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Drake anxiously looked at the clock. It had been half an hour since Tony had said he would be back. He began to once again pace the lab.

"A-Abby?" Drake asked the young Goth.

Abby spun around from her computer.

"What's up?" she glanced at the clock. Oh Tony, she thought. Where are you?

"Umm.." she watched his eyes dart around the room.

Drake brought his hands up and signed his question to her.

Bathroom? Abby read.

"Down the hall. Fourth door on the right."

Drake gave her a small smile in thanks as he turned and left the lab.

"Um, hey boss." Tony said nervously.

Gibbs just stared back. Steel blue eyes locking onto emerald green ones.

"You're probably wondering about Drake huh?" he guessed.

"So that's his name." Gibbs said. "And what's his connection to you?" he wondered aloud.

Tony walked over to one of the tables and hopped up. His long legs dangling over the edge.

"Remember when I asked for some time off a few months back?" Tony asked.

Gibbs nodded.

"Yeah, back in April. Said you needed-"

"To think." Tony finished Gibbs' sentence. "Think things over after…" his voice trailed off.

"Kate and Luke." Gibbs finished quietly.

He watched as his 2IC slowly nod his head, blinking back tears that had collected in his eyes.

"Yeah," Tony swallowed the lump in his throat. "remember where I was goin'?" he asked.

Gibbs nodded again.

"You were goin' to see Callen in LA right?" he recalled.

Tony nodded. His gaze fixed on the floor.

"But what does that have too do with him?"

Tony lifted his gaze from the floor and focused on a spot behind Gibbs.

"I can relate too what he's been through." he said softly.

Gibbs shot him a curious glance.


Tony let his eyes drift from the wall and lock onto his boss'.

His voice was just above a whisper when he spoke, eyes full of tears.

"His whole family was murdered right in front of him." a single tear slid down his face. "Just like Kate and Luke."

Drake let his thoughts wander as he began his walk back to the lab. He let them wander to memories of when he lived in San Diego, happy ones. And then to his time in LA and then DC, relishing in what had been good since the attack.

He snapped out of his daydreaming when the elevator doors closed in front of him. Looking around, he saw his disoriented reflection all around. Quickly, he hit a random button, not wanting to be in the lift any longer.

When the elevator doors opened once again, Drake found himself in a large office space. He began to panic. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. he chanted in his head realizing that he was no where near Abby's lab. He began to wring his hands together once more, a habit he had when he was nervous, and glanced around the bullpen frantically looking for a familiar face.

that's when he spotted the slightly geeky looking man that Tony had spoken to earlier. Maybe, he thought. he knows where Tony is….or at least, how to get back to Abby's. hesitantly, he walked over.

Ziva was looking over the case file on her desk when she caught slight movement out of the corner of her eye. Looking up, she saw that it was the mysterious boy from security.

"Can we help you?" she asked the teen.

Drake snapped his head towards Ziva's desk.

"Umm…" he began to wring his hands together a little harder, causing them to turn a bright red.

Ziva stood from her desk quickly and the boy jumped and shrunk back at the sudden movement. Ziva noticed and slowly, and more carefully moved in front of her desk. As gently as she could, she placed her hands on his, causing him to stop wringing them together.

"Do not hurt yourself." she offered him a small smile. "We will not bite, will we McGee?" she tried to reassure. She then proceeded to sit back behind her desk. She repeated her previous question.

"Can we help you?"

Once again, he began to wring his hands together.

"Umm…" he began. "d-do you know where umm…." he glanced around the office nervously. "w-where Tony is?"

"He's speaking with Special Agent Gibbs." Tim said. The teen in front of them reminded him of what he was like when he was just a probie. "What's your name?" he asked.

"Drake." he said softly. "M-my name's Drake."

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