The doorbell rang. Kurt wiped a stray tear from his face and rushed upstairs to get the door. He was home alone that night; his dad and Carole were out of town for the weekend and Finn was out with Rachel. Opening the door, Kurt was surprised to find Puck on his doorstep, hunched over to protect him from the brisk January wind. "Hi, is uh…is Finn here?" he asked.

Kurt shook his head, "No, he's out with Rachel."

"Oh," Puck nodded.

Kurt expected him to leave after that, but he didn't move. "Do you want to come in?" Kurt asked.

Puck looked surprised at this question but nodded and walked in. He stood awkwardly in the doorway and Kurt watched him with a suspicious eye. "I don't know if Finn will be back tonight," Kurt offered awkwardly, sniffling.

Puck nodded again; he wasn't speaking much, and he definitely wasn't acting like a badass. "You can come watch TV and hang out for a while if you want," Kurt shrugged. "Finn wouldn't mind."

Puck shed his jacket and hung it in the closet next to the front door. He silently followed Kurt downstairs where the small boy frantically tried to clean up his mess of Kleenex before Puck saw. It was no use though. Puck noticed and raised an eyebrow, "What's up with you?"

"It's nothing," Kurt lied.

Puck tossed himself down on Finn's bed and said, "I got kicked out."

Kurt looked up at the athlete quickly. That explains why he'd shown up on their doorstep late at night on a Friday. "Why?" Kurt asked softly.

With a shrug, Puck explained, "Mom found my booze, told me I was being a bad influence on my sister."

"I'm sorry."

Neither said a word for a moment. Then realization hit Kurt; Puck had opened himself up so Kurt would do the same. With a sigh, Kurt said, "My boyfriend broke up with me."

For a moment Puck looked as though he was going to projectile vomit all over the room at the thought of that, but he didn't. Kurt was really upset about this. "Sorry," Puck said gruffly.

They sat in awkward silence again, until Puck ended it by turning on the basement TV. He flipped through the channels and soon Kurt joined him, the companionship strange but necessary for both upset teens. Kurt had no choice but to roll his eyes at the channel Puck landed on with a smug grin. The movie was Black Swan, a late night TV premiere on some fancy channel, no doubt. Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman were ravishing each other's lips, and Mila was slowly kissing down the other girl's body. "Ah, lesbians," Puck smirked, leaning back happily. "God's gift to men."

Kurt was confused. If Puck was so repulsed by gays, why was he so enthralled with the lesbians on screen? It didn't make sense, and he was angered that there was a double standard. "Why is it so okay for two girls to make out, yet you're completely repulsed by me being gay?" Kurt asked, a little rougher than he meant.

Puck looked surprised at the inquiry. "First off dude, I'm not repulsed by you being gay," Puck defended himself. "Second, chicks making out are hot whether they're lesbians or not."

"I just don't understand why there's such a double standard," Kurt shot.

"Chill out," Puck said. "I'm just saying, watching chicks go down on each other is hot," he nodded at the screen, where Mila was doing just that to Natalie.

Kurt scowled and looked at the screen. Sure, it was erotic. It made sense that it could get someone off, but honestly? If girls doing other girls was okay, guys doing other guys should be, too. Kurt voiced this opinion and said, "Watch it once, just to be fair."

"Dude, I'm not watching gay porn," Puck shot. Then, as the realization hit him, he asked, "You have some?"

"I'm a gay and I attend an all-boys school. Of course I have a little porn on hand," Kurt rolled his eyes. "I have hormones just like every other teenage boy."

Puck looked surprised at this, but nodded. "Fine," he shot, his badass demeanor more prominent than ever. "I'll watch some gay porn. I'm so badass I can watch gay porn and still be straight."

Kurt rolled his eyes. He reached into the duffel bag lying on the floor near his bed and pulled out a few different options. "Would you prefer football players or soccer players?" he asked, holding up two DVD cases.

Puck looked at the boxes incredulously. Hummel got off to athletes getting it on? "Uh, what's your favorite?" he asked nervously.

"The soccer players for sure," Kurt nodded. "Brett is my favorite."

