existence.

"Tell me about yourself, Isabella Swan."

She met his gaze again and shrugged. "What would you like to know?"

Everything. "Anything you want to tell me. I'll ask questions, if need be."

She bit her bottom lip again, and Edward fought back the urge to lean forward and bite it himself. It was so plump and pink and tempting.

"I'm twenty-one years old, a Journalism major at UW. I'm from a small town not too far away called Forks. My father is the police chief there. I guess that's about it."

Edward laughed. That was just scratching the surface. He noticed that she hadn't mentioned her mother and filed that away. "What do you like?"

Bella's face went blank, and her hand flexed in his. "In what way?" Sexual thoughts filled her mind, and Edward growled softly again. Bella heard his growl this time, but instead of frightening her, it intrigued her.

He bit off the growl and shook his head slightly to clear his own mental images. There was plenty of time for that. He'd make damn sure of it. "What do you like to do in your spare time, when you're not studying?"

Bella blushed a little, and he didn't resist this time, reaching over and touching the apple of her cheek. She leaned into his caress and closed her eyes, delighting in the heat moving through her skin at the icy touch.

"I like this very much," she told him, and he laughed quietly.

"So do I. What else do you like?"

Her eyes flashed open, and she answered him without thinking. "You."

He smiled softly and brushed his thumb across her lips, which formed into a pucker as she kissed his fingertip. "I like you, too, and I must admit that is a first for me."

Her eyes flashed with some emotion that he couldn't name. "I'm sure in a place like this; you meet a lot of girls."

Ahhh, jealousy. He smiled as he recognized the tone in her voice. Hadn't he just felt it moments ago when the men downstairs had made their desire for her known in their thoughts?

He couldn't deny her words, but she needed to know she was special to him already. "I do, but I have never brought one up here before." His eyes and his tone of voice told her not to doubt the veracity of his words.

Bella believed him. "Thank you."

He smiled and brought her hand to his lips, grazing her knuckles softly. "The pleasure is all mine. You are easily the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Human or vampire, for that matter."

Bella shook her head, laughing lightly. "I highly doubt that."

"Miss Bella, vampires have excellent eyesight. I know what I see." She flushed again, and Edward swallowed back the venom that welled up at the sight of that beautiful blood pooling beneath her skin.

"Well, thank you again, then." He smiled and squeezed her hand gently as he placed it down on the table, playing with her fingers absently as he watched her intently. "You are very welcome. You didn't answer my question about what else you liked, besides me, of course."

His smile was electric, and Bella found herself wanting to kiss him, but she held back and tried to focus on his question.

Edward wanted to kiss her, as well, but he wanted to know her nearly as much as he wanted to touch her. It was a weird feeling for him, and he was enjoying every moment of it.

"Well, I like to write, obviously. And I love to read." Her mind filled with classics, like Jane Austin and Charlotte Bronte, Faulkner and Hemingway. Edward approved of a girl that appreciated the classics. "I love baseball and watching TV. And I like to sew."

He smiled. "Perhaps you could make me something sometime." Her mind filled with images of a soft green sweater, and he mentally applauded her choice.

"I'd like that," she murmured quietly. She took another sip of her wine. "What do you like?"

Edward chuckled quietly. "I like baseball, as well. I like reading, swimming, meeting new people, sex…" His eyes devoured her as he uttered the last word. Bella's body reacted to his words instantly, her nipples hardening and her panties getting wet. She shifted, and Edward caught the scent of her arousal. He growled louder this time.

"That, uh, yeah, well, everybody likes that," Bella stammered, her cheeks heating once again.

"Not everyone," Edward said, watching her. "Do you?"

Her mind flashed to some guy with dark hair groping her and panting. Edward wanted to murder him immediately. "When it's done right."

The guy in her memory hadn't done it right, that much he could tell. "I suppose that's true." He toyed with telling her that he knew how to do it right, but he could hear in her thoughts that she suspected as much; plus he didn't want to be crass.

