Anxious Heart

Rating: Mature

Pairings: SephirothxCloud, AngealxZack, RudexReno TsengxGenesis

Warnings: Yaoi, Shonen Ai, Lemons, Time Traveling, Smut of varying degrees, Memory loss, Angst, Hojo and Dark themes.

Summary: Cloud Strife is sent back to his cadet days with his veteran abilities, but no memory of his future. What does this mean for him? For the entire Planet? Can you forge happiness from misery? SephxCloud. AngealxZack. RudexReno. TsengxGenesis.

Author's Note: Thank you so much for all of the lovely reviews! Beta'ed by x-YaoiWolf-x.

Chapter Four

Cloud Strife sat in his bunk until noon the following Wednesday. The barracks were void of cadets today. In order to boost morale, Director Lazard had made an announcement on Monday that all the cadets and infantrymen had today off. It wasn't exactly a secret as to why the Director had chosen to do this. Even the lowliest cadet knew that tensions between Wutai and the ShinRa Electric Power Company were at an all-time high. This little vacation to boost morale was likely the last chance a lot of cadets had to have fun. Kalm was holding its annual festival, so most of Cloud's peers had traveled there for the day. It had been well over two hours since the last cadet had disappeared through the doors to the barracks and yet still, Cloud had not moved.

To be utterly honest with himself, the blond teen was afraid. He had gone over his plan numerous times in his head to see if there wasn't something that he could do to make this less of a risk, but the youth couldn't find anything that he could change. A lot of this would depend on luck, but even if he was successful and completed this mission that the Other Zack had given him, he wasn't out of danger. An investigation was surely to follow if anything out of the ordinary was noticed. Plus, the cadet had no idea how this would affect his Commanders. All of these unknown factors had Cloud hesitating. He inhaled slowly, shining eyes worried behind his visor.

I need to move now, He thought, I need to do this regardless of how it might turn out.

The cadet got to his feet and walked to the chest six bunks from his own. It belonged to Cadet Reisen, the only other cadet that was anywhere near the height of the blond. Cloud opened the chest at the end of the bunker and pulled the spare top from the other cadet's belongings. The only difference between the two standard issued shirts was that his had 'Strife' on the shoulder and the other cadet's shirt read 'Reisen'. It was the only way a non-enhanced person could identify them in full uniform without having them take off their helmets. It was also the only way Cloud could think of to fool the cameras if he happened to be noticed.

The cadet closed the chest and went back to his own bunk. He paused for a moment to listen for any indication that someone was approaching the barracks. Hearing nothing, the youth pulled off his helmet and changed out of his navy blue top into Reisen's. He replaced his helmet and finally left the barracks.

Cloud walked through the series of hallways that made up the standard military unit of ShinRa's building until he reached the infirmary. He peered in and found most of the personnel missing. It wasn't unusual seeing as it was around lunchtime, but Cloud didn't want to be lured into a false sense of security. There might still be a few nurses and doctors inside. Cloud had been in the infirmary a few times due to his scuffles with the bullies, so he knew the rough layout of the place. He walked past a few occupied rooms, his boots not making a sound as he let his body slip into its more natural movement. It was a relief because on a normal day, the blond cadet had to slow his body and make it seem clumsy.

He paused at the door that was his destination and listened briefly before entering the supply room. Inside, Cloud found one of the biohazard containers and filled it so it had weight before sealing it. He activated the light on it and then stealthily exited the infirmary. Once free of the twisting hallways, the blond cadet waited for the elevator and chose the 59th floor. It was the last floor before things got tricky. Cloud had worried over this part the most. But as he had practiced on 3rd Class SOLDIERs, making sure to drop their belongings where they might be found and returned, Cloud realized that he somehow knew how to pickpocket those men without them realizing. Where he had obtained this knowledge, he didn't know.

On unenhanced personnel, it would be a cakewalk to obtain higher level keycards. The only risks that presented themselves were the surveillance cameras and if he came across any Turks. He wasn't sure where the President and his son were today. It was possible that they weren't even on base, but Cloud wouldn't be foolish enough to assume anything. Turks were in the building at all times and were a threat. As much of a threat as Hojo was.

As the elevator slowly ascended the ShinRa building, the blond took the quiet moment to try to sort out his feelings. Feelings that he had naturally and those that seemed to come from elsewhere. He knew that he was dreaming of things in the future and had two voices in his head that advised him through dreams and sometimes during his waking hours.

Was it safe to say that they were from the future?

What had happened?

