Friday took forever to arrive. Puck was fidgeting in his seat all day and he would have skipped school altogether if it weren't for the fact that Kurt was suffering the same punishment. Kurt would be leaving immediately after school was out, meaning he'd get to Lima around four. People were flashing Puck weird looks throughout the day, but most just assumed it was because he had a hot date or something. They were half right, but they assumed he'd be meeting up with a MILF, not Kurt Hummel.

He rushed home after school, hoping to find Kurt's shiny black Navigator already parked outside. It wasn't, though, so he went upstairs where his bag was already packed. Puck had never been so excited for anything before in his life, and it amazed him that of all people, it was Kurt that made him feel this way. The most surprising element, though, had to be the fact that they hadn't even had sex. Puck was all about the sex, all the time, but it was different with Kurt. Sure, he was prepared in case something like that happened, but he wouldn't be heartbroken if it didn't. It was one of those things he knew would happen in due time if it was meant to.

Puck had practically paced a hole in the floor before he heard a honking from the drive. Peeking out his window, he saw that Kurt had finally arrived. Grabbing his things quickly, Puck rushed downstairs. Kurt was seated calmly in the front seat. Puck slowed down and was a little put out by this; he should at least show some excitement. Climbing in the passenger's side, Puck tossed his bag and tux in the back. "Hey," he said breathlessly.

Kurt beamed at him and replied, "Hello."

They stared at each other for a moment before Puck asked, "So are we gonna get out of here or what?"

Without argument, Kurt put his Navigator in reverse and pulled out of the drive before speeding down the road. "How was prom?" Kurt asked.

Puck had been expecting this to be a topic of conversation (the first topic, specifically) so he was prepared to explain, "It was okay," he shrugged. "Rachel and Finn fought a little, Santana was all over Brittany all night and Artie got a damn threesome out of it. Santana and Sam won Prom King and queen so Quinn freaked out. The usual glee club drama, I guess."

"So you and Santana…?" Kurt trailed off.

"We danced like twice," Puck shrugged. "No big deal."

"Okay," Kurt smiled, content with the answers.

Puck puffed his chest out a little, proud. He'd passed Kurt's first test. It wasn't officially called that or anything, but Puck liked to refer to the whole McKinley prom thing as the first test. He also referred to the Dalton prom thing as his second test.

Kurt wasn't the kind of guy that just dated anyone. They had to be special and worthy of him. Even though Puck had no idea why Kurt the Diva had chosen him of all people, he wasn't complaining. He even found himself thinking that mushy "I don't deserve him" and "he's too good for me" bullshit every once in a while.

Pushing that to the back of his mind, Puck listened to Kurt chatter on about school. They conversed about what they were doing with their free time now that glee club was done for both of them. Kurt asked Puck for all the fresh McKinley gossip and Puck (embarrassingly) obliged. The drive to Dalton passed quickly, and soon Puck was rendered speechless by the towering historic buildings. "You go to school here?" he managed to ask after they had parked, gathered Puck's things from the back, and made it all the way into Kurt's room.

"Yep," Kurt sighed.

Puck looked around and then over at Kurt, who was still in his Dalton uniform. "I stick out so bad," Puck shook his head, watching people walk past the door.

"Give it until dinner, then everyone will be wearing jeans and tee shirts," Kurt shrugged. "Most guys can't wait to get out of these uniforms at the end of the day."

Puck stood awkwardly in the room, his eyes wandering along the vintage and very expensive looking armoires, beds, and desks. The room was huge and immaculate. Kurt was definitely living the good life. Maybe getting out of McKinley really was for the best. "Speaking of getting out of these, I'm going to change," Kurt said. "This uniform isn't as comfortable as it looks."

"Need any help?" Puck smirked.

Kurt looked like he was considering the offer, but just shook his head, "All in good time."