Instead, he asked the thing he'd wanted to ask since he first saw her. "What brings you here tonight, Bella?"

Her eyes flashed with something akin to alarm, and she shifted in her seat again. "I, I don't know." Her mind was filled with confusion and fear. He stroked his thumb over her hand, seeking to soothe her.

"You have nothing to fear from me, Bella. I won't judge you. I just want to know why you're here." It was vitally important that he know, because he wanted her like he'd wanted no one else. He wanted her to be a vampire.

She sighed and shrugged, but her shoulders relaxed when she did so, releasing some of the tension that had coursed through her at his question. She knew she could tell him. It should disturb her that she wanted to be so open with this man, with this vampire, but she couldn't help herself.

"I'm here because Lauren and Jess wanted to come." He looked at her expectantly, and she plowed on. "I'm here because I was curious about you- well, not you specifically, since I'd never met you, but vampires."

He chuckled. "There's nothing wrong with curiosity. And now that you're here, what do you want?"

"You." That answer was easy and nothing but the truth.

Edward smiled and brought her hand to his face, pressing his lips to her wrist and feeling her heart racing. "You have me. What else do you want?"

"Excitement." He raised a brow, and she blew out a breath. "All my life, I've done what was expected of me. I got straight As, I was a good girl, I dated Jacob because my Dad wanted me to. The only time I defied him was when I broke up with Jake before I came to school."

Jacob. Edward filed that name away. He felt wrathful toward the boy who'd touched his Bella. For she was his now; this was his most simple truth.

"I want to start living for me," Bella told him.

"And you choose to start living here, with me?" he asked, holding his breath as he awaited her answer.

Bella's breath hitched. She knew what he was asking, and she knew the answer she wanted to give. It went against all logic. If she asked for time, she knew he'd give it to her. But if she had time, she'd talk herself out of what she really wanted and go home and marry Jake like everybody but her wanted.

"Yes." Her voice was strong with her conviction. She wanted this. She wanted the excitement of forever. She wanted this vampire.

Edward felt relief wash over him at that simple word. He'd been afraid to ask, and he was never afraid of anything. Hadn't he gone head to head with Aro, head of all the vampires, on the going public issue? He'd fought in wars against vampires bigger and stronger than he was and never had a moment's fear. But this human woman could bring him to his knees with one word. It was humbling and exciting. He knew that he'd found his mate. He could tell by the way she made him feel. He'd heard it in the thoughts and minds of other vampires, but had never experienced it until Bella walked into his life.

He sent a soft verbal command, and a couple of minutes later, Jay Jenks was led upstairs by Felix. He was a human lawyer that was in charge of all the vampire contracts at Club Venom. He eyed Edward warily as he took a thick stack of papers out of his briefcase and slid it in front of him and Bella.

"This is the human to vampire contract. I know you don't need to read it, sir, but perhaps the young lady should look it over before she signs?"

Jasper appeared at the top of the stairs, shirtless and with his jeans unbuttoned, none too pleased about being interrupted. "I'm here, what's the…" His voice trailed off as he saw Bella and the contract. "Hot damn, brother. You finally found someone you want to turn?"

Bella gasped a little at the sight of shirtless Jasper, and Edward would have been annoyed, except that her thoughts were full of how he'd look without a shirt. Edward smiled and kissed her hand, for she would see soon enough.

"Yes. Jasper, this is Isabella Swan-Bella to her friends. Bella, this is my brother, Jasper."

Jasper took Bella's free left hand in his and shook it gently. "It's an honor to meet the girl that captured my brother's fancy. I never thought that he'd find someone."

Edward chuckled darkly. "Unlike some people, I wasn't willing to settle. She is my mate."

Jasper's mouth dropped open, and Bella looked at Edward in confusion.


Edward wrapped an arm around her, and both of them felt the heat of their connection as more of their skin touched. "It's this…this feeling that we have between us. That is the feeling of one mate bonding to the other. I will never feel this with anyone but you, nor you with anyone but me."