The glowing eyes behind the helmet visor narrowed on the heightening number on the display above him. Nothing was certain for him anymore. He didn't even know if the Commanders and General would be sympathetic to his cause. Cloud didn't know if he would ever achieve his dream. Even this mission was an uncertainty. But he had to continue on. There was a drive, a need within him to push onwards no matter what the future had in store.

The elevator halted and the doors opened out onto the lounge. There weren't many here, but Cloud immediately spotted a hassled looking ShinRa employee in a brown suit that was hurrying to the elevator. Cloud moved forward, one hand clamped around the biohazard container, the other loose and hanging at his side as they passed at the same moment through the narrow door, bumping lightly.

The man didn't even pause or speak to him, attention immediately on the buttons for the floors, pressing one frantically. Cloud slipped the key card into his pocket without missing a beat and didn't even glance back. Only the small exhalation of breath gave away his tension. He had what he needed. Now he had to brave the belly of the beast.

He felt anxious and was reasonably scared. The cadet didn't want to go anywhere near the Science Department. There were enough horror stories about Hojo to fuel nightmares and that other part of Cloud, the voice present in his mind, felt that the scientist was someone to be feared and hated.

But he had to...

Zack's broken crying filtered through his memory along with the sound of rain and the broken body of the proud Commander. Genesis falling into darkness. He wouldn't let that happen.

He ascended a few floors on foot before finally reaching the one that he needed. The blond was stopped at the desk by a young looking receptionist.

"What is your business in this department, Cadet... Reisen?" She asked after glimpsing the stolen uniform top's nameplate. Cloud sat the biohazard container down on the desk, turning it so the warning light was facing the woman.

"Research material from the field for Professor Hollander. I was told to deliver this directly to his and his colleague's labs. It is time sensitive," The cadet explained shortly. The woman looked nervous and gestured to him.

"Of course! Be quick about it!" She said with a fake smile, eyes on the container like it might explode at any moment. Cloud nodded and retrieved it before going down the hallway. It was there that he paused and hit his first obstacle that he hadn't anticipated. There were two doors, both to a lab. Each had a lock on them requiring a passcode.

"Fuck…" He cursed underneath his breath, glowing eyes on the devices. He didn't have a password for either door. How would he proceed?

"Three tries is all we have before we are locked out and security called."

That was his own voice. The blond had taken to calling the other version of him Older Cloud. He approached the heavy metal door that was on the left. The plate above the passcode device displayed Professor Hojo's name.

"Jenova," Older Cloud suggested.

The cadet typed it in and the light flashed red. No good. There was a long pause before the other spoke again.

"Sephiroth is too obvious. Try Promised Land."

Cadet Strife typed it in and this time the indicator flashed green, followed by a clicking noise. He breathed a sigh of relief and pushed the door open to allow him in. The entire lab was dim and there were some rumbling noises from the back that didn't sound particularly friendly. He froze just inside the doorway and he gasped as he felt his mind stutter, one hand coming up to tear off the helmet, his blue eyes blazing. The pupils constricted slightly, phasing between rounded and slits. What was happening?!

"Don't panic. Can you hear the call?"

"C-Call...?" Cloud asked in a soft tenor. No answer was forthcoming but the cadet held the helmet close to him as he tried to get his bearings. There was something calling him, though he couldn't be sure what it was. He swallowed and moved forward, ignoring the specimens that growled at him when he got close. The blond stopped in front of a refrigerated unit and pressed tentative fingers against the transparent glass, glowing eyes on the blackened vials of blood lined within. The... blood? Confusion crossed his features and his gloved fingers curled against the glass.

"I want answers when this is finished. Will you answer them?" He whispered. There was another pregnant pause.

"We will answer what we can."

Okay, that was something at least. Cloud replaced his helmet, still feeling the pull deep in his mind as he reached within and grabbed a vial, hoping to Gaia that it wouldn't be noticed missing. He cradled it to him and stepped away from the container. One down, one more to go. The cadet picked up the biohazard container he had dropped by the door and exited Hojo's lab. His troubled mako eyes rested on the only obstacle in his way now. It was the Other Zack that spoke now, confidently.


The light flashed green immediately and Cloud's eyes widened at the unexpected success. He entered the lab and quickly located the mako chamber designed specifically for this lab. The hatch to it opened at the press of the button and the blond unstopped the vial within his grasp, trembling as he emptied the blood within into the mako supply.

