Hi! This story was born when I read that Madara's alias "Tobi" means kite. There is a Japanese proverb "a hawk born from a kite" (鳶が鷹を生む,tobi ga taka o umu), meaning that an extraordinarily gifted child can be born from ordinary parents. So I wondered... what could led Madara to choose that particular name?

Well... that's when I got this idea. I hope you like it!


暗黙の (Anmoku no)

Many years in the past

Unlike his fellow clan members, Uchiha Madara wasn't afraid to go into that mission. Sure, it was a very dangerous operation and, most likely, some of his comrades were going to perish. However, the fifteen year old prodigy wasn't concerned.

The weak die at the hand of the strong. It was as simple as that.

Madara knew he was different. He was stronger, smarter and faster than any of the boys his age. But the secret was in his chakra. He always had a massive and powerful chakra, something that not only impressed the remaining members of the clan, but also made them envy and fear him as well.

Madara smiled at that thought. He knew he was powerful and that gave him an immense gratification.

Ever since Madara became aware of his talent, he came to admire the Uchiha clan's current leader, Hiraku. The man was authoritative and cunning, an aura of power surrounded him like a second skin. He was everything Madara wanted to become… and everything he was going to be.

Very soon, Uchiha Madara would be the new leader of the Uchiha clan.


Madara turned around. His younger brother, Izuna stood by his door with a sad expression on his face. As he noticed that Izuna wasn't already dressed to leave the Uchiha Compound, Madara frowned.

"Why aren't you dressed yet?" the older brother asked, annoyed. "We leave in an hour. Don't tell me you haven't prepared your pack either, Izuna."

Izuna nodded slowly.

"Everything is ready… All I need is to get dressed…"

"Then go!" Madara interrupted. "We can't be late. I don't need to tell you how important this mission is. We'll most likely face that Senju clan again… it will be a great opportunity to show our skills to Hiraku!"

Madara couldn't stop thinking about a certain member of the Senju clan… a young boy like him who could use the Mokuton. He had never seen someone like him before and couldn't wait to fight and defeat him in battle. His corpse will be a great trophy.

Izuna looked down.

"I know how important this mission is to you, Nii-san" Izuna said.

"Us! Hiraku will notice you too" Madara interrupted again. "You might be only twelve, but you're more powerful than most of the idiots from my generation. So stop wasting time and go get dressed! We have to leave now!"

Izuna looked at his brother in the eyes.

"Nii-san… it's Tou-san" the younger Uchiha said.

Madara's lips became a thin line.

"What about him?"

"He's… he's very sick" Izuna said, sadly. As he expected, Madara shrugged and continued to dress his red armor.

"What else is new, Izuna?" Madara grumbled. "That man is always sick."

"This time it's worse. He lost a lot of weight and he's as white as a sheet" Izuna could barely hide his tears. "The medic-nin came to his house to see him today. He said… Tou-san probably won't be alive when we return from the mission."

Madara put on his sandals. His face was blank like a statue.

"That's what happens when the body is weak" Madara said coldly. "That's how things work in this world. Be a man, Izuna! You're not a little kid anymore."

Izuna knew his brother would react this way. Ever since Madara realized he was a prodigy among the children of his generation, he became distant, cold and even disdainful of their parents.

Their mother Chitose wasn't a born Uchiha. She had been a ninja who was assigned to the same mission their father was. She wasn't particularly skillful, but she was a natural spy. She could blend in almost perfectly in any situation.

Their father, Uchiha Tetsuya, had fallen in love with her during their first mission. He married her as soon as they reached the Uchiha Compound. A few months later, Madara was born.

Some members of the clan had been angry and spiteful towards the couple. They considered Chitose a mutt among pure-breads, and Madara and Izuna inferior Uchihas. They had proven them wrong, but Madara never forgave his mother for not being a true Uchiha.

When Izuna was seven, Chitose was assigned to a mission as a spy in a damiyo's house. The mission was a success, and they managed to kill the damiyo's son and heir. However, Chitose was caught in the battle and died.

Izuna remembered crying in the room he used to share with his brother, until Madara told him to stop. Crying wasn't going to bring her back, his brother said; it was her fault that she had died. She would have survived if she were stronger.

Their father stopped participating on missions, shortly after marring Chitose because he had been severely wounded during the mission when they met. Which was another reason why Madara despised their father; he felt his blood was tainted because of those two weaklings he had to call parents.

