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Lucia was standing in Kaito's living room, watching the first rays of sunlight appear over the horizon. She sighed as she thought. Today's the day. Today the seven-, six mermaid princesses were leaving, I am no longer a mermaid princess, her mind had continued to swirl in similar thoughts for hours now. Heaving one last sigh she turned and walked to Kaito's bedroom, her eye barely holding back tears. She was Aqua Regime's successor, and as much of an honor that was, she hated what it would mean. The next seven years would be the hardest, but even after that, there would still be a barrier of formalities between her and her friends, and maybe even Kaito. But this fact was not what weighed heaviest on her mind at the moment. It was not being able to help her friends rebuild their tattered kingdoms, or watch Kaito's surf competitions, cheering loudly all the way, or being with Seira as she grew into a beautiful young mermaid, or, or... The last one would doubtlessly be the hardest, even though it was something every mermaid who had been a princess had to do, only being able to watch as the next Pink Pearl Princess, her successor and for all intensive purposes her daughter, grow up and never getting to be apart of her life.

She looked at Kaito's face, and produced a small, bulging envelope from her pocket and placed it on the nightstand as a single silent crystal tear rolled down her cheek. With that she turned to the door and left.

"Morning, princess," Kaito murmured groggily, as he woke up. When no response was given, one eye perked open, "Lucia?" Not seeing her, he sat up and looked around the room. A little confused, Kaito got up and went to the kitchen, then the living room. Not seeing her, he continued to searched his house until there was no place he had not looked, but he still had not found Lucia. She wouldn't have left without at least saying goodbye, would she? Kaito quickly dressed. It was 8:00 AM the mermaids had agreed to meet at 10:00 AM on the beach to leave for their own kingdoms. Kaito knew this, but with Lucia missing he wanted to get to the Pearl Piari, fast.

"Seira-sama, could you come in from the beach and help us finish packing," Nikora yelled to a despondent Seira, who was staring at the ocean as if contained the answer to the question that rolled around her mind. "Leave her. The sea is admitting a strange feeling today, almost like a piece that it didn't know was missing has returned. Can't say I blame for being a little preoccupied." Coco said moving a dust cover over one of the many tables in the dining area. "No kidding." Caren said, as she and her sister carried boxes in. "What are you talking about?" Nikora asked, astonishment laced into her voice. "You mean you cannot feel it, Nikora-san?" Noel said with the same amount of astonishment. Caren added with a yawn, "It was so strong that it woke me up when it started at the crack of dawn." "Yeah, me too," Rina said coming into the room. "I wonder if Lucia felt it?" The seven year-old mermaid turned abruptly in her friends direction, flabbergasted. She realized then, her friends couldn't feel the cause of the aura that was permeating from the ocean, that was clear as day to her.

The doorbell started ringing frantically. Hanon answered it to a now very on edge Kaito. "Hey Kaito-kun, where's Lucia?" Hanon was confused as to not seeing her friend. "You mean she's not here. She left before I woke up. I was hoping she was here." Kaito's voice was cracking with worry. "What!" Hanon yelled at a surprisingly loud decibel level. The others rushed into the foray. "Hanon, What's wrong?" Rina said to her freaked out friend. Hanon not stopping to take a breath, "I'll check her room. She might be finishing packing." Hanon ran upstairs knowing full well that this was a long shot as Lucia finished packing yesterday. "Why did Hanon just scream?' Seira was just arriving. "Lucia's missing," Kaito said rushing upstairs to check other rooms, but Seira grabbed his wrist, not with enough power to stop him but he stopped from surprise. "I know where she is." Hanon came rushing down, a moment later, "She's not upstairs." "Seira, where's Lucia?" Rina asked in a calm voice, though she was churning on inside. "You really haven't figured it out," Seira sounded in total disbelief. How are they missing it. It was screaming at me this morning. "Clearly if you have to tell use," Kaito stated. Sighing Seira lead them to to the beach, and pointed out over the waves, "Lucia-onee-san left at the first at dawn this morning. At the exact same time as the feeling started coming from the ocean," Seira looked at her companions, who were shocked by this turn of events, "from that, its safe to say Lucia is the cause of the weird aura." Kaito was the first to say something, "Lucia wouldn't leave without saying anything." "The weird feeling, in and of itself, is enough proof that she would, given the proper motivation, what that is I just can't figure out." Seira looked out on to the ocean as if the waves held the answer she sought. "The feeling," Noel realized aloud, "its connected to the mermaid princesses' pearls. That's why Nikora-san could not feel them, and why Seira was able to pin point where it originated. Her pearl was housed next to Lucia's pearl for sometime." "What do we do now?" Hanon asked. This time it was Nikora who stepped forward, "We continue as we planned. Each mermaid princess returns to their kingdom. Seira-sama, we have arranged for you to stay at the North Pacific Palace with Hippo, Madame Taki, and myself since the Indian Ocean Kingdom is in complete ruin, and will take, by far, the longest to repair." With that good byes were said. Tears were shed by Hanon and Rina, who were leaving behind a great treasure, their hearts in the hands of the ones they loved. Little did they know, that Nagisa and Masahiro were watching and listening to everything that had just come to pass. Realizing they were seeing something they should not have, they stayed quiet while Hanon and Rina's greatest secret was revealed to them. They knew they would talk to Kaito soon and get the whole story.