Okay, he had done what he had set out to do, all the blond could do was hope that this spared the Commanders their fates. He disposed of the vial and biohazard container within the waste disposal in the lab. It might draw suspicion but it was better than carrying them back out past the receptionist.

Cloud forced his stride to be casual as he exited the lab and returned to the elevator. Once the door closed, the cadet crumpled to the floor, a light sheen of sweat on him as he shivered. The high from the call he received was fading, leaving him a bundle of nerves.

"Great work, Spiky. I am proud of you," The Other Zack praised.

"Will it work?" He murmured in return, shakily returning to his feet.

"It has to, it was the only way."

"And the blood? Whose was it? And why did it make me feel like that?" He asked quietly.

"Sephiroth's," both voices answered at once. Cloud's eyes widened behind the helmet.

"The General's?" He gasped.

"Yes. And you will likely have a stronger reaction to him in person."


Silence. Cloud's brows furrowed, frustration running through him.

"Why?!" He demanded. Was that really all that they were going to answer? Just one question?

"Why won't you tell me?" He asked in a softer tone.

"Suffice it to say that you have an unshakable bond with Sephiroth," The voice said at last. Cloud frowned. That was hardly an explanation.


The elevator 'dinged' merrily to allow him to return to the barracks.

He had always wanted to be noticed by the General, but never felt like he deserved it. He was just a cadet, not even one of the man's SOLDIERs. Cloud respected and admired Sephiroth. And even a country boy like himself wouldn't deny an attraction. Now they had a connection as well?

He could only hope that Sephiroth would help him.

Two days later was the same old song and dance for Angeal and Genesis Rhapsodos. They suspected the same for Sephiroth as their check-ups usually fell on the same day; Mako injections, tests, and the normal rabble. Hollander moved around them, asking frequent questions, especially with Genesis about his wound that refused to heal.

"There has been no change, Professor. I have told you numerous times already," The auburn haired 1st stated firmly. The Professor sighed and then gathered two syringes of mako to continue with the check-up.

When they both got injected and given a clean bill of health, Angeal stood and moved towards the door, dialing Zack on his PHS. A loud crash behind him had the older man spinning on the spot. His eyes widened and he dropped the phone to get to Genesis, whose body was seizing violently on the ground.

"Genesis!" Angeal yelled, hands hovering over the jerking body uncertainly. Black liquid began seeping from the red head's mouth, nose, and eyes; staining the ground. Angeal gritted his teeth as his vision began to blur and limbs began trembling. He lifted glowing hazel eyes to Professor Hollander, a trail of black streaking down his face.

"What have you done?!" He hissed before slumping forward, eyes rolling. Frantic shouts from Angeal's open phone hit the brief silence before Professor Hollander could shake himself from his shocked stupor.

"H-HELP! HELP!" He cried, hitting the emergency button on the wall to summon Hojo, who eventually came with Sephiroth in tow. By that time both Commanders had stopped seizing, but were still unconscious. The silver haired man immediately began checking them over as Hojo smirked at a now pale looking Hollander.

"I am guessing things finally went wrong, Hollander?" Hojo asked with a disconcerting smile. The other Professor held his tongue and motioned to Genesis and Angeal with a helpless expression. Hojo sighed and went to them.

"Out of the way, boy," He hissed at Sephiroth, who reluctantly moved. Sephiroth was puzzled about the black substance oozing from his friends and was truly worried. He blinked when his enhanced hearing distinctly picked up swearing and crying in a tinny version of Zack Fair's voice. His emerald eyes fell on the open phone and he picked it up.

"Zack," He cut in and there was a relieved sob.

"Sephiroth! Is Angeal okay?! Please! What's happening?" The 2nd Class SOLDIER asked, his voice desperate. Feline emerald eyes trailed to both of his Commanders and friends uncertainly.

"They are being looked after now," He answered, unsure of what words to choose to comfort Angeal's lover. There was movement on the phone.

"Where are you, General?" Zack asked in a steely tone, one that Sephiroth had never heard from the cheerful pup. He frowned at this.

"Zack, you would only-" There was a loud moan and Sephiroth's gaze cut to Genesis, who was struggling to sit up. He looked exhausted, black stains on his face, but his grey eyes were cautious and confused.

"Hold on, Zack," Sephiroth murmured. There was a protest but he cut the other off with, "that is an order." He held the PHS away from his ear and approached the group of men, watching intently.

