Kurt got home on a Thursday, ready for Easter weekend. He'd heard rumors that Karofsky came out to his parents and was being sent to some special school in Indiana to "fix" it, and was looking forward to returning to McKinley. It wasn't that he didn't like Dalton, but New Directions gave Kurt more opportunities. Blaine was a good singer and all, but even Mr. Schuester put more variety in soloists, and Kurt used to think Mr. Schue NEVER mixed it up.

He walked confidently down the hallway to Principal Figgins's office to register so he could return in the fall. Big, brown eyes caught his and waved. Kurt could have sworn he saw a tear in her eye, but maybe she was just fighting with Finn…again. Kurt had been on the receiving end of one too many emotional phone calls from Finn.

His schedule was set in stone and he stopped in to the end of glee club practice to make his announcement. Almost everyone looked happy. It kind of bothered Kurt that Rachel didn't look happy. When rehearsal was over, she brushed off Finn and approached Kurt. "Hi, Kurt," she said with a shy smile.

"Hey Rachel," he said.

When she didn't keep walking, Kurt raised his eyebrow. "Yes?" he asked slowly.

"I…do you want to go get some dinner? I want to catch up," she said earnestly.

There was something oddly suspicious about her behavior, but Kurt didn't question it. Rachel had reasonable taste in restaurants so he didn't argue. When they ended up at Breadstix, Kurt regretted his acceptance of her offer. They sat awkwardly, sipping at their waters in silence. "Is there something going on with you and Finn?" Kurt asked suddenly.

Rachel looked surprised at his bluntness. "Well…not really, but kind of?" she offered.

Her smile had faded and she looked upset again. "Rachel, you can tell me what's going on," Kurt said.

He'd heard it all from Finn, after all. Rachel took a deep breath before saying softly, "I'm pregnant."

Kurt froze. No, no, no. This wasn't right. They had used a condom. It couldn't have been him. "Finn?" Kurt asked hopefully.

She shook her head. "There were almost three months between when we did and when me and Finn did," she explained.

"How…when is it due?" Kurt stammered.

He was pale, ashen. His eyes were wide and he was in shock. "I'm at 18 weeks, so…"

She was almost half-way through her pregnancy. Kurt was going to be a father. It was hard for him to breathe and he desperately drank up his water. Rachel looked sad and terrified. "My official due date is September 26th," she told him softly.

Neither of them ate much when their food was delivered. As they were picking at their salads, Kurt asked, "What are you going to do?"

Rachel shook her head. "I don't know. I want to be a star, you know that," Kurt nodded, and she continued, "As much as I like children, I don't know that I'm ready, even if my dad's said they'd help out."

Kurt nodded. His mind was in a hundred places and he couldn't focus on a single thought. She obviously wasn't going to "take care of it." It had to be too late to do that now. There were only two options: keep it or give it up for adoption. "I just wanted you to know," she said weakly, hoping to break the silence.

He nodded again. He had tuned out everything and tried to focus. "I'm really sorry," she offered before dropping a ten on the table and leaving, tears in her eyes.

Kurt had let Finn drive the Navigator home, opting to ride over to Breadstix with Rachel. When he realized he was stranded, he left more money on the table before leaving as well. Outside in the chilly April air, Kurt dialed a number on his phone.

Puck was surprised to be getting a call from Kurt. He wasn't sure why the kid had opted to call him for a ride home instead of Finn, but something made him go pick him up anyway. Something had to be seriously wrong if Kurt Hummel was asking him for a ride home. Pulling up to Breadstix, Puck noticed him immediately. Kurt was clinging to himself, obviously underdressed for the weather. He got into Puck's truck silently and they sat there for a moment. "What's up?" Puck asked.

Kurt had expected taunting at the very least, but not this. Not a genuine, practically kind question from Puck. "Can we go somewhere to talk?" Kurt asked weakly, avoiding his eyes.