"You know his name?" Puck was shocked.

With a casual shrug, Kurt said, "Yeah, he's adorable."

Puck wanted to be disgusted but just couldn't be, so he shot lamely, "Jocks can't be adorable."

"You'll see," Kurt said, putting the DVD in and sitting down next to Puck on Finn's bed.

Puck eyed Kurt warily, putting off turning his eyes to the screen until he really had to. When he did, though, he hated himself for agreeing with Kurt. This "Brett" guy really was adorable, dressed from head to toe in a soccer uniform and gear. Puck knew very well what was going to happen with that soccer uniform and gear, but he was disgusted with himself for being excited for it. His dick twitched in anticipation and he avoided Kurt's eyes.

The film got going, the boy slowly stripping down and touching himself. Kurt's eyes remained on the screen, but he could tell through his peripherals that Puck's hand was dangerously close to his groin, which seemed larger than usual. Yeah, Puck was turned on. Kurt wasn't surprised at all.

Another boy entered the screen and Kurt could have sworn he heard an audible gulp from next to him. In his peripherals, he noticed Puck slowly stroking himself through his jeans. Kurt couldn't really help it, he had to do the same. "Dude!" Puck shot, feigning disgust.

"What? The point of watching porn is to get off," Kurt shrugged.

His hand never strayed from his groin, and he noticed that Puck hadn't moved his away. He sent a pointed look down at Puck's hand and turned back to the screen. "Fine, but if I get to get off, I'm doing it the right way," Puck grumbled.

He unfastened his jeans and reached in to grasp himself. Kurt rolled his eyes; of course Puck was going commando. It took Kurt a little more effort, given he was lounging in his skinny jeans, but he was released from the confines of his jeans as well. The video picked up intensity, the guest boy was sucking off Brett. Puck's jaw was dropped slightly and his hand picked up speed.

Kurt was more turned on by watching Puck out of the corner of his eye than he was by watching the DVD. He blamed it on the fact that he had seen the DVD before and stopped thinking about it. Kurt focused on the sensations he felt from his hand running along his hardness and all other thoughts were erased.

"How long is this DVD?" Puck asked breathily, watching as the guest boy pressed inside Brett.

Kurt gasped before replying, "It's almost over."

"Good," Puck sighed.

Both boys were breathing in short, raspy breaths, watching as the scene on screen intensified. The boys on screen were full-on fucking, moaning and groaning unabashedly. Kurt and Puck's hands were moving at faster speeds and they couldn't tear their eyes from the screen.

They didn't hear a noise behind them until a voice asked, "What the hell?"

Both froze and Kurt fumbled for the remote to switch off the TV. They didn't move as Finn stood behind them, looking absolutely scandalized. "You guys, that's my bed," he said, his eyes wild.

Puck had put himself away and avoided Finn's eyes as he said, "It's not what you think dude."

He rushed towards the door. "Wait!" Kurt called, not yet acknowledging his step-brother's presence.

Puck stopped and turned, glowering with embarrassment. "Where will you go?" Kurt asked softly

Finn looked confused, his eyes moving between the two at opposite sides of the basement. "His mom kicked him out," Kurt explained to Finn quickly. "He came here."

"I'll just go to Santana's or something," Puck said quickly.

"No," Finn shouted. "You should stay here."

Puck looked hesitant, but walked back down the stairs to stand next to Finn and Kurt. "I don't want to know why you guys were doing what you were doing," Finn shook his head. "But I'm going to go upstairs and I'll be back in an hour."

He looked between them seriously, hoping they would get the obvious hint he was dropping. Kurt blushed at what Finn was implying, and Puck looked shocked. Finn left the room without another word. "Dude, I'm not gay," Puck shook his head, sitting back down on Finn's bed.

"Liking gay porn doesn't make you gay," Kurt shrugged. "You can like boys and girls too, you know."

"You saying I'm bi?" Puck asked defensively, his eyes dangerous.

Not allowing himself to be intimidated by Puck, Kurt said offhand, "Maybe. You seemed to like that video a lot."