"How are you feeling, Commander Rhapsodos?" Hojo asked clinically, beady eyes on the auburn haired SOLDIER. Genesis blinked at the other man before frowning and looking at Angeal, who had begun to stir, in concern. Hojo waited impatiently as Angeal brought himself back to his senses. Both men looked confused.

"What happened?" Angeal asked Hollander, who was wringing his hands. Hojo directed his attention to the other scientist, his patience now gone.

"Well? What did you do differently, Hollander?" He asked, disdain in his voice.

"I-I didn't do anything differently! I swear!" Hollander cried, taking a step back. He hated Hojo but was also intimidated by the man. Anyone would be once you really knew what the other was capable of. The Head of the Science Department sneered.

"I think you are lying. You were trying to best me, weren't you?"

"No!" Hollander cried, paling.

Genesis said something quietly to Angeal and Sephiroth, drawing both of the Professor's attention.

"What was that, Rhapsodos?" Hojo asked. Genesis' glowing eyes flickered between the scientists before he reiterated what he had said, only louder.

"I said 'it doesn't hurt anymore'," The Commander repeated in a soft tenor. Hollander's eyes widened in realization, whereas Hojo looked impatient.

"What exactly doesn't hurt anymore?" He snapped. Hollander helped the red head to his feet and Genesis reluctantly shrugged off his red leather coat, the scientist pushing the black top up to expose his back where an angry and blackening gash had refused to heal.

Only now there was nothing but smooth flawless skin. Like it had never been there at all.

"Explain! You are wasting my time here, Hollander," Hojo said in a dark tone. He was irritated that everyone in the room seemed to think this development was a relief and that the greasy haired scientist had been left out of the loop.

"There had been a wound here that refused to heal, no matter what level of mako I injected. He had it for four months and now it's just... vanished," Hollander said in wonder.

Hojo perked up and scanned the Commander's back. So the degradation had stopped? He had known that the instability of the Jenova cells within his colleague's experiments would eventually result in their deaths. But now that degradation had ceased...? Hojo's expression darkened and his eyes snapped to Sephiroth, who was handing the PHS to Angeal.

There was only one way that the degradation could be stopped. Had Sephiroth had intercourse with these men? No... That didn't fit. Both men had collapsed at the same time. His dark gaze went to the mako tank and then to Hollander.

"You didn't steal anything from my lab, did you, Hollander?" He accused in a menacing tone. The other man flinched back as if struck.

"No! I don't even know your passcode, Hojo. I wouldn't steal from you!" The man swore. Hojo frowned.

"We shall see. I want a full investigation launched. I am sure that you won't mind if I took a sample from the mako tank...?" Hojo asked, taking out an empty vial. Hollander nodded his head.

"I don't mind at all. Go ahead. I want to know what has happened as well."

Interesting response. It sounded like Hollander hadn't done anything. Well, they would see... Hojo extracted some of the glowing mako from the tank and pocketed it. He would have to scan his lab to see if anything was missing. He returned his attention to the trio of friends that were standing together, watching their exchange silently.

"I will have to ask for a blood sample from both of your wards, Hollander. More tests need to be conducted as well. Sephiroth, you are free to go," He said dismissively. The General shook his head.

"No, Professor. I would like to be present while the tests are run. They are my friends and I want to know what happened to them," Sephiroth said in a firm tone. Hojo shrugged.

"Suit yourself, boy," He returned carelessly before calling up the Turks to send someone to his labs immediately. She arrived quickly, soft brown eyes alert and long brown hair cascading down her shoulders. Cissnei nodded to Sephiroth before going to Hojo to receive a briefing and list of things in the man's lab. She checked the file silently before leaving as quietly as she had come to take inventory and question the personnel in the department.

While that was happening, Angeal and Genesis were put through vigorous paces by both Hojo and Hollander. And the results were... spectacular, Hollander noted. Both men had been steadily declining in performance and there were times that they would say something and then promptly forget that statement right afterwards. The latter happened rarely, but none of that was evident now. Their physical performance was up as well.

The tests lasted until the evening before everyone was finally released. As soon as they were in the elevator and out of ear shot, they began to speak quietly to each other.

"Are you certain that you feel alright?" Sephiroth asked them both. Genesis smiled sadly.

"Never better," He stated, though deep down guilt was eating at him. He had been planning on deserting ShinRa once the war hit because of the unhealable wound. The redhead had wanted to take the company down with him in retribution. Sure, it had been a training accident but ultimately ShinRa was behind it all. But now...? Genesis wasn't sure what to do. He was more than reluctant to leave his friends behind now that he didn't have a reason to go. There was also Tseng...