With a devilish smile Kurt shed his jacket and button down shirt. Puck watched with his jaw slightly dropped as Kurt stood there in his trousers and white tee shirt. He stalked towards him, ignoring Kurt's earlier comment. Puck's strong arms wrapped around Kurt's waist as he whispered in his ear, "Come on. Please?"

Kurt's heart leapt and he almost said yes, but a voice in the doorway cut them off. "Kurt?"

Puck stepped away and looked to the doorway. Kurt froze before turning around slowly. "Hey Blaine," he said quickly, embarrassed.

Kurt avoided eye contact and Puck was drowning in the awkwardness that had filled the room. "I see you've moved on," Blaine commented, walking inside the room.

It took a moment for Kurt to reply, and even then, he just nodded. Blaine's eyes shifted between Puck and Kurt before Kurt got to hint. "Blaine, this is my boyfriend, Noah," Kurt introduced him. "Noah, this is Blaine."

Blaine shook hands with Puck awkwardly and said, "Nice to meet you."

Puck just nodded. There was a pregnant pause before Blaine continued, "Well, this has been a little awkward. It was nice seeing you again, Kurt."

"Bye, Blaine," Kurt said softly as Blaine left.

Puck sat around silently as Kurt changed into jeans and a button down shirt. It wasn't until Kurt was pulling on a cardigan that Puck spoke up, "So that's your ex, huh?"

Kurt nodded nervously, avoiding Puck's eyes. "Can I uh…can I ask why you guys broke up?" Puck asked slowly.

"He broke up with me," Kurt said quickly. He took a deep breath and sat down on his bed next to Puck before continuing, "He said something about dating within the glee club, but I know that's not the real reason."

"Well, what's the real reason?" Puck pressed gently.

Kurt sighed before saying, "Well, we were making out one night and um…he said my name and when I replied…" he trailed off, blushing.

"You said someone else's name?"

Face flush with embarrassment, Kurt nodded. "It happens," Puck shrugged. Kurt looked up, alarmed, and Puck added quickly, "If you're with the wrong person. Blaine wasn't the right guy for you. You've obviously moved on, so it's okay."

Kurt gave Puck a small smile. "Sorry you had to go through that," Kurt shrugged. "It was really awkward."

"It's better it happened tonight than at prom," Puck pointed out.

Kurt's smile grew. Puck definitely had a point. "So, did you have any plans for us tonight?" Puck asked, changing the subject.

"No, I thought we could just hang out or something," Kurt shrugged.

"Well then, let's go out," Puck said. "We're going to go grab some food and see a movie. We need to get out and have a real date."

Kurt raised an eyebrow and asked, "Who are you and what have you done with Noah Puckerman?"

Puck laughed and walked backwards towards the door. He cocked an eyebrow and Kurt rolled his eyes before following.

They spent that evening out on their first official date and it made Kurt forget all about Blaine. They didn't get back until almost one in the morning (they went to a late movie). "Oh my gosh," Kurt laughed when they got back. Puck shut the door behind them and looked at Kurt, who continued, "I haven't stayed up this late in a long time."

"It's fun, right?" Puck smirked.

"Thank you," Kurt repeated for the hundredth time that night.

Puck rolled his eyes and pulled Kurt into a hug. "I told you, you're welcome, and stop thanking me!" he said into Kurt's hair.

Kurt's smaller arms wrapped around Puck's waist and held him close. "We should get to bed," Puck suggested after a moment.

With a laugh, Kurt looked up and said, "You're always thinking about that, aren't you?"

"This time you were," Puck pointed out, stepping away and walking towards his bag. "I meant get to bed as in sleep."

Kurt raised an eyebrow but Puck ignored him. He changed into his pajamas; plaid pants and a white tee shirt. Kurt couldn't tear his eyes away the whole time. "Are you sleeping in that?" Puck looked at Kurt, who was still in his jeans, shirt, and cardigan.

