Meloetta's Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: /vp/, you'll do anything to fap to some Meloetta, huh? Well, I don't disappoint. And yes, this is totally /vp/'s fault, so don't go and blame me. Anyway, here you go. Enjoy. Ya freaks.

Meloetta was in her cozy little home, with Keldeo over after playing tennis with Genesect and Arceus. As Meloetta and Keldeo were talking about what to do for Saturday, Meloetta's stomach growled, prompting Meloetta to get something to eat.

"Man, I could use some more icing." Meloetta stated as she opened the refrigerator, seeing if she had enough icing to fill her up. Not a single carton of icing inside was enough to crave Meloetta, so she closed the fridge and grabbed a nearby stool.

Keldeo shook his head as he groaned. "Meloetta, don't you already have enough icing as it is? Can't you think of anything else to eat?"

Meloetta paused briefly, tapping her chin as she shrugged. "Well, not really. I just need a tad bit more to satisfy me."

Keldeo placed his right front hoof on his forehead as he sighed. "Sigh... I don't know why I deal with you..."

Meloetta rolled her eyes as she stood up on the stool. She opened up the cabinets, spotting one lone jar of icing. However, this icing was rather... different. It read "special" on the carton, Meloetta shrugging as she came down and moved the stool back, placing the carton of icing on the table. Opening the carton, Meloetta scooped a spoon inside, eating up the icing as Keldeo watched, sitting down as he folded his front legs. Four minutes later, Meloetta belched loudly as she patted her slightly pudgy stomach, feeling nice and full. Keldeo sighed as he got off the chair, heading towards the front door.

"Well, I'm gonna go and see if Genesect needs help with his sand castle," Keldeo told Meloetta as he exited the house, "You want to come?"

Meloetta got out of her chair, holding down her pudgy stomach, with growled back at her. "W-well... I'll catch up with you in a bit, Keldeo..."

Keldeo rolled his eyes as he left, shutting the door shut. Meloetta grabbed her black colored purse, checking inside to see if she got all what she needed. She then grabbed an extra carton of vanilla icing from the fridge, saving it for later as she was about to head out. Her stomach gurgled oddly, perplexing Meloetta as she rubbed the back of her head.

"Huh? That's... odd..." Meloetta stated as she patted her stomach, to see if it was all right. Turns out that "special" icing she had was special, as Meloetta farted loudly, of which echoed all throughout the house. Meloetta's eyes widened as she started blushing, shocked by her own passing of gas. "Oh my... did I really do that?"

Meloetta squeaked in shock as she farted again, her stomach going from slightly pudgy to its normal form. Meloetta's green hair was blown up in the air by the flatulence, prompting her to hold down her dress. Embarrassed, Meloetta peered outside, to see if Keldeo was nearby. Much to her horror, Keldeo was standing right in front several feet away, with him overhearing Meloetta's gassiness.

"Keldeo! It's not what you think!" Meloetta pleaded as she waved her hands in defense, farting loudly again.

Keldeo placed his right front hoof on his face as he sighed, shaking his head in disbelief. "Oh Meloetta... what am I going to do with you..."