"Zack is probably having a conniption by now. But I am fine, Sephiroth," Angeal answered with a wan smile. Sephiroth eyed them both and nodded. He trusted that they would tell him if anything was truly wrong. They ascended the building together, all of them tired from today's ordeal. Genesis got out of the elevator first on the Turk floor and gave them a brief wave before the doors shut.

"Don't worry about us, Sephiroth. I have a feeling that things are going to be alright," Angeal said softly. Sephiroth's feline eyes went to his friend.

"Angeal... What do you think of dreams? Not the aspiring kind, but the type that you have at night whilst sleeping?" The silver haired man questioned. Angeal pulled his attention away from the floor buttons and looked at his friend questioningly.

"Why, Seph? Have you had an odd dream?"

Sephiroth's expression was puzzled, but solemn. Angeal hit the stop button so the elevator halted.

"I dreamt of a blond warrior wreathed in flames. He spoke to me like he really knew me and he was warning me away from Hojo. He said that Hojo was telling me lies. Ever since then I have been questioning everything the man has told me. About him being my father... about who my mother really is..." Sephiroth said in a soft tone. Angeal's eyes softened.

"You had that dream for a reason. Perhaps you were subconsciously thinking such things before the dream brought them to light?" The 1st Class SOLDIER questioned. The General hummed but then hesitated.

"What is it?" Angeal asked lightly. Sephiroth's eyes strayed to the side, the vivid glow there considering.

"There... is a cadet that looked just like the man in my dream, except younger. A Cadet Strife. I am certain I have never seen him before, Angeal. Yet I saw him in my dream and then happened upon his file the following day. What could that mean?" he questioned in a soft wondering tone. Angeal stroked the stubble on his chin in thought, frowning.

"You had never seen him before? You're sure?" The Commander asked. The silver haired man smiled ironically.

"Never. I am sure of it."

Angeal paused and then sighed.

"I can't tell you what that might mean. If you are sure you have never seen him before, then there was no way he could've shown up in your dream. Have you sought the cadet out?" The long haired SOLDIER questioned. Sephiroth shook his head and then frowned.

"I... I want to. But I thought I might be taking the dream too seriously. Am I?" The General asked, lifting his eyes to Angeal in askance. The other man shook his head after a moment.

"I think you should be wary and not trust a thing Hojo says if your instincts are telling you this dream was important," His friend answered and Sephiroth nodded.

"And the cadet?" The silver haired man asked after a moment of silence. Angeal smiled, hitting the elevator button so that they ascended once more.

"That is your call, Sephiroth. I can't tell you what to do there," The Commander answered and Sephiroth nodded. A few moments passed before Angeal got off on his floor, throwing a friendly salute to his longtime friend with a reassurance that he was, indeed, fine.

Sephiroth stared at the closed door and then the buttons before pressing floor 10 on impulse.

Worried hands caressed his stained face, running along his jawline while plush lips pressed numerous kisses to his. Angeal held Zack's smaller body to his own, having caught the distraught 2nd Class up in his arms as soon as he had entered his apartment. He deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue past his lover's lips and caressing the other's tongue in an attempt to distract him. Zack was having none of that though and the youth pulled back with a gasp.

"'Geal... I was so worried. What happened?" He asked, azure glowing eyes looking up into his mentor's face. Angeal sighed and smiled reassuringly.

"There was a mishap in the lab, but it had a happy outcome. You know how I told you that I felt odd lately and that Genesis was hurt?" Zack nodded. "Well, everything is fine now. We're all better. They are just going to investigate how it happened."

There was naked relief on the teen's face and his lips pulled up in a smile.

"I'm so glad," Zack's expression suddenly changed to something wary and slightly distressed, "oh... about the labs... Angeal..."

"Yes, pup?" The 1st Class SOLDIER asked softly, wondering what was troubling Zack.

"I have a friend that needs your help desperately. Yours, Genesis', and Sephiroth's. Something very unusual happened to him and he is afraid Hojo will sink his claws into him and he'll disappear into the labs," Zack was holding onto him loosely. Angeal frowned, expression suddenly serious.

"What happened to him?" He questioned. Zack smiled sheepishly, helplessly.

"Well... he sorta… wokeupenhanced," Zack rushed out. Angeal blinked and took a moment to untangle the words, which made no sense.

"He... woke up enhanced? Are you sure he hasn't already...?"

Zack shook his head.

