Hey Namikaze_Reiko16 here. I just did this for fun and probably will never update this story. So after reading this check out my other fics. ENJOY!

The sky is shown before it suddenly zipped down, dozens of mythical creatures are seen going by at a rapid pace. A blue short fat man, who's wearing a crown, is seen with magic dancing over his hands. A pink castle with a girl with pink hair is seen, she is also wearing a pick dress and beside her is a peppermint with a suit on. The camera suddenly zoomed over to a tree, where a silver girl with black hair hissed at the screen, the camera suddenly stopped at a large tree house. Big bold letters suddenly appeared in front of the camera, it said 'SHINOBI TIME'.

SHINOBI TIME...come on and grab your friends.

A boy and a fox with wings holds up a banner under SHINOBI TIME saying 'with Naruto and Kyuubi'

We'll go to very distant lands.

Kyuubi the fox!

A picture of a smiling fox with nine tails popped up

And Naruto the Hu-Man!

A picture of a blonde boy with blue eyes, wearing an orange jumpsuit and a headband wrap around his forehead.

The fun will never end...SHINOBI TIME!

A large kunai flew out of nowhere and stabbed through the word TIME .

Hope you like it. KN:SoaW will be update before school's over so look out for it!

Namikaze_Reiko16 is out.