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Timeline: After Yellow saga and before Gold Silver Crystal saga, so I think both Lance and Red didn't know that Yellow is a girl.

Lance Point of View

Why could I lose control of that Lugia? Why wouldn't it help me exterminate human race? Didn't it understand that PoKéMoN will have better life without human? Ugh… my entire body is numb. Am I dead already?

… I feel something's coming closer. What's that, a PoKéMoN? I've never seen PoKéMoN like that before. Wait, what's it doing? The PoKéMoN is glowing. Oh no, the light is too bright, I can't see anything….

Huh? Where am I? There's a lot of trees around me. Is this Viridian Forest? Yeah, this is Viridian Forest, a place where I was born and grew up. But how can I be in Viridian Forest? I remember, I'd been at Cerise Island before I passed out. I wonder how long I've been unconscious. I'm so thirsty. If my memory is right, there's a spring nearby…. Ah! There it is!

Wait… why does my reflection show a Pidgey? Oh my Arceus! It can be! My lip turned into beak! My hands turned into wings! Oh, no! I am a Pidgey now! What should I do?

I hear people talking. I'd better hide in this bush for a while.

"Hey, where is the Rocket grunt we're chasing?" said a boy with a red cap. I know him, he is Red, the PoKéMoN league champion.

"It seems we've lost track of them," said a boy with a green jacket. I know him, he is Green, the first runner up of PoKéMoN league.

"Oh, I forgot! He has an Abra, maybe he used Abra's Teleport to escape," said a girl in a short dress. I know her, she is Blue, the second runner up of PoKéMoN league.

"If he used Teleport, then how can we follow him?" asked a boy with a straw hat. I know him too, he is Yellow, a boy who had defeated me at Cerise Island before.

Red, Green, Blue, and Yellow… they are the PoKédex users from this Kanto region. Although they are still kids, they are very skilled. Because of them, my plan to destroy human race for the PoKéMoN sake was failed.

"Ssshhh…" I heard a voice from behind me. An Ekans? It's trying to bite me yikes~! I should run away!

"Whoa! There's a little Pidgey being chased by an Ekans! Save it, Dody!" said Yellow. His Dodrio quickly runs toward me and takes me. I can see that Ekans glares at me. Then Red's Pikachu comes, ready to confront that Ekans. Knowing that its level is far below Red's Pikachu, the Ekans goes away.

"You are safe now, little Pidgey," said Yellow as he took me. Now what? I'm in my enemy's hands now. What should I do?

"Hey Yellow, can you read this Pidgey's mind? Who knows, it might has seen the Rocket grunt we're chasing in this Viridian Forest," said Blue.

Darn it! If Yellow reads my mind, then they'll know who I am. I am Lance, their enemy. Now I'm useless. Although I look like a Pidgey, I don't know how to use PoKéMoN moves, I don't know how to fly either, and I'm so exhausted. I guess this is the end then.

No! I can't give up now! If I give up now, my goal can't be accomplished too. Yea my goal is to destroy human race for the PoKéMoN sake. Now I should think about something else, I should focus my mind to something else so they won't know that I am Lance. I should think as a normal Pidgey. What does a normal Pidgey usually think about? How about food? Okay then, I'll think about PoKéMoN food. Hmm… Razz Berry, Bluk Berry, Nanab Berry, Wepear Berry, Pinap Berry, ….

Yellow places his hand on my forehead and closes his eyes. "… nope. This Pidgey only thinks about berries Are you hungry, little Pidgey?"

"Growl," I heard my stomach growling. This is so embarrassing. Oh c'mon, you can't look hungry in front of your enemies, Lance!

"Haha awesome! Yellow, you're right," Red complimented Yellow. But why did he laugh? He laughed at me, at a hungry PoKéMoN. I knew it, human don't care about a PoKéMoN that suffering from hunger, they just laugh at it.

"Here, I have some berries for you, cute Pidgey," said Blue.

Should I take those berries? How if this is a trap? No, that's not possible, they don't know who I am anyway.

"Hey, what are you waiting for? C'mon eat those berries, they're free y'know," said Blue.

I quickly eat those berries. Wow! I never knew that berries is so delicious before. Is this because I'm a PoKéMoN now? No, it must be because I'm very hungry.

"Since the Rocket grunt isn't here anymore, there's nothing to do in this forest. So, let's go outside," said Red to his friends. Fiuhhh… I am so relieved now. I feel uneasy with these PoKédex users around me.

"Wait… we can't leave this little Pidgey here," said Yellow suddenly. Is he worried about me, a stupid weak small Pidgey?

Ugh! I shake my head. If I can, I will say, "No, no, I'm fine here. Just leave me alone."

"What's wrong Yellow? Do you wanna catch it?" asked Red.

"It seems that this Pidgey prefers to be free, without a trainer. But I'm worried, how if that Ekans or the other predators tries to eat it again? What can this little Pidgey do?" said Yellow.

"Isn't it a natural thing?" Green explained calmly, "Pidgey feed on Caterpie, then Ekans feed on Pidgey, forming a food chain. We can't do anything to change it."

"Yeah, that's right… but… but…," said Yellow.

"I have an idea. Why don't we train this Pidgey for a moment? Only until it can survive. We don't have anything to do anyway," said Red.

"I agree with Red too. It's a pity if we can't help this cute Pidgey. And Green, b'coz your special skill is PoKéMoN training, you should be the first one to train it," asked Blue. Why does she always call me cute anyway?

"Huh? Why must we help train this Pidgey? It looks disturbed by our presence anyway. Oh yeah, Blue, aren't you an ornitophobia? Aren't you scared of bird like PoKéMoN? You even fly using a Jigglypuff," said Green confusedly. He knew exactly how I feel about them though.

"Ah, that's right! I wonder why I don't feel afraid of this Pidgey? Maybe b'coz it's so cute, I can't resist something so cute y'know. Green, I think your skill in PoKéMoN training is amazing, so would you train this Pidgey? Pretty please…," said Blue.

"That's weird. I guess I have no choice then. Pidgey, let's start our training now," said Green.

"Alright!" said Red and Blue together.

"Thank you, Green," said Yellow.

I don't know whether I feel happy or not. If I don't train, I will get eaten by Ekans easily. But if I train with Green, my enemy, errrr…. I just don't want to think about it.

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