"No, he hasn't. He swears. He's really scared, 'Geal. And that isn't the end of it. If it was just that, I might think that he's already been to the labs, but there's more," He told his lover, who frowned.


"Yes. Like, I took him out of Midgar to see what he could do. He picked up a sword and told me it was unbalanced and then claimed to never have even held a sword before, much less trained. He then beat me with just one strike and said he hadn't even used his full strength. He even charged a Fire Materia until it was Mastered. He's amazing, Angeal!" Zack said excitedly.

Angeal however, was more suspicious and alarmed. He didn't understand it. How could someone have that knowledge? Those abilities?

"You trust him? Who is he?" Angeal asked seriously. Zack took in his expression and frowned.

"Angeal... Please promise that you'll help him. I do trust him and I believe him. Promise me. I don't want to see him disappear," He insisted stubbornly. The SOLDIER hesitated.

"...You are certain?" He asked. Zack nodded vigorously.

"I am. Promise, Angeal."

"I promise... Who is it?"

Zack smiled.

"His name is Cloud Strife."

Angeal's eyes widened and he froze. Could there be more than one Strife in the military?

Just what is happening here...?

Sephiroth stood at a window on the tenth floor, emerald eyes intent on the running track below. The General was both mesmerized and confused. It was the dead of night now and there was only one person doing circuits on the track.

The person was lightning quick, their body moving fluidly, gracefully, as they ate up ground, running as if someone was after them but assured in their speed to escape. But that person was wearing a cadet uniform. They even had their helmet on still. Curious, Sephiroth descended the stairs on this floor to get to the ground level.

As soon as he exited the door, the runner ground to an abrupt halt and Sephiroth was suddenly assailed by the most delicious and exciting feeling that he had ever been subject to. There was a yearning in him, a tug towards the person who stood motionless on the track. Nothing that the alluring female voice in his dreams could offer him could compare to this feeling of need that coursed through his very being.

The cadet took a few halting steps towards him, one hand reached up to his helmet while the other stretched towards Sephiroth. Glowing feline eyes darkened with desire and he began striding towards the cadet. The General closed the distance between them as if magnetized, his gloved hands moving to slide up the shorter youth's arms. The smaller body jerked as if delivered an electric shock.

The nameplate just above his caressing hand read 'Strife.'

"It's you..." Sephiroth breathed, captivated.

Cloud had been totally unprepared for Sephiroth to interrupt his night time run. Ever since he had snuck into the lab, he had been unable to rest properly and had taken to exercising when no one else was awake.

And he surely hadn't been ready for this.He was nearly delirious with need, his entire being ignited by the General's mere presence. When he was touched, his glowing eyes rolled back and he gasped. The man's baritone ran through his system and he was trembling.

Gaia, there was nothing like this...

"" Cloud whispered to the man, who focused on his lips peeking from between his helmet and green scarf, "one... with you."

Sephiroth's hands eased up his back and the other leaned down, their lips meshing together desperately. The overwhelming need to be pressed against the silver haired man with nothing separating them came over Cloud and he moaned into the kiss. Their tongues twined in the open air before they both leaned in to kiss each other deeply, the small blond arching into the larger man's body.

The shrill sound of a PHS ringing broke the spell and Cloud jerked back as if stung. He yanked out of Sephiroth's arms, eyes widening. What was he doing? He was attracted to his General and the attention wasn't unwanted at all, but his cover? Had Zack talked to them yet? Was he safe with Sephiroth?

A hand was placed on his shoulder, those feline eyes looking at him imploringly. Cloud shook his helmeted head at the man and stepped back.

The PHS continued to ring.

"Are you repulsed by my attention, Cloud?" Sephiroth asked lightly, using the other male's first name in hopes to appeal to him.

"No. Of course not," The soft tenor answered.

"Then why pull away?" He asked softly.

"Has Zack...?" Cloud began, but cut himself off at the confused light that entered the silver haired man's eyes.

"Has Zack what?"

It wasn't safe yet. Sephiroth didn't know.

"I'm sorry!" Cloud breathed before turning on his heel and fleeing at the same lightning pace that he had used before.

Sephiroth wanted to take chase, find out more about his cadet, but that damn phone was still ringing. He answered it, his voice frost bitingly cold. This had better be important.

"What?!" He snapped.

"Sephiroth," It was Angeal. "Zack and I need to talk to you and Genesis. Could you meet us?"

Feline green eyes trailed to where he had seen Cloud disappear. The other had asked him about Zack. He would get answers tonight.

"Of course," He answered.

To be Continued…

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