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Lance Point of View

I used to be a human, an elite trainer who almost completed my goal to exterminate human race for PoKéMoN sake. Now, I am a Pidgey, a weak PoKéMoN. This sudden big change in my life gave me a chance to rethink about myself, my goal. This change has made me realizing something important. Something important that I used to forget, friendship between human and PoKéMoN. That's all thanks to the PoKédex users, my former enemies. Green the Trainer, Blue the Evolver, Red the Fighter, and Yellow the Healer. They took care of me although I'm just a weak Pidgey and I'm not their PoKéMoN either.

"Rrr…" I heard something from bush behind me. I quickly check it.

Oh! It's Larvitar groaning weakly! I'm rather shocked, I thought Larvitar and that Rocket grunt had run away somewhere.

I see its body is full of wounds. So the battle between this Larvitar and me before has made the two of us suffering. I was healed by Yellow, but this Larvitar… I should've known this, that Rocket grunt doesn't care about his Larvitar, where is he anyway?

I can't stand seeing Larvitar in pain. I must do something. Oh! I know. Yellow's given me some berries, now I'll just feed it with these berries. Larvitar chews that berries hastily, it must be so hungry. The berries are working very effectively. After eating all the berries, Larvitar looks healthy again.

Larvitar gives me a wide grin as its thanks. I smile to it, it's no problem at all, as fellow PoKéMoN we must help each other. Huh? Haha it seems that I get used to be a PoKéMoN now.

I am about to ask Larvitar where its trainer is when suddenly I hear a man's voice, "So you're here, Larvitar! Why did you run away from me!" Oh that's the Rocket grunt! He uses his whip on Larvitar and leaves a scar on its head.

I immediately grab his whip by my beak, but he is quite strong, he doesn't let it go. I hold his whip as strong as I can. Argh! Larviatar, are you okay? Can you help me?

I glance at Larvitar. It looks very mad. It uses its Rock Slide attack. One of the rocks hits that Rocket grunt. He falls to the ground. Just one hit and the Rocket grunt is knocked unconscious.

But Larvitar is still mad. No, don't do it Larvitar! It's enough! He is fainted already.

Larvitar didn't hear what I'd said because of his anger. With full power, it uses its Rock Slide attack again to that Rocket grunt. Run out of ideas, I quickly shield that man. Some rocks hit me and they sure give me big damage.

Ugh… I fall….

I dimly see Larvitar standing beside me. It looks concern about me. I can only smile to it, I'm okay. It asks me why I've saved that Rocket grunt.

No doubt, that Rocket grunt is evil. He treats his PoKéMoN awfully. But I can't let him die. Although he is evil, he must be given a chance, a chance to change, just like me.

After those few days I've spent with the PoKédex users, I realize that I was evil too. As long as my life, I always love PoKéMoN, I will do everything for the PoKéMoN sake. But I picked the wrong way. Now I understand, exterminate human race, even for the PoKéMoN sake, is an evil plan. The most fatal, I even involved all my PoKéMoN to accomplish my plan. Even my first and most precious PoKéMoN, Dragonite, it had to put its life at risk by withstanding the heat of molten lava to serve me at Cerise Island before...

It's totally wrong, cause PoKéMoN' life can't be better without human. I can understand this because of that chance. A chance to change that was given by the mysterious PoKéMoN. Now, I want to give that Rocket grunt the same chance. I'm sure this world will be a much better place if more people understand this, friendship between human and PoKéMoN. With the rest of my strength, I try to tell Larvitar my reason. Larvitar seems a bit confused but it nods to me.

I'm getting dizzy. The pain I feel is killing me. Can this be the end of my life? It doesn't matter though…. I'm so relieved that I know I was wrong. I'm so grateful for the chance to understand the friendship between human and PoKéMoN. I just have one regret. I wish I could meet my PoKéMoN for the last time. I miss them so much.

…this light is so familiar…. It's coming from that mysterious PoKéMoN!

Finally you come again. Thank you so much for the chance. Now I understand I was wrong, I was evil. I'm sorry for the chaos I made. But please just punish me, don't blame my PoKéMoN, they only did what I'd said. They are innocent, I was the evil mastermind. That's all my fault.

That PoKéMoN is glowing. The light gets brighter and brighter. I close my eyes. Last time, this light turned me into a Pidgey. What will happen this time? Will this be a punishment?

I open my eyes. My wings vanished, I have my hands again. My body is a human body. This clothes I wear is the same clothes I wore at Cerise Island. I see my belt…. Thank's Arceus! My PoKéMoN are here on their PoKéballs. All of you, I miss you so much. Forgive me for all I've done to you. I promise, I'll be a better friend for you from now on.

Was that just a dream then? No, no, that's not a dream. Everything is so real.

I see what's around me. There's a lot of trees around me. This is Viridian Forest. I'm still at the place where I almost died as a Pidgey. I'm sure this is exactly that place.

Oh that's the Rocket grunt over there. I look at him closely. I examine him. Fortunately he's still alive, but he's unconscious right now. I'll take him to the police.

By the way, where's Larvitar? Hm… that bush is shaking. I guess Larvitar is hiding there. I call it, "There you are, Larvitar. Don't be afraid. I'm Lance. I was the Pidgey that gave you some berries just now. Do you still remember me?"

Larvitar comes out. It looks a bit afraid and hesitant. I approach it. I kneel beside it. I pat its head gently, "I know you have unpleasant experiences with human before, but will you let me be your friend? I wanna experience the friendship between human and PoKéMoN together with you."

Larvitar takes some moments for thinking deeply…. Then it gives me a big grin as acceptance. Well, this is great. I quickly say to it," From now on, we are friends. We'll show the world the true friendship between human and PoKéMoN."

The End

Author notes:
(o) At Yellow saga, during the battle at Cerise Island, Yellow tried to tell Lance that what he'd been doing is evil and she asked him: "Aren't you friends with your Pokémon too?" Lance seemed annoyed by that question. But at GSC saga, Lance told Silver to care more for his PoKéMoN, something which he forgot about. This makes me wonder what'd made he changed his attitude.
(o) I try to make this story fit with the actual PoKéMoN Adventures series, so I wrote about Lance's Larvitar too. During Yellow saga, Lance didn't have a Larvitar/Pupitar but at GSC saga, he had a Pupitar.
(o) Considering the Sinnoh PoKédex users managed to travel about 10 towns/ cities in Sinnoh and Platina even obtained 6 gym badges within a space of 25 days, I think Lance spent his time as a Pidgey for about 3 days in this story. Because if the time Lance and the Kanto PoKédex users is too long, I'm afraid this will make them look too slow.
(o) I have the idea for this story after my friend, PreciousAll (she is an author too), caught a shiny Pidgey. Aww it's so cute. And most of Lance PoKéMoN in manga is a Flying type (Dragonite, Gyarados, Aerodactyl) and he tried to control Lugia. So I think Lance is suitable as a Pidgey.
(o) I'm sorry if this story disappoint you (Is Lance OOC/ Out of Character in this story? Is this story is too weird?). I just tried my best to write this story, but it's up to you. I'm the one that is open to criticism, so you may criticize me as long as for improving my stories quality. And I want to know what you think too. Thank you all, readers or reviewers ^^

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