Blushing, Kurt changed into his pajamas. They went down the hall to the bathroom to brush their teeth; Kurt did a shorter version of his nightly skin care routine (he was really tired). Puck tossed a few blankets onto the empty bed in the room and they climbed under the covers. "Goodnight," Kurt said, his voice piercing the darkness.

"'Night," Puck muttered, falling asleep almost instantly.

They didn't wake up until almost noon the next day. Kurt woke before Puck and managed to get through his entire skin care routine before Puck wandered into the bathroom, toothbrush in hand and eyes still heavy-lidded.

Kurt spent most of Saturday preparing for prom; he went out to get a facial before stopping to get matching boutonnieres for them. Puck spent the day playing video games on his Nintendo. When it was getting nearer to time for dinner and the dance, Puck went down the hall. He trimmed up his mohawk, shaved, and admired his reflection for a few moments.

Blaine walked into the bathroom and they exchanged glares before Puck left. He wanted nothing more than to punch that pretty-boy in the face, but he'd refrained. The last thing Puck needed was to get in a fight with someone – that would probably piss Kurt off and he didn't want that.

Kurt returned just as the sun was setting. Puck was half dressed wearing socks, the pants to his tux, and a tank top. Kurt walked in quickly, setting a bag on the windowsill before gathering his tux and disappearing into the bathroom. He barely even had time to say hello. Puck raised an eyebrow but didn't argue; this was a big deal to Kurt and Puck wasn't going to interrupt his "beauty routine."

Puck was eyeing the clock warily. It was twenty minutes before the dinner was supposed to begin and Kurt still wasn't back in his room. Puck was fully dressed, smelled good, and was a little nervous. He hadn't been nervous before McKinley's prom, but this prom was different. He chalked it up to not knowing anyone and watched the door impatiently.

Kurt stood in the bathroom, looking at his reflection nervously. The bathroom was empty, since most guys were out picking up their dates from the all-girls school across town. Finally at ten minutes to seven, Kurt went down the hall and walked into his room.

There stood Puck, looking as badass as ever in his suit. He would definitely stand out; Puck's black button down shirt was open at the top and he wasn't wearing a tie. Kurt's breath hitched a little bit at how unbelievably sexy this was. His black jacket made him look dapper and charming, and his smug expression told Kurt volumes. Puck was nervous, that much was obvious. His head was bowed a little, but his eyes were directed upwards. In his hands Puck held two boxes; the boutonnieres Kurt had bought earlier.

Kurt smiled when he walked in and Puck wordlessly handed a box to him. Kurt fastened his flower on before turning to find Puck struggling with his. "Let me get that for you," Kurt smiled gently.

Puck looked embarrassed and Kurt said, "Don't worry. These things are kind of a pain."

"Just because I can't pin a flower on doesn't mean I'm not a badass," Puck defended himself.

"Nobody's arguing with you," Kurt laughed.

Puck smirked as Kurt stepped away. They looked in the mirror above Kurt's dresser and Puck puffed out his chest. "We look damn good," he said confidently.

Kurt smiled in agreement before saying, "We should get going. Dinner is starting."

Puck followed Kurt out of the room. As soon as they reached the dining hall (which was covered in tacky glittery decorations) Puck felt out of place. Everyone in the room was all prim and proper and looked like they were millionaires. More than one girl bragged of having a designer dress, and guys flaunted their fancy suits with bow ties. How people in Ohio found shit as fancy as that, Puck would never know.

They sat down for dinner with some friends of Kurt's from the Warblers (but not Blaine thank goodness) and ate something Puck couldn't pronounce. It was delicious, though, so he didn't argue. After that people disappeared to take photos and Kurt and Puck stood around sipping on punch. "Do you want any pictures or anything?" Puck asked suddenly when there was a break in the conversation.

Kurt looked up at Puck, surprised. "Really?"

With a shrug, Puck said, "Well, yeah. Isn't that half the point of this? To take pictures to prove you were cool enough to have a date?"