Bella looked at him shyly and smiled. "I like it."

"As do I, love." Her cheeks heated at his words. He ran his right hand along her cheek, down her lips, and along her jaw.

Love. The word should have given him pause, but it didn't. For her part, Bella was vibrating with the need to be alone with him, as soon as possible. She didn't know when he'd change her, but she damn well hoped it wouldn't be before he touched her.

Edward heard that thought and couldn't have agreed more. "Jasper and Jay are our witnesses. Feel free to read if you need to, or I could summarize."

Bella looked at him trustingly. "Summarize, please."

"It just says that you agree to being changed into a vampire, giving up your human life and stepping into eternity with me. You are to abide by the rules the vampires have agreed to with the humans. On my end, it says that I promise to take care for you for at least a year's time, the most volatile time for a newborn vampire. I will teach you how to control your bloodlust, teach you how to feed from a human without killing them, and teach you how to take a life without causing undo pain. After the year is up, you would be free to leave me, were you not my mate, but I can assure you that I won't be sending you away, nor will you be leaving."

Bella laughed breathlessly. "I can't imagine that I'd want to leave you, ever."

He smiled at her words, because the thought of her leaving terrified him. He couldn't fathom how this girl had changed his life in only an hour's time. It was ridiculous, yet oddly fitting for him.

Jasper chuckled. "You are truly gone, brother."

"Someday it'll happen to you, and I'll be sure to laugh at your expense." Edward didn't take his eyes off Bella as he spoke.

"Miss Bella, you need to sign here and here if you agree to the terms. I need to see your license, as you must be twenty-one or over to become a vampire; otherwise, you need parental consent." That had been one of the human stipulations. If you were old enough to drink, they figured you were old enough to die, if you wanted.

Bella released Edward's hand, got her license out of her purse, and took the pen that Jenks offered her, and signed on the dotted line. She handed it to Edward, who scrawled his signature without looking away from her. Jasper signed as the vampire witness, and Jenks signed as the human one.

"I'll file this with the county in the morning."

"Thank you. Leave us now." He was impatient to be alone with her again, and he made that clear in his tone.

"Happily," Jasper muttered, hurrying back to where Jessica waited in one of the rooms below. Jenks also hurried away as fast as his human legs would carry him.

"So, what do we now?"

Edward smiled at her question. There were so many things he wanted to do before he changed her. "Will you dance with me?"

She smiled and nodded.

He slid out of the booth and gently pulled her along with him. Instead of taking her down onto the dance floor, he just pulled her against him next to their booth, swaying to the last the few notes of the song that had been blaring downstairs.

"There's a song that makes me think of you. Well, not you specifically, but vampires."

Edward cocked his head and looked down at the beautiful girl in his arms. His mate. "What song is that?"

"E.T. by Katy Perry," she told him.

He chuckled. "I'm an alien?"

She smiled sheepishly. "Well, in a way, I guess. It's kind of a sexy song, and it talks about taking me and filling me with your poison, and well…isn't that kind of what you're going to do?"

His eyes got darker, and his arms tightened around her. He murmured something, and almost immediately, the song cut off and the opening strains of E.T. started playing.

"You really are the boss around here, aren't you?" she asked, laughing as they began to move to the music, their hips pressed together as they slowly swayed.

"Yes, I am, and so will you be."

Edward listened to the words of the song, and he couldn't help but agree with her. "Do you think I'm the devil, or an angel?"

Bella looked up at him and slid her hands on either side of his face. "Whatever you want to be. It doesn't matter to me."

He lowered his head toward her, and her grip on his face tightened as his lips touched hers for the first time. Both of them were blasted with heat at the first touch of lip to lip. He moaned and pressed his tongue against her lips. She opened to him, and he slipped inside her, doing a lazy dance with his tongue in time to the music. She was everything to him, and he'd never been complete until this exact moment. He belonged to her fully; and if he could have told her that, he would have, but that would require him to remove his lips from hers, which he was loathe to do.

