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Cold Days Make Warm Hearts

Temari leaned against the rail with her hands stuffed in the fur lining of her tan jacket pockets trying to keep warm. But even if she was cold & her hands were frozen to a point she wasn't sure she'd be able to use them she still had a smile on her face as she watched her brothers.

They claimed to be "training" in the snow. There training had taken a turn into a snowball fight, well more like Kankuro seeing if Gaara's defense could block every snow ball he threw at the red head. She smiled watching them as they ran around enjoying their first time seeing snow. She couldn't help but feel like this was how there lives were supposed to be like no Shukaku, no father forcing them to give up their childhoods, no fearing one of their own. They were there doing what they should always have been kids & a family.

"Now this is something I'd never thought I'd see." A familiar voice said behind her she couldn't help but smile not taking her eyes off her brothers. He on the other hand stood back keeping his eyes on her as the snow lightly fell glinting as it hit her hair which she had kept down slightly damp from the snow. His mind couldn't help but remember the last time he saw her hair damp from that one faithful day in February. 'So the wrong time!' He mentally yelled at himself before leaning on the rail next to her.
"I know it's good to see them act their age for once." She said thoughtfully turning around looking at the dark haired boy. "So what are you doing here? Tired of your family already? Or were you looking to borrow some of my clothes again?"
"Family defiantly. No way I am wearing your clothes again. Ever. Besides as troublesome as it is I'm supposed to make sure you're entertained." He said with a shrug looking as a couple stray snow flakes managed to cling to her eyelashes making him stare. The way her eyes stood out & the snow reflected off her hair almost reminded him of the angle his mom put on top of the tree.

She on the other couldn't help but smirk at him remembering how he had said that same thing to her almost a year ago when he came to see her on New Years the boy really need to come up with new excuses. "Well I think you can tell we are pretty entertained here." She said pointing down to her brothers laughing as Gaara managed to pelt his brother with a snowball in the face.
"They sure seem to be having fun." Shikamaru commented watching as he kept his hands in his pockets of his black winter jacket as if he was cold even though he was wearing dark black gloves.

"It's their first time seeing snow." She explained before turning around to the front door opening. "I on the other hand don't really enjoy this whole cold snow thing. So you want to come in & warm up with me?" She asked looking over her shoulder.
"Sure." He said following her inside the warm house but had to stop for a moment when he walked in. He'd been to her apartment quiet a few times & it was always plain almost bland. But now looking around the whole place was decorated for Christmas. They had everything from lights, to stocking over a fire place, to the Christmas tree with tons of disregarded wrapping paper everywhere.

"Wow looks like Christmas threw up in here." He said copying her as he threw his jacket on the couch before following her into the kitchen she couldn't help but laugh.
"I know Gaara figured since it's going to be the first real Christmas we've been able to have all had together we might as well go all out." She said with a shrug grabbing a couple cups out of the cabinet as he sat down.
"I didn't really peg him as a Christmas cheer kind of guy." He said watching her as she busied herself with making them drinks not bothering to ask if he wanted any.
"I know kind of weird huh? Especially considering he never got to celebrate anything growing up but that's probably why he likes it so much now." She said putting some milk to warm on the stove before turning & looking at him. "So how was your Christmas so far? Santa get you everything you want?"

He mentally scoffed to himself the only thing he wanted was something he highly doubted Santa would be able to get him. Last he heard Santa didn't do kidnapping even if he did he was probably just as afraid of the Sand Coffin as he was. "No unfortunately not. It's a drag but what can you do." He said with a shrug not bothering to elaborate anymore.
"Well if it's something you really want you just go get it your self." She said replied with mocking a shrug.'Yeah if only it was that easy.' He thought to himself as he watched her go to grab something off the top shelf of one of the cupboards.

He couldn't help but start laughing as he watched her try to grab something that seemed to be a couple inches out of her grasp. She stood on her tiptoes & even tried jumping slightly failing every time. It had to be the cutest thing he'd ever seen her do & continued to laugh even when she sent him a deadly glare.
"Well you going to laugh or are you going to help me?" She said crossing her arms he pretended to thinking about it for a moment.
"I think I'm going to just sit & laugh thanks." He said sitting back in his chair that was until a tangerine came flying at him hitting him in the chest. "Stop throwing citrus woman!"
"Then help me!" She said holding a lemon in her hand next he just sighed & got up.
"Troublesome. What do you need woman?" He said in the most annoyed voice possible. "Coco it's in that silver canister." She said pointing up barely an inch from her finger tips he grabbed without any issue as she glared at him.

"Don't make it look so easy." She said he just rolled his eyes at her.
"Not my fault your short." He said with a shrug she just let out an annoyed noise stepping closer to him so she could punch him in the arm. Instinctively he reached out grabbing her arm keeping her from hitting him again he remember this pattern all to well. But little did he realize it also kept her from moving. They both sat there in each others personal space neither bothering to say anything or even pull away. He couldn't help but smell that familiar smell of vanilla cake with cinnamon a smell he now associated with Temari. That was till Shikamaru decided to say something.

"Hey Temari I think your right." He said looking down at her she only looked back at him slightly confused.
"Right about what?" She asked he couldn't help but smile at the confused look on her face. It was always hard to confuse her but when he did she always got the cutest expression on her face.
"About going out & getting what I wanted myself." He said she continued to look up at him confused.
"What in the hell are you-" She started but before she could even finish she was cut off by the soft feeling of his lips on hers. It took her a moment to register what exactly was happening but when she did she started to return the kiss herself. After he was sure she wouldn't pull away he started to deepen the kiss only to be met with her arms sliding around his neck to pull him closer. Taking the encouragement he wrapped his arms around her waist pushing her against wall as he leaned in as close as possible to her. Little did either of them realize her brothers had walked back inside to stumble upon this little kitchen make out session.

"Hey Tema where's your phone I'm gonna text In- OH!"Both brothers stood in shock for a moment as the couple in front of them gave no indication of even knowing their existence. Kankuro stepped forward.
"Oh he is going to die for touching her." He said with a snarl but Gaara's arm came out stopping him from moving forward.
"Let them be." Gaara said in an eerily calm voice.
"That's our sister he's putting the mack on!" Kankuro said furiously.
"Kankuro its Christmas. Just let them be for now." Gaara said pushing his brother the other direction.
"I'm not going to sit around while some guy starts putting the moves on my sister! I don't care what day it is!" Kankuro complained being pushed into the living room.
"Kankuro its Christmas a day of peace on earth & good will towards men. Not a day to be fighting." Gaara explained before a small almost smirk crossed his face. "But tomorrow is not Christmas. We'll take care of it then."

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