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1. You are not allowed to help Emily in the kitchen. We know you didn't mean to, but you almost killed us all last time. Fire is dangerous.

2. You are not allowed to believe anything that Paul says. Actually, don't believe anything that Jared says either. Don't believe Leah either. She's the most dangerous of them all.

3. No matter what Paul says, DO NOT let him call you Embryo. It's not a cool nickname at all.

4. You are not allowed to baby-sit Claire to get out of pack meetings and make it look like you were doing her mom a favor.

5. You are not allowed to loan Quil money unless you realize that to him a 'loan' and simply being given money have the same meaning.

"Only five? Didn't the others get ten?" Embry said, confused.

"They did, but for some reason we couldn't think of anything else." Sam replied.

"Wow, so I only get five? No strings attached?"

"Pretty much."

"I can not wait to rub this in Paul's face!"

"No rubbing it in Paul's face or there will be a sixth." Emily warned.

"Fine. Rain on my parade." Embry sighed. She said nothing about rubbing it in JARED'S face…or Leah's.

"Okay, Embry. I think it's time you left and gave us some alone time." Sam said, not focusing on Embry, but staring into Emily's eyes.

"Ew! I know that look! That's the look Paul gives Rachel when he's horny!" Embry squealed, running for the door.

Sam began kissing Emily lovingly -

"Wait! Emily, what's an embryo?" Embry asked, barging right back in.

"A human offspring in the early stages following conception up to the end of the eighth week, after which it is classified as a fetus." Emily said.

"Uh, I think I'll just ask…someone else. Thanks." Embry said, clearly not understanding a word Emily had said.

Then Embry left once again, leaving Sam and Emily alone.

"And I thought he was the shy and innocent one." Sam sighed. "I do not know how I cope around them."

"Maybe they have their moments, but you know you love them." Emily teased.

"No I don't."

"Yes you do!" R&B

"No I don't."

"I think you do!"

"Well you think wrong, because I do not love them."

"Yes you do. Admit it!"

"I do NOT love them. Never have, never will."

"Oh quit lying."

"I am telling the truth. However is it means you will stop insisting on my love for the pack, I will lie and tell you what you want to hear."

"Be that way then. But we all know you love them. You're just too scared to admit it."

"Since when have you got me all figured out?"

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