Bella didn't need to hear the words, for she felt them in his touch. This was right. This was where she belonged, at his side.

Kiss me, kkkkiss me, infect me with your love babe, fill me with your poison. Take me, ttttake me, wanna be a victim, ready for abduction.

The words invaded his subconscious, and he pulled away from her lips with a smile. "I guess this song is rather appropriate. You are sure, aren't you?"

She ran her thumbs over his sexy jaw. "I've never been more sure of anything in my life. Will you take me now?"

Edward didn't need any further prompting. He took her hand and led her to the back wall that housed the entrance to his chambers. He touched a button, and the wall slid open. Bella swung their hands between them as they walked down the dark hallway together. She trusted him to lead her, just as she trusted him with her very existence.

He touched another invisible button on the wall, and it slid open, revealing a bright room, lit by a fireplace. There were walls of bookshelves, and fluffy green couch that looked very inviting to Bella. Edward led her past it and opened French doors, bringing forth the bedroom. It held a large, four poster, king sized bed with a fluffy white bedspread. The room had cherry wood furniture, and the bed and headboard matched.

Edward stopped at the foot of the bed and looked at Bella. "Is this what you want? We can wait if you…"

She cut him off with a searing kiss, pressing her body against his, her nipples hardening against his chest. His hands found her waist, and he pulled her as close as he possibly could without being inside her, his lips devouring hers.

His hands moved over the bare skin on her back, finding her zipper and lowering it slowly, tracing every new inch of her skin that was revealed as he pulled it down. He knew he should talk to her, get to know his mate, but he had to have her. Still, there were things he must explain.

"Bella," he said her name against her lips, and she made a little sound and tried to kiss him harder again. Edward smiled and pulled back, running his hands along the curve of her spine, making her shiver, despite the heat suffusing her body.

"Bella, my sweet, there's something I must tell you."

Fear flashed in her eyes for the first time since he'd approached her. He shook his head quickly at her thoughts. No, he wasn't married. No, he wasn't changing his mind. He hurried to reassure her.

"I have to tell you about what we're about to do."

Her cheeks colored slightly. "Edward, I'm not a virgin."

He chuckled and shook his head. "No, Bella, that's not it. I'm talking about after. Do you know about the change?"

Bella's face cleared of its apprehension, and she nodded quickly. He traced lazy circles over her back, unwilling to break contact while she talked. "You bite me and push your venom into me, after you drain most of my blood. I pass out and officially die a few days later. I watched the video you all released on the situation."

He smiled softly. "I'm glad you know the process, but the one thing that video doesn't show is that you will be in excruciating pain the entire time of the change. I won't leave your side, I swear it, but there's nothing I can do to lessen what you'll be feeling." Guilt swept over him at the thought of causing her pain, even if it was pain that would make it possible for her to be with him for all of eternity.

Bella touched his cheek again, her brown eyes meeting his hungry black ones. "I don't know you yet, Edward, but I know in my heart that whatever the pain, you're worth it."

He growled and kissed her hard again, pushing open the back of her dress and sliding the straps down her shoulders. He wanted to rip them off her, but he elected to take his time-this time. Their first time.

She felt his touch in the deepest recesses of her body as his fingers moved down her arms. She was impatient to feel him and she reached up and unbuttoned his black shirt, smoothing her hands over the hard, cold flesh as soon as she could reach inside. Edward gasped at her touch. Her hands were like fire moving over his skin, providing the most delicious burn he'd ever had the pleasure to experience.

Her upper torso was bare, and Edward pulled his lips away from hers, so he could focus on the body before him. Her skin was the most beautiful he'd ever seen, a pale peachy pink color. Her breasts were perfect, and his hands were on them before he could even think about it, lightly flicking each hard pink nipple with his thumbs.