Puck drove them in silence to an empty parking lot halfway between Breadstix and Kurt's house. "You gonna tell me what's up?" Puck pressed, parking the truck under a dim street lamp.

It wasn't that he wanted to know that badly, he was just sick of the silence. "What did you do when you found out Quinn was pregnant?" he asked softly.

Of all the things he had expected to come out of Kurt's mouth, this was not it. He looked at Kurt with a furrowed brow and asked, "What the hell, dude?"

Wet eyes looked up desperately at Puck and he didn't even have to repeat himself. Puck's expression turned to shocked and clueless and he said, "I uh…I don't know. I guess I was shocked. Guilty as hell," he shook his head and admitted, "I felt like shit, dude."

Kurt nodded, turning his face back to his lap. "Who is she?" Puck asked softly.

He wasn't picking on Kurt. He actually cared. Kurt thought maybe it was a trick, but he just muttered, "Rachel."

Puck wanted to laugh, but he fought it. It wouldn't help things any, and he was literally the only person Kurt could relate to right now. "She's sure it's not Finn's?" Puck asked hopefully.

Kurt just shook his head. "The timing is all messed up," Kurt explained. "There's like a three month difference or something. I don't know, but even Finn isn't clueless enough to buy that it's his."

Puck just nodded. Well, so much for the passing the blame tactic. "What's she going to do?" he asked.

"She doesn't know. Her dad's said they'd help her but it sounded like she'd rather be a star," Kurt explained sadly.

"Do you want to keep it?"

Kurt hadn't even thought about it. Wasn't it supposed to be just up to the girl? It didn't seem right that someone was asking his opinion on the matter. "I don't know," he said weakly.

"Look, I let Quinn make the decisions. I miss Beth like hell and I wish I had fought for her, Quinn or no Quinn," Puck said seriously. "If you want to keep it, tell Rachel. And tell your parents. Soon."

"Finn will hate me. They all will," Kurt said sadly.

"People make mistakes," Puck said instantly. "My mom was fucking pissed, dude, but she got over it."

"You didn't knock up your step-brother's girlfriend," Kurt shot.

Puck paused for a moment before saying, "No, but I knocked up my best friend's girlfriend, and isn't that just as bad?"

Kurt had no argument. "Start with your dad," Puck offered. "See what he thinks."

"I told him he'd never have to worry about this," Kurt shook his head sadly.

Puck noticed a tear fall down Kurt's cheek in the moonlight. "It is a little surprising, you gotta admit, dude," Puck pointed out.

"Because I'm gay?" Kurt asked.

Puck just nodded, secretly hoping he wasn't offending Kurt but outwardly looking ignorant. "I got curious and she thought it was the best way to get back with Finn," Kurt shrugged. "It's so fucked up."

Kurt shook his head and Puck sat shocked. Kurt never swore. "What do you think I should do?" Kurt asked after a moment.

"All you can do is tell Rachel what you want. You'll always regret it if you don't," Puck shook his head.

Kurt liked Puck in this light. He was more than just a dumb jock with some musical talent. He had depth; he'd seen things and been through things and Kurt liked when he let it show. It made Puck seem a little more real, human, and less like some constantly pissed off badass.

They sat in silence. Puck understood that Kurt needed time to think, and he didn't mind the peace and quiet either. It was always chaotic around his place and sometimes it was just nice to get away. Almost ten minutes passed before Kurt said, "Thanks."

Puck nodded and asked cautiously, "You ready to go home?"

With a deep, heavy sigh, Kurt nodded. They drove in silence and soon they were outside Kurt's house. He looked at the house and let out a shaky breath. "Telling them is the hardest part," Puck confessed.

Kurt gave Puck a sympathetic smile and said, "Thanks for wasting your night for me."

"Dude, I know what you're dealing with," was all Puck could say without sounding like a total girl.

Kurt nodded and opened the door. Just before he shut it, Puck shouted, "Wait!"

Confused, Kurt peeked into the truck. "If you uh…" Puck looked anywhere but at Kurt. "If you need to um…talk or some shit? About this? You can uh…just call me, okay, dude?"

