Location: Space Florida
Local Time: Who cares? It's a vacation.

Jack lay in the sun, working on his tan, while River sat working on her laptop. "Hey, Jack," She said. "Take look at this."

He sat up and squinted as the sun hit his eyes. "River, we're on vacation. You're not suppose to be on your laptop."

"Correction, Jack" She said. "You are on vacation. I'm on administrative leave, but there is nothing that says I can't work on our case. What are you going to do, tell my boss? Anyway, look at this. It's a picture of The Doctor and his companions, circa 1941." She turned the screen so that he could see the image.

He looked at it and his jaw dropped. "That's not possible." He said.

River grinned wickedly. "Oh, it is. And it gets even better. Do you remember that footage I ripped from the cameras at Justica? Take a look at this." She switched windows. "You were there, at Justica, with the Doctor and Rose."

Jack looked at her, confused. "Rose?"

River nodded. "One of the Doctor's companions. That's about all I can find on her, though. According to the Torchwood Archives, there was a virus. They called it the Bad Wolf virus. It erased almost every mention of the Doctor that was on the internet prior to 2005."

"Bad Wolf again. That can't be a coincidence." Jack said.

"There is no such thing as..." River looked off into the distance. "... Coincidence."

"What? What is it?" Jack looked around.

"See that red-haired woman over there? Don't stare, Jack!"

"I'm not, I'm not." He said. I'm ogling. Completely different. "Do you know her?"

"She's the woman I saw on the moors. And that man she's with, is that-"

"Is that the guy that was dressed as the centurion?"

"No!" River scoffed. "But I think that's the Doctor."

"What's he doing here?"

"It looks like he's-" She squinted. "-surfing?"

"Well, what are we waiting for?" Jack started to get up. "Let's go get him."

River caught his arm. "No, Jack, wait. If we do arrest him, we don't know what that would do to the time stream. And we're not even going to be able to hold him without evidence. Besides, he's not doing anything right now, except surfing." She cringed. "Badly."

Jack cringed too. "Oh, man. Somebody get that guy some ice."

Jack and River we standing by the surf board shack, watching the Doctor, trying to make it look like they were just interested in the gear.

"What's he doing now?"

"He's... coming this way. He's coming towards us. Move, move it!" Jack pushed River into one of the fitting rooms, and tried to get away too. But he was too late.

"Jack?" The Doctor said. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm... on vacation. Sorry, do I know you?"

"I regenerated. Quite exciting but still not ginger." The Doctor frowned.

"Well, um, good for you." Jack replied.

"We haven't met yet, have we?" The Doctor asked.

"Not yet, apparently. Looking forward to it." Jack replied uneasily. "I think."

The Doctor's ginger companion came up to them. "Doctor, weren't you going to take me-" She stopped when she saw Jack standing next to the Doctor. "Oh. Hello, I'm Amy."

Jack was about to say hi back, but the Doctor interrupted. "And he's just leaving. Come along, Pond. Let's go see the Croco-gator."

Amy scoffed. "You're joking, right?"

The Doctor replied, "I never joke about genetically spliced creations of science."

When they'd left, River came out of her hiding place. "That was...interesting."

Jack nodded. "I didn't know they had a Croco-gator here." River just rolled her eyes.

"Who was that, Doctor?" Amy asked.

"That was Captain Jack.

"He was very attractive."

"Never, ever talk to him. Ever."

"A friend of yours?"


"Then why can't I talk to him?"

"Because he didn't know me yet. And he's Captain Jack."

"What does that-"

"I'll explain if you ever meet him again. Which I will avoid at all costs."

After a long day of following the Doctor and Amy, the tired couple went back to their hotel room. Jack showered and River got on her computer.

"Well, that was productive." Jack said sarcastically.

"Of course it was." River said. "We've learned three things."

"Oh, yeah? And what were they?"

"We learned that we learned that he can't surf to save his life-"

Jack sniggered. "He wiped out royally."

"-We learned a that he definitely knows you, and he currently has a companion from the 21st century."


"Amelia Jessica Pond, born in 1989 in Scotland, then moved to Leadworth in 1996. Married in 2010 to... It doesn't say."

"Come again?"

"It doesn't say who she was married to."


A phone started ringing incessantly. River picked it up and looked at the caller ID. "Oh, crap."

"What? Who is it?"

"My mother."

OK, so it's been a while. I was stuck on this chapter for a long time. First I couldn't figure out where they would go on vacation, then I couldn't figure out what I wanted to accomplish in this chapter. Anyway, I hope this chapter makes sense within my storyline. I shouldn't have as many problems with the next chapter as I did with this, and should be up soon-ish.