"You're perfect," he murmured.

Bella watched his hands stroking her breasts, her breathing becoming uneven as she stepped closer, pressing herself into his hands more forcefully. He rolled her nipples between his thumbs and pointer fingers. Bella's head fell back as she let out a moan. Edward stared at her beautiful column of throat exposed before him and swore that in a century of feeding off humans, he'd never seen a more stunning surrender than his mate's.

Bella wanted to continue touching him, but the feeling of his hands on her body overwhelmed her. She wanted to lay back on the bed and let him do anything he wished to her-things she'd never dared to dream she'd want.

Surrender. He wanted it, and he had it. Her thoughts were driving him mad. Edward tore the rest of her dress from her body, no longer able to wait to see the rest of her.

Bella gasped, but remained still, allowing him to take her in. She knew, somehow, that he needed this. She'd never felt such instinctual understanding of a man before, but then again, she'd never met her mate until now. She didn't really know the concept, had never heard of it until now, but it felt right to her.

Edward's eyes moved over her body, as if she were the finest piece of art he'd ever seen, savoring each millimeter of skin. There was a birthmark at her right hip, and his fingers burned with the need to touch it. He traced the crescent shaped mark that reminded him of a quarter moon. He dropped to his knees and brushed the spot with his nose.

Bella looked down and watched as his tongue darted out and traced the purple mark that marred her flesh. She'd always hated it, but in that moment, she was grateful it was there. The way his tongue felt moving over her skin made any imperfection feel beautiful. She ran her hands through his hair, and he looked up at her, scraping his teeth over the lower part of the crescent. Her stomach flopped around in her belly, and she felt pressure building in her pussy. Was it possible to come from just a kiss?

Edward chuckled at her errant thought and considered testing the idea, but he was right there, right in front of her pussy, and her arousal was calling to him. He moved from her hip and kissed and licked along her panty line. Bella tugged on his hair, trying to get him to go where she so desperately wanted him. He reached up and gently tugged on her lacy black underwear, drawing it down her legs, his eyes focused on the lovely site before him.

She stepped out of them when they reached her ankles, kicking them across the room. Edward licked his lips and looked up at her. Now, her eyes were nearly black, her pupils huge, almost completely blocking the brown. She was dazed and excited, her breath coming in short pants.

Edward smirked as he pressed a kiss to her right thigh, and then her left. Her scent overwhelmed him, and he wanted to plow into her, but there was so much he wanted to do. He ran his nose through the soft curls that covered her, inhaling deeply. She spread her legs, offering him what he wanted most. He gripped her waist as he took a long, slow lick of her pussy. The heat and taste on his tongue were intoxicating. Bella's hands tugged on his hair again as a loud moan escaped her.

He plunged his tongue inside her and wiggled it as he let forth a growl. He knew just how to get a human woman off, and Bella came apart the instant the vibrations started to move through her. He held her up as her body convulsed against him, not slowing down, prolonging her orgasm as she came over and over.

Bella held on to his hair for all she was worth, unable to control the strength of her grip, as her body was not her own. Sensation after sensation swept over her as his tongue worked its magic inside of her. She was gasping, chanting his name as each wave struck. Her pussy thrust against his face as he continued to lick and growl.

Her walls clamped around his tongue, the heat and the feeling something he didn't think he could ever get enough of. Eventually, he pulled away. If such a thing were possible, his cock would be very jealous of his tongue. He wanted to bury it inside that heat, and he couldn't wait much longer.

Bella gasped for breath as he let her come down from her high. She released his hair and impatiently wiped away the tears that had somehow formed in her eyes.

Edward was horrified that she was crying. "Did I hurt you?" Fear swamped him as he stood and pulled her into his arms.

She burrowed against his chest and shook her head no, a laugh bubbling up as she pressed a kiss to his dormant heart.

"Why are you crying?"

"I have no idea. I just know I've never felt this way before, and dear God…do I get to experience that for all of eternity?"