Unlike Izuna, Madara stopped loving them a long time ago. All that remained was disdain and embarrassment. As soon as he could, Madara got his own house and brought his little brother with him. There was no way he was going to let Izuna become weak and sickly like their father.

"Nii-san… Tou-san asked me to call you" Izuna said. "He wants to talk to you."

Madara sighed, becoming more annoyed.

"I'm busy. Can't he understand that? Unlike him, I'm actually worth something to this clan."

"Please, Nii-san. He really wants to see you" Izuna pleaded. "If you don't talk to him now… you'll never have the chance."

"Fine! Go get ready! We leave as soon as I get back."

Fuming, Madara walked through Izuna and headed towards the front door. The teen walked down the small streets and jumped several roofs until he was in front of his childhood home.

Without knocking, Madara entered the small house and walked toward his parents' room. A thin man was sitting in an old and worn out futon, surrounded by books and scrolls. As he sensed Madara, Tetsuya looked up and smiled kindly.

"Welcome Madara" Tetsuya said. "It's been a long time…"

Madara could barely hide his revulsion. The man reeked disease! He looked so weak and pathetic that Madara just wanted to run away. How could he be related to that pitiful man?

"Izuna told me you wanted to talk to me" Madara said, wanting to leave as soon as possible.

Tetsuya looked at his older son from head to toe.

"You grew up so much since the last time I saw you. You're a man now, Madara… Your mother would be so proud."

"I have a mission today" Madara said, not wanting to waste precious time with pointless talks. "What do you want to tell me? I need to get ready."

Tetsuya looked down. His black eyes were sad and hollow, still, he kept smiling.

"You really hate me, don't you Madara?" the man said. The teen blinked, he wasn't expecting that.

"I… I was never disrespectful to you" Madara answered, confused by that conversation.

"You're right… But I noticed the way you stare at me… I… disgust you, right?"

Madara couldn't answer.

"I guess… you would rather have a powerful father instead, like… Hiraku-sama" Tetsuya continued.

"Tou-san, this really is leading us nowhere" Madara interrupted. "Is that all you want to tell me?"

Tetsuya looked at his son in the eye. For a moment, Madara thought he was going to say something, but the frail man closed his mouth. Suppressing a scream of pain, Tetsuya got up and took a small amulet from a shelf.

"These last few years, I've been researching about the Makyoh Mirror" the man said.

The Makyoh, was also known as the magic mirror. A ancient object that belonged to the Uchiha Clan for generations, rumored to be very powerful.

"Makyoh? Why did you waste time on that?" Madara said. "No one even knows what it does."

Tetsuya nodded.

"I know… But it was always a mystery to me. Ever since I was a boy, I wanted to find out its secrets" Tetsuya placed the amulet on Madara's hands. "I believe this amulet is the key. So please… take it with you, son. When I die, please keep it."

"What? Why would I keep it?" Madara shot back.

"That's… my legacy… it's the most valuable thing I possess. That's why I want you to have it. Please, Madara… promise me that you'll keep it."

Madara knew that his father wouldn't quit until he accepted the damn thing, and he needed to leave for his mission now.

"Ok, Tou-san" Madara said. "I'll keep it. Sorry, I really need to go now."

Tetsuya nodded and grabbed his older son's hands harder.

"You are destined to great things, Madara" the man said. "I want you to know how proud I am of you and Izuna. I want you to be very happy in the future."

"Thanks… Goodbye, Tou-san."

"Farewell, Madara" Tetsuya answered.

As soon as their hands parted, Madara left the house. Outside, he cleaned his hands to his pants and tossed the amulet to the bushes before going to his house.

Like he expected, many of his clan's member died during the mission. Fortunately, Madara and Izuna not only survived but Madara had also fought against the same Senju ninja, who he now knew was called Hashirama. He couldn't wait to fight him once more; no enemy had ever draw with him before.

As they reached home, an old Uchiha came and told them what the brothers already expected: Uchiha Tetsuya had yield to his disease and passed away.

Izuna lowered his head and a single tear fell down his face, Madara stood unaffected beside his little brother.

On the day of their father's funeral, Izuna was the only one who went to the ceremony. Madara went on mission.

For many, many years, Uchiha Madara never thought about the amulet or the magic mirror again.

That's the first chapter... or prologue. I guess since I'm dealing with Madara's past, this is mostly AU.

Also, I made Madara 3 years older than Izuna.

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