It sounded as though that sentence had been the hardest thing Puck had ever said. "Thanks," Kurt smiled.

Puck just nodded, connecting his eyes to Kurt's for a moment before the smaller boy walked away and slowly entered his home. "Hi, Kurt," Carole smiled, hugging him as he entered.

"Hi," he said with a fake smile.

"Where you been?" Burt asked from the living room.

He and Finn were watching a sports game on TV. "I went to Breadstix with some friends, we got carried away talking," Kurt said halfheartedly before going downstairs to his room dejectedly.

Burt and Carole exchanged curious glances as Finn watched the game, unfazed by Kurt's strange demeanor. Burt stood and went downstairs just in time to find Kurt collapsing into a sobbing heap on his bed. He rushed over quickly, worried. "Kurt?" he asked, sitting on the edge of Kurt's bed.

Kurt gasped and hid his face in his pillow. He thought he was alone. "Kurt, what's going on?" Burt pressed.

He looked ready to kill, assuming Karofsky had struck or something. Kurt sat up, tears still falling from his eyes, and clung to his dad for dear life. Burt looked shocked but couldn't find a thing to say. He just wrapped his strong arms around his son and waited. Raising Kurt, he'd learned that the boy needed a cry before he could ever string together a coherent sentence.

When Kurt's tears began to subside, Burt repeated, "Kurt, what's going on?"

"I messed up, dad," Kurt said, wiping his nose with his sleeve. Yes, he was that upset.

"What happened?" Burt asked quickly, his eyes wild.

A new wave of tears struck but Kurt tried to fight them. "Remember…remember last year?" he sniffled. "When I said you'd never have to worry about me getting…" he hiccupped. "Getting a girl pregnant…?" Burt sat in silence, the words weighing on him and telling him volumes. "I was wrong!" Kurt wailed, the dam breaking and the tears forcing their way through.

Kurt buried his face in Burt's shoulder and not a word was spoken. Tight arms held Kurt close. Burt tried to stay strong, but damn was it hard. He didn't know what to say, what to think. His gay son had gotten a girl pregnant. It was proving difficult to piece it all together, but he didn't press. Softly, he asked, "Who's the girl?"

That seemed to evoke even more tears and Burt wasn't sure what it meant. Kurt stuttered out, "Rachel."

Burt froze and Kurt looked up at him, terrified. "But…Finn…?" Burt trailed off.

Kurt shook his head and said, "They weren't together at the time."

Burt had to move. He had to do something. It was all too much. He walked into the bathroom and returned with a box of tissues for Kurt, who took them thankfully. Burt sighed and sat back down. "Finn's going to hate me," Kurt wailed. "Carole's going to hate me. Oh, god, you're so disappointed, aren't you?"

He buried his face in his hands, avoiding his dad's eyes. "A little bit, yes," Burt nodded. "But these things happen. Did you two uh…use…"

Kurt nodded, saving his dad the embarrassment of asking about condoms. Burt sighed. "Well, this isn't going to be easy on any of us," he admitted. "But I'm going to stand behind you on this, Kurt. We Hummel's gotta stick together. Neither of you meant for this to happen and we just have to deal with it."

For the first time since getting home, Kurt met his father's eyes. Kurt looked so sad and grateful, it just tugged at Burt's heart. "What does she want to do?" Burt asked after a few moments of silence.

Kurt wiped tears from his face and said, "She'd rather become a star."

Burt saw the pain in Kurt's eyes with this statement and asked, "What do you want to do?"

"I don't know," Kurt whispered, shaking his head and letting a few more tears fall.

Strong arms held Kurt in a hug and Burt whispered, "You want to keep it, don't you?"

Kurt nodded into his dad's shoulder, tears falling freely yet again. Burt sighed. Kurt's mom would have known exactly what to say right now, and it killed him that he had no words to offer. "It'll be okay," was all he could say. "It's going to be okay, Kurt."