Edward laughed and hugged her to him. "Of course, as often as you want."

She smiled. "Please change me now, then."

He shook his head and kissed her nose. "I'd really like to make love to you first, if you would be amenable to that plan?"

Her eyes twinkled as she nodded. "I would very much like that. You know what else I would like?" Edward heard what she'd like in her thoughts, but kept his mirth to himself, waiting for her to say it.

"I'd like to go home and get my vibrator and smash the hell out of it."

Edward joined in her laughter then, his chest shaking against hers. "That can be the third order of business after you awaken."

She tilted her head and looked at him with interest. "And what would be the first two?"

He stroked a finger down her cheek. "Feeding you, of course."

She nodded. That made sense to her.

"And then making love to you again."

He smiled at her, and she felt that pull in her belly again. "Well, then, I suggest you do it for the first time, so we can hurry up and get to the second."

He adored the woman before him more and more every moment he spent with her. He lifted her and carried her to the bed, yanking aside the comforter and laying her gently on the silk sheets. Bella looked up at him, her hair spilling across the pillow, her body open in invitation to him, and he let out another low growl. She was his. At last, he had found her. He yanked his shirt off, and his pants quickly followed, his cock springing free.

Bella's eyes widened at the sight of Edward's naked body. She'd never seen anything that could compare to him. She longed to touch his smooth white chest, perfectly sculpted muscles, and his long, hard cock, which pointed directly at her, as if to agree with Edward's thought that she was his. She reached toward him, and he lowered himself into her arms. Their lips met as he rested his body atop hers, their skin rubbing against one another and sending waves of heat throughout their bodies.

He rubbed his cock against her heat, wanting to be inside her more than he'd ever wanted anything. Not even the richest blood he'd ever drunk could compare to the feeling of his mate underneath him. Bella spread her legs wider and pressed against him, the tip of his cock sliding into her. They both gasped, and Edward pushed inside her in one swift, smooth motion. Their eyes held as their bodies were truly joined at last.

Home, she thought.

Edward's mind echoed Bella's. Nothing felt more right than she did. His eyes held hers as he moved slowly in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around him, willing him to go deeper, and he shifted to accommodate her. She reached up and touched his jaw, before tracing his lips.

"Edward? Is it possible for you to bite me right now, without changing me?"

The desire in her voice made him want to crush her throat to his lips and taste her, but he knew he'd not be able to stop at just a taste if he got his teeth buried in that gorgeous neck.

"Give me that finger," he told her.

Bella's smile lit up her face, and he was stunned at how glorious she was. She was more beautiful than even the loveliest vampire. She slid her left pointer finger into his mouth, and he licked and sucked it, swirling it with his tongue, before he pulled back slightly and pricked her skin with one tooth. A drop of blood slid onto his tongue, and he groaned at the taste of her. Bella moaned as he thrust harder inside her, sucking on her finger. Her pussy tightened around him as she came, the pleasure sweeping over her, her head pressing back into the pillow, her neck offered to him.

The only thing he wanted more than her blood was her. He released her finger and ran his tongue over it, sealing the wound with a little venom. "You are exquisite," he told her.

Her eyes flashed opened. "I taste good?"

He chuckled darkly. "You, my dear, are the finest wine, the juiciest steak, and the smoothest whiskey, all in one."

"Do you want more?"

He groaned at her innocent words. She did not know what she was offering, the control it was taking not to suck the life out of her, to bury himself so deeply inside her that he would break several bones. If it weren't for the fact that he loved her, he would have.

"I do, but I'll take it soon."

He kissed her pouting lips, and she opened her mouth to him. He slid his tongue into her mouth. She could taste herself on him, her pussy and her blood, and she found it extremely erotic. Edward had awakened a side of her that she never knew existed, but she knew she never wanted to lose it again.