Kurt glanced over at the horribly tacky prom photo setup (they had a fake red carpet to imitate Hollywood) and winced. "You want a picture in front of that?" he asked incredulously.

Puck looked around. "You have your phone, right?" he asked.

Kurt nodded and Puck pulled him outside. He remembered seeing some fancy fountain on their way into the building. Sure enough, he found it. Kurt smiled as Puck walked up to it looking proud. "This is way better than some shitty fake red carpet," Puck pointed out.

"It is," Kurt nodded, smiling a little.

Kurt pulled his phone from his pocket and turned on the camera. "You guys need your picture taken?" a voice asked.

They turned around to see Blaine approaching down the sidewalk. Puck pursed his lips and didn't say anything. "Sure," Kurt said weakly, handing Blaine his phone.

Blaine stood back as Puck and Kurt stood next to each other by the fountain. Kurt wrapped his arm around Puck's waist, and the taller boy had his arm around Kurt's shoulder. They smiled and Blaine snapped the photo. "There you go," he held out Kurt's phone to him.

"Thanks," Kurt said softly.

Blaine just politely smiled at them before turning to leave. "Does he follow you often?" Puck asked, raising an eyebrow.

"I don't know," Kurt shrugged. "I hope not?"

He smiled at Puck, who peeked over his shoulder to see the picture. They looked happy (they had been smiling after all) but their smiles were forced; the awkwardness was evident in the photo. "Come here," Puck said, pulling Kurt backwards.

Puck sat on the edge of the fountain, his pants getting a little wet. Kurt wanted to protest (he didn't want his pants wet), but Puck just pulled him onto his lap instead. Strong arms held Kurt around his waist as Kurt realized what was going on. He held up his phone and leant into Puck's body; the photo was taken and they looked at it proudly. No awkwardness to taint the photo; just happiness.

Puck didn't smile often (he was a badass after all) but Kurt was different. Kurt was so different and so (dare he say it?) special, Puck would even face the taunting at McKinley just to come out and tell everyone about the two of them. Being with Kurt made him feel content, which is something he'd only felt one other time…when Beth was born. "We should get back inside," Kurt suggested. "The dance is starting."

Puck followed Kurt inside and they danced to all of Kurt's favorite songs. There was nothing badass enough for Puck played at the conservative yuppie school, but they had a good time all the same. Sometimes Puck would notice Blaine watching them with envy, but he would just smirk to himself and keep dancing. Blaine had let Kurt go, and it was his own problem. Now Puck had Kurt and he wouldn't make that same mistake.

After the dance they walked up to Kurt's room, their ears still ringing and their voices raspy. Once inside the room, Puck leaned against it. "Thank you for tonight," Kurt whispered, giving Puck a hug.

Puck's arms held Kurt tight as he nodded, "You're welcome."

Kurt looked up at Puck and raised his eyebrow. "Well, aren't you going to kiss me now?" he asked.

Puck's eyebrows rose in shock and he smirked. He playfully kissed Kurt, causing the smaller boy to laugh and smile into the kiss. They had barely begun kissing when Puck felt Kurt unbuttoning his jacket and pushing it off his shoulders. He certainly wasn't going to argue.

Limbs collided with limbs, hands were frenzied, and before either could fully register what was going on, they were in a tangled heap on Kurt's bed, clothes trailing across the room from the door to their current location. All that remained on the teenagers' bodies were their boxers, and those were going to be shed soon if the wandering hands and grinding were any indication.

Kurt's lips moved against Puck's frantically; watching Puck dance all night with his shirt unbuttoned like that was absolute torture. Hands tugged at boxers, ran along sweat-slicked skin, and breathing was ragged. In almost no time at all, Puck and Kurt were grinding against each other, all clothes on the floor, forgotten.

When Puck started reaching for his backpack, Kurt panicked. "Puck, I uh…" he panted, crawling off of Puck.

"What's wrong?" Puck asked, stopping his frantic search through his backpack.

