I don't own WTR at ALL. I didn't even know how to spell Walker, Texas Ranger, when it first came out.. :P Even If I did, Sydney and Gage would be happily married because that's how it should've been.

Author's note: I know some of you guys hate LONG author's notes and I know some of you may hate me for this, but this story is my FIRST, EVER, ff. I promise you that this is not the best story on this website. I wanted to give this writing thing a try; I decided to just go for it. Don't shoot me if the story isn't far from decent. :] So….. here goes nothing…..

It was rainy night in Texas. Sydney tossed and turned in her bed trying to get back to sleep. She was unable to, though, because of the thoughts that plagued her mind. She just couldn't stop thinking about Gage! Was she falling for him? Is he really the one for her? What if she told him how he felt? Were the feelings mutual? The questions lingered in her mind for what seemed to be an eternity. She picked up her phone and contemplated texting him. It was 3:30 in the morning- of course he would still be sleeping. She sighed loudly as her stomach growled. She wasn't going to get any sleep soon, so she got out of bed and dragged herself to the kitchen for a morning snack. Her internal debate continued as she plopped on the couch and turned on the TV. There was nothing on except for the corny infomercials and re-runs, but Sydney didn't care; her mind was already pre-occupied with much more important things. She wish she had someone to talk to, someone who would tell her how to deal with this, but she was just too stubborn. After thirty minutes of staring blankly into the television, she climbed back into bed.

"I really have to do something about this," she said to herself as she slowly, but surely drifted off to sleep.

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