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She blinked, looking up from the bed. Arthur hovered over her, his expression worried. She smiled, and instantly, his facial features relaxed.

"Sorry," she whispered, as he sat down next to her, taking her hand. "I was just so..." she yawned - "tired."

He nodded. "Its fine." He kissed her forehead. "Listen, you take a shower. I'm going to head to the diner across the road, and get us some food. Then we can work out what we're going to do."

She swallowed. "All right. But, Arthur..."


"Be careful, ok?" her face was creased in concern. "If something happened-"

"It won't." He kissed her forehead. "Catch you later, ok?"

She nodded as he pulled on a sweater and began to head out the door.

Eames walked in as Cassandra pulled herself out of bed. He opened the plastic bag, and pulled out jeans, a shirt, and light jacket. She nodded. "Thank you."

"So, where do we head?"

She looked at him. "Best place? London."

He blinked. "Are you serious?"

"Yes. That way we can head back to Italy. If the others have any sense, they'll be back there already."

Eames smiled. "Good. Let's go."

"Have you got...?"

"Yes. Don't ask questions, don't get answers." Eames smiled. "Its fixed."

Cassandra kissed him. "Thank you."

Arthur entered the diner, and seated himself at the bar, pulling a laminated menu towards himself. He sighed, and rubbed his forehead.

After leaving the hospital, he'd driven for seven hours, fuelled by adrenaline and determination. They'd crossed a state line, and were now safely in Conneticut, in the middle of rural communities. He swallowed - his mouth felt parched. Ariadne had spent most of the journey asleep, and he'd not even attempted to wake her. Driving had given him a purpose, something to fix his mind and attention on.

Now, an idea was forming about where they would go. As he was pondering, a waitress approached. "What will it be?"

"Um, two burgers, fries, and coffee - to go," Arthur answered politely. She nodded and hurried into the back. He pulled out a few dollar bills, and paid when she returned.

He shook his head. Cobb had made his choice, as had he. He knew, in his heart, he would never see the Extractor again. Biting his lip, he poured himself a glass of water from the jug on the counter. Now he knew where he was going, and all he had to see was whether Ariadne would agree.

After about ten minutes, the waitress returned, handing over a large paper bag, and two plastic cups of coffee with sealed lids. Smiling his thanks, Arthur turned, and began to leave.

Cassandra sighed and settled into her seat. She and Eames had boarded the flight to London Heathrow, and a wave of exhaustion had overwhelmed her. As he laced his fingers through hers, she laid her head against his shoulder, and closed her eyes.

Eames, calm, and feeling protective, laid his head against her shoulder. "Be home soon."


No response.

His heart thumping, he moved into the room, remembering his gun. Suddenly, the en suite door opened, and she came out, wrapped in a towel.

"Oh, Arthur!"

"Sorry," he said, blushing. "I thought you- well-" He held up the bag. "Food!"

Sitting on the bed, they began to eat. Arthur looked at her. "Listen. When we leave here, do you want to go back to Europe?"

She swallowed. "What about Fischer?"

"He won't come after us again." Arthur frowned. "I'm sure of it. He thinks we're dead."

She nodded. "We could always...hide in plain sight?"

He frowned. "Possibly. Where?"

She smiled, and leaned forward. "Canada."

Arthur began to nod. "Sounds about perfect."

Fischer scowled as he took a sip of scotch. His wound had been treated, and he had been assured he would recover. But it wasn't enough. He needed confirmation they were dead.

His thoughts drifted to Cobb. He couldn't leave. He was under his control. Smiling, he took a sip. He would find them. He would.

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