"I can't be bi," Puck shook his head. "I'd never hear the end of it."

"From who? The football team?" Kurt challenged. "You could take at least two of them at a time. Not to mention I'm sure any of the guys in Glee would jump at the chance to defend you. You've stood up for each of them at some point and they know that. Besides, that's how many more people you can have sex with."

Puck didn't have anything to say. He thought for a moment before saying, "Yeah, well, I only got off to porn. I've never actually touched a dude."

"First, stop referring to guys as dudes," Kurt snapped, a little annoyed at the term. "Any guy that would sleep with another guy would not put out for you if you called them that."

Puck opened his mouth to defend himself, but Kurt continued, "I'm not saying you need to declare right now that you're bisexual or something, but you should at least open your mind up to the possibility. It's okay to be curious."

Now Puck had nothing to say. He looked around the room, trying to come to terms with what Kurt was implying. Kurt walked nearer, hoping to provide some sort of comfort. He looked up but couldn't help but catch his eyes on the still pressing need in Kurt's tight pants. With a wince, Puck thought, That has got to be painful. "Want help with that?" he asked nervously.

His eyes moved up to meet Kurt's. The boy looked surprised, but Puck had no idea why. He was telling him that it was okay to be curious and possibly into guys, and didn't expect some sort of proposition?

Nervously, he sat down next to Puck. His features shone embarrassment and a hint of sadness. Oh hell no, Puck was not going to be rejected by a gay guy. No way. "Sure," Kurt said softly.

That one surprised Puck. He was sure rejection had been on the way. This meant he had to face what he had just asked; he offered to get Hummel off and the damn boy had the audacity to accept. Kurt could sense nervousness emanating from the muscular boy next to him, so he did him a favor and unfastened his jeans. Puck did the same and they pulled their erections free from the restriction of their jeans.

Kurt took the lead, reaching over to wrap his small, soft hand around the stiffness of Puck. Puck gasped at the sensation and his eyes widened. "You okay?" Kurt asked.

Puck nodded and reached over for Kurt. He was smaller than Puck was, but it made sense given his size. Their hands moved over each other, tentatively at first, then picking up speed. Their eyes were closed, pleasure erasing all doubt and awkwardness. All that mattered was the feeling of the other boy's hand and the amazing things it was doing.

They had both been so close before Finn interrupted that it was no surprise that the touching was short. Kurt had been right on the edge before, and Puck's large, calloused hand provided sensations Kurt had never felt before. He gasped and muttered something inaudible as he came; the white sticky substance coating Puck's hand. "Fuck," Puck groaned.

Kurt felt a warm, gooey liquid on his hands and knew that Puck had finished as well. They pulled their hands away slowly, breaths ragged. Kurt pulled a blanket off of his bed and wiped his hand of with it. He handed it to Puck as he dressed himself again. Puck cleaned off and handed it back to Kurt, who tossed the blanket in the laundry basket. He did his own laundry so he had no fear of Carole discovering what they had done.

Puck sat at the end of Finn's bed awkwardly. "You don't need to decide right now," Kurt said, not even looking at Puck. "Just think about it."

Puck nodded and asked, "I can still stay here tonight, right?"

"Of course," Kurt said, turning around to face Puck. "Why wouldn't you?"

Puck didn't reply. Kurt was surprised at Puck's new behavior, but didn't question it. "I'll sleep on the couch tonight," Puck offered, standing to leave the room.

Kurt just stood there, in the middle of the room. He nodded and said, "Goodnight."

Puck approached him instead of going upstairs and said, "'Night, Kurt."

Kurt's eyes bulged at the sound of his first name on Puck's lips. He rarely heard it coming from the boy; he was usually referred to as Hummel, as though he was one of the boys. "Maybe next time we can watch the football one?" he offered.

If Kurt had been surprised before, it was nothing compared to what Kurt felt at that moment. "Next time?" he choked out.

"Yeah, why not?" Puck smirked, happy to be in control again.

Kurt looked as though he were a fish out of water, words failing him. Puck went upstairs without another word, leaving Kurt to dwell on just what had happened.