"When I told you why Blaine broke up with me, I wasn't totally telling the truth," Kurt buried his face in his hands.

Puck looked at Kurt curiously. "What do you mean?"

"Well, that whole name thing really did happen, but that's not why he broke up with me," Kurt sighed, speaking quickly. "He broke up with me because…"

Kurt trailed off for a moment and Puck watched him closely. He rubbed his hand along Kurt's back, hoping to give him some sense of comfort. Kurt sighed and continued, "He broke up with me because I um…I didn't want to..."

"Didn't want to do what?" Puck asked, a million disastrous things running through his mind.

Kurt barely spoke above a whisper, but he said, "Bottom."

Puck froze for a moment. Was this Kurt's way of saying he wanted Puck to bottom? Because of their size, Puck had never even considered Kurt topping. Kurt looked up at Puck with fearful eyes. Those eyes that for some reason Puck couldn't deny. He could always say no to everyone (including Rachel with her huge doe eyes), but not Kurt. Puck sighed and said, "Okay."

Kurt looked confused for a moment before asking, "Really?"

"Yeah," Puck nodded. "I uh…yeah."

They sat in silence for a moment. Puck closed his eyes and thought about what he had just agreed to. He was pulled from his thoughts when soft lips kissed his. "We don't have to do this if you don't want to," Kurt said softly.

Kurt sounded so dejected and sad that Puck wouldn't do that to him. Puck could be flexible; he was a badass and could do anything, even bottom for Kurt. Puck pressed his lips firmly to Kurt's before whispering, "I want to."

With a nod, Kurt accepted that Puck was telling the truth and they began kissing again. The heat of the moment had worn off and now there was just emotion; Kurt was thankful that Puck was being so understanding. Puck pulled Kurt backwards onto the bed, the condom and lube sitting on the dresser for when Kurt was ready for the next step.

Kurt settled himself between Puck's legs and ground up against him, bringing back Puck's hardness along with his own. Puck ran his hands along Kurt's sides and trailed kisses down the pale skin on his neck. Kurt's hand fumbled around before finding the little bottle he needed.

Puck pulled out of the kiss and watched as Kurt concentrated on his new task. The substance coated Kurt's fingers and Puck reconsidered his offer for a moment. But then lips were on his and a hand was on his dick and then he didn't even really care about the burning sensation and how strange it felt to have Kurt's finger inside him. Gently, Kurt moved his finger in and out, giving Puck time to adjust to the feeling. He stroked Puck to offset the pain he knew would be felt as another finger pressed in. A groan came from Puck's mouth and Kurt panicked. "Am I hurting you?" he asked, his voice quivering.

"No," Puck shook his head, his eyes closed.

It didn't hurt, per say, it was just strange. The more Kurt moved his fingers the better it felt, and that's what sex was all about, right? Feeling good? A little pain would be worth the pleasure. Puck had to repeat that in his head a few times as Kurt pressed in a third finger, but it was proving to be true. "Kurt," Puck whispered. "I want you to…"

Puck was breathing heavily and Kurt knew what he meant. His fingers fumbled with the condom before sliding it on and rubbing on some lube. Puck watched, his legs wide open. "You're sure?" Kurt whispered, leaning over Puck's body, his dick pressing at Puck's entrance.

No words, just a nod. That's all Kurt needed before he pressed inside slowly. Puck's hands were gripping the blankets tight, his knuckles practically white. His breathing was short and Kurt had to hold back the urge to move faster. Both seemed to be moving in slow motion until Kurt was completely engulfed in Puck. Kurt kissed him lightly as strong arms gripped Kurt's waist, prompting him to move.



A steady rhythm only known to the two of them.



Amazing feelings neither had anticipated.

Kurt increased the speed with each thrust, sending Puck closer and closer to the edge. One well aimed move later, Puck was coming, sticky substance coating both boys' sweaty stomachs. Kurt's eyes widened at how sexy it all was. Puck's fingers brushed Kurt's nipples as the smaller boy thrust in. One more time. Out. In. Kurt came with a shudder, strong hands holding him steady as he collapsed on top of rippling muscles.