Edward felt that tingling sensation in his balls and knew he wouldn't be able to hold out for nearly as long as he would have liked. Seeing her reaction to the blood, feeling her suck on his tongue as if she wanted to taste herself, was nearly too much for him. He lifted her hips and plunged deeper inside her, swallowing her cry of pleasure and pain as he fucked her harder.

His hips slapped against hers, the sound echoing throughout the room. Her legs tightened around him, her feet digging into his ass as she urged him faster and deeper. He complied, speeding up as she started to convulse underneath him. Her pussy clamped against his cock, and he broke their kiss, throwing back his head and letting loose a loud growl as he came deep inside her, his cool venom spilling into her fiery heat.

He collapsed against her, and they lay there for an interminable amount of time, him listening to her heartbeat, and Bella running her hands over his back. He found his composure eventually and looked down at her. She was completely sated, smiling lazily as she looked up at him.

"That was indescribable," Bella told him.

He heard the riot of thoughts in her head, the things she wanted to say and was rejecting as too lame, clichéd, and frightening. They weren't, though. He felt everything that she did.

"It was." He stroked her hair away from her face, marveling at its softness. "I know this sounds silly, all things considered, but I feel like before we do this, it should be said."

She was confused, and her nose wrinkled a little as she questioned him. "What do you mean?"

"I mean, I've already pledged my life to you. You're my mate. I've made love to you. But I haven't said it, and I need to rectify that before we move ahead."

"Said what?" She brushed her fingers through his hair, and he leaned into her touch.

"I love you."

Her eyes filled with tears again, and she nodded. "I love you, too. It's insane, because I don't even know you, but I just do."

"We will get to know one another. We've all the time in the world." He'd have to tell her that he could read her mind. He wondered if that would piss her off and decided to deal with that at another time.

"I know." She leaned up and kissed him lightly.

"Are you ready?"

"More ready than I've ever been in my entire life."

"Your life has been fleeting, Bella. Twenty-one years is nothing compared to what you're about to be given."

"I know. I know my father's going to be pissed. I know my friends will be shocked. I just don't care, though. This is what I want, Edward. Take me." She touched his handsome face again. "Fill me with your poison, just like the song said."

He kissed her, long and hard. He released her lips and kissed along her cheek, down to her left ear. "You'll be mine, forever."

"That's all I want," she murmured. She'd found it, that missing piece and now everything had clicked into place.

He kissed her earlobe, then behind her ear, letting his tongue dart out to taste her soft skin. It felt like forever to Bella until he reached her neck. He sucked on the delicate skin there, catching it in his teeth and sweeping his tongue over the skin without breaking. Bella moaned and wriggled with impatience. He released her and looked down at her, this beauty that had captured him so completely.

He kissed her lips one more time. Bella smiled up at him and nodded, completely trusting him with her life. That was intoxicating to Edward, that complete and utter trust. He kissed her wet skin, tasting his venom mixed with the floral flavor that she carried with her. His left hand twined with her right as he opened his mouth and sank his teeth gently into her throat. Her blood poured into his mouth, and her grip on his hand tightened. He lapped at her neck, swallowing mouthfuls of hot blood.

Though her taste was unlike anything he'd ever had before, and though he wanted to drain her completely, Edward would not let himself be overcome by her unique, perfect taste. He listened as her heart began to fade. He felt her grip on his hand begin to loosen, and he stopped, pushing his venom into her wound. It wasn't difficult for Edward to work up the venom he needed to change her. He'd only to glance at that pale, naked body beneath him, and his desire started all over again. It would be a long three days, but she was worth the wait.

He sealed her neck with a long sweep of his tongue, savoring the last taste of her blood that he'd ever get. Her eyes were closed, and her heart was fluttering softly, no longer the strong beat from before, but strong enough to pump the venom through her veins. Edward moved from atop her, rolling the two of them so that her head rested against his chest.

"I'll stay, my love. I'll be right here when you wake."

He lay back and began to count the seconds until she awoke, for time was nothing until she was with him again.