Kaito sat down on his bed after a long day of surfing, which had always clear his mind before, but had seemingly failed today. Why, Lucia? Why did you leave without a saying anything? A small envelope, about five centimeters by five centimeters that was sitting on his nightstand caught his attention. Opening it, he pulled out a letter, the paper was stand with dried tears.


I am sorry that I had to leave you so suddenly. I can't say right now, or even, if I'll be able to tell you why I had to, but someday I hope I can. Please understand. I do not know whether or not we'll be able to meet again, but I do know I will do everything within my power to make sure we do, though it will not happen for a long time. I am sorry, please for give me. I love you with all my heart.

Forever yours,


P.S. This is no longer mine, and needs to be protected until its next owner comes. I can think of no better person for the job.

Kaito poured the remaining contents of the envelope into the palm of his hand, and was, to say the least surprised. In his palm was the very pearl he had kept safe for seven years, the Pink Pearl of the North Pacific Princess.

***One Year Later to the Day***

Kaito was asleep in his bedroom when a bright light awoke him. "What the-" Kaito looked towards the light and froze. A very familiar humanoid figure stood next to the bed, and was seemingly admitting the light. Just as Kaito realized what, or rather who he was seeing, the figured moved swiftly towards the door and vanished as it reached the door. "Lucia, wait!" Kaito yelled and was at the door a not second later. Flinging the door open Kaito raced down the hall after the Lucia form, in full Aqua Regime costume, who seemed to be fading in and out of existence. When Kaito reached the living room, he saw the Lucia form sitting on the coach, something small and swaddled in blankets in her arms. "Lucia," Kaito stepped closer. When he saw what was in her arms, he almost yelp in surprise, but quickly thought better of it. "Lucia, what's going on?" Kaito whispered cautiously eying the sleeping baby in Lucia's arms, which looked to be three to four months old. "You don't have to whisper, she's a surprisingly deep sleeper for her age," Lucia smiled looking down at the baby, then she raised her head as if she was looking some where faraway, "She is the new Princess of the North Pacific." "So you must want..." Kaito reached for his pendant were he kept Lucia's, uh, the baby's pearl which hadn't left his side in the year since Lucia left. "No, not right now. Not until the danger has come," Lucia voice was full of confidence in what she was saying, it was easy saying it, natural even, because she knew it was right. But next part would be harder. "Danger is coming to the seas once again," she began on the lines she had rehearsed so many time, "This little one may be the only one who can stop it, and even then, she's different than other mermaids, and deep rooted prejudice may isolate her even further. That is a fate I would not wish to bestow on anyone, let alone the one who is for all intensive purposes my daughter, like how Seira is Sara's daughter." "So why are you here then?" Kaito asked. Lucia bit her lip, "Because of her fate, I think it would be for the best if..." Lucia drifted off. Kaito had already figured out what she was asking, "If she is raised on dry land, and since I'm the only person you know living on land, who also know about mermaids." "You and I, both, know that isn't true," Lucia interjected. "You know about Nagisa-kun and Masahiro-kun," Kaito was a little surprised. "Call it a parting gift for Hanon and Rina for when they return," Lucia smiled a little. "You made sure that they would be there, and since Hanon and Rina didn't consciously reveal themselves, they didn't turn to bubble." Kaito realized. "Yep," Lucia pop the P. Lucia turned to Kaito, with pleading eyes, "Would you, please?" Kaito looking at her, he didn't have the heart to refuse her, not that he wanted to, every cell in his body was screaming at him to do this, "Of course, Lucia." "Thank you, Kaito, you have no idea how much this means to me," Lucia gave a sad little smile, truthfully she wanted nothing more than to raise her daughter along side Kaito had she been able too.

She handed the baby to Kaito who took her with care. Kaito was surprise when he saw the baby's human form had hair the exact color of his own, but surprise quickly left and a love so strong that it rivaled his love for Lucia replaced it. However it was a very different from his love for Lucia, it was a parental love.

Lucia smiled as she watched Kaito and her little princess, knowing she had made the right choice. Here the young princess would have a normal life and be very loved, far from the prejudice against mermaids like her. "Her name is Lucy," Lucia leaned closer to Kaito.

Lucia stayed for the rest of the night, enjoying the last time she would have an active role in her daughter's life for, at least, the next six years. Right before dawn, Lucia stood, "It's time for me to go." "Already," Kaito said disappointed. "If I stay any longer, it will be many more years before we can meet again, than if I don't." "I understand," Kaito sighed. "Thank you," Lucia kissed Kaito on the lips and Lucy on the forehead. "Good bye." "Good bye, Lucia." With that she was gone. Kaito would have believed that it was a dream, if not for Lucy, who had become an enormous part of his world.

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