Kurt pulled out slowly, removed the condom, and tossed it in the direction of the garbage can before tugging the blankets above them. He rested at Puck's side, curled in to his warm body. Puck held him around the shoulders and they fell asleep.

The next morning, Kurt woke first. He kissed Puck gently on the cheek before getting up, pulling on his bathrobe and sneaking down the hall to the bathroom for a shower. When he returned, Puck was still asleep. As endearing and not-badass Puck looked when he was asleep, Kurt had to wake him. Puck had to go home, and Kurt still had homework to do.

When Kurt finally managed to wake Puck, he handed him a towel and shooed him to the showers. Alone, Kurt looked over his reflection in the mirror. He felt no different, and he looked no different, but he had lost his virginity. It was strange; there was always such a big hype about it, shouldn't there be some amazing feeling?

Kurt had to admit, being with Puck was amazing. Puck had been so understanding, and so (surprisingly) gentle. It wasn't something to be regretted – it was a good thing. Kurt had a boyfriend that respected him, trusted him, and best of all, really knew him. There was only one thing missing: the chance to go to school with Puck, to be around him every day. Asking Puck to come out to McKinley was out of the question, though. The last thing Kurt needed was to selfishly endanger yet another life thanks to Karofsky.

Puck returned from the shower and dressed. Neither said a word; neither wanted to part. They gathered Puck's things and went out to Kurt's Navigator. The drive was silent, but Puck's hand never left Kurt's the whole way back to Lima. When they parked outside of Noah's house, Kurt looked at Puck sadly. "I guess I'll see you later," he said.

A strong arm wrapped around Kurt's shoulders and pulled him into a kiss. "Yes, you will," Puck smirked, separating their lips only to speak before kissing Kurt once again.

Puck grabbed his things from the back and gave Kurt a peck goodbye before getting out of the car and going inside. Once up in his room, Puck kicked himself. There was so much more he should have said to Kurt. Without thinking, he ran downstairs and out into the drive just in time to see Kurt's car turn the corner. Running around the corner to follow, he saw the Navigator pull over. Kurt climbed out of the car, his eyes wild. "Did you forget something?" Kurt asked.

"Yes," Puck nodded. "Come back to McKinley."

"I can't just leave mid semester. Dalton already hates me for joining mid semester," Kurt said sadly.

"Well then in the fall. Just…come back," Puck asked pathetically.

"Why?" Kurt asked.

Puck sighed and thought about it. He didn't know, really. Lamely, Puck shrugged. Kurt raised an eyebrow, "Does this mean you would be coming out if I came back?"

"Well, yeah, I thought that was kind of implied," Puck said obviously.

"I don't know," Kurt said, fear flashing in his eyes. "Karofsky and Azimio…"

"Will get their asses kicked if they so much as lay a finger on you," Puck finished. "Not just by me, but by Finn, Mike, Sam…everyone. Like, you won't be able to recognize them when we're done with them."

Kurt grimaced at the image, but said, "I'll think about it."

Puck wanted Kurt to make up his mind right then and there, but knew it wasn't going to happen. He nodded and didn't say anything. Kurt pulled him into a hug. "I need to get going," he said sadly.

For a moment, Puck didn't speak. Then out of nowhere he blurted, "Thanks for taking me to prom with you."

Kurt smiled, pulling out of the hug, and said, "You're welcome. It was fun."

Puck nodded. They stood there for a minute before Kurt waved and walked back to his car. Puck watched Kurt drive down the street and out of view. Kurt was going to think about returning to McKinley. If he did, Puck would come out to the school. If Puck came out, shit might hit the fan. Smirking, Puck realized he didn't care. Karofsky and Azimio might give him shit for it (hell, Santana might), but it didn't matter.

Puck could come out because he was just that badass.